Reborn As A God Chapter 85

89 Chapter 85: Strange Power



A series of explosions suddenly rocked to silent space as a small figure of a young little girl with breathtaking beauty clashed against a sea of monsters.

Her long hair flowed freely behind her as she moved gracefully as if dancing between the abominations that attacked her, a strange on eyed humanoid looking monsters with ashen skin and one arm that held the power of a minor deity.

One of these monsters was definitely not a threat whatsoever to Josse yet their numbers were certainly enough to bring calamity upon some of the more unfortunate Universes.

No blood seemed to flow out whenever Josse cut one of them yet she learned the hard way that their weakness was not their head or eyes, it was the one arm that was placed in the center of their chest.

Swiftly teleporting in front of one of the less unfortunate monsters, Josse grabbed his head with her left arm and used her right one to swing the giant axe effectively chopping the monster's arm off.

Like a doll that got its strings cut, the monster abruptly stopped moving as Josse pushed his body away and pounced on another one resuming her slaughter.

Standing in a distance were Ysion, Kyzdall, and Ondan who watched the entire fight unfold with impressed faces.

"Not bad looks like you were right in taking her as your disciple." Said Ysion as he rubbed his chin.

With his face beaming in happiness, Kyzdall replied.

"Thank you, my lord, she still has a lot to learn yet." he said yet his face was unable to hide the pride he felt causing Ondan to just roll his eyes on the side.

Nodding, Ysion spoke again as he pointed towards the fight with his head.

"Looks like that's her limit, they may be minor deities yet their numbers are no joke."

"Would you like me to take care of them, my lord?" asked Ondan as he gave a deep respectful bow.

Waving his hand in dismissal, Ysion replied.

"No need, I want to try something, but first."

'Josse, retreat for now.' He sent her a mental image causing her figure that was in the middle of fighting a monster to suddenly quiver before she teleported away soon appearing next to their sides.

Lowering her head in respect towards her elders, she spoke.

"I apologize my lord, master! I have failed you!"

Patting her head, Ysion replied.

"Don't be silly child, go stand next to your master I want to try something."

Puzzled Josse did as she was told as she retreated behind her master yet peeked towards Ysion in curiosity.

'What is the lord going to do?' She asked herself as her eyes shone in expectation.

It was not only her, both Ondan and Kyzdall were curious yet refrained from asking any questions as they patiently waited by Ysion's sides.

The monsters that were engaged in the fight a moment ago were suddenly confused now that their opponent had disappeared, they all turned their head as their one eye kept glancing around looking for Josse.

It was then that one of them suddenly spotted Ysion and the group standing in the distance, he then let out a loud shriek that cause all the other abominations to simultaneously turn their heads towards the group before they rushed towards them like hungry wolves.

Ysion was unimpressed by the sea of monsters rushing towards him, he did not falter as he held out his left hand towards the monster, a dark black fog seemed to sip out of it as it completely surrounded his left hand.

Seeing the black fog come into existence cause a sense of dread to overtake both hearts of Kyzdall and Ondan who hurriedly averted their gazes to not stare at it, the God of war quickly pushed Josse behind him as he made her closer her eyes.

Ysion, on the other hand, was oblivious to all of this, in his eyes everything that remained was that black fog that surrounded his left arm.

His eyes both turned to an obsidian black color, it seemed as if he held the void itself in them. Raising his head towards the monsters rushing towards him, Ysion felt time slow down as he was suddenly able to see everything very clearly, no detail was able to escape from him.

As if hypnotized, he waved his left hand over the sea of monsters, the fog as if heeding his commands shot forward from his arm towards the monsters, a few cracks in space suddenly opened from which similar black fog seeped out.

The monsters at first did not seem to pay the strange fog much heed, their loud roars echoed throughout the empty space yet as soon as they came in contact with the fog they simply went silent.

Kyzdall and Ondan jaws hung open as they watched the scene unfold in front of them, they were unable to understand what was happening, one second there was a sea of monsters flying towards them the next the strange black fog suddenly engulfed them before it disappeared taking away with it the monsters.

There were no flashing explosions no roars of defiance or anger, nor that of pain, no it was simple, one second they were here, the next they completely disappeared from existence.

As the fog slowly disappeared, Ysion regained his bearings, his obsidian black pupils turned normal as he blinked a few times as if to adjust.

Holding his left hand in front of him, Ysion stared at it for a second in silence, no one daring to say anything either as they simply waited before he spoke.

"Well then shall we go?" He asked with a smile.

With an extremely respectful expression, one full of worship Kyzdall replied.

"Of course my lord! And if I may say that was truly a magnificent attack! Truly worthy of the God of creation!"

Nodding in agreement, Ondan added.

"Indeed my lord, your prowess knows no bounds!"

Letting out a small chuckle Ysion turned into a beam of golden light that flew towards the distance followed closely by the Dragon God, the God of War, and his little disciple.

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