Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Song Yunxuans Mother

Chapter 151: Song Yunxuans Mother

Chu Mochens energy is out of Song Yunxuans imagination.

A kiss ignites a series of physical exertion.

Song Yunxuan doesnt fall asleep until two in the morning. She is almost exhausted.

When she wakes up the next morning, she first wraps herself up in the quilt, opens her eyes and looks around.

As soon as she opens her eyes, a mans enlarged face appears in front of her, and he is naked.

She is not as startled as the young girls. She pulls the quilt up a little and lowers her eyes to remind him, Put on your clothes.

What are you afraid of? Its not the first time. He leans over; his tight chest muscles send out the toughness and sexiness of a mature man.

Song Yunxuan turns her face slightly, while the kiss inevitably falls on her thin, soft and cherry-like lips.

He puts his fingers on her hair, tucks her hair behind her ears, and then moves his burning kiss down her neck.

Song Yunxuan takes a breath and calms herself down.

Its morning.

Men are more impulsive in the morning. You should know it.

But I think you should have something else to do.

Not that urgent. His fingers reach into the quilt, moving up along her back to her shoulders.

Her body turns a little. She is a little shy and abashed, and her cheeks go blush, I will be in the hotel all day, and I will not go anywhere.

Im still worried. Chu Mochen pulls down her quilt.

She clings onto the quilt tightly and says, I wont lie to you.

Chu Mochens movements of his hands stop. The corners of his lips are raised, and his eyes are attractive. Did the punishment last night work?

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyes shyly and bites her teeth. She is ashamed of his behaviors, Dirty.

Its the only way to punish you without hurting you. I dont want to hurt you.

Song Yunxuan stares at him.

If you sneak out again, I will keep you from getting out of bed for a few days. Ok?

Song Yunxuan grinds her back teeth, throws the quilt on his face, turns over and hugs the other corner of the quilt. No!

Chu Mochen hugs her from behind tenaciously.

He puts his chin under her neck. His voice is gentle but evil, Although you dont think its good, I think it is. So, Ill let you stay in bed today first.

Hey! You…

Before she can finish, he already presses his lips on hers.

The white quilt is pulled away, and her arms gradually wrap around Chu Mochens neck with the enchantment of the kiss.

Her eyes close slowly, and she sighs at the bottom of her heart.

Everything is under control.

In order to make up for Chu Mochen, just let him enjoy a brief intimacy this morning.

Huo Tings face turns blue when he comes back to Huos house.

Huo Qixiong hasnt been well for several days, and Zhang Yufang always looks distant.

Huo Ting often sees Zhang Yufang sit on the sofa in the living room and stare into the air.

Huo Jiaying, however, begins to calm down before going abroad as her father ordered, and tries to show a more positive side.

Seeing her behaviors, Zhang Yufang sighs reproachfully, Cant you be quiet after such a thing happened?

Although Huo Jiaying is sad in her heart, she tries to smile thinking of what Huo Ting has said to her, Mom, it has happened. If I always think about that, I wont get out of the shadow, and I will only commit suicide.

Zhang Yufang scolds her in low voice, What kind of silly talk is that?

Huo Jiaying puts her hand on the back of her mothers hand and comforts her, Mom, dont worry too much. Ill go to America for a while. Who dares to speak ill of me when Song Yunxuan disappears from the world?

Zhang Yufangs eyes darken a little, and she looks at her daughters hands, lost in thoughts.

Thats right. If Song Yunxuan disappears from the world, no one will always remember Huo Jiayings scandal.

People who speak ill of her will not have a good ending, so they wont risk their necks to do it.

Huo Jiaying sees her mothers expression change and says gently, Mom, theres something Ive been trying to figure out.

What is it?

Zhang Yufang looks at his daughter, who is half kneeling on the red carpet, with a loving expression.

Huo Jiaying asks her, Whats the relationship between you and Song Yunxuans mother?

Zhang Yufangs face stiffens.

Huo Jiaying, however, is not good at observing others face. She just looks down and keeps going, Do you know Song Yunxuans mother?

Whats more, did she kill Song Yunxuans mother?

Otherwise, why was she so frightened after hearing about Song Yunxuans mother and said that Song Yunxuan was back for revenge?

Huo Jiaying thinks of this and begins to say disgustedly, Song Yunxuan is a little bitch, and Song Yunxuans mother must have been a bitch too. Has she done anything to hurt you?

Zhang Yufang says nothing.

Huo Jiaying comforts her mother, Mom, such a little bitch like Song Yunxuan will surely be punished sooner or later. Her Mom must have died so early because of some bitchy things she did.

Zhang Yufangs face is pale, Stop talking, Ying.

Huo Jiaying frowns and looks at her mother, Mom, did her mother hurt you?

