Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Martial Arts Conference

The Cang Dragon endured the most gruesome training of their life for the next month.

Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise was a completely different ball game compared to the conventional physical condition exercises. This was a brand new technique that Chen Fan created based on two elements: the External Force Exercises and the Immortal Cultivation techniques.

On the training ground, the soldiers stood in strange if not outright bizarre stances. Some balanced on one foot like a crane in a swamp, some wrapped their arms around their body as a monkey would to a tree trunk, the others were sitting quietly on the ground cross-legged as if they were practicing Yoga.

However, regardless of their posture, a pained look was etched on everyone's face. They felt as if every inch of their body was on fire as energy gathered inside of their system.

"I have never seen anything like this." Sergeant Gu grumbled.

"Let's give him some time. Head Sergeant Chen had god-like abilities. We shouldn't judge his methods using our earthly logic." Huo Donglai said heavily.

By then, He was completely enamored by Chen Fan's power.

The scene of Chen Fan jumping out of the helicopter had perished his conceit and pride, leaving only admiration and respect toward the young man. Martial Artists respected only one thing: power and Chen Fan was the most powerful man he had ever seen.

"I wonder what my sect brothers at the Ba Ji sect would think of him."

Huo Donglai thought in his mind.

Ba Ji Sect was an ancient martial arts sect, and the Ba Ji Fist that was popular among the public was just a tip of its enormous wealth of techniques. Most of the internal force arts were kept in the hands of the core branches of the sect. There even had been a Transcendent Master from the Ba Ji Sect.

Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and slowly made his way to the training ground.

"Head Sergeant, your training method is… marvelous!" Sergeant Gu exclaimed.

"It was nothing, I only brought out the soldier's potential." Chen Fan said humbly.

The human body was full of undiscovered potential sources of energy. Even without relying on external energy, the human body itself was able to provide an incredible amount of energy. However, they were usually dormant unless during the time of crisis. Without using supplements, and careful diet control to replenish the energy, even a muscular man would become scrawny and a thin skeleton frame after a few of such outbursts of internal energy.

Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise were documented on many cultivation planets.

Even the cultivation nations waged war against each other. Therefore arts such as the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise were widely adopted by the cultivation armies to mass produce powerful warriors. These warriors could even overwhelm mighty high-level cultivators due to their sheer number and decent abilities. However, they were no match against cultivators who had reached the level of Connate Spirit or higher. These cultivators were able to command swords to do his bidding from miles away, therefore, their enemy's advantage in number would not affect them.

"Head Sergeant, can I talk with you in private?"

Huo Donglai remembered a piece of news he heard a few days ago, so he came over to Chen Fan and asked cautiously.


Chen Fan looked over at him and nodded.

The two sergeants walked abreast with each other in the base and attracted many people's attention. Nearly all the eyes that looked to Chen Fan were filled with respect. Chen Fan had already become a legend among the workers in the base. Everyone was extremely curious about him, yet no one dares to approach.

Seeing the amount of respect Chen Fan had garnered, Chu Minhui grit his teeth so hard that he thought his jaw was going to shatter.

What's even more humiliating than being defeated by one's enemy was being outright ignored.

"I have worked hard to join the Cang Dragon units, only to discover that he was ahead of me. How am I ever going to compete with him?" Chu Minhui screamed in his mind.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Yue Jianqiu's sweaty forehead. He had been holding his position longer than any of his comrades yet he was not going to give up anytime soon. The sight had lit up the fighting spirit inside of Chu Minghui. "That's right, as long as I keep at it. One day, I will see the light at the end of the tunnel."

"Chen Fan, thank you for teaching me these abilities. I will gladly accept your help and try to surpass you."

Chu Minhui clenched his jaw tighter as he swore to himself to try harder.

Huo Donglai and Che Fan arrived at a quiet spot of the base. Huo Donglai put on an apologetic face and said:

"Head Sergeant, I am sorry for my arrogance when I first met you. Please forgive me."

"Don't sweat it." Chen Fan was a Celestial Lord, of course, he would not be offended by someone as worthless as an ant. If he really rubbed him the wrong way, he would silence him with a slap. "What are you getting at, spit it out."

"It's nothing important, really." Huo Donglai paused a second and then said: "I was just wondering if you are going to join the Martial Arts Conference at Lin City this year?"

"What is this Martial Arts Conference?" Chen Fan asked.

"You haven't heard?" Huo Donglai was shocked.

"Theoretically, I am not a martial artist." Chen Fan explained.

Huo Donglai gathered himself and explained: "The Martial Arts Conference was held every three years by major martial arts families. It usually attracts nearly all martial artists across China. It's a good event to exchange practice experiences and learn from each other.

"The highlight of the event is the auction. There will be many herbal medicines, as well as elixirs."

Huo Donglai paused a second and then said: "You might even be able to meet some Transcendent masters."

"Oh?" Chen Fan's interest was piqued.

He had just reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment level and had gained an incredibly strong physical body. Therefore, no ordinary internal force martial artists would survive even one blow from him. However, Transcendent Masters was a different story.

Plus, he was having difficulties finding Spirit Medicine and searching for such precious material by himself was practically a fool's errand. He would have a much better chance in getting powerful herbs at an event such as the Martial Arts Conference.

"Yes. You heard it right. Just last time, I had seen a thousand year old ginseng offered at the auction table." Huo Donglai reaffirmed.

After a few cautious moments, Huo Donglai plastered on an ingratiating smile and said quietly: "I was going to invite you to attend the event with my sect brothers."

"Attend the event with Ba Ji Sect? Do people fight with each other at the event?" Chen Fan asked with a half smile.

Huo Donglai gave him a grin and said: "You nailed it. All attendees are proud martial artists, some are more proud than the others and were eager to prove themselves, so sparrings and challenges are not uncommon there. The Ba Ji sect had been going downhill lately and lacked powerful members. Therefore…"

Huo Donglai didn't finish his sentence. Chen Fan should have already figured out by now what he was really after.

"Of course, I don't think you will have to join any fight. We want you just in case things get out of control, however unlikely that was " Huo Donglai hurried to explain.

"Sure, I will go with you." Chen Fan nodded.

He was eager to gauge the overall power of the martial artists on earth. He hadn't met many powerful martial artist by far, save a few such as Lin Hu, Guo Wei and Master Gu. He wagered that the conference would be an eye-opener for him.


Huo Donglai was elated by Chen Fan's decision.

With the help of such a powerful warrior, Ba Ji sect would no longer be afraid of any challenges they might face.

Ever since his Master Uncle's disappearance, the Ba Ji sect was embattled by the insults and challenges from other sects during each year's conference. Without a powerful warrior such as Master Uncle, the members of the sect had to endure the humiliation. Although Huo Donglai was no longer involved in sect businesses, he knew what was going on. Therefore, he had planned to invite Chen Fan to the sect ever since he met the boy.

Despite the sect elder's doubts regarding Chen Fan's power, they agreed to Huo Donglais' proposal in the end.

"Hehe, the Hong Sect, Gu family and the Lu Family will have to think twice now before they bully my sect members."

Huo Donglai sneered in his mind.