Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Breaking Into Conference Room

Chapter 131: Breaking into Conference Room

Huo Jiahui doesnt leave when Chu Mochen returns home.

His father has finished his lunch break and is having afternoon tea.

Father Chu is a quiet man. Huo Jiahui caters his pleasure and makes him refreshments for afternoon tea. She accompanies him and chats with him from time to time.

Chus father likes Huo Jiahui very much.

However, it seems that Chu Mochen doesnt like this beautiful and influential woman very much.

Chus father asks about Huo Jiahuis experience in the United States in recent years.

Huo Jiahui replies him with a quiet smile, When Mochen was in the US, it was quite interesting. I was full of motivation for everything, but after Mochen left, I lost my mind and wanted to go home as soon as possible.

She stops her sight on Chu Mochen.

Chus father laughs and turns to look at Chu Mochen. Mochen, you and Jiahui have known each other for so many years. You should take her for a good stroll in Yuncheng this time.

Huo Jiahui follows his words, sweetly smiles and says, Although Mochen is busy, I still selfishly want him to accompany me for a few days.

Chus father nods and tells his son, You should take good care of Jiahui while your mother is away from home.

Chu Mochen should say, OK, dad.

Huo Jiahui hears Chu Mochens promise, and the corners of her lips bend beautifully. She is relieved to continue drinking tea.

The whole afternoon tea time is warm and easy until Chus father finishes his tea and goes upstairs.

Only Huo Jiahui and Chu Mochen remain at the rattan table. Chu Mochen sighs and asks her, Why do you suddenly want to come back?

Huo Jiahui reaches over and holds Chu Mochens back of hand gently. Her eyes are gentle, as if there was a half-life of tenderness hidden in it, When you came back that day, you didnt say you wanted to stay in Yuncheng. I waited for you in the US with all my heart. I thought you would go back after you mourned Gu Changge, but you didnt go back. Can you tell me why?

Chu Mochen moves her hand away and says in a light tone, Its just suddenly I dont want to go back.

Why? She insists on asking the reason.

Chu Mochen puts his finger on the imported exquisite bone china tea cup: I met a person.

Who is she? Huo Jiahui questions.

Chu Mochen does not speak, but Huo Jiahui suddenly understands, The person you said is Song Yunxuan.

Chu Mochen raises his eyes, a pair of black pupils as dark as an ancient well.

Huo Jiahui feels unable to understand, Mochen, why do you want to stay for her? Fall in love at the first sight? No, no, no, thats ridiculous. I dont believe it.

She has known Chu Mochen from the early age. She absolutely does not believe that such a cold-hearted person as Chu Mochen could fall in love with any woman at the first sight.

Except for… Gu Changge…

When she thinks of Gu Changge, her eyebrows jump and suddenly she remembers the girls eyes.

When she looked at the girls eyes just now, she felt something wrong. They were full of something as if they had been acquainted with.

However, she cannot remember which one has such a look in eyes.

Now she suddenly remembers.

Gu Changge!

She turns to Chu Mochen in surprise. You stay because her eyes are like Gu Changge!

Chu Mochen looks at the expression of surprise on her face and smiles shallowly, Do you also think so?

Huo Jiahui realizes she has been being trapped.

She always knows that Chu Mochen is interested in Gu Changge, but she also knows that Chu Mochen could not get Gu Changge all his life.

Now there is a girl who looks like Gu Changge.

If everyone thinks that the girls eyes are like Gu Changges, with the characteristics of Gu Changge, Chu Mochen will surely transfer the affection for Gu Changge to this girl.

Song Yunxuans eyes resemble Gu Changges, so it is not difficult to understand why Chu Mochen stays for her.

She shakes her head and disapproves of what he says Although it looks like at the first glance, its not like at all if you look at it carefully. Mochen, you probably miss Miss too much, so you make a mistake

Chu Mochen does not argue with her on this issue and nods lightly: Maybe.

Huo Jiahui looks at him nodding to identify with her, and relaxes her tight fingers a little.

Anyway, Song Yunxuan is a special existence for Chu Mochen.

It would be better to kick the girl away from Chu Mochen at once. Otherwise, she cant imagine how deeply Chu Mochens mind would be planted on her later.

Huo Jiahui calls her home in Harbor City overnight and entrusts her families to enquire about the detailed information of Song Yunxuan.

The information is sent to her cell phone, which she holds for half a night without falling asleep.

Suddenly it occurs to her that there is also an elder daughter in the Song family, named Song Yunjia.

It seems that she has met her several times and has some relations with her.

Huo Jiaying, the twin sister who advises her, hears of that Chu Mochen has an eighteen-year-old unmarried wife. Her voice becomes sharper, complaining loudly, Sister, what have you done in the US? In the seven years of not acting, are you not trying to get close to Chu Mochen? Why havent you made it?

Mochen did not give up on Gu Changge in the seven years in the US.