Zhang Yufang raises her hand and covers her forehead, unable to speak.

Huo Jiaying looks at her mother and remains silent for a long time either.

Just when Huo Jiaying feels that her mother would not say anything, Zhang Yufang suddenly grabs her hand and sits her down beside her on the sofa, I wasnt going to tell you this even when Im dead, but since Fanfans daughter has arrived in Harbor City and you have been hurt by her, I cant hide it from you and your sister any longer.

Huo Jiaying feels that its a serious matter. She stares at her mother, and her eyes glow with hatred.

If she knows what bad things Song Yunxuans mother did, then she will know how to deal with Song Yunxuan.

However, Zhang Yufang looks at her daughters expectant eyes, lowers her eyes and sighs, Song Yunxuans mother was my stepping stone.

A stepping stone?

Huo Jiayings suddenly speechless, unable to understand it.

In other words, I could enter the Huo family because of the help of Song Yunxuans mother.

Its true that Fan Caidie, Song Yunxuans mother, was indeed the stepping stone of Zhang Yufang, even if neither did Fan Caidie have a famous style, nor a good family background.

But she was as lucky as Song Yunxuan. Besides, she had an unshakable backer patron.

Fan Caidie could have relied on this patron to stand out in Harbor City and become the best actress in the show business.

However, it was impossible because of Zhang Yufangs strong communication skills and evil scheming.

Zhang Yufang opens her lips slowly with a complex expression, Song Yunxuans biological mother is Fan Caidie. At that time, she was 16 years old and took part in the beauty contest in Harbor City. She rose to the throne of champion and her glamour surprised people.

Was she beautiful?

Huo Jiaying asks her mother.

Zhang Yufang nods, Fan Caidie was very beautiful, and she was not a local; she was of mixed blood, so when she first made her debut, everyone used to call her a hybrid.

Huo Jiaying feels disdainful, Of course, her blood was not pure. If her mixed blood was from the foreign royalty, it would be better.

Zhang Yufang continues, Although Fanfan was very beautiful, she was still young at that time. At the age of 17, she was chased by many rich men in Harbor City. Some people asked her for company at a high price after they inquired about her life background. To be frank, they wanted her to be a mistress.

Its rare that Huo Jiaying doesnt interrupt.

Zhang Yufang slowly says, But Fan Caidies family was poor. She was raised by a single mother. But she was so stubborn. No matter how hard those people tried to please her, she would not give up on her dignity.

However, her mother and aunt somehow got into gambling, and after a few rounds of winning, they began to keep losing.

Gambling is addictive. The more they lost, the more they wanted to win their money back, but it only made them lose more.

Fan Caidies mother and aunt wanted to escape from the city because of their huge gambling debts, but they were caught when they left. Fan Caidies aunt cheated Fan Caidie to a rich businessman who coveted her. The rich businessman paid a small part of the gambling debts for Fan Caidies aunt, claiming that as long as Fan Caidie was obedient, he would help her mother and aunt pay off all the gambling debts.

And then?

Huo Jiaying asks curiously.

Zhang Yufang slowly takes a look at her daughter, Fan Caidie was helpless, and she could only listen to him. And the rich businessman really paid the gambling debts off for her mother and aunt, and also made her famous.

Huo Jiaying spits, She really was a bitch.

The rich merchant divorced when her career got successful. The public thought that Fan Caidie would marry the rich merchant.

Did she?

Zhang Yufang sneers, with a scary expression, Then the rich businessman married someone else. Fan Caidie, the bitch who colluded with the Xiao family, was sent to Yuncheng. Then she was pregnant with a bastard of either the Xiao family or the Song family and went to the countryside to nourish the unborn baby.

Huo Jiaying is surprised, Song Yunxuans mother was a social butterfly!

But it was your father who has made her like that.

Zhang Yufangs voice is clear and cold.

Huo Jiaying suddenly stops and widens her eyes incredulously, The rich businessman is dad?

At the door, a young man in a dark suit stops.

Zhang Yufang smiles and nods coldly, with a voice of regret, Your father was really interested in Fanfan. In order to get her, he asked someone to tempt her mother and aunt to get the bad habit of gambling and they owed billions of gambling debts. Moreover, Fanfan wasnt obedient at all the first night. She was beaten badly that night. Your father threatened her to make films if she insisted to refuse him. That kind of films, got it?

Huo Jiaying feels chill all over. She never thought that her father would do such a thing.

At that time, she was pregnant with Huos child. It was a boy. After it took shape, I asked someone to make her aborted and made her admit that it was her idea. Your father wanted to kill her. However, people from Xiaos family got her back and sent her away. I thought that she would die because she was hurt so badly. Unexpectedly, she gave birth to Songs child in Yuncheng.

But, Mom, maybe Song Yunxuan is Xiaos daughter.