Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 990

Chapter 990: Xianban Disciples

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The sand was constantly rolling like waves, and a strong breath came under the yellow sand.

"Shafin Dragon, an eighth-order beast, has extremely hard skin, can control sand and soil, and has a real dragon blood..."

When Zhao Yuande saw this kind of information, he immediately looked at him with joy. He had the dragon branch of the true dragon bloodline. This is a good ingredient, and it was all killed!

The color of excitement appeared on Zhao Yuande's face, and a large hand void was photographed directly towards the ground in front of him. A huge void palm print was directly printed on the yellow sand in the circle in front of Zhao Yuande's face.


There was a violent shock on the ground, and I didn't know how many sand fin dragons were killed by his slap under the sand.


A roar came, and a giant tens of feet behind him rushed out of the sand and bit him towards him.


Zhao Yuande's backhand was a punch, directly hitting the head of the Shafin Dragon who wanted to attack.

The body of the sand fin dragon fell on the sand, and blood spewed out like a fountain.


The thick **** air in the air instantly stimulated a large group of sand-fin dragons underground.

Suddenly I don't know how many heads of sand fin dragons rushed out of the yellow sand. The densely packed sand fin dragons huddled together, not only did not bring crisis to Zhao Yuande, but also made Zhao Yuande happy.

"Haha! You are all my food, come in for me!"

Zhao Yuande's palm was shot in the void, and eight kinds of brilliant brilliance circled. An incomparably huge black hole appeared on the top of the head. The black hole came with huge suction power, sucking in countless sand fin dragons.

The black hole is connected to Zhao Yuande's inner world, and a large piece of sand-fin dragon appears in a huge open space in the different world in the body. Zhao Yuande is the master of the inner world, and immediately seals these sand-fin dragons.

Just when Zhao Yuande was madly harvesting the Shafin Dragon, an angry roar came from his ears, and a sense of crisis rose in his heart.

He looked up and found a huge sand fin dragon with a body length of hundreds of feet rushing out of the sand not far away. At least the head sand fin dragon is a fierce beast of a semi-beast realm.

This sand fin dragon ran on the sand so fast that Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. This big guy has big limbs, long mouth fangs, and his body is covered with huge yellowish scales. The power of tearing the void.

When Sha Finlong was hundreds of feet away from Zhao Yuande, Dream's growl rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

There was a pungent smell in its large mouth, and the thick dark green liquid continued to fall from the corners of its mouth, falling on the golden gravel, making a sizzling sound.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a gusty wind had blown over, and the huge black shadow had rushed over his head.

"Oh! This big guy is good!" Instead of panic, Zhao Yuande showed a satisfied smile on his face.

He was like an electric figure, rushed up, grabbed one of the front paws of the sand fin dragon with one hand, and then gently rounded the sand fin dragon into the sand.

"Roar!" Sand Fin Dragon suddenly felt that his dignity was being trampled by others, and his anger instantly stunned his brain. It rushed out of the sand and was smashed into the sand again. Ground.




Repeated this seven or eight times, no matter how strong the sand fin dragon, no matter how violent, there was a deep fear of Zhao Yuande.


Once again poured into the sand.

Sha Fin Dragon struggled a few times, as if he no longer had the strength to continue to overturn and attack Zhao Yuande, but instead of whimpering, Lai couldn't come out in the sand.

"Come out for me!"

Zhao Yuande kicked the sand-fin dragon with one foot.

The sand fin dragon simply cannot lie on the ground, and it looks like you are going to kill and stab you.

"Temporarily become my mount, I will let you leave after the desert, otherwise I will stew you into a pot of broth!" Zhao Yuande came to the sand fin dragon with a smile, this level of beast already has its own wisdom.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's words came out, the sand fin dragon suddenly turned over and fell to the ground, with a low whine in his mouth, apparently he was surrendered.

"Okay! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande jumped lightly on the back of the sand fin dragon and sat cross-legged on it.

Shafin Dragon led Zhao Yuande in one direction.

But before running for thousands of miles, Zhao Yuande smelled a **** smell, as well as a fierce fighting sound.

He knew that he was encountering a disciple of Xianban, and he decided to go over to see if he could help them if he was alive.

Soon he came to the point of engagement, and the sand-fin dragon under him was obviously agitated and seemed to feel something terrible.

Upon looking at it, Zhao Yuande suddenly discovered that there were three women and one man, all disciples of Xianban. Zhao Yuande was still slightly impressed.

Fighting against them is a large group of sand-fin dragons, among which five-headed sand-fin dragons are extremely powerful, and they are all the state of semi-beasts. They surrounded these four people and made a breakthrough.

Zhao Yuande realized that he only encountered a small group of sand-fin dragons, and these four guys were unlucky.

"Broken! Another big guy is coming! We are dying!" came the voice of a young girl, even in the roar of so many sand fin dragons.

"Xiao Yu! Don't talk too much, leave some strength to fight!" came a calm male voice.

"No! You see there is a man on the back of this sand fin dragon!" came a soft, sweet female voice, and even in such a killing occasion, people listened to ripples in their hearts.

"That's...It's Zhao XIV!" The last female voice seemed calm, but when she mentioned the three words of Zhao XIV, she couldn't help but tremble.

As soon as the name of Zhao XIV came out, the eyes of the remaining three people suddenly focused on Zhao Yuande's body, and his eyes instantly showed joy.

"Several people! Do you need my help?" Zhao Yuande smiled at them, but did not directly shoot, but asked first.

"Brother Zhao, please help me, I'm so grateful!" The only man, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, was bearded, but with a trace of calmness in his madness.

"That's why I shot!"

His palm protruded lightly. Nine Daoguang lights up and kept spinning. A huge world appeared from the sky at once, as his palm slowly pressed toward the group of sand fin dragons.


The sand-fin dragon shrouded by the big world was unable to move, lying on the ground and screaming in horror.


The world is crushed, and thousands of sand-fin dragons burst into pieces.

The remaining sand fin dragons roared and fled!

Under Zhao Yuande, the sand fin dragon that he surrendered was terrified at this time, and he put his huge head directly into the sand, his body shaking like a sieve.