Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Father Gu Cheng

Chapter 121: Father Gu Cheng

Zhang Qiangs sudden appearance tightens Song Yunxuans nerves.

If Zhang Qiang talks too much, all she does might fail. Even she might be destroyed.

She has lived for 32 years as Gu Changge, more than 20 years among which she has been surrounded by crisis.

Although Gus power was in her hand, she has never been relaxed.

Life is really important.

But sometimes words are more important than life.

Zhang Qiang, holding a dagger, stares at her. Do you think Chu Mochen can save you?

She doesnt have any respond, just stares at him carefully.

Zhang Qiang grins fiercely and walks forward step by step, Water far away cant save the fire near. Chu Mochens men are not near. All around are mine. Although they can be bought by money, it still needs to prove whether they are loyal!

Song Yunxuan steps back, carrying Song Yan.

Song Yan is about to lose support and his legs begin to soften.

But Song Yunxuan stares at Zhang Qiang and struggles to support Song Yan.

She cannot let Song Yan die in front of her. Song Yan cant die!

Her soul wont be peaceful if Song Yan dies.

She bites teeth and steps back half.

Zhang Qiang cuts across suddenly.

At the same time, Song Yunxuan and Song Yan lean backwards, and the shining dagger draws an arc in the air and is taken back by Zhang Qiang.

Nevertheless, the dagger carries a string of gorgeous blood beads.

Song Yunxuan doesnt realize it until she sees Zhang Qiang stretches out his scarlet tongue and licks the blood on the dagger. She is astonished and raises her hand to touch her cheek.

There is indeed a wound on her right face, and blood is flowing.

She touches the wound and the blood on her finger is scarlet and dazzling.

Zhang Qiang sees her changing expresses. He spits out her blood and laughs, I will paint your face with my dagger, and then see if Chu Mochen will like you, an ugly girl!

He rushes over and the knife is going to cut across her face again.

In a panic, she raises her hands and touches her waist.

However, at the moment when Zhang Qiang reaches her, a figure suddenly rushes forward and blocks him in front of her.

The man is thin, and the knife cuts right across his head.

The tip of the knife pierces the scalp and hair floats down in mid-air.

She is stunned, and in that instant everything is fixed in a frame and becomes slow.

She seems to be in a trance.

Zhang Qiang furiously pulls Song Yan up from the ground, presses him on the wall and pinches his throat. Old dog, you are good at screwing up things! But I cant believe that you really love this little savage! No wonder Song Yunying hates you!!

His big hands pinch Song Yans throat like a forceps and tighten to strangle him.

Song Yunxuans heels are a little soft. She watches Zhang Qiang pinch Song Yans throat.

Suddenly something flashes through her mind.

The face of her biological father, Gu Cheng flashes in front of her.

Gu Chengs eyes, expression, and tender lips all flash in front of her.

Gu Cheng once blocked a knife for her.

The face of the man pinched by Zhang Qiang suddenly changes. He is not Song Yan, but Gu Cheng.

Its her biological father.

Someone is pinching her biological fathers neck.

Once she realizes this, it seems as if a sudden intense light of hatred spreads throughout her brain. Anger makes her eyes darker.

She takes out a cold object behind the waist.

She tightens fingers slowly.

Her toes gather much strength as if it would crush the ground.

Suddenly she waves her hand forwards.

She snaps the cold dagger into the mans back.

The blood splashes her face as the blade is pulled out.

Its like a basin of hot water bumping into your eyes.

She is suddenly dizzied and then blurs into darkness.

Her body collapses, and finally the whole person loses consciousness.

She has a long dream.

In her dream, Gu Changge was seven years old.

Gu Cheng was twenty-nine years old, full of vigor and vitality.

However, Gu Cheng, a single man with a seven-year-old daughter, made all the women covet him.

Many beautiful women who wanted to sleep with Gu Cheng were targeting at Gu Changge. Someone flattered her and someone despised her.

There was once a woman pinching her cheek with a sarcastic smile. You are just a girl of a dead woman. I dont believe that you can still occupy a part in the family when I give birth to your fathers son!

In fact, she was afraid. The woman was beautiful, even more beautiful than her mother in the picture.

Her father always smiled when he saw the woman.

Everyone said that they were made by nature when this woman appeared beside her father.

However, in spite of her fear, she slapped the woman in the face as she pinched her cheek and gave her this speech.

The cracking sound stunned the whole room.

