Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Neglected
"Greetings, Your Highness, Xu QinWang.""This official's daughter greets His Highness, Xu QinWang.""This lowly official greets Xu QinWang.""This Imperial Nephew greets Imperial Uncle Fei Yi."When Xu Fei Yi arrived, everyone immediately greeted him. Although some people were secretly mocking Xu Fei Ji behind his back for having a mind of a child, in front of him, they would still give him the proper respect befitting to a member of the royalty. Regardless whether they like it or not, Xu Fei Yi was still a part of the Imperial family and was personally granted by the Emperor as a first rank prince carrying the title 'Xu'. Thus, all the people present who were attending XuanRong's coming of age ceremony had to greet Xu Fei Yi, including Xu Ji An. Xu Fei Yi, who was at the door ran forward, not listening to the people's salutation. His eyes were only focusing on XuanRong who was also half-kneeling on the floor. Without saying anything, Xu Fei Yi extended his hands and pulled XuanRong upward."Wife Jiejie! Do you still remember Yi'er? Yi'er misses you!"XuanRong was surprised when she felt Xu Fei Yi's warm hands on her wrists. When he shouted 'Wife Jiejie', she had momentarily forgotten that the person he was pertaining to was her. So, when he arrived in front of her and unexpectedly touched her like it was natural for them to have a skinship, she could not help but want to take a step back and avoid him. Honestly speaking, it had been five years since the last time they met. She had already forgotten the weird name he kept on calling her few years ago. The only time XuanRong thought of him after a long time was when her master died and told her that her child's name was Fei Yi. If not for that matter, XuanRong would really have forgotten him totally.XuanRong stared at the hands that were holding her wrists and remembered that aside from her benefactor, this man named Xu Fei Yi was also able to touch her without making her feel nauseous."Wife Jiejie?"Unable to get XuanRong's reply, Xu Fei Yi tried to get her attention by calling her 'Wife Jiejie'. His handsome face was full of sadness when he thought that XuanRong was planning to ignore him. He looked like an abandoned dog which made XuanRong's heart skip a beat. His child-like action triggered XuanRong's maternal instinct. She raised her hand and reached Xu Fei Yi's head, slowly patting it while reassuring the man that she still remembered him. If her master was really the previous empress, then it would mean that Xu Fei Yi was her master's son, and since he was her master's son, it would also mean that Xu Fei Yi was her didi[1] since she viewed Yue Xiao Xiao not just her master but also her foster mother. "What are you saying ah? Sister remembers you."XuanRong smiled as she spoke those words. She continued caressing his hair while looking at him. Xu Fei Yi was already in his twenties. He was tall for his age that was why XuanRong had to tiptoe a bit in order to reach his head."Wife Jiejie!" Xu Fei Yi stubbornly said."Ah?" XuanRong did not understand him. She could not help but stare at his eyes that were looking at her intensely."You are Wife Jiejie, not Sister!!"*puuu~*Hearing Xu Fei Yi's words, XuanRong could not help but laugh. She really found him cute and amusing. Having a little brother like him seems not bad at all. Since she knew that he was special, XuanRong did not try to argue with him and only nodded her head."Right, right.. I'm your wife jiejie ah.." She said while she continued patting his head.The two of them were interacting harmoniously and had already forgotten that the rest of the people were still half-kneeling on the floor. Mu Qing had to remind Xu Fei Yi a couple of times before he allowed all of the people to end their greetings.Looking at XuanRong who was smiling in front of his stupid uncle, Xu Ji An felt like he was losing face. He hated the fact that although he was the crown prince, he still had to pay respect to the fool of the imperial family just because the other person was a first rank prince. Xu Ji An's annoyance towards Xu Fei Yi turned to hate when he noticed that XuanRong was extra tender towards Xu Fei Yi while on the other hand, when she was speaking with him, her words were full of daggers and swords. The treatment was like heaven and earth which made Xu Ji An unable to swallow everything. "Imperial Uncle, This Imperial Nephew did not expect to see Imperial Uncle here at the Prime Minister's residence. Imperial Uncle is still sick, why did Imperial Uncle force yourself? You must return to your palace immediately and recuperate properly. What are your retainers doing? Why did they allow you to travel when you are still sick? Those useless dogs! I will tell Imperial Father to punish all of them later! It's a good thing that I brought my own palace guards. Guards! Bring Imperial Uncle back to his palace, quick!" Xu Ji An saw Xu Fei Yi as an eyesore. He could not wait to kick him away and make him return to his doghouse.Hearing Xu Ji An's words, Xu Fei Yi's eyes moistened. He looked at Xu Ji An pleadingly. "YiYi'er is already okay Yi'er only wants to see Wife Jiejie Ji An ahh please do not punish Mu Qing *sob* *sob*"Unable to stay quiet, Chen Zi Tao moved forward and decided to enter the conversation. He cupped his hand and spoke."Your Highness, if you are worried for His Highness Xu Fe Yi's health, this lowly official will call an imperial physician to monitor Xu QinWang's health. Today is my maternal granddaughter's coming of age ceremony and His Majesty decided to betroth both of them. It would not be good to send Xu QinWang away.""Humpf!" Xu Ji An could only snort in irritation before flicking his sleeves and returned to his seat. He could only give face to Chen Zi Tao since he still need the old man. The celebration continued. The entire hall was once again filled with laughter. During the giving of gifts, many noble families presented high class gifts which made XuanLi laugh with happiness because in his mind, since XuanRong was his daughter, it would only mean that all the gifts that were given to her would be his too. The best gift XuanRong received was the pearl cream gifted by Xu Ji An. The pearl cream was made from one hundred pearls that were pulverized into powder and was mixed with twenty-seven herbs. Those herbs were known for nourishing the skin, making it look young and beautiful. The pearl cream was a treasure that was only used by the Empress and Imperial Concubine Jin. Unfortunately, when XuanRong received it, she only treated it the same with the other gifts. After showing her gratitude, she unceremoniously gave it to one of the servants, making Xu Ji An grit his teeth until his gums bleed.When it was Xu Fei Yi's time to give his gift, he shyly placed his hand inside his sleeves and pulled a red rose who was already on the verge of dying. When the people saw it, some could not help but snicker. Xu Ji An laughed mockingly."Imperial Uncle ah! Why would you gift Lady XuanRong a cheap thing such as that garbage? If your palace does not have anything good, the royal treasury is open. I will ask Imperial Father to allow you and get something inside. Gifting such a worthless flower, you made our Imperial family lose face in front of everyone. Ai." Hearing Xu Ji An's mocking words, XuanRong's eyebrow rose. She smiled at Xu Fei Yi and without any second thought, she accepted the flower and ordered one of the servants to prepare a vase. She turned her head and glared at Xu Ji An."Crown Prince, it is not good to be shallow. Gold? Money? Expensive things? Those were useless to some people. Do not let those material things shorten your eyesight. What matter the most is the sincerity of the heart."-------- While the entire hall was brimming with festivity, XuanFei was sitting in a corner. She was at the left side of Xu Ji An but she never had the chance to talk with him. His attention in the entire time was at XuanRong, making XuanFei clench her hands due to jealously. She felt that she was invisible. No one was paying attention to her. In the entire time, she was being neglected and she hated XuanRong for that. It was all because of XuanRong.XuanRong stole everything.But it would not last long as long as their plan would be successful.'Laugh all you want let's see if you can still laugh later on!'[PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ and]---------[1]. Younger brother (can be blood related or not)[Unedited Chapter]