Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Ask Dad To Revise The Will

Chapter 116: Ask Dad to Revise the Will

The iron door is opened. Song Yunying comes in with her hands on her belly.

Zhang Qiang goes out to keep watching the door after he leads her in.

The room is dimly lit and cold. Song Yunying says with dissatisfaction. Why dont you turn on the heat for my dad?

Half of the door is open, so she could be heard by people outside. Zhang Qiangs voice comes in. Its cold today, but it was very warm yesterday.

Song Yunying pretends to be distressed and scolds Zhang Qiang seriously, I pay you to take good care of my father, but you are doing such a terrible job. Youll be paid in full. How can you abuse my father? Go and buy an electric radiator.

Zhang Qiang gives a quick response then goes out with someone else.

Song Yan raises his eyelids with effort. His hands and feet are all cold.

She scans the rooms furnishings and finds that the room is almost empty, equipped only with a desk, several chairs and a low-quality rug. Theres not even a bed.

Song Yan looks at her with difficulty.

Song Yunying looks guilty. She gives him a glass of water and kneels down before his wheelchair. Sorry, father. You suffer a lot. Do you want to drink water?

Song Yan looks at his daughter with indignation.

Although his second daughter has always been arrogant, he never thought that she would kidnap him.

Out of anger, his hands start trembling.

Seeing it, Song Yunying holds his fathers hands. His hands are cold. She blinks and tears come out of her eyes. Dad, I know that you are suffering and you hate me. But its not what I want.

She is a genius actor. Tears flow from her eyes fluently like pearls.

She holds his hands and explains, Dad, you know clearly what kind of person Xue Tao is. He forced me to do it.

Song Yan does not speak, but severely stares at her.

Song Yunying doesnt get his reply. She feels strange. She looks up at Song Yan and says, Dad, are you not feeling well? Why dont you talk? Are you alright?

Song Yans still shaking in anger and cant say a word.

Song Yunying is nervous. Suddenly she gets up and goes outside to look for the doorman. Why doesnt my father speak? Does he have a stroke because the room is too cold?

Zhang Qiang looks inside. When he sees Song Yan, it occurs to him that the old man said a word when Song Yunxuan was pulled away.

He says, Maybe the old man is too angry to speak. Before you came here, he said a few words.

Hearing this, shes relieved that her father is fine.

She goes back and puts the warm water cup in her fathers hand. Her voice is gentle, Dad, I know youre blaming me and you dont want to talk to me. But Ive already told Xue Tao that if you promise me something, Ill ask that bastard to let you go.

Holding the water cup in his hands, Song Yan takes a breath and looks at Song Yunying, What do you want?

Song Yunying is very happy to hear her father talking to herself. She says, Xue Tao is not too bad to me. At least I have his child. He kidnapped you because of his greed. As long as you re-divide the inheritance and give me the most, I promise Xue Tao will send you to Germany immediately.

Song Yunying says with a smile. Suddenly she thinks of something and says, Since my sisters mother refuses to accompany you in Germany, I can call my mother and let my mother…


Suddenly, the sound of broken glassware interrupts Song Yunyings perfect arrangement and endless talk.

Song Yunying feels hot on her face. Drops of water flow down her cheeks, nose and eyebrows.

On the ground is the broken glass thrown by Song Yan after he poured the water at her face.

Song Yunying closed her eyes when the water was poured on her face. Now her face is covered with water, so she has to open her eyes slowly.

Song Yan looks at her coldly. His chest fluctuates fiercely. Yunying, I am so disappointed in you!

Song Yunying raises hand to wipe the droplets on her face as if she uncovered a mask. She smiles slowly and says, Dad, in fact, you disappoint me, too.

Seeing how angry her father is, instead of continuing to please him, she stands up slowly and says, Dad, Im also your child. Why do you give my older brother and sister more estate?

You have married to the Xue family, and they should support you since they accepted you. You already belong to the Xue family.

Song Yan has given her opportunities before. However, she is pregnant with Xue Taos child and has to get married. He has to give up her.

Among the four children, Song Yunying is slightly better than Song Yunqiang, but a little bit worse than Song Yunjia.

But her dedication to business is a virtue, and her performance in business is good. She has a talent.

However, she has a fatal weakness. She is emotional and not clear-headed. Although she is more calculative than Song Yunqiang, she is not as intelligent and thoughtful as Song Yunjia.

When Song Yunying chose to marry Xue, he has given up her, and naturally would not give the Songs family to her.

Moreover, Xue Tao is just a loser.

But it cannot convince Song Yunying.

Dad, my sister will also marry someone. Why did you give her so much when you first divided the estate?

Although I give it to your sister, your sister may not be able to manage it. She may end up giving all her shares to Yunqiang.

Why dont you give it to me? If you give it to me, I can manage it while having a good life in the Xue family. Isnt good that my sister still is a doctor? I will assist my brother to take care of the Songs family.

Looking at his emotional daughter, Song Yan says calmly, Only one person can be in charge of the Songs.

Let my brother be in charge, Ill just help him

The Song family cant be separated either.

Then why do you divide the estate into four?

Because only Yunjia or Yunqiang can swallow the others shares, and then control the power of the Song family. They will not coexist in the Song family.

Song Yunying listens to her fathers explanation and is shocked.

After a long time, she laughs and slowly says, Dad, you are so cruel to provoke the fight between my older brother and sister.

His tone is emotionless, Its just for the sake of Songs future.

The Song family cant fall apart.

Song Yunying nods, Dad, please change your will and give me all the inheritance. I will certainly make Song survive and develop well.

Song Yan smiles and says, Are you serious?

There is contempt in his eyes.

Song Yunying looks at her fathers eyes and nods.

But Song Yan looks away. You have killed Yunxuan. If you have it all, you will destroy the Song family.

A woman who kidnaps her father and kills her younger sister is purely a snake. Besides, there is a useless Xue Tao with her. If the Songs future is put in their hands, the mess will never end.

He would never give the Song family to Song Yunying.

Seeing that her father is determined, Song Yunying picks on her eyebrows and says, Dad, you are so confident. Are you sure that my brother and sister are filial?

Song Yan looks at her in disgust and says, At least, they are better than you.

Better than me?

Song Yunying sneers at her fathers naivety.

She puts the paper and pen on the table. Then she pushes Song Yans wheelchair and talks to him in a chatty tone. Dad, man’s heart is incomprehensible. You can never tell its good or bad unless you see it. Now you think my brother and my elder sister are better than me. If you give them less inheritance, the result will be different.

She pushes the wheelchair to the table and hands the pen to Song Yan. Dad, youd better rewrite your will. Otherwise, our family would be in a mess because of your muddy brain.

Song Yan refuses to take the pen. He insists, I will not change my will.

Dad, are you forcing me to do something rebellious?

Song Yan stares at her angrily. Dare you?!

Song Yunying looks at Song Yans angry face and smiles, Dad, theres no point to bluff anymore. You are now just a paper tiger. Without inheritance, my brother and sister would fight against you.


Song Yan is furious.

Song Yunying puts the pen on the table and looks up at her wrist watch. Dad, it has been 36 hours since you were kidnapped, but my brother and sister still havent found you.

Song Yans voice is low, The police must be investigating it.

Song Yunying shakes her head. Dad, youre wrong. Brothers and sisters already know the contents of your secret will. They are busy in planning how to issue a powerful wills to benefit themselves after your death. They want you to die. How can they save you?

Song Yan feels his chest is in pain and he can hardly breath.

Song Yunying is kind enough to rub his chest, and then says, Since you dont believe it, Ill ask the kidnappers to call them for ransom. Lets see whether they come to redeem you.