Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Miss Song With Good Fortune And Short Life

Chapter 139: Miss Song with Good Fortune and Short Life

It is four oclock the next morning when Song Yunxuan wakes up.

She sleeps too much, so her mind is not very clear. She raises her hand and supports her forehead before she gets up.

There is no one beside her.

Chu Mochen doesnt like oversleeping.

She doesnt like sleeping till dawn, either.

She puts on the bathrobe to take a bath in the bathroom. Unexpectedly, Chu Mochen is not there. She thinks he may have gone out early.

But its only four oclock in the morning. Its too early.

After taking a bath, she sits on the sofa for a while. There are two missed calls and two messages on her mobile phone.

One is sent by people who spies on Song Yunying. The other is sent by Song Yunying herself.

And those two calls, one is from Song Yunying, the other is from people spying on Song Yunying.

It seems that both of them couldnt contact her, so they sent her messages.

The content of the message is within her expectation.

Song Yunying is willing to stand on her side.

Turning off the mobile phone, she raises her lips.

Thats just right. She needs help, though Song Yunying once wanted to hurt her.

Although there is a saying that disloyal for once, never use for a hundred times, her experience over the years tells her that there is no permanent enemy or friend in the business circle.

There is only the permanent interest.

Since Song Yunying is useful to her, why doesnt she use her?

She stretches her hands to hold the collar of her bathrobe together and turns to look at the night outside the window.

Thoughts fly.

Tick tock

The night outside the window fades. The dark blue sky gradually turns into light blue, and then turns bright gradually.

At six oclock the door is opened.

Chu Mochen steps in quietly.

Song Yunxuan keeps eyes on him.

He finds it when he closes the door and looks back, Oh, you have woken up.

Yes. She answers.

Although the quality of her sleep has been much better recently, it is still not the same as that of most normal people.

She has the dream, the last tragic death. As long as she closes her eyes, the demon of mind would emerge.

She is afraid that she would cry out when asleep.

So she couldnt fall asleep.

The quality of her sleep has also been poor.

Chu Mochen changes a suit, and its still a dark suit as usual. The shirt is white without tie, and the two buttons on the neckline are untied.

She sees his skin behind his collar, and even his collarbone when he leans down.

Her cheeks are a little hot when she thinks about last night.

Where have you been?

Huo Ting also lives in this hotel. He asks me out for a drink at two oclock.

At a night club?

Come on. How can I go there after you fall asleep?

Song Yunxuan reaches for his suit and puts apart the two sides. She gets close to his chest and smells it.

What? Can you smell the perfume?

Song Yunxuan lies in the sofa lazily. She was a little bit more energetic just now, but now she is totally out of spirits again.

Well, its just the taste of vodka.

Chu Mochen holds her in arms, Today I will take you to see someone.

The man you asked me to see yesterday?

She thinks of what Chu Mochen has told her yesterday.

Chu Mochen nods, Well go after breakfast, or else he would go back today.

Song Yunxuan raises her head suspiciously, Who is he? He actually puts on airs like this.

Chu Mochen lightly shaves her cheek with his thumb. It seems that he likes her smooth and tender cheek very much, You will know after seeing him with me.

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyelashes. Her long eyelashes cover the look in her eyes. She seems to agree and nods gently.

After having breakfast with Chu Mochen, she goes to see the man in the hotel suit mentioned by Chu Mochen.

After entering the door, she finds he is an old man. He is thin, darker than the local people, and his eyes are muddy. He looks more than 70 years old.

Song Yunxuan turns her head and looks at Chu Mochen suspiciously. Who is this gentleman?

Chu Mochen embraces her to come over, A fortune teller from Thailand.

Song Yunxuans look in her eyes becomes cold, and she stops, What does he come for?

A few days ago my cousin gave birth to a son. I invited the old man here and tell fortune. When I was a child, he once felt my bones. So I invited him to stay for a few days.

In fact, Chu Mochen has kept this old man for a period, and he specially invited him here for Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan stops and doesnt move forward, which makes Chu Mochen feel strange, Whats the matter?

My Song Family is not superstitious.

Darling, let the old man have a look. He is very divine. He also saw the fengshui of the old house of the Chu Family when I was a child.

Of course, Song Yunxuan knows that the old man has seen Chus house, and recognizes that the old man also touched her bones before, and he is indeed divine.

Gu Cheng followed the old mans advice, and repaired the swimming pool that circulates the living water 24 hours a day for Gu Changge in Gus mansion.

She doesnt want to be close to him.

Chu Mochen holds her shoulder and says, I heard that your father saw a ghost in the hospital, and you were there…

What do you suspect? Her eyes are sharp and cold.

