Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Protecting The Elder Daughter

Chapter 103: Protecting the Elder Daughter

Late at night, its dark.

Song Yunxuan walks in the hospital with her fathers coat.

Song Yunqiang receives the phone call from Ning Yuan and rushes back to the hospital. When Song Yunxuan comes back, he is stunned at first, and then frowns, Does father wake up?

Following Song Yunqiangs eyes, Song Yunxuan finds that she is wearing his father’s patient suit.

She nods, but she is not sure, When I woke up, this coat was on me.

Song Yunqiang laughs. He looks rough, but now he appears a little bit means, Although my father does not say anything, in fact, he still cares about you.

She responds obediently, I will be filial to our father.

Song Yunqiang says Hmm and then leaves.

Song Yunxuan stays with Song Yan for the whole night until dawn.

The next morning, Chu Mochen packs her breakfast.

Song Yunqiang has eaten breakfast. Song Yunying is upset. Song Yunjia does not show up.

Song Yunxuan goes to the restaurant of the hospital with Chu Mochen.

The environment of the hospital dining room is not very good. It is the first time that Chu Mochen has come here, which does not fit his identity.

Song Yunxuan seats herself. She drinks the soy milk and looks at him. Dont you like the environment here?


His face is cold. He doesnt smile or speak anything as if he was in a bad mood.

Song Yunxuan thinks for a moment and gives him a bean bun. You havent eaten breakfast, right? Have a taste.

He looks at her smile and hesitates for a moment before reaching for the bean buns.

Song Yunxuan takes a bite and finds that it is filled with red beans, so she eats two more.

Chu Mochen reminds her, You have such a good appetite, not like a filial daughter.

Song Yunxuan raises eyes and smiles, It is just because my father is sick that I have to take good care of myself. Otherwise, when my brother and sister kick me out next time, I will starve to death.

Intentionally or unconsciously, Chu Mochen gives a cold smile. Maybe someone will pick you up again.

Song Yunxuan stops eating for a moment and pouts. She deliberately ignores the implications in his words and asks, Will you?

Chu Mochen does not speak.

Of course, Song Yunxuan knows that he refers to Su Youyu.

Su Youyu is punched by the young master of the Chu family. He will avoid meeting Song Yunxuan in the next few months.

She thinks for a moment and stands up.

Chu Mochen looks up at her, where are you going?

There is a cunning light in her eyes. She leaves her seat and moves to Chu Mochens side. Am I close to you?

Chu Mochen couldnt figure out what she wants to do.

But Song Yunxuan drinks the soy milk and says, I am so close to you. You should believe in me.

Chu Mochens eyes are dark. He says without seeing her, The stars in the sky seem very close to us, but in fact the nearest one is billions of light-years away.

Song Yunxuan does not go on talking.

Its enough to stop at the right point. Talking too much can only make the thing worse.

Chu Mochen feels unable to catch her.

In fact, she doesnt give him the complete heart.

Chu Mochen is very clear about Su Youyus personality and Song Yunxuans choice.

She just wants to get the Song family. If Chu Mochen doesnt help her, she has to seek other help.

Even Song Yunjia knows that besides relying on Shao Tianze, she also needs to turn to others.

Unfortunately, Song Yunjia does not expect that someone gets the goods on her.

Song Yunjia does not show up all day. In the afternoon, someone gives a newspaper to Song Yan.

Its a photo of Song Yunjia kissing Shao Tianze which is enlarged on the front page.

Song Yan is furious. Even if he supports the relationship between his daughter and Shao Tianze, he could not tolerate that her she has made such a mistake.

Song Yunqiang calls Song Yunjia at Song Yans command. The four siblings surround Song Yans bed, listening to Song Yan’s unstable teaching.

Yunjia, how can you do that?

Song Yunjia sits in the sofa, lowering her eyes, but does not admit her mistake. I have liked him for more than ten years. Dad, do you know how I feel?

Song Yunying puts in a good word for Song Yunjia, Dad, sister has been in love for Shao Tianze for more than ten years. It is difficult to control ones feeing. Please dont blame her.”

Shut up! Song Yan speaks in a low voice, I dont believe this photo!

Being so harshly scolded by her father, Song Yunying has to shut her mouth.

Song Yunjia raises her eyes and says, Dad, I have my plan. Dont worry.

Dont worry? Song Yan asks her coldly, You and Shao Tianze have such a relationship, how can I not worry?

You have already known our relationship.

Song Yan coughs up, and his pale cheeks are covered with an abnormal dark red color because of the intense cough, You… You didnt have any inappropriate behavior with Shao Tianze before. Now I am sick. Instead of staying with me, you should go out with Shao Tianze! How do others comment on you?

