Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 115

Chapter 115 One More Life

Chapter 115: One More Life

The reason why the old man of the Song family receives the attention of the public is undoubtedly the partitioning of estate.

And now, two people of the Songs are missing, which causes a big noise in Yuncheng.

Song Yunying has been crying, but actually she is more at ease inside than anybody else.

After Song Yan disappeared for 17 hours, Song Yunying received news from the kidnappers.

Song Yunxuan has been killed.

It was two oclock in the morning.

Yet she was filled with excitement.

As long as Song Yunxuan dies, nobody can threaten her.

The next will be her father who only cares about his elder daughter.

She couldnt fall asleep the whole night. The next morning her eyes are swollen, and she gets under-eye dark circles.

The outsiders think that the second daughter is so worried about her father that she couldnt fall asleep at night, but the truth is on the contrary.

The police station begins to intensively investigate the case after Song Yan disappears for 24 hours.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang finally are tired and return to home to wait for news.

Xues family is relatively quiet, and Xue Taos parents wont return to China until noon.

Only Xue Tao has been anxious all morning, covering the two knocked-out teeth and walking around in the bedroom. His embarrassment quickly turns into anger. He then starts to scold Song Yunying.

Song Yunying laughs at him, How can I control the strength of the person who beats you? They are at your command. You are hurt by the people you hire. How can you blame me?

Xue Tao covers his mouth and glares at her, But the specific details are arranged by you. Couldnt you ask them not to beat me?

Song Yunying sneers, Tao, no pain, no gain. If you are not injured, others will think that you give my father to the kidnappers. If you were not beaten, who would believe that my father is kidnapped by others?

What Song Yunying says makes sense.

Although Xue Tao is angry, he cant refute it. He just looks at her indignantly, Why you are not hurt?

I am a woman. I will faint with a slight slap. What if he is too hard and hurts our kid?

Song Yunying sits up straight and holds her belly with one hand. You have many love affairs outsides. I have only this child. Even if it is quite risky, I have to sacrifice my father for my baby.

Xue Tao doesnt believe her at all. Come on. You are just thinking about yourself.

Song Yunying does not refute it. Xue Tao is right. She only cares about herself.

Only if she has power can her son own a place in the Xues.

And only by giving birth to this child can she become an official member of the Xues.

They have closely mutual benefit.

Even if it is exposed, it does not matter.

She doesnt care about it. Xue Tao is somewhat unsettled. The old mans heritage partition agreement hasnt released yet. You should find someone to see the content as soon as possible.

Song Yunying remains calm. Theres no point. My dad will definitely give most of the estate to my brother or sister. We dont need to look at it, just let my father rewrite one.

Xue Tao nods, Then lets get on it.

Song Yunying shakes her head, Not now. Maybe my brother and sister are suspicious of each other, and even keep eyes on our actions. Now it is a sensitive period, we cant take any risk. I will wait till tomorrow morning and find a way to go out. Anyway, I am pregnant. There are many reasons for me to go out.

A pregnant woman always has to go to some special places for the baby. Those are the places where men and nonpregnant women cannot easily enter.

As long as she goes out, there are many ways to meet her father.

The Gus family does not take any action.

As Shao Tianze says, Gu Changle renews the contract with the representative of Malaysia as Gu Changges sister.

The representative looks at her for a long while and talks to the translator with smile.

She asks her interpreter what he says.

The interpreter is a bit embarrassed and she answers, He says that Miss Changle has the charm of Miss Changge.

Gu Changle does not take his words seriously.

However, when Shao Tianze asks the interpreter about the entire process, he happens to ask how the guests think of his representative.

The interpreter tells Shao Tianze. The representative of Malaysia said that although Miss Changle is beautiful, she is like an empty vase.

Shao Tianzes eyelids jump slightly and he asks for the contract, Show me the signed contract.

The interpreter hands the contract to Shao Tianze, and Shao Tianze slowly drops his eyelashes after reading it.

Chairman Shao, is there any problem?

Shao Tianze shakes his head slightly, No.