Seeing her become cold, Chu Mochen smiles and comforts her gently, Im just afraid that you are touched by the ghost and your luck will be ruined.

Song Yunxuan looks at the fortune teller. She becomes a little calmer.

She goes forward.

The old man is very old, but he has a good ear. When he hears the sound of her steps, he puts his eyes on her.

When she looks at the old mans eyes, he narrows his eyes.

Song Yunxuan, accompanied by Chu Mochen, sits opposite to the old man.

Its really strange for her to borrow the corpse to return her soul, but she doesnt believe that the old man can really see something by his wonderful foresight.

After all, its supernatural.

He says something.

The translator standing next to the old man immediately says politely, Miss Song, please put your hand out.

Song Yunxuan puts out her hand and looks at the old man coldly.

The old man does not really touch her bones, but drops his eyes, looks carefully at the palms of her hand, and then turns to find something to wipe his eyes.

The old man doesnt have any extra words in the whole process, and he doesnt show any surprise.

Song Yunxuan is sure that the old man cant see anything.

Chu Mochen gently says, How about my fiances luck recently?

The old man says something.

The translator smiles and says, He says that Miss Song would be promoted step by step.

Song Yunxuan narrows her eyes slightly.

Of course, shell be promoted.

She has gotten the Song enterprise. Although Song Yunqiang refuses to hand over the position, she can manage to take office as soon as possible.

The old man is right.

But then the old man says something more.

The smile on the translators face disappears, and she also lowers her voice slightly, But he says that although Miss Song has good fortune recently, she should be careful that there are villains in the way.

Song Yunxuan nods.

The old man just says these, shakes his head and says nothing more.

Seeing that the old man cant tell anything meaningful, Song Yunxuan gets up and leaves with Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan blames him, Why didnt you tell me last night that I come here just for this fortune teller?

Chu Mochen smiles, I am afraid that if I told you last night, you would be uneasy.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Is Chu Mochen suspecting that she is haunted by the ghost?

She looks at Chu Mochen with anxiety.

Chu Mochen looks at her and asks her, What?

Do you believe in the rumor and doubt that I am a ghost?

Chu Mochen couldnt help laughing, There is no ghost in such a developed society. You think too much.

Song Yunxuan yawns when she hears that.

Chu Mochen sees that she is a little tired, and asks her with concern, You get up too early this morning. Do you want to go back and get some sleep?

All right. She says naturally.

After sending her back, Chu Mochen returns to the old mans room with heavy look in his eyes.

The old man hears the sound of his opening the door, and he struggles to get up from the sofa.

Chu Mochen comes to help him, Do not move.

The translators face is a little pale. She turns to look at Chu Mochen, Childe Chu, after you left, the old man asks me to call you, insisting on meeting you.

Whats the matter? Chu Mochen feels something wrong.

The translator translates Chu Mochens question to the old man, who says something in Thai that Chu Mochen doesnt quite understand.

The female translator carefully organizes the language and says, He says that the girl you just brought… is not suitable for marriage.

Chu Mochen is stunned and frowns, The reason?

The old man seems to understand what Chu Mochen says, and says a lot to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen could only understand a few words. After listening to the old man patiently, the translator turns to Chu Mochen, He says that from the girls palm prints, she has a good fortune, but her life is short and she is not able to stay with you for a long time.

Chu Mochens eyes become more and more dark, and his lips becomes a straight line.

For a long time, Chu Mochen does not speak.

The old man is still talking, and the translator constantly translates it to him, The girl has manly heart and nature. She probably died with deep hatred in the last life, so now she keeps the hostility and combativeness. As long as the girl gets revenge, she will die immediately.

Chu Mochen feels sank. After a long time, he says, Is there any way to tackle it?

The old man then asks the translator to translate, He says, 25 years ago, he has seen such a lucky person with short life, who was Gu Changge from Yuncheng. Although her father tried his best to save her, she still could not live to be 32 years old. This girl has the same fate as her.

If I build a big pool for her…

The old man said that Miss Song is different from Gu Changge. Gu Changge was just a girl of short life, but Miss Song was born to revenge. Her disaster is a big revenge, and this big revenge is about her life. As long as she revenges, she would die. This disaster cant be got rid of, unless she cant revenge all her life.

Chu Mochen feels what the old man says is mysterious, but he believes in it with uncertainty.

Gus big swimming pool was indeed built for Gu Changge.

And Gu Changge did not live long.

So, in order to make Song Yunxuan live long, is it necessary for him to listen to what the fortune teller says and prevent her from getting higher position and taking revenge?

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