Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 999

Chapter 999: Long Eyebrow Old Man

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It was at this time that Xia Yan's forehead suddenly burst into endless silver brilliance. A dazzling Tiangong burst out of his eyebrows, and a wonderful wave formed a thin film of light around his body.

Xia Yan instantly felt that she had recovered her ability to act, and a circle of silver brilliance also rushed out of his body and merged with the light film. This was the moment she recovered her actions and sacrificed her own ice power .

"It turned out to be a chaotic spirit treasure!" Zhao Yuande felt the breath of this dazzling heavenly palace and couldn't help but regret.

"What! This is Tianchan Moon Palace! This thing turned out to be in her hands!"

"With this treasure body protector, she should be fine!"

"It turned out that her hole card turned out to be..."



Zhao Yuande's forging power collided with the silver mask, and a terrifying shock sound erupted.

The space within a few kilometers of the area collapsed suddenly, and a large piece of broken dark void appeared. Countless golden gravel was annihilated under this impact, and the earth suddenly revealed a large crater with a depth of ten feet, and below it was a dark rock. .

The closest to the battlefield is the battle of famine. Just now he wanted to rush over to prevent Zhao Yuande from slashing Xia Yan, and was continuously rolled back by this terrible shock wave.

Even his cultivation was powerful, and he rolled back dozens of feet in a row, hitting **** a disciple of the Pantheon.


Two people spouted a mouthful of blood at the same time.

"What a terrible person!" The famine slowly rose, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of shock and fear.

At this time, although Xia Yan was guarded by Chaos Treasure, the appearance of Chaos Spirit Treasure was too late, and she had not fully carried out her protection. She was flying by this palm to the distance of hundreds of feet, and she was crazy in the air. She was sprayed with blood, and even countless pieces of dark red internal organs were sprayed out by her. She was obviously seriously injured.

Xia Yan crashed into the sand, her frontal bones shattered, and the hot white brain was faintly visible in the cracks.

At this time she had turned her eyes white, angry like a gossip, the next moment is life or death, no one can guarantee it.

At this moment, everyone in the audience was stunned. Xia Yan had Chaos Lingbao's body protection. He was still seriously injured by this palm. How powerful was his palm just now!

Zhao Yuande's murder has already begun, and he can no longer suppress it. This woman will die!

His body flickered, and the next moment had come to Xia Yan's side, and she would be killed by a palm.

Seeing that Xia Yan was about to die in the hands of Zhao Yuande, a woman with an outstanding identity and unparalleled beauty was about to die.

"Brother Zhao, you can't kill him! Otherwise, you will have a deadly feud with the Pantheon, which will be very unfavorable to the future development of cultivation!" Ye Buyu said at this time.

Zhao Yuande wanted to kill Shi Gaofei, he wouldn't stop it at all. Shi Gaofei was just behind the existence of a fairy monarch, and he was still a disciple of the temple.

However, this Xia Yan is different. This is a descendant of the deputy master, who can become a deputy master of the Pantheon. At the very least, it needs the cultivation of the emperor in the later period (eternal realm). This strong man is not a big man. Cabbage, not only cultivated into countless powers, even the influence in the Pantheon is also terrifying. If he is remembered by him, even if he flees into the fairy world.

Hearing Ye Buyu say this, he was thinking about changing his mind and was about to change his mind.

"Boy, kill if you kill! Isn't it a strong man in the eternal realm? Don't forget that you are the reincarnation of the universe, he didn't dare to deal with you personally. And even if you let her go, you Do you think everything is gone? If a woman is more terrible than a man, if you dont kill her, the trouble will inevitably continue in the future, and you still have to kill it! So solve it as soon as possible, dont drag the mud!" The voice of Xunlai came in. In Zhao Yuande's ears.

"No, I can't leave the scourge no matter what, this woman will definitely die!" Zhao Yuande was awakened by the words, and immediately determined his determination to kill this woman.

"You can't kill her! You can't kill you if you kill him!" A frightened expression appeared in the eyes of the battle.

If Xia Yan is dead, he will have to take a layer of skin even if he is not dead. No matter how strong the Wild Palace is, he can't compare to a deputy hall master. It is good that he can save his life.

"Humph! There are too many people who want to kill me in the sky and underground, and there is not much one!" Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, and slapped him directly into Xia Yan's head.

When everyone opened their eyes in shock, Zhao Yuande was about to take a picture of Xia Yan's head.

A frightening breath made Zhao Yuande swept across his body at once. He suddenly burst into sweat, and his body flew back.

The chaotic spirit Baotianchan Moon Palace flew out by Zhao Yuande and shot out a brilliant brilliance, an old man with a long eyebrow hanging from the ear stepped out of it.

An overwhelming atmosphere, the terrifying breath of immortality came out of the old man. Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the terrible strength of the other party, at least equivalent to a strong man in the late God Emperor.

"See old man with long eyebrows!" Those disciples of the Pantheon who were forced into the distance by the aftermath of the battle saw the old man's face suddenly showing joy, and they all saluted the old man.

"The long-browed old man avatar, the great-grandson of the ninth vice-president of the Pantheon, and the late fighting emperor..."

Zhao Yuande instantly got the message of the old man with long eyebrows in front of him. Although he was shocked, he was not panicked. Although he might not be able to defeat the other person alone, if the body appeared, the two would definitely be able to defeat them.

"Grandpa! This person has realized the power of creation and the power of time!" Xia Yan saw the old man appear, and suddenly let go of a heart, said these two words weakly, and then no longer had the strength to continue. .


The eyes of the old man with long eyebrows focused on Zhao Yuande's body all at once, his face gradually showing excitement and ecstasy!

The unstoppable joy of the first middle school made the old man with long eyebrows smile, and he looked at Zhao Yuande again. The more he looked, the more he nodded, and the more he looked, the more he was delighted. The wrinkles on his face seemed like a blooming wild chrysanthemum.

"Haha! Good! Great fortune! Great fortune! If I can take you back, maybe the ancestors can really break through the final juncture, when the ancestors might be the first deputy hall master, and my Xia family It will also become one of the largest families in the Pantheon! Maybe I can use this to enter the fairy land..."

The old man with long eyebrows couldn't help laughing when he thought of the beauty.

"Are you dreaming! Let me die!" Zhao Yuande knew the other party's terrible, he still understands the reason to start first.