Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Saying You Love Me

Chapter 129: Saying You Love Me

The womans voice comes before her figure.

Those who like watching movies will be too familiar with her, because the golden ratio of her nine heads is well known, and she has been named film goddess with her excellent acting skills and beauty the entertainment circle.

She appeared on the screen at the early thirteen years old.

She took off at fourteen years old across the country.

At the age of sixteen, he won the laurel of the film queen.

She marched into Hollywood at seventeen years old.

At the eighteen years old, she became an international star, shining all over the East at the Academy Awards Ceremony.

When she was nineteen, she disappeared from the big screen.

Seven years later, she entered the business circle. With the saving, she lived a good life in New York.

Shes 26 years old this year, and shes a gods favorite with talent and appearance.

Such a favorite son of God should appear in Chu Mochens family.

It really impresses Song Yunxuan.

The cold look between Song Yunxuans eyebrows soon dissipates like a melting fog, and she comes down from Chu Mochen with a sigh and retreats her finger. It seems that I shouldnt come today.

Chu Mochen holds her hand, smiling, No, its just the right time. Let me introduce.

He pulls her a few steps forwards which surprises the woman. She is Huo Jiahui, the eldest daughter of the Huo family, which is the best friend of the Chu family.

Although Song Yunxuan does not look very happy, she nods: Hello, Ive heard lot about you.

Huo Jiahui frowns at Chu Mochen and puts her eyes on Song Yunxuan. She is obviously puzzled, When did you get married, Mochen?

Chu Mochen bends his lips, clasping Song Yunxuans hand that she wants to take back. This is my fiancee, the little daughter of the Song family, Song Yunxuan.

Huo Jiahui probably knows what happened in the Song family. She wants to say something, but she grows up in such a high-class family, and always remembers to keep her demeanor.

She has to hold back her words and smiles. Hello, Miss Song.

Although they are love enemy, it is not intense as imagine.

Huo Jiahui is an elegant and intelligent lady.

She is surprised at the first sight of Song Yunxuan.

She feels a little empty at the second look.

She feels that there is something wrong with the womans expression at the third look.

She makes fragrant butter cookie in the kitchen.

The fragrance is overflowing in the air, and she greets Song Yunxuan warmly, Yunxuan, Mochen, have a taste of my cookies.

Song Yunxuan is a little queasy.

She hates sweetest thing like butter cookies, but she remains normal and holds back her disgust.

It tastes good, she praises it with a little bite.

Chu Mochen, however, picks a hole in her deliberately. Dont you hate butter cookies the most?

Song Yunxuan puts down the cookies and drinks black tea, Recently my taste has changed a little. I dont know whats going on.

Chu Mochen says, Wil a womans appetite change when she is pregnant?

Huo Jiahui who is drinking the tea chokes.

Song Yunxuan glares at him.

Chu Mochen pretends to be natural.

Huo Jiahui puts down her tea cup and looks at Song Yunxuan with a pair of peach blossoms eyes full of autumn water. She asks suspiciously, Miss Song, are you pregnant?

Song Yunxuan shakes head and says, No.

Huo Jiahui nods with a smile and looks at Chu Mochen thoughtfully. We have been friends for many years. Im busy with my career. We spent a period of time when we were in the United States. I havent seen him for a long time, and I miss him a lot.

What she says is quiet meaningful.

Song Yunxuan gets that Huo Jiahui implicitly means that she has dated with Chu Mochen in the United States and was Chu Mochens girlfriend.

She smiles as if she couldnt get the meaning of the words. Mochen has been popular in women. A few days ago a girl in the entertainment circle was close to Mochen, whose name is Yao Mimi.

Huo Jiahuis expression changes slightly when she hears the name.

Such a fearless child she is.

Song Yunxuan tells her the name of another rival, and turns head to the second floor. Is Uncle Chu at home?

Uncle has the habit of taking a lunch break. I dont disturb him. Huo Jiahui seems to know the Chu family very well.

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyelids and nods with a smile. Well. I have to leave. There are still some things at home that I havent finished. Ill visit uncle after I finish it.

She gets up.

Huo Jiahui pretends to retain her. No, Miss Song, stay longer.

Song Yunxuans eyebrows bend. Thank you for your hospitality. See you next time.

She gets up and leaves, and Chu Mochen sees her off.

