Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 993

Chapter 993: Overlord

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The two thousand-footed sand-fin dragons felt the powerful pressure that Zhao Yuande had brought to them, and they couldn't help but the scales all over their bodies spread out, regardless of how they rushed towards Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande snorted coldly and smashed the third stick in his hand.


Suddenly, there was a tremendous sound of dragon chanting between heaven and earth. A huge real dragon appeared in the void. When the mouth opened, he bit towards two huge sand-fin dragons.

As soon as this real dragon came out, all the sand-fin dragons in the whole desert suddenly shivered.

This group of sand-fin dragons are descendants of true dragons, so as soon as the true dragon appeared, they immediately felt the sound of a natural fear from the depths of their hearts. This is a kind of pressure from the spirit of the god!

Although the sand fin dragons held at both ends were also affected, they had little effect.

Mainly because Zhao Yuande's cultivation base is only emperor-level now, he is only in control of the preliminary avenue, and the simulated real dragon only has the avenue of avenue.

And these two sand fin dragons are equivalent to the two peak divine emperor peak powerhouses, and they are only a little bit different from the early days of the divine emperor. Their power of control has exceeded the avenue and has been related to the heavenly path!

So this real dragon phantom has a deterrent effect on the two giant sand-fin dragons, but it does not affect their combat effectiveness.

But at the next moment, the real head skull collided with the two giant sand-fin dragons, and suddenly made a tremendous loud noise.

During the terrible impact, the two giant sand-fin dragons rolled back continuously, rolling straight out hundreds of feet before stopping.


The two giant sand-fin dragons roared, their eyes emitting a fierce light, but under this kind of fierceness, their bodies continued to tremble. The bite of the real dragon has just caused them serious damage.


It was at this time that the huge cactus was in trouble at the same time, and the two thick arms hit the two sand-fin dragons with a horrible wind.

The thick spikes on the thick arms gleamed with a faint blue light, and at first glance there was a strong toxin.

The two giant sand fin dragons could only helplessly glanced at this time, and then plunged into the yellow sand, but disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Just now Zhao Yuande went from the attack to the three-stroke stick method. It was a one-stop process. It may take a long time to talk, but in fact it is just a breath or two!

At this time, Ye Buyu had completely froze!

Only then did they really feel the power of Zhao Yuande!

"This is the real man! Unfortunately, people did not look at me!" Sophie looked at Zhao Yuande, all eyes were worship and admiration, but she was sober at this time.

She saw the distance from each other's eyes, there should be no possibility between the two!

"Hey! I should have surrendered to him!" Ou Hong's face showed regret, but he suddenly thought of something and showed his joy. "It seems that it is not too late. Our Liuyun Chamber of Commerce now joins him. The camp should be okay! At this time, plan well."

Although Ouhong and Sophie are both women, although they admire Zhao Yuande, they have different positions and different identities, so they think the opposite.

"Brother Zhao is really powerful! This kind of fighting power can already kill the strong middle-aged God Emperor!" Ye Buyu is the most bland among the four, which is also related to his character.

"Brother! Brother! Quickly screw me down, let's see if I'm dreaming! Oh, brother, you are really screwing!" Ye Xiaoyu's voice is sharp, as if he can wear gold crack stone, not only shaking the minds of the other three Fainted and collapsed on the sand, but also passed to the dune.

After the sand dunes, there are three men in black, headed by a big man with a tall body and muscular knots, especially his two arms are thicker than ordinary people. His body exudes a terrible breath. He looked at Zhao Yuande abnormally and was comparing his strength.

But suddenly came Ye Xiaoyu's voice, as if a thin needle had pierced into his ear fiercely, the man in black felt that the devil's energy in his body was almost shocked, and he suddenly looked Great changes.

And the other two men in black also changed their complexion, and a **** arrow sputtered from their mouths.

"Go!" The big man in black changed his face, turned and galloped away in the distance, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Thousands of miles away, the three men stopped and sat on the sand.

"What's wrong, brother? What was that voice just now? Why is it so lethal to us?" A man in black looks pale, and he really doesn't understand why a woman's voice can cause them to the Promise Demon Sect Such a horrible image.

"She's... she's that kind of physique!" The black-faced big man showed a shocked look on his face. "Is this the catastrophe of our Promise Demon Sect? As soon as this physique comes out, it's our nemesis! Never let her live!"

"Brother! What kind of physique is that chick?" A man in black with sweat on his face was completely frightened.

"Bright body!" The black man gritted his teeth, and his eyes were cold and quiet, white and white.

At this time the crisis has been eliminated, the giant cactus just tried its best, and after resting for a long time, its huge mountain-like body shrank slowly, like a balloon burst by a generation, and soon became a plant Three feet tall cactus.

Its whole body is covered with small scales like fish scales, countless crimson thorns are densely covered in each place, two bright red flowers the size of the mouth of the bowl, countless countless people are surrounded by the peaceful light of the Holy Emperor.

A rich, trembling soul flew from the flowers in the last period, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but swallow a spit.

At this time, the cactus' humanized eyes showed a grateful color, and a kind smile appeared on his face.

"Powerful human cultivator, it is my luck to meet you! To protect the dignity of my overlord family, we have sacrificed three companions. If it were not for your arrival, I would be like three companions! In order to express my Thank you, these drops of toilet water are for you!"

This self-proclaimed royal cactus, with its bright red flowers trembling gently, dropped ten drops of crystal jade dew.

Each of these jade dews has the size of a thumb, exuding an intoxicating fragrance.

Zhao Yuande caught ten drops of crystal jade dew in the palm of his hand and nodded slightly at the cactus: "Thank you for the power of the overlord family. If necessary, I can help you get rid of those two holding sand fin dragons."

"Thank you for your kindness! I don't think I need it anymore. After this battle, I have reached the edge of breakthrough. I plan to go out of this desert and find a place to retreat to break through the current state. Next time I will personally seek revenge from them! "The cactus looked at the vast desert in the distance and said, "Your aim should be the Holy City! You only need to move 300,000 miles towards the sunset, and a huge oasis will appear, and the Holy City will be in the oasis !"