Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Huo Family Is Under Arrest

Chapter 153: Huo Family Is Under Arrest

Song Yunxuans indifferent tone makes Huo Ting shocked.

He has never seen a woman stay as clam as her after betraying a man.

Do you know what Chu Mochen hates the most?

Song Yunxuan leans on the leather seat and replies, Cheating and betrayal.

You cannot let him find out what you did. Huo Ting warns her.

Song Yunxuan nods. Then drop me off here. Ill go back by taxi.

Huo Ting is still worried. If I leave you on the road, you will get in danger with such a special identity.

She shakes her head. Dont worry. Its Ok.

She answers firmly and determinedly.

Huo Ting has to leave her on the side of a road with few people.

When she gets out of the car, she pulls the scarf over her face, covering her mouth and nose.

Most passers-by only mind their own business. No one is looking around.

Harbor City is indeed a cold place. There is less unnecessary contact between people because of the prosperous development and fast-paced style.

She walks slowly on the sidewalk paved by carved bricks.

When she passes a narrow lane, she takes a quick glance on the road, suddenly stops and looks sidelong.

In the alley, there is a boy sitting on the ground.

The boy, in his baseball suit and cap, is struggling to support himself, but it seems that he cannot do it. His body is out of control and he falls on the ground.

She frowns and takes a look at the alley, and then at the passers-by, only to find that she is the only one who notices the boy.

She hesitates for a moment, walks over, squats down and holds the young mans shoulders, Hi, are you ok?

The young mans face is pale and his eyelids droop. It seems that he is nearly out of consciousness.

She thinks for a moment, raises her hand to support his face and lifts it up, Are you alright? Shall I take you to the hospital?

The boy looks up at her face in a daze, but there is no response.

She takes out her mobile phone to dial the emergency call of Harbor City.

But the boy suddenly vomits.

The vomit gets on her shoes. After sighing helplessly, she takes out a tissue from her bag and squeezes it into the young mans arms. I think you have hypoglycemia after exercise. Wait for a moment and I will buy you something to eat.

The young man leans against the wall powerlessly.

She goes to the nearest supermarket and buys Vitamin, chocolates, and a few bags of candy. Then she holds him by the shoulder and let him drink.

After taking only two sips, he is going to vomit again. Song Yunxuan presses him on the wall, peels a chocolate and puts it into his mouth. I cant stay here with you until you recover completely. When you get a little better, you can call your family or the hospital.

The young man opens his eyes and looks at her as if he has heard her, but he doesnt understand her completely.

Song Yunxuan has no other choice but to dial someone, I will take you to the hospital directly, and then let the doctor contact your family.

Its inconvenient for her to get involved with strangers in Yuncheng. If the Huo family is misled, the innocent people will suffer.

Hearing this, the young man grabs her clothes with full strength, No…No need

Song Yunxuan looks at him strangely, only to find that the young mans face has the feature of mixed blood of Chinese and European.

She has no intention to speculate about the origin of the young man, but she thinks from the bottom of her heart that the young mans family should not be very happy, otherwise, he would have informed his family at this time.

The teenagers energy gradually recovers.

Song Yunxuan stays with him for half an hour after she gave up calling the hospital.

When he has the strength to stand up against the wall, she says, Since you are fine now, Ill have to leave.

The young man gives her a glance and looks a bit ungrateful. He murmurs in a low voice, Its strange that you are saving people but appears indifferent.

Although his voice is very low, Song Yunxuan still hears him.

Since you can say such a long sentence, you are fine, she feels assured, then quickly checks the time with her mobile phone and walks out of the lane. Go home early and have a rest. Bye.

The young man is a little embarrassed and upset when his murmurs is heard.

After she walks for a few steps, he calls her, Come back and take the things you bought with you.

You keep it. I dont like those kids snacks.

The young man is angry. When his eyes fall on her shoes, he is a little guilty, Ive soiled your shoes. Come back, Ill pay you.

Song Yunxuan just walks forward, No, Ill clean it back home. Save your money.

But the young man feels insulted and cries out angrily behind her, I said I will pay you. Im very rich!

Song Yunxuan cant help laughing and helplessly shakes her head.

Although the boy is no longer a child, what he word sounds childish.

She doesnt care much. She takes a taxi from the street and goes back to the Sea View Hotel.

