Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 110

Chapter 110 One Risky Step

Chapter 110: One Risky Step

Xue Tao is furious.

Song Yunying falls on the bed, and her sleepiness is frightened away by the news.

Xue Tao keeps asking her, Dont you say that you know the damn old man well?

Thats my father, Tao. How can you say that?

Xue Tao calls Song Yan as the damn old man.

Xue Tao never respects him.

Even if Song Yan is old, he is Song Yunyings biological father.

Its harsh that Xue Tao swears like that.

Is he your father? Xue Tao sneers, steps over and stares at Song Yunying. Then why does he give all property to your little hybrid sister?

Song Yunying reads the newspaper report carefully and says, Tao, its just a speculation. Its rumor!

Is it rumors?

Xue Tao takes out his mobile phone and throws it to Song Yunying. My parents go abroad and they are not at home. So you become the boss of the house. According to the information on the Internet and the headlines on newspaper every day, most of your fathers property is given to Song Yunxuan!

Xue Tao has to marry Song Yunying after he suffered a loss from Song Yunxuan.

Now he has to fight for his dignity.

Needless to say teach Song Yunxuan a lesson, at least in the matter of property distribution, Song Yunxuan must not get more than Song Yunying.

People strive for dignity. You are so proud. It turns out that in the eyes of your father, you are not as important as your little sister.

Song Yunying explains, In the Song family, my elder sister is the most valued.

Bah! Xue Tao spits and approaches her. You know that your elder sister is the most important. You cant get any benefits and compete for inheritance, either. If you are useless, why do I marry you?

Song Yunying raises her head and looks at Xue Tao. Do you mean that if I cant get property, you will abandon me?

Xue Tao nods. Thats right.

I have your child! Song Yunying stars sadly at Xue Tao.

Xue Tao doesnt take it seriously, There are so many people willing to give birth to children for me. You are just one of them.

Xue Tao!

If you cant share the benefits of the Song family, you dont deserve the Xues family. I will divorce you right away!

How dare you!

Song Yunying immediately rushes up and grabs Xue Taos collar.

Xue Tao, however, moves much faster than her, slapping her in the face and throwing her on the bed.

The clap is particularly loud throughout the room.

Xue Tao kneels on the bed, grabs Song Yunyings hair, lifts her head, and pulls her scalp painful.

Zhang Xiao is more suitable than you for the position of Mrs. Xue. Dont be so proud. If you werent the daughter of the Song family, I really have no reason to marry you. If you want to stand firm in my family, its not enough to give birth to son for me! At the very least you have to show what benefits your Song family can bring to my Xue family!

He presses Song Yunyings head on the bed.

Song Yunying is beaten to tears.

Her ten fingers bend at once. She clutches the sheets of the bed, almost tearing them up with her nails.

Xue Taos words dont have any emotion at all. He believes that the reason why they get married is simply that the Song and Xue families could make use of each other.

If the Song family cannot bring any profit to the Xue family, then Song Yunying is useless in the Xue family.

Dad should be the one to blame. He only thinks about sister and Yunxuan and does not care about her.

Its all fault of dad!

If dad could re-divide the inheritance, or if dad could give her most of the Song familys inheritance, she can raise her head in the Xues family, and the baby in her body can have a good future.

She looks up.

Xue Tao goes out, Ill ask the lawyer to prepare the divorce agreement. As soon as your fathers property division agreement is announced, well divorce!

What if I own most of the shares? Are you still divorcing me?

Song Yunying looks at him from the side of the bed.

Xue Tao laughs at her and says, Are you still daydreaming?

Its not a dream. Song Yunying bites her teeth.

Xue Tao stands still and says, How can you get the Song family? Dont you want to kidnap your dad and force him to change his will?

Xue Tao thinks that Song Yunying would jump out of bed and scold him for being not filial.

However, Song Yunying asks him provocatively, Do you dare do that?

Xue Tao is shocked and turns back his head to see Song Yunying incredibly.

Song Yunying still has tears on her face, but she grits her teeth and looks at him wickedly.

Xue Tao seems to be shocked by her. After a while, he begins to say, Dont regret it!

