Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Mrs. Huos Embrace

Chapter 144: Mrs. Huos Embrace

The Huos action is quick.

In other words, the night before Mrs. Huos birthday party, the Huo family managed to send an invitation to Song Yunxuan in Harbor Sea View Hotel.

Song Yunxuan looks at the gold stamping invitation lying on the table after she comes back from her walk, and slightly raises her lips, They didnt invite my eldest brother for Mrs. Huos birthday party.

Beside her, Su Bo is also looking at the invitation that suddenly arrived. She guesses, Maybe the Huo Family thinks you will be the real leader of the Song enterprise in the future.

Song Yunxuan reaches out, picks up the invitation, opens the luxurious and exquisite invitation, and reads it. She says, Mrs. Huo is not the first wife of Mr. Huo. Mr. Huo has never given her a big birthday party. This is the first one, and Im here.

Miss Song, are you going or not?

Of course I will. Song Yunxuan says decisively with a smile under her long eyelashes, They have sent the invitation. If I dont go there, it indicates that I dont appreciate their good intention, and the contract wont be signed.

But Su Po is worried, Miss Song, the Huo family has predicted this, and knows that youll go there anyway because of the contract, so they are delaying signing the contract.

You mean that hes manipulating me to go to this party?

Su Bo nods, In a word, you must be careful. Tomorrow night, you will go to this party with Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin. I cant keep you company.

Song Yunxuan looks at the beautiful handwritten characters on the gold stamping invitation, and her smile lingers for a long time, Its a pity that you cant go. The place where there are many people is always interesting.

The Huo family has a significant role in Harbor City. So, many people will go there tomorrow night, right?

A little mistake will be magnified infinitely at that time, and maybe it will become a well-known joke among the upper class.

She doesnt know what kind of conspiracy the Huo Family has prepared for her.

Her eyelashes lower slightly, and the smile at the bottom of her eyes turns into scorn.

The next day, Su Bo accompanies her to pick the evening dress for the party.

After a close look at her face, she points to a low cut evening dress of peacock blue and pearl white in the window.

This evening dress has no tail. It is simple, elegant and has a cool, mature beauty.

Su Bo looks at her face and then looks at the blue evening dress in the window. She hesitates, Miss Song, how about the purple and the nude pink evening dresses next to it?

Song Yunxuan glances at them and says, Those two of pure colors are beautiful, but they cannot attract attention.

What about the purple one?

Song Yunxuan raises her lips and eyes, Although purple attracts peoples attention, most girls will choose this color. Its not distinctive.

Su Bo nods and asks the staff to take out the peacock blue and pearl white low cut evening dress for Song Yunxuan.

After Song Yunxuan puts it on, Su Bo helps her to tidy up the skirt. Looking up at the light expression on her face, she thinks it a little strange, Dont you like this dress? You dont look very happy.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyes to look at herself in the mirror, lowers her eyelashes and says heartily, In fact, Song Yunxuan is really beautiful.

Its a pity that she died too early. If Gu Changge hadnt got into her body, such a beautiful body might have become some dry ash.

Su Bo feels a little weird, but then she goes in a daze looking at Song Yunxuan in the mirror.

Her taste is very good. Its really hard to look away from her in this evening dress. Moreover, she is not beautiful in a rich and weak way.

Her beauty is a kind of awe-inspiring alienation and indifference. The whole person is like an elf coming out of the deep sea, which brightens peoples eyes.

They darent go forward to blaspheme her.

After finishing her make-up with the help of the dresser arranged by the Huo Family, she goes to Dihuang Building by the car sent by the Huo Family.

The first floor of the building is covered with a long red carpet. There are flower baskets and crystal columns on both sides. Beside the end of the red carpet that extends outside, luxury cars are being parked.

The women who come out of the cars are all well-dressed ladies, and the men are mostly politicians or rich businessmen.

If you look closely, you can see that the Huo Family has wide connections. These connections help a lot in the upper class, both in politics and in business.

Instead of being accompanied by Su Bo, Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin, dressed in western clothes, come to meet her.

When she gets out of the car, there are flashes of magnesium light. Some reporters feel strange and talk in the dialect of Harbor City.

Which family does she come from?

Why does she come here alone without a partner?

But she is so beautiful.

Look at her evening dress. Its a bold choice of color. No rich lady has ever chosen a blue and white evening dress.

Take a picture quickly.

Song Yunxuans lips rise. The smile on her face does not become indifferent and alienated because of the colors of the skirt, and she doesnt pretend to be cool.

As soon as she gets out of the car, she attracts much attention from the public. Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin come to meet her in a hurry, Miss Song, lets get in.

Song Yunxuan looks at Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin, nods gently, and then steps on the red carpet to enter the first floor of Dihuang Building.

