Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Disclosure Of Photos

Chapter 101: Disclosure of Photos

Chu Mochen talks to Song Yan for ten minutes in his ward.

Outside Song Yunying and Song Yunjia gather their eyes on Chu Mochen. Only Song Yunqiang has been looking at the webpage on the mobile screen.

What Chu Mochen says is nothing more than a few words.

Song Yan, however, is courteous to Chu Mochen with a sense of guilt. I have one foot in the grave now. I am muddled because of the illness so I mistake Yunxuan for someone else.

Chu Mochens eyebrow is resolute and heroic. Listening to Songs sigh, he shows a right smile. Uncle Song takes your illness too bad. Your operation can be successful. I will ask Yunxuan to come back to take care of you. You will feel better with a daughter chatting with you.

Song Yan looks at Chu Mochen with a sick and pale face, but in his turbid eyes is unshakable wiliness.

He nodes, Thank you.

Thats what I should do. Although Yunxuan is considered as the daughter-in-law of the Chu family, you are her father after all. Father is kind and children should be filial. I cant stop Yunxuan from being filial.

What he says is so well-organized that it is impossible to refute it.

Song Yan breathes heavily and nods his head, so Song Yunxuan can come back again.

In fact, Song Yan has other daughters. If he is in a bad mood, he has many people to talks to. This little daughter is not necessary.

Although he is seriously ill, he knows exactly what to do.

Chu Mochen politely says goodbye to him and then walks away.

Song Yan half-opens his eyes and watches his long and straight posture. He listens to his steady footsteps away from him and could not help dropping his eyelids a little.

If Song Yunqiang is as capable as Chu Mochen, he would not be so concerned about the Song family even if he dies now.

He knows that his illness cannot be cured, but he struggles not to die. Actually it is for the great business of the Song family, which cannot fall into the hands of others.

And the others especially are those sons-in-law.

When Song Yunying comes in, Song Yan is on the bed, emptily half-raising his eyelids. She calls him gently, Dad?

The weak light in Song Yans eyes moves a little with struggling, and then he sees Song Yunying anxiously looking at him by the bed.

Song Yans eyes move again, but he doesnt find Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunying seems to know that her father is looking for Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang. She wipes her lips and reluctantly says, Dad, sister and brother have a quarrel outside.

Song Yan gasps for breath, Whats for?

Song Yunying frowns, and looks as if she didnt want her father to know the truth. After a careful thinking she changes her voice, Brother says that Yunxuan must not be allowed to come back, even if Childe Chu personally sends Yunxuan back. But sister insists that Yunxuan should come back.

Hearing her words, Songyan suddenly takes a breath and exhausts all his strength to get up and go outside.

Seeing this, Song Yunying presses her father on the bed right away. Dad, your body doesnt allow you to get up.

Help me up… Help me up… Song Yan struggles to get up.

When Song Yunying reaches over and supports her father, a brilliant glimpse passes through her eyes.

Song Yan sits up and sees through the glass that Song Yunqiang is talking to Song Yunjia excitedly with a red face.

Looking at furious Song Yunqiang, he shows a deep disappointment with him, the eldest son.

Song Yan has lots of women in his life, but he has only a son. He meant to hand over the great Song family to Song Yunqiang.

However, the child is not smart and steady enough from the day he was received by the Song family. He is always irritable and cannot be calm.

More than once he tells him not to be angry in public, but to be calm and indifferent.

But now it seems that although he has taught the son for so many years, the son still takes his words as a deaf ear.

He would inevitably feel disappointed, and his eyes are much dimmer.

Song Yunying carefully helps him lie down. Dad, what do you want to do with Yuanxuan?

Song Yan is so thin that he falls into the hospital bed. He says, Let her come back.

Song Yunying is stunned, somewhat unexpected.

But Song Yan says nothing more.

Song Yunying gets up and says, Then Ill tell my brother and sister.

She goes out and closes the door for fear that the sound of the outer corridor goes through to the ward.

The atmosphere between Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia is somewhat fierce.

Song Yunjia puts her hands in the pockets of white coat and says, Its not your business!

But Yunjia, the possibility of you being with Shao Tianze is so small that it can be neglected.”

Youre not in charge of that!

Well, I am out. I can let it go, but you cannot mess up the Song family at this time!

Song Yunjia frowns, Who is messing up the Song family?!

Then you tell me when this picture was taken!

