Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Falsely Accuse

Chapter 127: Falsely Accuse

It is so amazing that people in mourning hall keep speculating.

The whispers of judging keep flowing into his ears.

Song Yunqiangs expression is solemn and serious, and his face is full of anger.

In the crowd, Rong six comes to Chu Mochen. Brother, the waves of the Song family get higher.

Chu Mochen is calm, and he has a look at Shao Tianze standing in a row with him.

Shao Tianze happens to turn his head and looks over.

Shao Tianze gives a faint smile as they look at each other.

The Song family is only a chess piece, and it has only two choices, relying on the Gu family or relying on the Chu family.

Who is the successor of Song family directly determines the choice of this piece.

In fact, the confrontation within the Song family is the confrontation between the Gu and Chu family.

Song Yunqiang angrily scolds the people he is talking to through the phone, but at last he says, Since you are sure that Yunxuan kidnaps my father and forces my father to change his will, you have to prove it!

There is a burst of booing among the people present.

Song Yunxuan will be put into prison with evidence. There is no way for her to inherit the Song family.

Many people are looking for Song Yunxuan, but they only find that Song Yunxuan is not in the mourning hall.

They wonder if Song Yunxuan has left early because her crime is exposed.

At this moment, a strong and indifferent voice comes over from the door of the mourning hall, which is not high but people in mourning hall can hear clearly.

Brother, since he is sure that I kidnapped father, why dont you ask him to come to me face to face with evidence?

Its the best way to find out the truth. As long as he is willing to come face to face with her, it will be clear who is lying.

Everyones eyes are focused on Song Yunxuans face. Song Yunxuan walks straight to Song Yunqiang. Brother, Im my fathers daughter. Father gave me the Song Company before he died. I take it over and want to make things clear. I dont want others to question me and tell me what to do.

Besides, if they spoil my reputation, they spoil Songs reputation. Let him come. If he can prove that I kidnapped my father and forced him to change his will today, I will throw the rest of my life in prison. If he cant prove it, I will ask him to take some responsibility for his mouth.

Song Yunxuans words are forceful.

Song Yunqiang has a slightly embarrassed look on his face. But Yunxuan, it will…

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunqiangs generous and hypocritical expression, and gives a cold smile. She says to the public, Brother, I am decent and not afraid of his libel.

Everyone is startled. Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunqiang, Brother, ask him to come. I want to take over the Song Company decently. Otherwise others will suspect that I have kidnapped father.

Song Yunqiang is waiting for her to throw herself into the net.

Having heard what Song Yunxuan says, Song Yunqiang is very happy.

Although Song Yunqiang looks embarrassed, he nods desperately. I will force him to come here. If he frames you, l wont forgive him.

The role of brother created by Song Yunqiang is perfect. Everyone thinks that he is a good brother who loves his sister.

Few people know that Song Yunqiang has planned it for a day and night.

Song Yunxuan and people in the mourning hall are waiting for the person who testifies that Song Yunxuan kidnapped her father and forced him to rewrite the will.

The man does not break his promise and comes in half an hour during which people are full with speculation.

The man comes in with a bruised face. He walks slowly and looks at Song Yunxuan with ferocious eyes as if he wants to eat up Song Yunxuan.

When Song Yunxuan sees his face, she fixes her eyes. Zhang Qiang?

Zhang Qiang bursts into laugh. After having a look at Song Yunqiang, he holds back the evil in his eyes and asks Song Yunxuan, Miss Song, you didnt expect that you failed to kill me after stabbed me with the dagger, did you?

There is uproar among the people.

Shao Tianze and Gu Changle smile.

Gu Changle pretends to be surprised. I cant believe that she is so brave though she is young. Its really a pity that she should kill people!

People echo her, You may know a persons face but not her mind. She really wastes such a beautiful look.

Its heard that shes only eighteen years old. How could she do such thing?

People seem to conclude that Song Yunxuan really wants to kill people, so they begin to condemn her.

Song Yunxuan straightens up her body and asks Zhang Qiang coldly, I did stab you, but did you forget why I stabbed you?

Zhang Qiangs face is full of anger. Pointing at her, he shouts, Miss Song, I commit a crime that I kidnapped Song Yan. I cannot let you such a vicious person get away with murder though I am put into prison. You instructed me to kidnap Mr. Song. I felt guilty that I wanted to release the old gentleman, but you wanted to kill me!