As she walks on, peoples conversations constantly come from behind.

The large LCD screen in the inner hall of Dihuang Building shows the live scene of the guests on the red carpet.

The people in the hall are all slightly shocked when they see the beautiful girl on the LCD screen.

Huo Tings movement pauses when his eyes fall on the big screen. Looking at her perfect smiling lips, he narrows his eyes a little, and holds the goblet more tightly.

Huo Jiaying is wearing a purple evening dress. On her chest are two scallops joggling like waves, and her waist is surrounded by bright pearls.

She has a hot figure and enchanting makeup.

Seeing Song Yunxuan walking on the red carpet with a smile from the LCD screen, she bites her teeth jealously and curses, Brother, dont you think this little bitch is very good at flattering men? No wonder my sister is not winning.

Huo Ting doesnt speak, but slight lifts his head to watch Song Yunxuan enter the hall step by step.

Its undeniable that Song Yunxuans dress is just the right one, which attracts peoples attention but is not gaudy.

Its tempting, but men dont dare to be frivolous with her.

This party, because of her arrival, will be very interesting.

There is a cold smile like a knife on his handsome face, which is a little solemn.

Huo Jiaying, who has been staying with him for decades, is a little scared, Brother, is there anything wrong?

Huo Ting drinks up the wine and asks her, What could be wrong?

Huo Jiaying shakes her head in confusion.

Huo Ting doesnt talk to her and leaves.

But she feels that Huo Tings eyes didnt look right when he looked at Song Yunxuan.

Huo Ting had never shown such expression of surprise in cruelty to any women, however beautiful they were.

She frowns and turns to look for her mother.

When Song Yunxuan enters the hall, she attracts many peoples attention. Women look at her from top to bottom, and then they become envious and hate her.

Most mens eyes on her contain appreciation and smile. Several rich young men are eager to say hello.

Song Yunxuan, however, fixes her eyes on Huo Ting and walks towards him.

Mr. Huo.

She says hello to Huo Ting.

Huo Ting turns around and smiles friendly, Miss Song.

Song Yunxuans eyelashes blink, and she looks at him with her bright and clean eyes, It was a surprise to receive your invitation yesterday. Where is Aunt Huo? May I say happy birthday to her?

Huo Ting takes a glass of champagne from a waiters tray and hands it to her. Then he turns around and makes a gesture of please, Sure, Miss Song. Please.

Song Yunxuan nods elegantly, and then goes to greet Huo Tings stepmother with him.

Huo Tings stepmother is in the center of the hall, surrounded by several well-dressed middle-aged ladies. People come to bless her constantly. In the endless greetings, Huo Tings beautiful stepmother has blushed over alcohol.

As it is said, Huo Tings stepmother is also a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Between the eyes and the eyebrows, it can be seen how smart she is and how good she is at manipulating men.

She is in a red fishtail dress, plump but slim.

There is a diamond necklace on her neck, and the color diamond worthy of tens of millions yuan is shining on her ring she wears.

As Song Yunxuan approaches, Huo Jiaying whispers something to her mothers ear.

Then Mrs. Huo turns to Song Yunxuan, yet the smile on her lips pauses for a short while.

But when she sees Song Yunxuan, her smile becomes as big as a blooming flower, Miss Song?

Song Yunxuan feels flattered, Aunt, happy birthday.

You are a beautiful girl attracting eyes. Thank you for your blessing.

Mrs. Huo is hospitable and elegant. She puts the goblet on a waiters tray and intends to give Song Yunxuan a hug.

Song Yunxuan wants to put the glass on the waiters tray, but Huo Ting takes it.

She smiles to show here gratitude, and then gives Mrs. Huo a big hug.

Some reporters follow in and photograph the scene. Song Yunxuans smile is cold.

After letting her go, Mrs. Huo, seeing Huo Ting beside her, gently tells him, Miss Song is a daughter of your Uncle Song. You should take good care of her, Ting.

Mommy, dont worry.

Mrs. Huo is relieved. Then someone comes to talk to Mrs. Huo. Huo Ting says, Miss Song, lets talk over there.

Song Yunxuan says goodbye to Huo Tings stepmother before she leaves with Huo Ting.

But when she leaves, she looks back slightly at Huo Tings stepmother, who is talking and laughing with others.

But Huo Jiaying standing beside Mrs. Huo has been staring at her.

She takes her eyes back and follows Huo Ting.

Huo Jiaying whispers to her mothers ear, Mommy, did you do as I said?

Of course, but Ting seems to be interested in her.

Huo Jiaying sneers coldly, Ha, elder brother wont devalue himself.

Mrs. Huo looks at her daughters jealousy face and shakes her head.

Her daughter is really innocent.