Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Ideo Shocking Harbor City

Chapter 146: Video Shocking Harbor City

Mrs. Huo begins to feel a little uneasy.

Huo Qixiong, Huo Tings father, kisses her cheek with a smile and wishes her a happy birthday.

Although Huo Qixiong is 20 years older than his second wife, Zhang Yufang, they love each other so much as a married couple.

Zhang Yufang does not despise the man who is twenty years older than her. She gave birth to a son after giving birth to twin daughters.

Now their youngest son is studying abroad and has not returned.

Huo Qixiong asks her, Shall we start, honey?

Dear, Ying is not back yet.

Shes not? Huo Qixiong laughs and gestures to her to look at the woman in a purple dress on the left part of the hall. Isnt that Ying?

Mrs. Huo calms down and shows a big smile on her face.

Huo Jiaying looks very good. She is talking with people around her. It seems that everything is ready.

She turns to look at Huo Qixiong, Xiong, lets get started now.

Huo Qixiong smiles and turns to look at everyone, Everyone, may I have your attention?

Someone brings a microphone and puts it in front of Huo Qixiong. He smiles in the front of the vertical microphone, First of all, thank you very much for coming tonight to attend my wifes birthday dinner.

Huo Qixiong has been on top of the business circle in Harbor City for 30 to 40 years, knowing many remarkable people.

Song Yunxuan looks at the crowd in the distance, and no one notices her.

However, she pays attention to all the people present, including Huo Jiahui, who is bathed in the loving eyesight of Mrs. Huo.

Mrs. Huo thinks that she is her little daughter. Poor thing!

Her little daughter is now getting deeper and deeper in her own trap. Her eldest daughter happens to see her little sisters good show when she rushes to her mothers birthday party.

Huo Jiahui looks at Mrs. Huo, wearing a smile.

Mrs. Huos husband is delivering a speech on her side and showing love for her. She is surely very happy.

Huo Qixiong looks at the people present, and the smile on his face makes him look kind and friendly.

Thank you for coming to the birthday party of my wife tonight. Do enjoy yourselves. But before entertaining everyone, my little daughter Huo Jiaying has prepared a mysterious birthday present for her mommy. Lets take a few minutes to see how mysterious this gift is.

There are rumors in Harbor City that although the two daughters are twins, the younger daughter, Huo Jiaying, is more favored at the Huo family.

Huo Jiaying enjoys protection from her brother Huo Ting, and deep love from her mother and father.

According to the rumors of Harbor City, this younger daughter is a troublemaker, but her father will solve problems for her.

In the early years, Huo Jiaying liked a handsome boy who played basketball in middle school, but the boy had a girlfriend. Huo Jiaying threw his girlfriend into the street and then six or seven gangsters raped the girl.

The girl couldnt stand the humiliation and killed herself by jumping off a high building.

The girls family tried hard to hold the Huo family responsible, and then the Huo family scared them out of Harbor City.

The boy who was adored by Huo Jiaying hated Huo Jiaying very much. But Huo Jiaying wouldnt let go and forced him to play basketball for her. After the boy threw the basketball, Huo Jiaying instructed someone to break his legs.

This incident caused quite a stir in Harbor City, but because the Huo Family was rich and powerful, no one dared to irritate them.

Huo Jiayings reputation is not good, and everyone knows it. But they will not say it.

Huo Qixiong may have spoiled his younger daughter a little too much.

This daughter is selfish and does not think of others.

However, the fact that nobody ever punished her for her wrong doings does not mean nobody will do it in the future.

In the old days, Gu Changge would like to give a lesson to naughty people who refused to change better.

Moreover, people who had offended Gu Changge would regret coming to this world.

Her eyesight is calm, and icy.

Holding a crystal goblet with her fingers, she takes back her eyes and takes a sip of champagne in the glass.

In the next second, the LCD screen on the first floor of Dihuang Building is switched to a video, and the sound of the venue reaches the highest standard of clarity.

Everyone present is curiously watching the video on the big screen.

Before Huo Qixiong and Mrs. Huo get the time to turn and see the screen, they hear a foreign mans intoxicated moan, Oh, baby, you are so clever…

Everyone present is shocked.

Then there comes the girls low voice.

Then the embarrassing sound of strikes is heard.

The sounds are released by a first-class stereo in the room and echoes throughout the hall.

The shocked Mrs. Huo turns her head to look at the big screen, just to see the crazy face of Huo Jiaying under the man.

Now, even Huo Qixiong is stunned.

There is no other voice in the hall. There are only swallowing and gasping. Everyone stares at the big screen in shock.

Mrs. Huo looks at the people on the screen. She cant believe what she sees. She turns her stiff body and looks at the shocking face of Huo Jiahui, You… you are not Ying?

Huo Jiahui shakes her head, Mummy, I… I am Jiahui.

