Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Man Shrine Disciple

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"I know some, but... it's just some, you don't have too much hope! You know, I slept as soon as I was born, but just hurriedly glanced when I escaped the real dragon! The entrance to the real dragon palace It should be on an island, maybe it has something to do with the holy city that the overlord clan said!" The voice continued to be heard in the chaotic days.

"Okay! Anyway, you and I have been disappointed. It's good to get so much news!"

"Hey! But I know that our real dragon palace is a treasure. This is a chaotic treasure from ancient times. This chaotic treasure was obtained by my ancestors because it had a huge space, so it was opened up with it. Real Dragon Palace!"

"This space is a treasure of chaos? Is it possible to get it?" Zhao Yuande heard the other party saying, and suddenly showed a very excited expression on his face. He passed the guidance of the old man with a white beard and left in the body to continue to expand. The drawer grid of the inner world, as long as this chaotic treasure can be refined, it can be merged into its own inner world, so that its strength has exploded again.

"This is not impossible, because this chaotic treasure is refined by my ancestors very early. As long as you can enter the real dragon palace in the real dragon palace, I have a way for you to get it! But it But with wisdom that is not weaker than humans, whether you can completely surrender it depends on your own means."

"I think, nothing can hardly hold me!" Zhao Yuande is confident.


In constant conversation with this chaotic head in the chaotic sky seal, understand what kind of existence and how powerful the ancient real dragon really is.

The final result allowed Zhao Yuande to explain that, according to this guy, the real artistic conception of the real dragon exceeded the so-called fairy emperor realm, reaching the king of the fairy emperor, and even higher realm.

If you didnt listen to the whispers, you wouldnt die if you went to fight the king of apes.

And through dialogue, Zhao Yuande also knows that this guy's name is very domineering, it is called swallowing the sky!

Since Tian Tian has restored the eighth-order cultivation practice, the chaotic sky seal has also changed, and some gold has been hidden from it. After being sealed for so many years, it is gradually recovering its original appearance.

However, Zhao Yuande knew that once it had recovered its original appearance, he would not dare to use it.

The seal of the true dragon represents the authority and power of the true dragon. He simply cannot exert the power of it, but if it is held in the hands of an immortal emperor, it may explode endless power, even if there is Zhou's deterrence, maybe some powerful people will take the risk.

In this way, because of Zhao Yuande's joining, everyone is simply without fear.

Zhao Yuande also enjoyed himself, and began to practice his various tactics.

"A cultivator appeared in front." Ye Buyu has always been at the forefront of the team, playing the role of scout, with a solemn voice in his voice.

"It seems that trouble is coming!" Zhao Yuande glanced at him, and he saw a group of more than a dozen powerful practitioners flying in their direction.

These cultivators have different styles of clothing, and the exercises they have on their bodies are also unique, giving a feeling of brutality.

"If Brother Zhao is here, then there will be any trouble!" Ye Xiaoyu smiled on his face, watching Zhao Yuande's big eyes blink.

"That's right, Brother Zhao's name is enough to deter any Xianban disciples, there will be no trouble!" Ou Hong also smiled, and inadvertently patted Zhao Yuande with a blow.

"Oh! You are right! But you don't know that this time you are not a disciple of Xianban." Zhao Yuande's eyes are deep and he looks at the group of cultivators coming from the ground, softly, "I guess nothing wrong. If they are, they are disciples of the Pantheon."

"What! Pantheon... why are they here?"

Hearing the three words of the Pantheon, the faces of the four people suddenly changed.

Intelligence is the most important thing for these big family forces. The more information they get, the more they will be in awe of the Pantheon!

The Pantheon is the same terrible upper realm power as the Immortal Realm, and even overpowered one side of the Immortal Realm. If there is a battle between the Immortal Realm and the Pantheon, the Immortal Realm will usually join hands with the Demon Realm to work together, otherwise it is really not sure that it can stop the Pantheon's attack.

"However, you don't need to be nervous. The people sent by the Pantheon are similar to yours. As long as you handle them carefully, there should be no problems." Zhao Yuande felt that he needed to inspire them, otherwise he might be dragged down after a while.

"They are coming!" Ye Buyu sighed and stopped moving forward.

A dozen or so figures came flying by, and soon came to the five.

Three of the dozen people seem to be in the lead. On the left is a big man wearing animal skin and red fruit on the upper body. He holds a big mace in his hand. His eyes are swept on the five. After that, finally fixed his eyes on Zhao Yuande.

He seemed to feel something, his brows could not help but wrinkled into a Chuan character.

A beautiful, enchanting woman in purple clothes standing in the middle, her position is obviously higher than that of the big skin, and there is a faint dignified majesty on her body, as if she were an emperor, a princess in the world. .

The one on the right is a son of a Jinyi Huafu. This man is about twenty years old. He is very handsome. He has a pearlescent treasure on his body. At a glance, he found four or five innate spirits. At first glance, he is a wealthy master.

At this time his pair of peach blossom eyes involuntarily glanced at the three daughters.

"Oh! There are three beautiful women! Gee, they are all heavenly and beautiful, what?... there is such a top quality!" The son of Jinyi Huafu started to be a little slow, but when he saw the appearance of the three people, he was suddenly happy. Finally saw Sophie, he almost jumped up excitedly!

"I must get this woman, definitely!" The young man in Jinyi Huafu kept crying, but he did not forget to sweep his gaze to the beast-skin big man standing on the left hand side, but when he saw the big man's gaze gathered on Zhao Yuande At that time, the worry in my heart disappeared in half.

As long as this guy does not rob me, this woman is mine!

Her physique is peculiar. If I can double-sleeves with her every day, I am afraid that my cultivation will be a thousand miles a day... I will not be afraid of these two guys in a few days!

"Who are you? What do you want to do to stop our path?" Ye Buyu didn't panic at the moment, but was very calm. He looked at the three people on the opposite side full of unyielding eyes.

"Oh! Haha! We are disciples of the Pantheon. Seeing that you are all alone, we feel that since we are all in the same way, we might as well take care of you and follow us. I guarantee you to complete the task safely." Jin Yihua Mr. Fu laughed a few times, with a serious expression.

But his eyes were constantly looking at Sophie's body at this time, and the evil light in his eyes shone.