The public are overwhelmingly criticizing that Song Yunjia is not filial.

Song Yan originally wants his eldest daughter to have a good reputation. So she could be respected and obeyed by the staff when she enters the Songs enterprise.

However, the photo seriously ruins Song Yunjias reputation.

Many people say that although Song Yunjia is the elder daughter of Song family, she can’t distinguish priorities.

Song Yan reads the comments on the newspaper and feels very angry. So he starts to teach Song Yunjia a lesson.

Song Yunjia does not only admit her mistakes, but also feels that she has done nothing wrong.

Song Yan throws the newspaper at Song Yunjias feet. He turns down his voice and gives a command, Hold a press conference right away and clarify it! Tell the public the photo is not true.

Song Yunjias thick eyelashes tremble. She says, Dad, this photo is true.

If I say its not true, its fabricated! Clarify it right away!

Seeing his father gets angry, Song Yunjia stands up. Sorry, Dad, I cant clarify. I take the initiative on this thing.

Song Yunjia doesnt care about anything so she admits it in front of her brother and sisters.

But she is quite calm as if she were talking about what she had for lunch.

She does not feel wrong. She even thinks that it is for the best.

She looks at Song Yan and her eyes are calm. I’ve known Shao Tianze for so many years. I never dare to tell him what I am thinking and date with him. Gu Changge used to stand in my way. Now Gu Changge is dead. I want to do something I like according to my own mind.

Song Yan never thought that his eldest daughter would be stubborn at this time without caring his face. He points at Song Yunjia and wants to teach her a lesson.

But there is a breath blocking in his throat. It cannot go up or down. The painful expression becomes ferocious.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying notice the wrong. They quickly get up from their seats and support Song Yans back. Dad, dont be angry. Calm down!

Song Yunqiang pats Song Yan on the back, and Song Yunying appears anxious and helpless.

Neither of them calls a doctor. Song Yunxuan presses the call bell, and goes out of the ward quickly to find Ning Yuan.

Ning Yuans office is not far from here.

Song Yunxuan opens the door of Ning Yuans office at a push. Ning Yuan is not in it.

She turns back anxiously to see Ning Yuan coming over with several interns.

Doctor Ning! Please see my father!

She is anxious.

As soon as Ning Yuan sees the expression on her face, he knows that something is wrong. So he goes to Song Yans ward at once.

When he arrives, Song Yans face has become blue.

Ning Yuan orders the doctor to ask the people in the ward out.

After the door is shut, the whole corridor is quiet.

Song Yunjia is the last to be pushed out by doctors, and she struggles to get in.

But the doctor does not let her in, Director Song, calm down. Dr. Ning is saving him. You just wait outside.

Song Yunjia is pushed out. Her feet have no strength to support her standing up. She falls on the ground.

Song Yunying reacts fast and steps forwards to support Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia pushes her away, Leave me alone.

Song Yunjia cannot calm down. Song Yunxuan comes over to support her, Sister, Dad is sick. He cares about you so much. He never wants you to be sick, so please get up.

As she says she helps her up.

Song Yunjia turns back with tears and glares at Song Yunxuan.

She thought Song Yunjia would say something.

Song Yunjia glares at her for a long time without saying a word.

Song Yunxuan helps her up, and Song Yunjia does not refuse.

Four siblings wait silently in the corridor. Ning Yuan does not stay in the ward long.

About ten minutes.

Ning Yuan walks out of the ward. His eyes sweep across Song Yunqiang and focus on Song Yunjia. Director Song, you can go in. The patient has calmed down.”

Song Yunjia gets up and goes in.

Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang follow her.

Then Song Yunxuan walks in the ward.

Before entering the ward, Song Yunxuan turns back and looks at Ning Yuan. Ning Yuan looks tired. He feels that someone is looking at him, so he turns back.

Song Yunxuan takes back her sight and does not meet his eyes.

Then she goes into the ward silently.

Song Yan lies in bed, not looking at anyone. He stares at the ceiling and says, I am thinking about going to Germany for treatment. Yunjia, your mother is also in Germany, right?

Song Yunjia is stunned, Dad

Yunying is pregnant. She cannot stand the long journey. Yunxuan is innocent. You and Yunqiang accompany me to Germany for treatment.”

Having heard this, Song Yunqiang immediately finds an excuse to refuse it, But, dad, the Songs business needs someone to deal with. It would better that Yunxuan accompany you, or

You dont need to worry about Songs business. Those shareholders have worked with me at first. They can take good care of Song’s business. You go to Germany with me.

Song Yans attitude is inexplicably tough.

The son and daughters have no other words.

It occurs to Song Yunxuan that Germany is far away from the center of domestic public comments. Song Yan wants to protect his eldest daughter.