Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 998

Chapter 998: Kill

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"Have you finished?" Zhao Yuande turned around, and after a big exploration, he grabbed the innate Lingbao long sword in Xia Yan's hand, and then pulled hard, even rushing Xia Yan's body forward.

Zhao Yuande grabbed Xia Yan's Hao wrist, and immediately felt that the skin was smooth and feels good, but there was a feeling of coldness.

"Haha! Come over to me!" Zhao Yuande brought Xia Yan to the side of his dream and almost plunged him directly into his arms.

This series of accidents made everyone stunned, especially the big man's shocked mouth opened, enough to be able to cram a few eggs.

He knows deeply the power of Xia Yan. Even if she is qualified in the Pantheon, her qualifications can be ranked in the top fifteen, but her age is only thirty but she has already practiced to the peak of the emperor, and her combat power can be stronger than the peak of the Divine Emperor. The person is comparable, even if she is not her opponent.

But he did not expect that his arm was caught in a short moment, and a goddess standing high in the Pantheon was directly pulled down from the Shentan.


The ten or so people in the Pantheon suddenly blew up the pan, and they reacted. They did not expect a cultivator in the lower realm to dare to challenge the dignity of the ninth vice-master of the Pantheon, and blasphemed the goddess Xia Yan. It is difficult for people to accept.

"You... you are bold! Do you know who I am? Do you know what you are doing? You... let me die!" The shock in Xia Yan's heart could hardly be overstated, and she was proud of her cultivation. This person is nothing in front of him, just captured by the opponent in an instant!

An unprecedented humiliation came to her mind. She was so murderous in her heart that she instantly forgot her father's request and used her most powerful card.

A terrible power suddenly broke out in her body, and the palm of Zhao Yuande really opened at once. A small tree three feet in length suddenly appeared from her hands. The small tree seemed not to be a substance at all, with seven colors of light on it. Constantly flashing.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a strong sense of crisis in his heart. The seven-color little tree burst into a dazzling divine light, and he swept directly towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's body leaned back, and the seven-color divine light swept across his face, leaving a deep scar on his face!

Zhao Yuande's flesh was only torn lightly and tore a huge scar directly.

He couldn't help but fear that if it was at one o'clock in the evening, his head might be swept away directly, and even the sea of knowledge would be blown together, and the soul could not escape the seven-color light!

Although he is only an avatar now, this avatar consumes a lot of his blood and energy, if it is really destroyed, it is really wrong.

"What a vicious woman, let me die!" Zhao Yuande was really angry, he no longer dared to hold a playful attitude, the power of terror erupted in the palm of his hand, and the palm of his hand was pressed against the head of the woman.

Xia Yan only felt that a huge crisis was coming, a huge palmprint had been pressed onto his own spirit, and the palmprint seemed to contain endless divine power, as if it were a heavenly giant. The huge world is constantly spinning in the palm of your hand.

Suddenly shocked in her heart, she felt that if the palm was really pressed, she might be instantly smashed into a puddle of mud, even the soul would be destroyed at the same time, she has all traces of you in this world Will be annihilated under this palm.

This palm is like the legendary powerful who broke through the endless chaos in a circle and punched out a brand new world.

"Cultivation! This is the power of creation!"

Xia Yan's eyes were wide, she couldn't believe it, the other party turned out to be a boxing fist!

"You know it's too late!"

When Zhao Yuande heard that the other party was able to see that he was a boxing fist, he suddenly showed a shocked look on his face, but this look disappeared instantly. He was not afraid of these people knowing, because the people in the Pantheon would die here. .

"You... do you want to kill people and kill your mouth?" A trace of regret appeared in Xia Yan's eyes. He should not point out that this is the power of creativity!

It is necessary to know that the power of creation is the most difficult to comprehend. According to legend, the king of the immortal emperor of the last great realm, the highest realm of the Pantheon are all related to the power of creation.

So countless old monsters, immortal emperors, want to pursue the realm of the last step by comprehending the power of creation.

If she talked about Zhao Yuande's control over the power of creation, I am afraid that the person in front of him would become a hot bun in the eyes of all powerful men, and would line up to capture him.

And Zhao Yuande's avatar does not have the mark of Zhou's reincarnation, so the strong will not have any scruples.

So the killing in Zhao Yuande's mind is getting stronger and stronger.

However, Zhao Yuande obviously couldn't kill Xia Yan so easily, and the other party was a strong man of eternal realm behind him.

Suddenly, her whole body was brilliant, and a bright moon rose slowly from behind her head. Endless Yuehua wrapped his body and fled towards the distance, trying to escape the coverage of Zhao Yuande's palm.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt like he was a flying insect sticking to the cobweb, and was being imprisoned with a terrible force, so that she could not move at all, even the spirit of the gods began to slow down. Stop moving.

"What! The power of time!" Xia Yan's heart once again set off a tremendous wave, but no matter how he moved his lips, he couldn't make a little sound. Only his eyes showed shock. Everything else was completely Can't show it.

But although everyone could not hear what she said, they understood the change in her lips.

Everyone was shocked at this time! A cultivator who has realized the fortune has also realized the power of time at the same time. This kind of talent and this talent makes everyone jealous and crazy.

With this method, even a strong middle-aged emperor could not escape his palm.

At this moment, time seemed to freeze. Zhao Yuande's palm was already pressed against Xia Yan's forehead. She could clearly feel that Zhao Yuande's palm had touched a strand of hair on her forehead. She even felt that she was about to come next moment. Directly annihilated in this space.



"Do you know what you are doing?"

"You killed her, you can't live..."


Everyone in the Pantheon, wrapped up in the famine, wrapped up in Shi Gaofei, including everyone was panicked at this time!

If Xia Yan really died here, no one knows what kind of anger will happen to the person behind her, they even think they will lose their lives for her.