Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Testament Is In My Hand

Chapter 123: Testament Is in My Hand

Song Yunxuan puts fingers on the pocket on Song Yans chest, and she feels a little chilling.

In fact, Song familys property means nothing for the Gus family.

But it can help Gu Changge turn the tables.

Its a nonsense that getting something for nothing. You can change nothing without capital.

For example, she wants to revenge. But she cant overthrow Shao Taine if she doesnt have enough money.

Shao Tianze spends more than ten years gaining a firm foothold in Gus family by virtue of the privilege of Gu Changge and her two children.

Song Yunxuan has no choice but to strengthen herself in order to pull him down.

She doesnt move her fingers.

Song Yans hands holding her wrist becomes feeble.

When Song Yan closes his eyes, Song Yunxuan looks at him calmly. Her heart seems to be jabbed by an invisible needle.

She holds Song Yans hand and says, Dad?

Song Yan has no response.

She grabs Song Yans fingers and bursts into tears, Dad, wake up!

She wants to wake up Song Yan.

But her fingers that hold Song Yans shoulder are held by one hand that suddenly stretches out, Stop shaking. Life and death are fatal.

Song Yunxuan turns around with tears in her big eyes, Call the doctor!

She becomes very agitated.

Chu Mochen grasps her fingers and holds her waist when she wants to rush over. Calm down. The doctor will come right away.

Song Yunxuan wants to catch Song Yans hand.

A doctor comes in.

Chu Mochen pulls Song Yunxuan out and takes the will from Song Yans chest pocket.

The doctor rescues Song Yan.

Song Yunxuan wants to wait outside.

Chu Mochen reminds her, Its almost nine oclock.

Maybe my father just passes out.

Anyway, I suggest you contact your fathers lawyer first, and announce the will in your hand.

Standing in the corridor of the hospital, Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and many confused scenes flash through her mind.

Shao Tianze married her.

She gave birth to Gu Yi.

Miaomiao was in her infancy.

Shao Tianze held Gu Changle in arms.

A speeding truck rushed over.

She woke up from the hospital bed and couldnt touch her legs.

It was the deadly anesthetic needle.

There was an operating lamp without shadow.

Doctors wearing masks plucked her heart out of her chest.

Im sorry, Dad.

She raises her hand and touches her forehead. As her fingers brush her eyes, the tear in her eyes fades away.

She cant cry. Crying cant solve any problem.

She suffered so much. She was hopeless but Shao Tianze still refused to give her a life.

She doesnt hurt anybody.

There will always be someone to hurt her.

If she doesnt get the Song family, someone else will get it

It would be better that Gu Changge gets it rather than Shao Tianze.

She will help Song Yan manage the Song family well, better than Song Yunqiang, Song Yunjia and Song Yunying.

Looking at the cold white light in the corridor, she takes a breath, calms herself down, and turns to Chu Mochen. Give me my fathers will.

Ill go with you.

Its family business. Youd better not interfere. Ill go myself.

She takes the folded will in Chu Mochens hand.

She turns around and leaves.

She has planned to win the Song family for a long time. Although Song Yans attitude changes in the end, its the most difficult to deal with Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia.

If she wants to stand firm in the Song family, she has to face the challenging life in the future.

It is cold and solemn in the Songs house.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang both stare at the 9 oclock position of the clock.

As soon as its nine oclock, the will of the Song family can be announced immediately.

At that time, it will be clear to the public who will take charge of the Song family.

Song Yunqiang has rubbed his fingers several times, and the wrist watch is covered under his sleeve.

The sun shines through the windows and falls on the smooth floor.

Song Yunjia looks up at her watch and suddenly says, Yunying has been out all night. Why hasnt she come back yet?

Song Yunqiang meant to leave her alone, but since Song Yunjia mentions her, he has to ask about Song Yunyings situation.

He picks up his cell phone and calls the Xue family. I wonder how the Xue family is doing now. Is Yunying so busy that she cannot make it when the will is issued?

There is another meaning in his words.

Song Yunjia can understand it.

Song Yunying was the first one who disagreed with the new inheritance. If Song Yunying doesnt come here to see the new will now, maybe she will make trouble later.

If Xue Tao conspires with her and says that they change the will, it will be investigated deeply.

