Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 996

Chapter 996: Follow Through

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Sophie only felt that the other person's eyes seemed to be an invisible big hand, constantly tearing her own clothes, she couldn't help leaning against Zhao Yuande's back, blocking her figure.

The other two women looked at each other with disgust, especially Ye Xiaoyu. If there was no brother who secretly stopped, he would definitely curse at the first time.

The big man with animal skin originally wanted to open his mouth, but when he saw that Jinyi Huafu took a step, he just pouted in disgust.

The woman in purple in the middle frowned slightly, but did not speak angry, only glanced at the other five people.

"No need!" Ye Buyu suddenly looked at Jinyi Huafu's gaze, and she was a little uncomfortable. If a woman like Sophie didn't like it, even Ye Buyu had an idea in mind. The other party's unscrupulous gaze suddenly made Ye not. A raging anger rose in Yu Yu's heart.

"Huh? Toast without eating fines, you dare to refuse me!" The son of Jinyi Huafu heard Ye Buyu's words, and suddenly he was furious, he waved his hand, "Who can help me win him and reward the innate spirit treasure?" One!"

More than a dozen people behind him heard this, and their eyes were suddenly revealed!

To know that the competition in the Pantheon is extremely fierce, the innate spirit treasure is not Chinese cabbage, just killing an emperor mid-cultivator can get a congenital spirit treasure, it is definitely a bargain sale, no one will refuse.

"I come!"

Suddenly, a figure flew out, a cold light crossed the sky, and swiped towards Ye Buyu's neck.

"Come well!"

Although Ye Buyu's face is dignified, he is not afraid of fear. At this time, all the potential in his body is mobilized by him. A kind of vitality rises into the sky. A small dark green vine protrudes from his eyebrow. The vines were covered with jagged green leaves.

A tremendous force of terror like a sea rushed out of this vine in an instant, as if the waves were constantly flapping around the void.

At the same time, countless thick vine phantoms rushed out from behind him, shaking their heads like a dragon head, and the whole sky was instantly illuminated by a dark green.

The vines covered the sky, like a dragon flying with the head of a dragon, the vine that emerged from his eyebrows grew madly, and inserted into the sky in the blink of an eye, I didnt know how long it was, it seemed to connect the world and the world, and Numerous small vines are separated from the main trunk, and the densely woven into a huge dark green net.

Before that cold light came to Ye Buyu, he was directly blown away by a thick vine, which turned out to be a blue dagger.

The big net opened, directly covering the Pantheon cultivator who rushed out of it, no matter what means the other party used could not hurt these vines at all.

Instead, it was bound by a vine's contraction force, and the toxin oozed out of the vine instantly invaded the person's body, and the person immediately became a prisoner.

"What! This is Tongtianteng!" The charming and enchanting woman's face showed a shocked look.

"Tongtianteng! It turned out to be Tengtianteng! It is said that there is a Tengtianteng in the ancient times. It can be directly connected to the fairy world. The practitioners in the ancient times did not need to cross the robbery and ascended. "

"True and false? This is Tsutendo! This person's experience is extraordinary!"

"But although it is Tongtianteng, it only grows to a length of one foot. As long as he can upgrade the cultivation to the realm of the **** emperor, plant the Tongtianteng into his own world, and use the power of the source to water it, it can definitely restore the ancients. If the style of the period is true, this person is invincible under the fairyland!"

"That's so simple! It takes tens of thousands of years to water with the power of the original source. Ten thousand years of genius like him should have already cultivated into the fairy land. The invincible fairy land has no meaning!"

All the people on the opposite side boiled at this moment, and the dignified color appeared in the eyes of the big animal and the woman in purple clothes, but the face of the son of Jinyi Huafu showed the color of greed.

"No wonder I have always felt that there is a huge life force in this non-verbal body, which is actually something like Tongtianteng. This person seems to have extraordinary encounters, and there is a future in the future!" Zhao Yuande's mouth turned slightly, and his face was slightly exposed. Surprised.

"Haha! You actually have Tongtianteng, which really surprised me! But Tongtianteng is not a panacea. I will give you one last chance. Follow me from now on, and I will give you a future with infinite possibilities! "Jinyi Huafu, a young man with a longing look on his face, if he can surrender this child today, he will be satisfied with that little beauty."

"Hear no! Shigongzi invites you but your blessing. Shigongzi is a young master of the Twelfth Hall of the Pantheon, Donglin Branch Hall, and the ancestor is a powerful existence in the creation world. You followed Shigongshi There is no limit to the future!" The voice of the son of Jinyi Huafu just fell, and behind him a young man who appeared to be a follower pointed out the real identity of this young man.

The twelve sub-Halls of the Pantheon, each sub-Hall is equivalent to a large gate of the Immortal Realm. At least the main hall is the eternal realm powerful equivalent to the Realm of the Immortal Emperor. Solicit.

"Humph! It's really delusional delusion. I Ye Wuyu is never weaker than others. If you have the ability, you can beat me. If you don't have the ability, don't take the shade of your ancestors here to scare people!" Ye Wuyu's face was very ugly. He has a strong background, but Ye Buyu is not the kind of person who is willing to send others. If he wants to, he might as well go to Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande's identity is not as powerful as this guy. I don't know how many times!

"Oh! Really admirable courage and courage!" The woman in Ziyi took a step forward and smiled slightly at Ye Buyu. "How about this son, why don't you submit to me under my command? I am the ninth deputy of the Pantheon Xia Yan, the direct descendant of the Hall Lord, as long as you surrender to me, I will let the ancestors fully cultivate you, and even if you want, the ancestors who are in the later period of eternal realm can personally teach you the Fa!"

This woman named Xia Yan seemed to value Ye Buyu very much, and she began to follow the temptations and learn to benefit.

Seeing that the girl in purple clothes even wanted to draw Ye Wuyu, the son of Jinyi Huafu couldn't help but frown slightly, but he quickly took a step back. The identity between the two was too different, and he couldn't compete with others.

But in the depths of Xia Yan's eyes, there was a trace of undetectable disgust.

Only Zhao Yuande saw this change in his eyes. Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that the other party must want to deprive Tong Tianteng from Ye Buyu's body and take it as his own.

Even if Ye Buyu heard Xia Yan's words, he couldn't help but twitch in his heart, which is equivalent to the strong man in the late Emperor's Realm!

Imagine it makes people feel fascinated, if this condition is not tempted, it is lying.