Then he puts the mobile phone in front of Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia unpleasantly snatches the photo. On seeing it she is rigid as a stone.

This… How can this be? She cannot believe it. Nobody nobody could see There was no one in the cafe at that time

Song Yunying looks at the elder sister’s surprised expression, so she also has a look at Song Yunqiang’s mobile screen.

It is the picture of Song Yunjia kissing Shao Tianze. The photograph is taken at a very good angle. It clearly captures the side faces of the two people, and the warm and pleasant atmosphere in caf makes the picture have a romantic flavor of TV dramas.

As soon as this photo is uploaded to the Internet, it is immediately reproduced by various forums, and the two are hunted.

Finally, almost all the netizens of Yuncheng know it.

Song Yunying noticed something wrong when the brother stared at the phone. When she spoke to her sister again, she saw that the strong dissatisfaction in Song Yunqiangs eyes. She was sure that Song Yunqiang was not satisfied with her sister, Song Yunjia.

She knew that something will happen. Chu Mochen left just in time. She went to her father’s ward to talk to him, intentionally saying that brother and sister were quarrelling because of Song Yunxuan.

Then Song Yan would surely want to see how his son and daughter quarrel for their little sister.

And she helped her father, and the results were unexpectedly good.

Surely enough Song Yan stood in line with Song Yunjia. In this way, Song Yan would absolutely think that Song Yunqiang had no affection for his sister, and that he was emotionless and brainless.

If Song Yan changes his mind again and gives most of his possession to Song Yunjia, then Song Yunqiang will surely disclosure Song Yunjia’s scandals and persuade his father to give up Song Yunjia.

At that time, Song Yan will be disappointed with his eldest daughter and son.

She, the second daughter, who has never been a contender, will naturally benefit from it.

She has a clear calculation. Now she sees the photos of her sister kissing Shao Tianze uploaded on the Internet, so she feels that everything is going in her favor.

She watches Song Yunjia falling into a chair with a lost mind. She sighs, and pretends to be sick and goes to the bathroom covering her stomach.

Later, Song Yunqiang is still angry with a blue face. When Song Yunying has gone far, he begins to rebuke Song Yunjia, Yunjia, you are always calm and reliable. How can you make mistakes at this time? You have a clear idea that when the news bursts out that you have an affair with Shao Tianze of Gus family, what would people say about you?

Of course, Song Yunjia knows how people would judge her. Once this photo is released, it makes Shao Tianze unable to help her get the Song family in order to avoid suspicion. The men she tries to attract and utilize would understand that she is deeply attached to Shao Tianze and avoid having an ambiguous relationship with her, let alone helping her stand feet in Songs enterprises.

Song Yunqiang knows that Song Yunjia is now in a dilemma, but he still keeps his consistent attitude and principle of being considerate of others.

Yunjia, if you are caught taking such a picture now, people will surely doubt that you have a relationship with Shao Tianze. Shao Tianzes reputation will be damaged, and you will also be considered to involve in his marriage. Your reputation will be ruined, dont you know that?”

Song Yunjia sits in her chair and does not speak. Her face is gray.

Who is it?

Who can take this picture and release it at this time?

Who on earth?!

Song Yunying washes her hands in the bathroom. She notices that the bathroom is quiet and nobody is there, and then she calls Xue Tao.

Xue Tao seems to be waiting for her, so the call is put through soon.

Xue Tao asks her, Has everything been done?

It’s done.

Xue Tao kisses her through the cell phone, Now your sister really cannot save herself, let alone inherit the whole Song family.”

Song Yunying looks at her beautiful faces in the mirror and has a soft smile. Tao, its not easy as you think. My sister is my father’s daughter, and her mother is my fathers legal wife. It’s unrealistic to kick her out just by a photo.

Xue Tao’s voice sounds irresponsible. I don’t care. You have to give me more than 20% of the property of the Song family, otherwise when the old man dies, and your elder brother or elder sister comes to power, you have nothing.

Xue Tao has been putting pressure on Song Yunying.

Song Yunying smiles faintly, Tao, take it easy. As long as my brother and sister start fighting, we will be the people who benefit. When they both lose, it must be me, Song Yunying, who can finally get the Song family,”

She is confident and Xue Tao is also very excited.

At that moment, however, a voice suddenly cuts in.

Maybe its not going as you imagine.

Then it is the sound of toilet flushing.

The door not far from Song Yunying is opened and Song Yunxuan comes out.