Huo Jiahui also follows her.

Chu Mochen opens the door for her and then goes to the drivers seat.

Huo Jiahui looks at the leaving car. Her eyelids jump, and she presses her eyebrows with her fingers painted with bright red nail polish. Its ridiculous that such an insignificant girl wants to fly on a branch to be a phoenix.

Huo Jiahui, who has started her plan since she was 19 years old, has not been able to marry into the Chu family successfully for seven years.

How can such a young girl of the Song family win Chu Mochens heart?

It must be joking.

Her charming peach blossom eyes narrow, with a malicious needle-like jealousy in them.

Song Yunxuan does not speak on the road. She is always silent when she is unhappy.

Chu Mochen parks by the roadside, reaches out to hold her chin, and turns her face to him, Are you not happy?

Song Yunxuan gives him a cold look and pushes his hand away.

He leans over.

She blocks him with hands in time and coldly warns, Dont touch me. I dont want you to touch me today.

Are you jealous?

Song Yunxuan takes a breath and turns her head to look out of the window. Its just a little troublesome.

Chu Mochen spent ten years in the United States.

Its ten years, the best days of vigor and vitality.

How could he be asked to have no interest in women abroad?

How could he be harshly demanded that his love history was blank in the past?

Even she married Shao Tianze.

She could not be so harsh to Chu Mochen, but feels a little sad.

Chu Mochen grabs her hand with fingers crossed. You dont wear anything I bought for you, rings, bracelets, and…

Song Yunxuan takes out the little golden pendant around her neck. I have this.

A smile appears on Chu Mochens face. He could not help laughing. I will be always with you. What are you worried about?

She sighs and hates herself. Time goes by and things change. You can say that today and tomorrow, but… Maybe in a few years you will be tired of me.

No. Chu Mochens thumb gently rubs the back of her delicate hand. He assures her, I have liked a woman for more than ten years. Until now it hasnt changed.

Song Yunxuan takes back her hand immediately.

But Chu Mochen catches it. Dont be capricious.

The woman you like is not me, but Gu Changge!

Arent you Gu Changge?

Song Yunxuan stares at Chu Mochen with wide eyes.

Her heart seems to jump out from her body.

Chu Mochen looks at her with a smile.

After being shocked, Song Yunxuan drops her eyelids. You are always looking for that unrealistic feeling. I suggest you go to see a psychologist.

Chu Mochen disagrees, Not necessary.

She looks up at him.

He moves forward. His lips press against hers lips, gently clinging to her lips, and murmurs, Im addicted to this unrealistic feeling.

Her chest jumps.

But she has no time to struggle and is overwhelmed by him in the seat.

Song Yunxuans fingers support his chest, but with his gentle kiss, they fall.

He used to kiss her as hard as he could, as if he was going to eat up her.

But now hes very gentle.

Its like she falls into a soft dream.

His lips are a little chilly. She feels a little uncomfortable when his lips touch her. Her body is gently trying to shrink.

He whispers to her, Relax, relax… honey…

She relaxes herself with his voice. Looking at his face and hair, she begins to dizzy.

Her fingers gently cling to his back.

Chu Mochen pauses for a moment, and the kiss on her earlobe stops. He supports up his body and looks down at her softly with unprotected expression.

Her eyes seem to contain a soft water. She looks at him, a little confused, but there is nothing but him in her eyes.

He leans over and says in her ear, Say you love me.

Song Yunxuan looks at him strangely.

He continues to guide her. Well, say you love me.

His voice is soft and hoarse.

Song Yunxuan bites her lower lip, I…

Once upon a time, Shao Tianze has said he loved her.

He also said that he would love her wholeheartedly, but he betrayed her relentlessly.

So she thinks that the love spoken out is so frivolous and powerless.

However, many people fall in love with each others words like her and Chu Mochen.

She puts her arms on her eyes, covering the tears that are about to come out of her eyes. She murmurs, I… Love you.

I love you.

I hope you can help me, Chu Mochen.

Forgive me for saying this with a purpose.

I want revenge.

Chu Mochen breathes a sigh of relief after hearing the three words. He gently covers her wrist, removes her arm covering her eyes, and kisses her tears at the corners of her eyes. He laughs at her, Just a word. Dont cry, dear.

He must have no idea why she cries, she thinks.