Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 997

Chapter 997: Can't Kill Him

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"This brother, don't rush to make a choice, it's better to listen to my conditions again!" At this moment, the hide-skinned man also stepped forward and smiled at Ye Wuyu, "I am the 12th Pantheon In the palace, the young masters of the barren palace are in a barren battle. I can do the same conditions that Miss Xia Yan just said. I can also promise to give you a senluo vine to swallow your tiantian vine, which is enough to make your tiantian Ten times the growth rate of rattan!"

Hearing the animal skin's words, Ye Buyu almost agreed to speak directly. Tongtianteng has the power to devour and can devour the evolution of various plants. If the other party really owns Sen Luoteng, he will soon grow up !

But at this time, a figure appeared beside him and patted his shoulder gently.

"Three people! Your wishful abacus is really loud. If you want this strain of Tongtianteng, you can say clearly, why use such a mean method!" The person who came was naturally Zhao Yuande.

Although his voice was very light, but it stopped in Ye Buyu's ears like a thunderous burst. He suddenly looked like you, waking up from the endless temptation.

"Who are you? How dare you be so bold and destroy our good deeds, it's really death!" Shi Gaofei, the son of Jinyi Huafu, originally had the good deeds because the two intervened to break his own heart. When he came out to exhale him, his face suddenly showed a terrible color.

With a palm, he shot towards Zhao Yuande, and the palm of his hand suddenly turned into a sky, and he pressed against Zhao Yuande and Ye Wuyu beside him.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to suppress Ye Buyu together and capture!

With this palm out, the icy chill suddenly swept across the whole world, the endless force of ice and cold suppressed the sky, and a cold moon with a silver-white glory slowly rose from behind him!

The crescent moon is like a hook, and a large piece of ice-cold Yuehua falls down, as if Wan Dao, with a sharp handle, beheads the two.

Zhao Yuande looked at Shi Gaofei's attack and couldn't help but whispered slightly. He took a slight step back and smiled: "Brother Ye, this person will be given to you. You should be able to defeat him!"

Ye Buyu was naturally very convinced of Zhao Yuande. Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, he suddenly had a vigorous war intention in his heart!

In fact, Zhao Yuande just felt that the two men were equal in strength, and there was no way to judge who won or lost, but his sentence gave Ye Buyu infinite confidence and became the last straw to crush the camel.

Lengyuehanmang collided with the sky and the vines, and suddenly made a popping sound!

The two men fought, and the two crowds onlookers suddenly vacated a large area.

Ye Buyu, who was inspired by Zhao Yuande, fought with confidence, but only a dozen breathing times suppressed the opponent's offensive.

"'re fine! You are forcing me!" Shi Gaofei, the young master of the Donglin Hall, could not bear it anytime soon. He roared with grimace, looking like he wanted to choose someone to eat.

"Be careful of what's in his hands!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Ye Wuyu's sea of knowledge.

Ye Buyu also felt that the other party was not quite right at this time. Hearing Zhao Yuande's reminder, he suddenly hid himself in the endless package of your vines.

At the moment when Ye Buyu was wrapped in vines, a black brilliance flew out of Shi Gaofei's hands and exploded in the field.


Shi Gaofeis arm was instantly destroyed by the terrifying power of explosion, and Ye Wuyu was hiding in the vines and felt a huge impact. He smashed the blood from his open mouth, and all the internal organs were on the internal organs. It's a dense crack!

However, Ye Buyu ignored his injury at this time, and the sky above the sky swept through the sky, directly entraping Shi Gaofei's body, and terrifying toxins were injected into Shi Gaofei's body, and Shi Gaofei immediately became a prisoner.

"Ah! My arm! You let me go! Let me go!" Shi Gaofei growled, but Ye Buyu ignored him at all.

Shi Gaofei was almost desperate. He gave up one arm and unexpectedly killed Ye Wuyu, but Zhao Yuande had already seen it through. He was reminded that Ye Wuyu turned into danger and captured him.

Shi Gaofei originally intended to kill Ye Buyu. As long as he urged his body strength, he could quickly recover his arm, but now that he was captured, the power in his body was sealed, and this arm could not grow out at all. One arm was missing. Let Shi Gaofei die uncomfortably.

"Okay! Let's release Shi Gongzi!" The woman in purple looked at Ye Buyu, his voice filled with an undoubted tone.

Ye Wuyu is such a proud person. The other party talked to him in this tone, and he simply ignored it.

"Brother Zhao, what should this person do?" Ye Buyu ignored the woman in purple clothes, but instead looked to Zhao Yuande and asked his opinion.

"Kill it! This kind of scum has no value at all." Zhao Yuande glanced at this young man, and what he said in the mouth not only scared Shi Gaofei's face, but even the purple-clothed woman and the animal hider Great change.

You know that the grandfather of Shigong is a ruthless character, and he must be reported as a ruthless person. If he knows that Shi Gaofei was going out with two of them and was killed, this lunatic might find them.

Although this person is nothing but a fairyland, he doesn't play cards according to common sense at all, and there are no taboos, so many people don't want to provoke this madman.


"Can't kill him!"

The two simultaneously stopped.

"Why can't you kill it!" Zhao Yuande looked at Ye Buyu, "If Brother Ye doesn't want to do it, let me do it!"

Zhao Yuande had to point his finger a bit, killing the person with his fingers, but felt the strong wind hit.

He stopped the movement in his hand, and slapped his backhand at the attack.

"Humph! How dare I block my sword with my hand, really looking for death!" Xia Yan's voice came cold and quiet, as if it was a wind blowing from Jiu You Di Fu.

But Xia Yan was not happy for a long time, and he felt his hands tighten, and the innate Lingbao long sword in his hand was really blocked by the other party.

"Haha! Do you think you can hurt me?"

The size of Zhao Yuande, the bones of the whole body crackled, the whole person's body was instantly raised, the majestic blood rose into the sky, and the ancient Shenlong directly broke through the sky with the same head, tearing Tianyu!

At this time, his long hair spread, his hunts hunted, and a majestic momentum that shook the world shook the world, just like the Nine Heavens King came to the earth.

"Ding Ding Dang Dang!"

The dreaded silver ray slashed on Zhao Yuande's powerful flesh one after another, just like hitting iron, but he didn't hurt him a little bit, even the white dots didn't stay.