Not gave up? Huo Jiaying screams, When Changge only died a few months later, he fell in love with another girl when he returned home. Do you think he didnt give up Gu Changge?

Huo Jiahui frowns and lowers her voice, Ying, you dont know. The girls eyes are almost same as Gu Changges when looking at people, and…

And what? Huo Jiaying asks.

Huo Jiahui hesitates for a moment before she opens her lips, In dealing with people and things, she is very similar to Gu Changge, and she does not like what Gu Changge did not like to eat.

Huo Jiaying feels a little creepy as she listens. What you said is weird.


However, Huo Jiaying frustrates her and says, In fact, you are not able to get Chu Mochen by yourself, so you find such an excuse to cover up your low EQ, right?

A stuffy breath blocks in her chest.

The twin sister, whose character is exactly opposite to her calm personality, opens her mouth livelily, Sister, you can ask brother to help you. He has a good relationship with Chu Mochen.

Huo Ting and I are not in tune.

Although he is called brother, Huo Ting and they are half-blooded. He has taken good care of her lively youngest sister for many years, but he is indifferent to her.

Huo Jiaying persuades her, Sister, you think too much. You have been abroad for a long time, so you feel alienated with brother. Brother has never refused to help with things that are good for Huo family. You marry Chu Mochen, which is good for our Huo family. I will talk to him and ask him to fly to see Chu Mochen in a few days.

Before Huo Jiahui says something, Huo Jiaying has hung up the phone.

Huo Jiahui stares at the phone in thought.

Huo Ting, indeed, is a good helper.

Although they are half- blooded siblings, he is a man of the means.

If he comes, it will help her.

For better or for worse, they are members of Huo family. Hell take her side.

Song Yunxuan was going to rest at home for three days.

However, things are changing rapidly, and in the business field it is also necessary to seize the opportunity to insight into human nature.

She has a deep sense of this truth.

The next morning, Song Yunxuan unexpectedly enters the headquarters of the Song family and let Song Yunqiang by surprise.

Employees in Songs enterprises know that the Song family has changed, and they have previewed the photos of the members of the Song family.

They recognize Song Yunxuan as soon as she enters the Songs enterprises.

A clerk greets her awkwardly: Song… Hello, Miss Song.

Well. She smiles and nods.

Along the way, she is not strange for the office building of the Songs.

Someone calls to inform the companys top managements.

Immediately a middle-aged man with glasses takes the elevator down to pick her up.

She smiles at the man, and then he immediately goes up and shakes hands with her briefly. Hello, Miss Song, I am the manager of the personnel department, and my name is Chen Song.

Hello, Manager Chen.

She nods and steps into the elevator when Chen Song invites her into it.

The inner wall of the elevator is as smooth as a mirror. She indeed does not look mature enough, but because of the identity of the little daughter of the Song family, she has thought she would be valued by the Song enterprise.

Unexpectedly, the person who is sent to meet the next successor of the Song enterprise from the Song management is nobody with an empty title.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian are Song Yans right-hand men.

It seems that they have made a smooth transition to become right-hand men of Song Yunqiang.

These two old guys are really snobbish after having struggled for years in the business field.

They think that Song Yunxuan is on thin ice, so they dont take her seriously.

Theyre all on Song Yunqiangs side.

The elevator reaches the sixteenth floor, and opens with a tinkling sound.

She asks Chen Song, Has my brother come to work today?

You mean Mr. Song. He is in a meeting right now. He knows youre coming and asks me to pick you up.

Song Yunxuan nods, Thank you.

A drop of cold sweat comes out on Chen Songs forehead. He feels that Miss Songs words are creepy. He squeezes a smile and says, You are welcome.

Song Yunxuan looks around and says, Since they are in a meeting, where is the conference room?

Miss Song, its in the east.

Take me to visit.

She steps forward.

With an embarrassing expression, Chen Song hurries forward and wants to stop her Miss Song, this is…

What? Her voice is cold and she knows naturally that Chen Song does not want her to go into the conference room.

Strictly speaking, although the will has begun to work, the new President is not as valued as the present manager.

Song Yunqiang still has no intention of handing over his position in Songs enterprise, that is to say, Song Yunqiang does not want Song Yunxuan to enter Songs, nor does he want to leave now.

The later Song Yunxuan enters the Song enterprise, the easier he will control the Song enterprise.

Even if Song Yunxuan is president of Songs at that time, it will be easy to override her power.

Song Yunxuan doesnt want to be a figurehead in Songs whose power being overridden in a foolish way.

Although she comes earlier today, the meeting is just in time.

She will tell them all who has the final say in Song enterprise.

She strides forward.

Chen Song urges her anxiously and cautiously, Miss Song, Mr. Song doesnt like to be disturbed by outsiders when he is in a meeting. Miss Song… can you wait for a while?

Song Yunxuan pushes the door of the conference room open and says softly, Am I still an outsider of the Song enterprise?

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