The beautiful womans face was blue and white, and she stared at her as if she would swallow her.

She rubbed her wrists and warned her in a childish voice, Aunt Yue Le, I will see till you give birth to your son.

The woman seemed to be more submissive to her father because of the slap.

In a rainy night the woman even stayed at the Gus home.

The woman lived in her fathers bedroom, where her mothers photographs were kept.

There were pictures of her mother wearing a wedding dress with her father.

She was seven years old. She tossed and turned as if a cat was scratching in her heart.

The nanny comforted her to fall asleep, and she pretended to be asleep nicely.

But after she left, she knocked on the door of Gu Chengs bedroom with the puppet of Winnie bought by her father.

She knocked and cried. Dad… Im scared… Its thundering outside…

In fact, the thunder and lightning outside couldnt frighten her.

She could ask the nanny to accompany her all night.

But she just didnt want the nanny tonight.

Gu Cheng and Yue Le inside ignored her.

She kept knocking, and the nanny came to take her away in horror.

Miss, lets go back. Mr. Gu has gone to bed.

She continued to knock without listening to her.

At last came Gu Chengs angry voice. Take her away!

Gu Changge was stunned by such loud shouts, and the nanny trembled with fear.

But Gu Changge bit her teeth and continued to knock relentlessly. Dad, please open the door. Im scared.

Gu Cheng would certainly open the door without the woman.

However, this time Gu Cheng did not open the door. He even scolded the nanny.

In fact, she knew the meaning of scolding the nanny. Her father was driving her away!

But she just refused to leave.

The nanny couldnt stand it any longer, so she picked her up and forced her to go back.

She bit the nurses wrist and she put her down.

She was also anxious. Miss, shall we go back?

Shut up! With tears in her big eyes, she stared at her like a ghost.

The nanny seemed to be frightened by the child and couldnt speak.

She turned her head and continued to knock the door, Dad, Im scared… Dad, open the door… I want my mom…

The man finally compromised.

The door was opened.

He was wearing comfortable light white pajamas with slightly untidy hair.

Gu Changge jumped over and hugged his leg, whispering, Daddy, Im scared… I dreamed of my mother…

Gu Cheng sighed, put his big hand on her head and rubbed her hair, Good girl, dont cry. Dad is here.

Gu Cheng picked her up and put her on his big bed. He covered her with a quilt and patted her on the back.

She entered the room as she wished.

The beautiful woman, instead of showing much anger in front of her father, pressed the bitterness in her eyes and tried to touch her face.

Gu Changge thrusted her head in Gu Chengs arms and avoided her hand.

Gu Cheng saw the situation and laughed. Although my daughter is young, she is very precious. You cant touch her.

The woman was awkward, but she adjusted it immediately and said gently, Chairman Gus daughter is really beautiful. Does she look like her mother?

Her eyes were cold and she retorted coldly, Nonsense! I look like my father!

The woman was stunned.

Gu Cheng was in a happy mood. He touched her hair with his big hand and echoed, My dear daughter, you are the one who look the most like Dad.

At that time, Gu Changge had a click in her heart, and she thought that Dad had other children.

Her guess was correct.

Gu Cheng had other children.

Moreover, the woman who pleased her father gave birth to a son the following year.

The woman began to be unscrupulous and did not take her seriously when she went in and out of the house.

Although she was eight years old, she knew clearly what position she was in the family.

She could only depend on her father. If he married another woman, there would be a new hostess in the family.

With her stepmother, her life would be very difficult.

So she began to hate all the women who were close to her father and began to think about things that should not be done at that young age.

Women wanted to do the same things as Yue Le, the woman who had a son with her father.

When she was ten years old, a woman was pregnant for six months. After checking, she found out that it was a boy. She came to Gu Cheng with joy.

Unfortunately, Gu Cheng was on a business trip at that time, so Gu Changge, who despised the woman, knew the news in advance.

Gu Changge asked someone to follow the woman back and take her to have an abortion.

The woman refused. She came to the womans house and asked her, Do you want money or life?

I dont want your money. I want to save my sons life!

Having Gu Chengs son, she would have as much money as she wished. Even the whole family was hers.

Gu Changge, however, smiled and reminded her, But if you die, there will be two bodies. Aunt, you have to think twice.

The womans face turned pale at once.

She wore a lovely and festive red jacket and asked the guards to drag her into the house to have an abortion. She told her with depress, Dad is not at home. Everything is in my charge. Aunt, you really make a trouble for me.