Yuncheng Morning Post, Todays Finance and Economics, One week in Yuncheng, City News, and other major magazines and online financial and economic forums are crazy in rumoring about the contents of Songs will two days before Song Yan goes abroad.

In addition, the news that most of the property of the Song family will be allocated to Song Yunxuan seems to be true.

After reading the morning paper, Song Yunqiang shows it to his father, Dad, these speculative rumors are getting too much.

Song Yan just has a glance and knows it is about the will. Instead of reading it carefully, he asks him, Do you believe it?

Song Yan talks lazily.

Song Yunqiang dares not ask the old man too much, so he asks indirectly, Dad, now the rumor prevails. Unless the truth is announced public, the rumor cant be put down.

Song Yan nods, Well, when the real will comes out, the rumor will break up by itself.

Song Yunqiang tentatively asks Song Yan, Do you mean that the rumor will spread for another two days?

Song Yan lying on the bed, speaks weakly, Im not dead yet. Do I need to show you my will?

It is so clear that Song Yan would not show the will.

Moreover, he refuses it firmly.

Song Yunqiangs face is not very good.

In the next two days, Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang are busy dealing with the matter at hand.

Song Yunying comes for few times.

Only Song Yunxuan accompanies Song Yunqiang all the time. The day before going abroad, Song Yunxuan goes shopping out the hospital.

When she comes downstairs, she sees Su Youyu driving a wine-red BMW. The paint shines like a gemstone.

He lowers half of the glass and laughs at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan does not check around and walks toward his car.

Im glad you can come over. Su Youyu maintains his usual courteous gentleman manner. Come up and sit for a while.

Song Yunxuan looks at his face carefully and then says, Is the wound all right?

Su Youyu smiles, Its a warning from Childe Chu.

Sorry to have you involved.

I just want to help you.

Song Yunxuan laughs and says, Im almost going to believe you.

But I am here not for important things. I just want to remind you of one thing.

There is no waste in Su Yueyus words. He speaks straight.

Song Yunxuan smiles and asks him, Whats the matter?

Its rumored outside now that youll inherit the whole Song family. Youre in danger.

Song Yunxuan nods. Thank you for your reminder. Ill be careful.

He nods at her and leaves.

She watches the car. Her eyes are peaceful and quiet like deep water.

Maybe asking Xiao Hong to spread the rumor will put her in a very dangerous situation, but the plan wont be successful without this action.

She has been in business for many years and naturally knows that there is a price for everything she does. Taking over the whole Song family is no exception as well.

In the past two days, Xiao Hong has used all the ways that Fanxing magazine can use to spread the rumor that she is valued by Song Yan and probably inherits the Song family.

In surprise and speculation, the public gradually begin to ponder the reasons.

Those superficial think its just a rumor, not real.

But some people who think a little deeper will prefer to believe that they are true, for example, Xue Tao.

There is another sort of people who have been familiar with the commercial tragedies. They can always look at thing from the surface to the essence, for example, Song Yan.

Song Yan is patient with the development of the thing. Even if people speculate that he refuses to publish the will because he gives most of the property to Song Yunxuan, he does not clarify it.

Everyone believes that Song Yunxuan will become the successor of the Song family.

But Song Yunxuan knows its just a cover.

Because of the rumor the public believe that she would get successful easily.

Therefore, with Song Yans default, Song Yunxuan will become an unlucky shield and be put in the most dangerous position.

Her elder brother and elder sisters would hate her being spoiled by her father.

But when the real estate partition agreement is published, people will find that Song Yunxuan is the one who gets the least.

In order to protect the real heir of the Song family, Song Yan makes her a shield.

She is like a fake princess to protect the real prince.

Those who hate Songs heirs will do harm to Song Yunxuan.

And Song Yunjia, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying will be safe.

Thinking about it, Song Yunxuan couldnt help laughing.

Song Yan is the threes father, but also Song Yunxuans father.

He indeed is a little cold-hearted to destroy one child in order to protect other children.

Since she is a shield, Song Yan thinks that the children he really values are all behind the shield and would not be hurt at all.

Nevertheless, Song Yan was so thoughtful in his calculation that he would never have thought of that Song Yunxuan has taken such a dangerous step.

The other three children of Song Yan will expose their nature.

What will happen next

Song Yunxuan cant wait to see.