Song Yunxuan takes a breath and shows a disdainful smile. Those who make mistakes are used to accusing others first. You have kidnapped people many times. Now you cant kill me, so you are bribed by others. Im still wondering why the police havent arrested you. You want to put me down before you are put to prison.

Zhang Qiangs eyes are fierce, but it soon converges.

Song Yunxuan looks at him and sighs. Ill show people how you set the black and white converse.

Zhang Qiang and Song Yunqiang are both in a daze.

Song Yunxuan asks her servant, Nurse Wang, there is a bag of documents about how my father was injured in my room. Please bring it for me.

Well, OK.

Nurse Wang obeys Song Yunxuans orders and hurries away from the mourning hall.

Shao Tianze winks at Gu Changle.

Gu Changle quietly leaves and finds her guards.

At the same time, Su Youyu and Rong Six also leave the crowd.

Song Yunxuan waits for about three minutes and takes a folder from a young maid nearby.

When she gets the folder, she unconsciously sweeps Shao Tianzes face.

Shao Tianze immediately feels a start in his heart.

Song Yunxuan opens it and takes out sixteen-open enlarged photos. This is the wound my father suffered after he was kidnapped. When he escaped from the detention place, he suffered a scar on his back, which was fifteen centimeters long. It was scratched by a dagger knife, while Zhang Qiang is the one did it.

Zhang Qiangs eyes become frightening, but his lips are stirred up with a sneer. Its slander. The wound was from you.

Song Yunxuan smiles and looks at Zhang Qiang. Zhang Qiang, the fifteen centimeters wound is from someone who often uses knife. The forensic doctor has identified it as a cross-cutting skill that only those who has served in Vietnam would master. I am only eighteen years old, so I could not have gone to Vietnam for military service.

Song Yunqiangs face becomes pale.

Song Yunxuan hands the picture of the scar on the back of Song Yan to the young maid, and takes another picture. This is the scar on my fathers neck. From this scar, it can be seen that someone wanted to strangle him with one hand. Can my hand strangle my fathers neck so severely?

Song Yunxuan raises her small hands to show them to people.

Her fingers are delicate and white, slender and weak, and it hardly looks like a hand with such strength.

Song Yunxuan turns to Zhang Qiang and says, Zhang Qiang, its better for you to raise your hands and show them.

Zhang Qiangs fingers are clenched tightly, and the expression on his face is somber and terrible.

At this moment, Rong Six, Su Youyu and Gu Changle quietly return to the hall.

Shao Tianze looks at Gu Changle. Whats going on?

Gu Changle has anger in her eyes. She asks Nurse Wang to get the documents. I send guards to stop her, but Nurse Wang takes the fashion magazine. We are fooled.

Shao Tianze stares hard at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan pretends not to see it.

Rong Six comes back to Chu Mochen and says in a low voice. Yun Xuan is very smart. She knows that someone will stop Nurse Wang, so she takes a false document. The guards find they are fooled before we beat them. They are slapped by Gu Changle.

Gu Changges sister is also a vicious role! Chu Mochen sneers.

Rong Six whispers, When I go out, Su Youyu goes, too.

Chu Mochens eyes suddenly grow gloomy.

Rong Six teases at him. Yunxuan is quite attractive. Besides you, Su Youyu is also very interested in her.

Rong Six laughs. Chu Mochen gives him a cold look.

He shuts up.

Song Yunxuan takes out the two pieces of evidence and asks Zhang Qiang, Zhang Qiang, if you dont want to raise your hands, then what else evidence do you have to prove that I kidnap my father?

Zhang Qiangs face is blue. Although you have the ability to confuse black and white, you can deceive all the people present, not us.

Song Yunxuan guesses that there are other witnesses.

Zhang Qiang goes on. I have been working honestly. When have I gone to Vietnam?

Then you find out the witnesses who can prove that you have been in China, have no criminal record, and have not been to Vietnam.

Zhang Qiang coldly mocks. Of course I have a witness. I have an old friend called Liu Wei. He is from my hometown. He has always been with me. He knows best whether I have ever been a mercenary soldier!

Then invite him to come.

Zhang Qiang chokes, Hes out of town now. He cant come over.

Song Yunxuan sneer Then how do you prove yourself?

I can call him to prove it.

Song Yunxuan nods and echoes, Yes, this is also a good way.

Zhang Qiang wants to dial the phone.

Song Yunxuan suddenly says, Actually, before you dial the phone, I can give you some advice. In addition to your friends your kid should also know your experience, so lets call your kid.