Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Test Song Yunxuan

Chapter 132: Test Song Yunxuan

Her tone is very cold.

Chen Song following her is stunned when asked, and then realizes that he has said something wrong.

But its impossible to remedy it. He just wants to slap himself.

There is an instant of silence in the whole conference room.

Because of the sudden arrival of Song Yunxuan, people sitting on both sides of the oval conference table look straight at the door.

They include Song Yunqiang sitting on the seat of the host, and Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian sitting next to Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang does not expect Song Yunxuan to come here at this time, looking at Song Yunxuan with some surprise and displeasure, Yunxuan, why do you come?

Oh, Im just free today, so I come and see. Are you in a meeting?

She is coming in as she says.

Song Yunqiang gives Chen Song a harsh look.

Chen Song immediately steps forward and blocks Song Yunxuans entry, Miss Song, lets go out first and wait.

My brother hasnt driven me out yet. Would you stop me like this, Manager Chen? She speaks innocently.

Chen Songs face is immediately covered with an extremely embarrassed look. He turns to look at Song Yunqiang without knowing what to do.

Other senior executives present are also looking at Song Yunqiang.

It is well known that Song Yunxuan inherits the Song enterprise. If he personally drives her out, it would sound ridiculous.

Most of them would say that Song Yunqiang wants to rob his sisters power to inherit the Song enterprise. Maybe they will think the accident at the funeral was Song Yunqiangs trick to frame his sister up.

People are also afraid of gossips in business circles.

Song Yunqiang hesitates for a moment.

Zhao Yang with glasses, sitting next to Song Yunqiang, says gently to remind Song Yunqiang, Yunqiang, let Yunxuan come in first. With the door open, the meet cannot continue.

Zhou Jian on the other side nods, Yeah.

The two elders of the Song enterprise speak like this, so Song Yunqiang would not drive Song Yunxuan out.

He tells Chen Song, Make arrangements for Yunxuan to sit down and listen beside.

Song Yunxuan sweeps the people in the conference room with her eyes and looks at the conference materials on the table, Can I read your conference materials?

Song Yunqiang just wants to ask Chen Song to bring another one.

Before that, Song Yunxuan says, Dad said that if I have a meeting, I should sit between Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou. brother, where should I sit?

The people present are shocked when they hear what Song Yunxuan says.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian have accompanied the Song enterprise for decades, and they have anticipated that the succession of the Song Family would be somewhat difficult.

However, it is unexpected that the little daughter of the Song Family would be so difficult to deal with.

Song Yunqiang is holding a meeting on the first day of her arrival.

Whats more, it is impossible to send her away easily and casually.

She knows where she should sit, and she is determined to take her position.

Between Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian is Song Yunqiangs seat.

But only one person can sit on the seat of the host.

Song Yunxuan is clearly driving Song Yunqiang away.

Song Yunqiang turns livid with rage.

All the people present dare not speak a word.

Chen Song does not know whether to take the chair at this time.

Song Yunxuan naturally picks up the conference materials in front of Song Yunqiang. Can I have a look at them, brother?

Song Yunqiang doesnt answer, but she has picked it up.

Next to them, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian feel that something will go wrong if it continues.

They two exchange a glance, and with decades of tacit understanding, they immediately understand each other. .

Zhao Yang is going to get up and finish the meeting.

Although Song Yunxuan seems to be absorbed in looking at the conference materials, she knows exactly what Zhao Yang wants to say.

Zhao Yang closes the conference materials and is about to open his mouth.

Song Yunxuan says lightly, Everyone, the meeting has only been held for one third. Dont you go on?

Zhao Yang adjusts his glasses on the bridge of his nose and says, Yunxuan, this meeting can be put off for another day. You come to the company on the first day. I will show you around.

Song Yunxuan smiles and puts the conference materials in front of Song Yunqiang. Uncle Zhao, you are joking. The companys meeting is more important than showing me around. Besides, if you delay one day, other companies new products will come to the market one day earlier than ours. With the same function, if our advertisement is not as powerful as others, and the time to market is later, isnt our sale going to be worse?

Her remark is sharp and gets the point.

Its a real blow.

Staff of the propaganda department and the sales department feel that the new successor pierces the cold knife on their head on the first day of her arrival, so their expressions change dramatically.

Cunning Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian stops their smile after pretending to be mild.

Song Yunxuan automatically makes a compromise, Its my first time to attend the meeting. I am still green. Please forgive for my mistakes. I will sit in the empty seat behind and listen. You continue the meeting.

Her compromise slightly softens the atmosphere.

However, there is still a tense sense of seriousness hanging over the whole meeting.

Song Yunqiang has a cold face.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian are no longer as mild as they pretend to be in the beginning.

Several executives are speculating which one is more likely to grasp the real power of the Song enterprise and which one is more likely to be overridden.

After all, this girl doesnt look like impolitic.

Although Song Yunxuan does not say a word any more, people are nervous and more tired.