Then Chairman Shao, you…

The contract with Malaysia is renewed every two years. Every year, they will send the same representative. The representative has a habit. He will write down his good wishes particularly to our representative after his signature.

The interpreter understands. Maybe he doesnt know the full name of Miss Changle.

No. Our representatives are different every year. But the words are always for Gu Changge. As long as she saw the blessing words, she would know that they will renew the contract after two years.

So this time…

Shao Tianze closes the contract and becomes silent.

This time theres no any greetings.

It means that they are not optimistic about the current leader of the Gus, Shao Tianze.

Two years later, they may stop doing business with the Gus company.

It is really irritating.

Why are so many people no longer optimistic about the Gus company after Gu Changge died?

Shao Tianze thinks that he is not inferior to Gu Changge.

He loosely interlaces his fingers on the desk. There is an obvious hatred toward Gu Changge in Shao Tianzes eyes.

Rong Six calls him as soon as Chu Mochen comes out the meeting room.

The assistant takes away the documents in his hand.

Chu Mochen then heads to the office.

Rong Six has been waiting for a few minutes. Seeing Chu Mochen walk in, he immediately stands up and says, Chu, you are finally here.

Chu Mochen slightly raises his eyebrows, Is there any news about Yunxuan?

He thinks that Song Yunxuan should be able to handle this.

So he doesnt have to worry too much.

However, Rong Six’s expression changes and he even becomes timid when hearing his question.

Chu Mochen suddenly becomes nervous because of the sudden change of Rong Sixs expression, Is there anything wrong?

Rong Six is embarrassed. Chu, dont worry too much. In fact, we are not the only one investigating this thing. There is someone investigating it more closely than us.

You havent heard anything yet?

Rong Six nods, The clues are shared now. The police have already taken the video evidence of the airport. The video evidence of the remaining major streets must also be obtained from the police. Although I have gotten it all, there is no other clue. We can conclude that it is done by someone from the Song family, but it is not certain who this person is.

Chu Mochen returns to his desk, standing behind the table with his hands on the table supporting his body. His eyes suddenly darken. Song Yunjia has Shao Tianze to help her. Song Yunqiang has Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian. While Song Yunying only has a useless Xue Tao. Go to investigate Xue Tao, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

Shao Tianze is also suspicious.

Song Yan prefers his elder daughter. Check Song Yans will. As long as most of the inheritance is given to Song Yunjia, Shao Tianze does not need to help her kidnap Song Yan. He will not be so stupid to get himself into trouble.”

Although they have known each other for many years, their relationship is still indifferent and hostile.

They meet little and dont talk too much.

But to his surprise, he is quite familiar with the style of the man.

It’s just because he is the husband of Gu Changge.

Song Yunyings tricks of escaping by crafty scheme are more skilled than many people.

Even the police following her do not find anything strange.

The fake Song Yunying returns to Xues home, but the real Song Yunying has already gone to the place where Song Yan and Song Yunxuan are prisoned.

The lights in the room are a little dim.

Song Yunxuan takes off her coat and puts it on Song Yan. Dad, are you cold?

Im fine.

When Song Yan speaks, theres white cloud coming out of his mouth.

Song Yunxuan feels that the temperature drops down.

At the moment when the gate is opened, she reminds them. If you dont keep the room warm, my dad cant take the coldness anymore.

Old Six comes over and grabs Song Yunxuans arm. I and Zhang Qiang told the master that you have been killed. Now the masters coming. You must not stay here.

The man takes Song Yunxuan away to avoid being seen by Song Yunying.

Song Yan misunderstands him and cries out, Dont kill my daughter! Dont kill Yunxuan!!

Song Yunxuan is stunned. She doesnt believe that Song Yan would say that.

Old Six is also shocked but does not explain. He pulls Song Yuanxuan out.

Song Yunxuan looks at him, Is my second sister coming over?

He nods, We cant decide how long you can live. But since we promise to give you three more days, you will stay here and pretend that you are dead. Otherwise, we cant keep your life.

Song Yunxuan nods. Dont worry! I have not only three more days, but also one more life.

Since she has come back to life, she will never die again easily.

As long as Song Yunying shows up, she will be kicked out from the Songs family.