Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 145

Chapter 145 A Despicable Plot

Chapter 145: A Despicable Plot

Huo Ting leads Song Yunxuan to the right side of the hall, where there are self-service fruits and snacks.

Huo Ting offers her a small plate of fruit salad.

Song Yunxuan declines, Thank you, but I cant eat fruit. I have a stomachache these days.

Huo Ting raises his eyebrows slightly, Do you think that the food in the Huo Family is poisoned?

Song Yunxuans long black hair hangs on her back. With a proper smile on her face, she says, No. Im just afraid I may forget what I want to say if I eat too much.

Huo Ting puts the fruit salad aside, takes a goblet and takes a sip of Champagne, Today is my mothers birthday. No business.

I think its better to talk about business. Its a good opportunity. If it rains tomorrow, I dont know when I can meet Mr. Huo again.

Huo Ting looks at her and raises his thin lips, You dont forget to talk about business wherever you are.

You know that my situation in the Song enterprise is not very optimistic, dont you?

Huo Ting doesnt say anything.

He does know that Song Yunxuans situation in the Song enterprise is not optimistic.

Song Yunqiang was the successor favored by the Song enterprise. Song Yunxuan suddenly came out and took over the inheritance right of the Song enterprise. Of course, Song Yunqiang will not give up.

Besides, Song Yunxuans eldest sister is also a tough woman.

He looks around and thinks there is still some time before his stepmother makes a formal speech, so he says, Lets go to the room and talk about it.

OK. Song Yunxuan nods and puts the goblet on a waiters tray.

Huo Ting is ready to lead the way, but Huo Jiaying stops him, Brother, I have something to tell you. Come here…

Huo Jiaying wants to pull Huo Ting away. Song Yunxuan frowns.

Huo Ting is also unhappy, I have something to talk with Miss Song. We may talk later.

You can ask Miss Song to wait for you in the room. Come here first. Its urgent. Huo Jiaying drags Huo Tings arm and pulls it. She wont let Huo Ting leave with Song Yunxuan.

Huo Ting looks at Song Yunxuan in embarrassment, Miss Song, maybe we can talk about it another day?

Huo Jiaying suddenly becomes dumbfounded.

Song Yunxuan looks at Huo Jiayings short dump expression, bends her lips and smiles softly, Mr. Huo, I cant stay in Harbor City for long. Its better to talk about it earlier. Weve delayed it for a long time.

It seems that Huo Ting agrees with Song Yunxuan. He nods, I will ask a servant to take you to the room. Please wait a moment. Ill go there right away after the thing is done.

Song Yunxuan nods, Ill wait for you, Mr. Huo.

He casually instructs a waiter in a vest to take Song Yunxuan to the room.

Song Yunxuan, led by the waiter, exits the hall and goes to Dihuangs suite room.

Huo Jiaying sees her disappear from her sight in the corridor with the waiter, and smiles. Her eyes twinkle, She is dead this time.

Huo Ting puts his hand on his sisters shoulder. Whats your plan?

She gestures to Huo Ting to bend a little, and then she whispers excitedly to Huo Tings ear, I have arranged someone to wait for her in the corridor. Tonight her reputation will be ruined!

Huo Ting raises his head slightly and repeats what she says, Her reputation will be ruined?

Yes, Huo Jiaying nods seriously, with much expectation in her eyes, Tonight Song Yunxuan will become famous, and I will see if Chu Mochen wants to marry a loose woman.

Huo Ting looks at the malice in his sisters eyes. His eyes are wearing a cold and strange smile.

His sister is clever on dealing with women.

And she is not simple.

Nobody knows if Song Yunxuan will lose everything tonight.

After all, losing Chu Mochen will be a heavy blow to her.

Song Yunxuan follows the waiter to the room.

Dihuang Building is the highest building in Harbor City. Standing on the top of this building, you can overlook the prosperous landscape of the whole Harbor City.

And some rich people rent a suite for permanent use because of the prosperous and convenient location of Dihuang, even if they have houses.

She thinks Huo Ting must have a very good suite in Dihuang.

But she doesnt want to see it now.

The waiter in front feels something wrong, and turns back to check Song Yunxuan.

He finds that Song Yunxuan is supporting her belly with hands and her expression is not quite right.

The waiter comes to help her, Miss Song, anything wrong?

I feel a little uncomfortable. Where is the bathroom, please?

Theres a bathroom in the front suite. The waiter says.

Song Yunxuan frowns, I saw a bathroom in the corridor just now. Please wait for me here.

She holds her stomach and turns away.

The waiter left behind wants to keep up with her, but he doesnt think it is appropriate, so he finally stops.

Song Yunxuan walks forward. After she turns around the corner, she withdraws the painful expression on her face.