The further investigation will be bad for them both.

Song Yunjia knows what is in the real testament and how the property is divided.

Obviously Song Yunqiangs words have implication. She instantly concludes that Song Yunqiang really wants to usurp the Song family and change the will. Otherwise he would not want Yunying to listen to the will, so as to suppress the Ying Yings disapproval.

However, she has already known what he is thinking about.

It is not a bad thing to ask Song Yunying to come and listen to the will.

Anyway, the will is true.

She will get the whole Song family.

She calmly watches what will happen next.

The phone call couldnt get through.

Song Yunjia looks at him. He hands over the phone.

Song Yunjia picks up eyebrows slightly and takes the phone. There is no response.

Song Yunjia frowns and looks at Song Yunqiang. She expresses her dissatisfaction. Yunying really cant set the priorities. Xue Taos mother is her mother, isnt our father her father? How could she put all her heart and soul into the Xue?

Song Yunjia gives the phone to Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang nods, Dad has said that the married daughter is like the water splashed out. She will put all her mind on her husband.

Song Yunjia, as the daughter of the Song family, feels uncomfortable about his words.

Song Yunqiang looks up. Its nine oclock. The lawyer may come before her.

Song Yunjia stands up. She takes the phone and presses the button, Ill call Xues family. Even if Xue Taos mother dies, she has to come back in case that she looks for trouble in the future because of the will.

Song Yunqiang nods to show approval.

Just as she dials, a voice suddenly comes from outside.

You dont need to call younger sister. She cant come back.

With the words, someone in a pair of lambskin shoes steps in.

The shoes are exquisite and elegant, wrapping around the girls beautiful feet. Up the ankles the lines of her calves are very beautiful.

And when Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia look up from her feet to her face, they are surprised.

Are you back, Yunxuan?

The two ask her with doubt.

Song Yunxuan steps into the living room with a scornful sneer on her face.

Brother and elder sister, are you just waiting for younger sister not me?

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia dont expect Song Yunxuan to show up unharmed, let alone to wait for her to witness the announcement of the will.

Song Yunqiang frowns and looks at Song Yunjia. He asks, Yunxuan, since youre back, is dad back?

If Song Yan comes back at this time, it will take some time for him to take over the Song family.

Whats more, the old mans mind is so complex that he may not give him his legacy if he thinks about it carefully.

Moreover, the old man can be brought back with a ransom.

But he and Song Yunjia have ignored the news about him, let alone to collect ransom for him.

The look on Song Yunjias face changes slightly, and she immediately understands

She hurries forward two steps, grabs Song Yunxuans hand, and looks at the door behind her. Now that youre back, why hasnt dad come back yet?

Do you worry about dad?

Song Yunxuan looks down and looks at Song Yunjias hands holding her fingers. She asks her thoughtfully.

Song Yunjia looks up and says, Im dads daughter. Why dont I worry about dad? Where on earth does Dad go?

Neither Song Yunjia nor Song Yunqiang sees Song Yan coming after Song Yunxuan, and they are somewhat surprised.

If the old man is kidnapped with Song Yunxuan, he would be rescued with Yunxuan.

Why doesnt the old man come back?

Does it mean that the old man has died?

Although both Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are waiting for 9 oclock, they both think that the old man probably has died.

But they dont say it.

If they say that, they will be considered to be waiting for the old man to die.

It doesnt sound good.

Song Yunqiang shifts the topic, Yunxuan, where on earth have you gone for three days?

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunqiang. Brother, I was kidnapped. The money that the kidnapper asks for is the ransom of me and dad.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia feel awkward.

If the little sister asked why they dont pay the ransom, they would make the Song family restless.

Song Yunjia wants to hold the situation. Yunxuan, where is dad? The most urgent thing is to see father. Otherwise the lawyer should come to announce the contents of the inheritance.

Song Yunxuans voice is faint, The lawyer has come.

Now that youre back and dad is back, theres no need to read the will. Let the lawyer go back. Song Yunjia feels it is not suitable to announce the will today

Song Yunxuan says, Sister, today lawyer is here not only to read his will, but to testify.

Both Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are stunned.

Song Yunqiang feels bad, What do you mean by that?

Song Yunxuan bends her lips and a cold light glitters in her eyes, The will is in my hand.

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