God… Mrs. Huo exclaims, unable to cry. Then her eyes roll and she falls down on the ground.

Bodyguards and servants rush to help Mrs. Huo stand up.

Huo Qixiong over there never expected that hed be humiliated in this way at such an old age. Their daughter will become famous overnight in Harbor City.

He feels angry and has to clench his fists. He tries to support his body, but begins to faint.

Huo Ting rushes over and holds him, Daddy, are you OK?

Go find her! Go… Go get Ying back to me! Huo Qixiong is almost crazy, his fingers clenching. His eyes are filled with flames of fury, and the kind look on his face is also torn apart and becomes extremely vicious. The black man, kill him… Kill him!

The Huo Family has always been arrogant in Harbor City.

Close relations with both the gangdom and the government are a secret statement. What people see is All roads lead to Rome.

Now that he is angry, the black man is likely to die after this pleasant night.

Song Yunxuan watches Huo Ting and his servants help his father leave the hall, and then he orders people to find Huo Jiaying. She smiles a little and takes another sip of champagne.

Her smile is extremely cold, and almost no one could notice it.

After the glass covers the curvature of her lips, it appears that shes sipping champagne to comfort herself after the horror.

Mrs. Huos birthday banquet ends up very embarrassing, but through this banquet, the second daughter of the Huo Family successfully becomes famous again in the city.

The Huo Familys scandal also becomes famous overnight.

Some people post photos at great risks.

Song Yunxuan has breakfast with Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin in the next morning, and the latter have not recovered from shock.

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin have been carefully observing the expression of Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan drinks morning tea and asks Zhao Kun, Why, is there anything strange on my face? Youve been staring at me.

Zhao Kun shakes his head, No, Miss Song, no… Ms. Song, nothing strange on your face.

So why do you stare at me?

Zhao Kun lowers his head, but Zhang Jin chips in, In fact, this time, you should not have come to Harbor City. The Huo Family is in trouble now. Nobody knows when they could sign a contract with us.

Song Yunxuan does not care, The Huo Family is in trouble, so we have to understand that itll be hard. Since we must get this contract, I will stay here for a while. Will you stay with me, or will Su Bo accompany me?

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin are all sent by Zhao Yang. They dont dare to talk at will or to make decisions. They have to nod and say that they would accompany Ms. Song here.

In fact, if they want to leave, Song Yunxuan cant stop them. Before they came, they must have been told that she would suffer this time, but unexpectedly, last night was the Huo Familys disaster.

Song Yunxuan wonders How Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin felt after seeing the good play of Huo Jiaying last night.

She turns to Zhao Kun, Call the Huo family, and tell them Ms. Song wants to see Mr. Huo.

Zhao Kun is surprised, This… this… The Huo Family hasnt solved their problem. If you go to talk about business now, is it … a little, a little inappropriate?

Just do it, or do you want to stay here with me for half a year?

Zhao Kun is scorned, but Zhang Jin over there has something to say.

Song Yunxuan turns to him, I havent read todays morning newspaper. Please get me one.

The words in Zhang Jins mind are immediately suppressed.

After the meal, Song Yunxuan goes back to the room to review some documents. When she reads the cooperation records between the Song Family and the Huo Family, she starts to ponder, with her hands supporting her head.

The door is opened with a creak.

She is surprised and immediately turns her head.

The room card is in her hands. No one can come in. But someone is opening her door.

She stares at the door with vigilance.

The door is opened and a man wearing a black cashmere coat comes in. His black hair is thick and clean, and his face angular and beautiful.

Moreover, his long and straight figure makes her feel familiar.

She frowns, Chu Mochen? Why are you here?

I arrived last night. Didnt you see me in the banquet hall? Chu Mochen turns and closes the door, and then looks at her seriously.

She looks at his solemn eyes, her mouth twitching, a little uneasy, Why didnt you contact me last night?

The Huo Family was in chaos last night and I didnt have the time.

He comes over, as oppressive as a god.

Song Yunxuan sits in the chair, with her fingers placed on the documents on the table.

Chu Mochen does not pull a chair or sit down, but walks up to her. He raises her jaw with his fingers, and looks at her commandingly, Youve been here for a couple of days, and youre making trouble?

His tone sounds reproachable and rebuking. In short, he is very upset.

Song Yunxuan is pinched by chin and forced to look at his face helplessly, Youve known everything?

Chu Mochen has become more and more aware of her capabilities.

He should have figured out immediately that the Huo Familys chaos was caused by her counterplot.

You went too far.

Song Yunxuan pushes away his hand, and says, with a bit of chill, I didnt go too far. Youre being too soft-hearted.

Do you know the status of the Huo Family in this city?

Its one of the top three commercial giants, and has close relations with both the gangdom and the government.

Then why did you offend them?

Song Yunxuan raises her head with a cold smile in her eyes. The words spoken are light but sharp, I offended them because I could afford offending them.

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