She reaches out her hand and touches her waist on the back. Her hand goes up, inch by inch.

When it gets to the scapula, she finally touches a hard thing that could be easily ignored.

She takes it down and puts it in her palm. Looking carefully, she finds that it is as exquisite as a decoration, and it is inlaid with a pearl shell surface. It looks like a delicate brooch.

Its hard to notice this kind of thing on her evening dress.

She sighs softly, and a strange and soft smile comes up from the corners of her lips, This tracker is very delicate, but I cant accept it, Mrs. Huo.

The waiter waits in the corridor for a long time without seeing Song Yunxuan come back.

Huo Jiayings angry voice comes from the interphone. Yang Zai, are you crazy? Look what time it is. Why is it not done?! Switch the picture on the screen! ”

The waiter shivers over Huo Jiayings shouting, and his face is wrinkled. Miss, I didnt expect this. Song Yunxuan has not come back yet.

Idiot! Cant you look for her? Go find her! ”

The man named Yang Zai has to go find her, but it is very close to 8 p.m.

Huo Jiaying sees her mother talking to her friends over there in the hall, looking at Jiaying thoughtfully to see if she can start the birthday speech.

Huo Jiaying shakes her head anxiously.

Mrs. Huo has no choice but to continue to procrastinate. A lady in gorgeous clothes asks her strangely, Yufang, its almost the time. Is the birthday party speech about to start?

Just a moment. My younger daughter is preparing a special gift for me. Shes not ready.

The rich lady laughs, Although Jiahui is not here, Jiaying is very sensible!

Mrs. Huo scolds insincerely with affection, My little daughter is capricious. I dont know what she wants to do this time. Alas, Im really worried that she does some improper things.

The rich lady laughs, Yufang, youre not right. Jiaying wants to make you happy no matter what she does. Its enviable that you have such a sensible child.

Mrs. Huo smiles happily. She says that she is worried about her younger daughter. In fact, she is not.

Learning that the waiter cant find Song Yunxuan, she begins to be worried and goes to look for her in person.

When Huo Ting sees Huo Jiaying, she has already entered the elevator impatiently.

He frowns and follows her into the elevator.

But when the elevator reaches the fifth floor, he pushes the key to go downstairs with no reasons.

Song Yunxuan was taken to the 10th floor by the waiter. As soon as Huo Jiaying gets off from the elevator on the 10th floor, she looks around as if she is afraid of being found. She calls Yang Zai to her and scolds him, You are really stupid. Do I have to teach you everything?! If you cant find her by yourself, go find someone else to help you! And, isnt she wearing a location tracker? Isnt it easy to find her?

The waiter looks embarrassed. But the location tracker is in Leos hand.

Hasnt the damn Atrician appeared yet?

Huo Jiaying grits her teeth angrily.

The waiter, Yang Zai, nods and reminds her, Miss, Leo has the tracker. He will find Song Yunxuan according to the location shown, and then take her to the room.

What if she runs away now? What if people cant see the pictures if we miss the time? Can you afford the consequences? Huo Jiaying is angry and aggressive.

She frowns and couldnt wait even one more minute, Now go to the monitoring room and cut off the picture of the corridor in the monitor video, and then wait until Leo takes Song Yunxuan to the room. When you cut the picture later, be quick. Our conversation in the corridor must be cut off and destroyed.

Yes, Miss Yang Zai nods in a hurry.

Huo Jiaying is very angry, Now that you have known it, then move!

Yang Zai has to leave quickly.

Call a bodyguard to search for her!

Yes, Miss!

After Huo Jiaying gives the command to Yang Zai, she walks around on the 10th floor. After passing by two rooms, she hears sound of water in the bathroom in front of her.

She feels strange and walks towards it, but her heart begins to beat excitedly. At the same time she shows the beating posture of Taekwondo that she has learned for several years.

She gets close to the toilet gradually where the sound of running water comes.

But she only finds the tap in the bathroom is turned on.

She frowns and looks cautiously into the bathroom. Is the bitch hiding in the bathroom?

Of course not.

Someone answers her with a melodious voice and a smile.

Huo Jiaying is surprised and wants to turn around to fight.

But her mouth and nose are suddenly covered by a white towel.

Huo Jiaying faints softly after her mouth and nose touch the diethyl ether on the towel.

Song Yunxuan squats down, puts down her curled hair, and then covers it on her face. She says with a smile, I didnt know that offending your sister meant offending you. It is just a man. Why do you have to do it in person? You cant blame me now, Miss.

She pins the tracker on her clothes before chest and looks at Huo Jiayings face. Her tone is mockery, According to what you say, Leo is an Atrician. You have a special taste. I hope that strong guy will be gentle. Good luck.