Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Movie Queen Huo Jiahui

Chapter 130: Movie Queen Huo Jiahui

In Chu Mochens heart, saying I love you is casual for Song Yunxuan.

However, he does not know how important it is to her.

She wants pure love.

But it costs so much.

She would never give up revenge for one person.

Shao Tianze makes her so painful. As long as Shao Tianze is still in the Gus office building, her heart will ache as if a cat was scratching it.

The pain that is not fatal but can make people suffer for a lifetime will always annoy her. She cannot fall asleep every day.

So as long as shes alive, theres no other way to go than revenge.

Chu Mochen does not know what to do, so he has to pull her up and wipe little her tear.

Her cellphone in her bag suddenly rings.

She is startled and opens her eyes.

Chu Mochen takes out the mobile phone in her bag and looks at the caller display. He hands it to her unpleasantly. Your second sister is back.

Song Yunxuan immediately wipes away her tears and reaches for her cell phone.

Chu Mochen does not pass the mobile phone to her hands, but pulls his hand back and looks at her gravely. Are you still unwilling to give up your second sister?

She quickly regains her composure. The Xue family is also a good place to take use of.

Chu Mochens eyes are dark, Is it really so interesting to destroy others?

You know better than I do.

She reaches out and snatches the cell phone from him.

Chu Mochen indeed has more interests in the annexation of enterprises than Song Yunxuan.

Otherwise, the Chu family would not have such a big business.

In the business circle, the renewal is so fast that every enterprise is not easy to stand on in such a dangerous situation, not to mention the business groups that can merger other enterprises.

Chu family and Gu family Gu in Yuncheng are two pearls in the business sea. Crises fail to destroy the two families. On the contrary, they become stronger.

In the final analysis, they are the masters.

Chu Mochen disapproves of her clear means and goals.

She begins to wonder, Dont you want me to grow up?

Chu Mochen avoids the topic and reminds her, Answer the phone first.

She comes back to the ring and presses the phones answer button.

She does not speak first.

Neither does person over there speak.

Maybe Song Yunying thinks for a while before she calls her, Yunxuan?

Song Yunxuan glances at Chu Mochen slightly and finds that he does not look at her. She looks out of the window and answers, Its me.

Thank you for not calling the police. Im sorry.

Song Yunyings heart is trembling and her words are unstable.

Song Yunxuan looks out of the window at the trees and greening plants coldly. You should say sorry to father. He has passed away.

Thank you for looking after the Song family. Its really hard, I…

Song Yunxuan frowns and waits for her to speak.

She thinks that Song Yunying would want to meet her.

Song Yunying asks her uneasily, Yunxuan, there are some things that are not clear on the phone. Can I talk to you face to face?


Indeed, the Song family has many troubles this time, and it is not only Song Yunxuan who needs to clean up the mess.

If Song Yunying wants to protect herself, she must go home.

As for what to say and how to say when she goes home, it must be sorted out in advance.

Otherwise, it will be a real disaster.

Song Yunxuan nods.

Song Yunying immediately says the time and place.

Song Yunxuan promises she will make the appointment, and Song Yunying is relieved to end the conversation with her.

Chu Mochen looks at her and takes her cell phone. Your second sister is not a good woman. If she can kill you for the first time, there might be a second time.

Song Yunxuan nodded. I know what you said.

Besides, if you do not take the initiative to send her to the police at this time, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia will say that you conspired with your second sister.

She looks at herself at the window and lowers her eyelids. Im afraid my brother and sister are not as fast as I am.

Sometimes a quick start can turn things around.

Compared with the means of Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang, Gu Changge is always better.

Chu Mochen looks at her reserved and silent expression and shakes his head gently with a smile. Its so similar that Im addicted to it.

Chu Mochen drives her back to the Song family.

He accompanies her into the house. The living room of the Song family is silent.

Song Yan dies. The half of the living person seems to disappear with him.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are sitting on the sofa in the living room. They are dressed in plain clothes.

After returning home, Song Yunxuan says a few words to Chu Mochen, and Chu Mochen would leave.

Song Yunqiang, as usual, politely sends Chu Mochen out.

Song Yunjia, on the other hand, has been sitting on the sofa in the living room without moving.

She hates Chu Mochen.