Only Song Yunxuan is clear and relaxed and goes to the companys canteen for lunch after the meeting.

The chef in the canteen develops a sharp eye for discovering people. He gives Song Yunxuan more pieces of braised pork ribs.

Song Yunxuan politely thanks him and leaves.

Many people in the company canteen whisper about Song Yunxuan.

Several staff members greet Song Yunxuan. Song Yunqiang does not come, but Zhou Jian comes late.

When she is almost full, he brings dishes and says, Can I sit next to you, Yunxuan?

Uncle Zhou, please sit down.

Song Yunxuan is polite and peaceful.

When Song Yan was ill at home, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian often visited him, but they never talked in depth, and each time Song Yunqiang greeted them.

Song Yunxuan knows exactly what Zhou Jian is going to do.

Anyway she comes to inherit the Song enterprise with a formal will.

Although she is not be favored by the staff of the Song enterprise, they still need to send someone here to show respect.

She is supposed to be accompanied by her brother, Song Yunqiang, when she has dinner in the canteen.

Its likely that Song Yunqiang is furious in the presidents office at the moment, and Zhao Yang is there to calm him down.

Zhou Jian comes here to see how much she is capable of.

She has no intention of letting go of the Song enterprise. Since that she has managed to get the Song enterprise, she would have to remain imperturbable here.

Uncle Zhou, why doesnt my brother come over?

Your brother and Uncle Zhao are working overtime. I take a little time to accompany you.

Zhou Jian says kindly.

Song Yunxuan is also willing to coordinate with his acting.

My brother has helped my father manage the Song enterprise in recent years. Now my father handed the Song enterprise over to me, so I have to work as hard as my brother.

She appears very unpleasant.

Zhou Jian is not deceived. He says, I think you are quite talented. Only taking a glance at the report, you can analyze the situation of the company. I believe in you.

Song Yunxuan seems to be complacent, Thank you, Uncle Zhou.

Yunxuan, I heard of that you had a beauty company before.

Oh, is Uncle Zhou talking about Venus Plastic Surgery Hospital?

Zhou Jian nods. I cant remember the name clearly. Right, the Venus.

Song Yunxuan puts her chopsticks on the table, In fact, although Venus has always been under my name, the senior managers are on Chus side. I do not often go there. Now I would like to know more about the Song enterprise.

Zhou Jian knows that she doesnt want to give up the Song enterprise. He smiles kindly, You should learn more from your brother about the Song enterprise. Of course, Uncle Zhao and I will also help you.

I will.

She nods confidently.

Then she has a casual chat with Zhou Jian and has a good time.

Song Yunxuan does not want to stay in the company in the afternoon. After listening to the whole meeting, she has known well the internal structure and basic core members of the Song enterprise.

She also knows clearly where to start.

She leaves in the afternoon.

Zhou Jian sends her away. As soon as she leaves, his smile disappears at once and he expressionlessly says, This little daughter is also holding on to the enterprise, but she is too sharp and aggressive. She will make a big mistake, no better than Yunqiang.

He takes out his handkerchief to cover his mouth and coughs before entering the office building.

As soon as he gets out of the elevator, he goes straight to Song Yunqiangs office.

Song Yunqiang is talking to Zhao Yang, Uncle Zhao, you watch me grow up. Its hard to understand that my father made such a decision before he died, but the Song enterprise cant be destroyed by my sister.

Zhao Yang comforts him, Yunqiang, take it easy.

Song Yunqiang also knows that they are cunning and crafty.

If there is no profit, they will not help him.

He says, Although my sister might marry Chu Family, it is still in the far away future. Chu Mochen is very strange recently. When my father was seriously ill, he intended to swallow up some of the side businesses of the Song enterprise. I really dont know if Chu Mochen has ulterior motives in marrying my sister.

Zhao Yang frowns and says in a deep voice, Its true. Gu Changge has died now. The Gu Family has just replaced its successor. People are of different minds. The only son of the Chu Family has come to Yuncheng to develop. Its sooner or later that the two powers compete.

Zhou Jian continues subtly, Do you mean when Song Yunxuan marries to the Chu family, she will make the Song enterprise as a dowry and merge it into the Chu Family?

Zhao Yang nods with gloom. Its not impossible. After all, shes a girl!

Zhou Jian retorts, Thats not necessarily without an exception. Gu Changge managed the Gu enterprise well even she gets married.

Zhao Yang looked at him with some regret: But she died early, and the Gu enterprise will belong to the Shao Family sooner or later.

Song Yunqiang has succeeded in raising doubts of the two elders. He loses no time to say some words that sway the mind of men. If Song Yunxuan really merges the Song enterprise into the Chu enterprise, Chu Mochen would certainly replace the old blood of the Song enterprise with his people.

A new chief brings in new aids.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both understand this truth.

It does make them doubtful.

It is also one of the reasons why they have to help Song Yunqiang.