Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Negotiation With Huo Ting

Chapter 149: Negotiation with Huo Ting

When Song Yunqiang puts down the phone, there is still a shocked expression on his face.

Zhao Yang sees his uncomfortable facial expression, and asks him suspiciously, What did Chu Mochen say?

Song Yunqiang shakes his head gently, He is in Harbor City.

It takes Zhao Yang a little while to understand it. Then he sneers, The Chu Family and the Huo Family are quite close. Chu Mochen must have gone to Mrs. Huos birthday party.

So, Yunxuan…

I think the Huo Family will consider the friendship between the Chu Family and the Huo Family. The Huos must find some evidence before taking actions, so Yunxuan will be safe temporarily.

Hearing this, Song Yunqiang finds it hard to figure out the situation.

He wants Song Yunxuan to die in Harbor City and never come back.

But it cant be done aboveboard.

He found it difficult before the call, because he could not leave it alone, and he dared not take care of it.

The Huo Family owned great power in Harbor City. No forces from the outside could fight it.

But if he made it clear that he wouldnt do anything, hed offend Chu Mochen.

Although Song Yunxuan was annoying, she was the fiancee of Chu Mochen. Even if it was not announced to the public, the Song Family knew it clearly.

If he didnt show any concern, he would be laughed at for being a brother who just let his sister die.

If Song Yunxuan died in Harbor City, Chu Mochen would definitely make it hard for the Song Family.

Now that he has made the call, he feels that the difficult situation has been eased a little.

Zhao Yang also wipes sweat beside him, If Childe Chu said so, our attitude doesnt need to be too clear. The Chu Family will manage it. If Yunxuan cant come back, Chu Mochen cant blame us.

Song Yunqiang nods, That is true. He volunteered to take it over, but…

He pauses.

Zhao Yang raises his eyes and looks at him, But what?

Song Yunqiang smiles, Uncle Zhao, Even a mighty dragon will not attack a snake in its own haunts.

The eye expression of Zhao Yang changes delicately, and he slowly smiles, like an old fox.

Harbor City is a leading city like Yuncheng, and it boasts prosperous trade. The number of foreigners in Harbor City ranks first in the country.

The citys richest businesspersons are among the top 100 richest people in the world.

Whats more, its a place full of extravagance and corruption. All kinds of forces intertwine there.

If someone dies here, he or she may be known as missing and may never appear anywhere in the world.

Some excessively powerful people may hide in the dark like vipers, and destroy those who offend them.

How could Song Yunxuan, an ignorant little girl, survive Harbor City by simply relying on Chu Mochen?

That place is not Yuncheng. It is not within the capability of Chu Mochen.

Zhao Yang has marked this young heir of the Song Family with a big red in his mind.

Next, he needs to assist Song Yunqiang in becoming the merited heir of the Song Family.

And Song Yunying, who knows Song Yunxuans style, immediately asserts that the unlucky Miss Huo is suffering from her own wicked deed.

But… She frowns, watching Harbor City TVs report of the Huo Family thing, and sighs, Yunxuan seems to have dug a grave for herself.

Yeah, the Huo Family in Harbor City is not easy to mess with.

Xue Tao wears a tie behind Song Yunying. He gives a glance at the screen of the LED TV, and then comes over to hold Song Yunyings shoulders, murmuring in schadenfreude, I think your little sister will die very, very miserably.

Song Yunying does not refute.

She lowly lifts her fingers and touches her lower abdomen.

What a pity! She has just started cooperating with Song Yunxuan, and now Song Yunxuan has caused such a trouble.

It seems shes seeing the end of her life.

Xue Tao intends to leave after saying this with hands on her shoulders.

Song Yunying is stunned, immediately turns around and says to him, Where are you going?

Xue Tao straightens his tie and puts on his coat, I have an important meeting, over dinner.

But its too late for dinner.

Xue Tao becomes impatient at Song Yunyings sharp question, and he scolds her roughly, Bitch! Its none of your business!

After saying that, Xue Tao doesnt continue the talk with Song Yunying but leaves there.

Song Yunying is scolded for no reason. Shes so angry that her fingers are forced to clutch to the sofa armrest.

Xue Tao, you bastard! She curses with a blush, teeth clenching. Shed like to bite the words Xue Tao into pieces.

Needless to say, Xue Tao goes out again with other women. Although she is pregnant now, Xue Tao still does not attend to his duty.

After she returned to China, he also came back, seeing that she remained safe.

And after returning to the Xue Family, Xue Tao restored his original arrogance and extravagance.

After all the previous difficulties, he does not want to move forward at all.

Song Yunyings teeth gurgle.