Without Chu Mochen how could Song Yunxuan occupy the family and the Song enterprise?

As long as Song Yunxuan is separated from Chu Mochen, she will become an isolated waste.

She clenches fingers.

The servant knows that she must be in a bad mood through her expression. She turns on the TV for her, turns the volume of the LCD TV very low, and puts the remote control on the table in front of her. Miss, do you watch TV?

The servant disturbs her meditation.

She raises her eyes and stares fiercely at the advocating servant.

However, when the eyes fall on the LCD TV screen, she is stunned.

Subtitles appear on the TV screen. Although the hosts voice is very low because of the volume problem, she can hear it clearly.

At present, a reporter has accidentally taken a photo of Movie Queen Huo Jiahui, who has stopped acting, at Yuncheng International Airport. Although Huo Jiahui has disappeared from the public eyes for seven years, she is still tall and graceful. Her appearance has aroused heated discussion among many netizens on the Internet, and even some netizens have burst the news that Huo Jiahui is living in Chus home in Yuncheng, which arises peoples speculations.

Speculations Song Yunjia sneers and suddenly feels much better.

Since Huo Jiahui can live in Chus family, she must have relationships with Chu Mochen.

Such a beautiful and influential woman is ten times better than Song Yunxuan. How long can Song Yunxuan stay beside Chu Mochen?

She looks at the TV screen with calm look in her eyes.

All the bad news for Song Yunxuan is good news for her.

Maybe she should have an appointment with Huo Jiahui.

In case Huo Jiahui doesnt know her little sister and loses the battle.

Thats not good for her.

The report appears in the evening entertainment programs of major TV stations in Yuncheng, and in three hours, it wins the first place of online repost.

Major Internet headlines are photos of Huo Jiahui returning home.

After receiving this news, Song Yunxuan thinks that Huo Jiahuis influence should not be underestimated.

Fanxing magazine has not contacted Song Yunxuan for many days. After Song Yunxuan inherits the Song family, they dare not call Song Yunxuan without permission for fear of causing any trouble.

Xiao Hong keeps sending e-mails to Song Yunxuans private mailbox, and Shao Xue also sends more than a dozen.

She checks the e-mails and replies some patiently, and then she calls Shao Xue.

Shao Xue turns down her volume when she answers the phon. Yunxuan, are you all right? Im scared to death these days!

Song Yunxuan thanks her for caring so much about her, and answers her in a relaxed tone, Dont worry. Im back safe and sound.

Today, when Shao Tianze and Gu Changle come back, their faces are very ugly. Do you have any trouble on your fathers funeral?

My eldest brother plays small tricks.

Gu Changle says someone dies.

Song Yunxuan thinks about it, I should be the one who dies.

Shao Xue stops over there and feels a little chill all over her. Did the man want to kill you on the funeral?

That should be his last move, but unfortunately it does not succeed.

The whole matter of the thing…

You can go to prison with me tomorrow. Although Liu Wei is in prison, I should see him again.

Shao Xue agrees and says something about the magazine before she finishes talking to her.

She then dials Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong answers the phone immediately as if she were waiting for it.

Miss Song? Miss Yunxuan? Are you all right?

She asks her nervously.

Song Yunxuan feels warm in her heart, smiles and answers, Mrs. Xiao. Im fine. Dont worry.

Xiao Hong feels relieved. Thats fine.

Song Yunxuan nods. I have read all the mails you sent, and I answers all the questions. You read the mail carefully. Recently, the magazine is in the charge of you. Ill take time to read it.

Im happy that you are good. Ill take a good look at the magazine business.

Song Yunxuan believes in Xiao Hong, but she says, Thank you.

You are welcome, Xiao Hong says with thoughts. I am very happy that Miss Song can become the successor of the Song family. Miss Song just focuses on the business in the Song family. I can handle the affairs of Fanxing magazine. Miss Song can rest assured.

Song Yunxuans eyes bend slightly. She says good night to Xiao Hong before hanging up the phone.

Although she gets the Song family, she is still unfamiliar with the internal shareholders of the Song family.

Song Yunqiang was in power in the Song Company. She is unable to unify all the staff as a new comer.

If she wants to come to power, she has to win over Song Yunqiangs people.