Song Yunxuan stays in Harbor City, and the repeated calls by Zhang Jin to the Huo Family have been refused by Huo Tings secretary.

One week after the incident, Song Yunxuan waits for Huo Ting in front of his company.

Although shes wearing a mask, Huo Ting recognizes her at first sight when he goes outside.

Right after Huo Tings glance, Song Yunxuan leaves like a ghost.

When Huo Ting tries to look at Song Yunxuan again, Song Yunxuan has left.

After getting on the car, he asks the female secretary beside him, Did the Song Family continue making an appointment with me recently?

The secretary shakes her head, Three days ago, I received the last phone call from the Song Family.

Huo Ting nods and speaks to the driver in front, Put me in front of the hotel garage. I need to go out.

The driver follows his order and places him in front of the parking garage of Dihuang Building.

Huo Ting drives away ten minutes later, and the silver-gray Lamborghini stops by briefly as it passes Harbor Sea View Hotel. A woman in a blue coat and a white scarf gets into the car.

No one sees the face of the woman who wears her hair down. But after she gets on the car, Huo Tings eyes are attracted to her.

Even if you are Miss Song, you dont look like a beauty.

Song Yunxuan rubs her long hair to the head, and raises her eyes, A beauty is a source of trouble, so I do not want to be a beauty.

Huo Ting looks at her face, with his eyes slightly freezing. The corners of his lips show a thin smile, But, even if you do not want to cause trouble, you did it.

Song Yunxuan lifts her eyelashes and looks calmly and indifferently at the road ahead with her beautiful eyes, I have ordered them to try again and again to make an appointment with you, but you did not want to meet me. Did you mean to avoid trouble?

Huo Ting shakes his head gently and slows down the car when he sees the red light. I was afraid that, if I met you at that time, you would die earlier. If you died, I would be made the suspect.

Song Yunxuans eyes curve, So thats to say, you are the reason that Im safe and sound now?

Thats not what I meant. You should thank Chu Mochen. The Chu Family and the Huo Family are old friends, and you are Chu Mochens wife-to-be. Besides, you did a bad thing without leaving a clue. Even if the Huo Family wants to find fault, they have to consider Chu Mochen first.

Song Yunxuans lips form a hook, and she seems to have suddenly understood this truth.

She turns her head to Huo Ting, I thought that if a sister was hurt, her brother would want to kill the murderer.

Of course.

Huo Ting raises his eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan, however, shows some malice, At that time in the elevator, if you hadnt pressed the down key, your younger sister would not have made herself famous in Harbor City. As her elder brother, dont you regret your behavior?

Huo Ting looks indifferent.

Song Yunxuans eyes sweep his face, and she says, Oh right, although youre a biological brother of the second daughter of the Huo Family, you two didnt come out of the same belly. How can you treat her as a real sister?

Huo Ting still does not speak, but the car turns into a seldom-visited road which Huo Ting will never take in the usual days.

Song Yunxuan glances out of the car and kindly reminds him, This road is very remote. If you go further, your car may break down and no passer-by will come to rescue you.

Huo Tings black long eyebrows, at this time, stretch, Harbor City is a place of indifference, so you should not expect anyone to help you.

Song Yunxuan nods to show agreement, Mr. Huo, you are right. But I remember your biological died on this road because of difficult labor when your sister was born.

Huo Ting suddenly frowns, with cruelty shown on her eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan sighs with sympathy, What a pity! At that time, the car broke down. It was a car that would be checked for malfunction before departure, but failed when the young mistress of the Huo Family rode in it to hospital for delivery. What a coincidence!

At the last word.

The harsh sound of brake is suddenly heard on this remote road, with sharp noise lingering over the sky.

The smile of Song Yunxuan gradually disappears.

Huo Ting, with hands on the steering wheel, begins to breathe heavily, as if the brake cost a huge amount of energy. He is quivering and his eyes red.

Song Yunxuan raises her head slightly, not hitting the windshield in front thanks to the tight seatbelt.

Outside the window, the winter wind whistles. Although Harbor City is a warm place, in winter, it is cold and wet and excruciating.

Song Yunxuan combs up her long hair on forehead, and turns to look at Huo Ting coldly, Huo Ting, if you remember your mother was killed on this road, you should not do the same thing on this road.

Song Yunxuan reaches out over Huo Tings curved back to press the door unlock button.

The button clicks.

Song Yunxuans expression becomes indifferent and cold.

Her eyesight toward Huo Ting is freezing. And I dont like pre-death recording.

After saying that, she picks up Huo Tings mobile phone, unlocks it, and deletes the sound recording.

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