The little episode on the road feels unreal to her. She doesnt have too much deep memory about it and forgets it after lunch.

She stays in the room all afternoon, and at about three oclock the door is knocked.

She gets nervous all of a sudden.

After a while, she goes to the door and opens it.

At the door of the room stands Zhao Kun.

Zhao Kun whispers to Song Yunxuan, Something happens to the Huo family. Shall we go back to Yuncheng now?

Song Yunxuan doesnt think Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin are so kind to help her go back to Yuncheng.

She looks at Zhao Kun coldly and says softly, I dont think its the good time to go back.

Zhao Kun tries harder to convince her, Miss Song, as you know, the Huo family is eager to start trouble with you now. The contract signing has been delayed for a long time. We dont know what they are trying to do. If they want to keep you here and hurt you, you will suffer a loss. Now the Huo family has an accident and has no energy to watch you. We should book air tickets and go back to Yuncheng now.

Zhao Kun has planned it very well.

As soon as she arrives at the airport, she would be captured.

No matter the people who stop her are the police of Harbor City or from the Huo family, in a word, people would think that shes probably related to the Huo familys accident. She would be considered running away with guilt if she left now.

She thinks about it and says to Zhao Kun, Since something happens to the Huo family, we cant go. I cant go, neither can you two.

Zhao Kun is stunned.

Song Yunxuan suddenly thinks of another person and asks Zhao Kun, Where is Su Bo?

Zhao Kun frowns, Su Bo was asked to go back by young master Yunqiang yesterday. He said something happened to the company and he needs an experienced lawyer to take care of it.

Song Yunxuan sneers at the bottom of her heart: He needs Su Bo to take care of it?

In fact, Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin told Song Yunqiang that Su Bo helped her, so Song Yunqiang asked Su Bo to go back.

Her brother is so cruel. He is not satisfied with driving her to Harbor City. Whats more, he takes away all the trusted helpers around her. It seems that he really wants her to die in the Harbor City and never wants to see her again.

She says coldly, Fine. Anyway, you are better assistants. Stay in Harbor City with me and sign the contract with me.

But Miss Song, the situation is not good for us.

There is something else Zhao Kun wants to dissuade.

Song Yunxuan interrupts what he wants to say and laughs, There is always accident in business trips. Just get through it.

Her word makes Zhao Kun speechless.

When Song Yunxuan closes the door, Zhao Kun calls his uncle Zhao Yang embarrassedly.

Uncle, Miss Song would not go back to Yuncheng.

Zhao Yangs voice is somber, Havent you analyzed the situation to her? She has to come back today if she wants to stay alive.

Zhao Kun lowers his voice and whispers as he walks, Song Yunxuan thinks it would threaten her life if she leaves now. She refuses to leave Harbor City. This girl is not stupid at all.

Zhao Yang has the information confirmed. After hanging up, he turns to see Zhou Jian sitting next to him drinking afternoon tea, Song Yunxuan is not stupid. She knows that she cant come back at this time.

Zhou Jian sighs and says with ease, Now I dont think that Song Yan made the decision impulsively that he gave the Song enterprise to his little daughter.

Zhao Yang disagrees, But the trouble she causes is not small. No matter whether its Yunqiang, Yunjia or Yunying, they wont dare to make such a big trouble in others place.

Zhou Jian laughs, You see, although she has caused such a trouble, she still lives well, doesnt she?

Zhao Yangs eyes sink slightly. He pulls back his chair and sits opposite Zhou Jian. You are such an old fox! You are going to trim the sails, arent you?

Zhou Jian smiles bitterly and shakes his hand, Dont over compliment me. I am old now. I cant trim the sails if there is an opportunity. I just hope the Song enterprise will support me until I die.

Zhao Yang sneers, If you dont come up with a plan quickly. Song Yunxuan will come back from Harbor City, and maybe she will make you die right away.

Zhou Jian knows that Zhao Yang is serious, and hurriedly pacifies him, Zhao Yang, you are too anxious. Dont get panic so soon!

Zhao Yangs expression is cold and taut, So soon? If the Huo enterprise changes its head at this time, nobody will remember Song Yunxuans conflict with the Huo family. Who do you think is in charge of the vessel in which the drugs were found by the customs anti-smuggling team?

The second wife of the Huo family! Zhou Jian answers causally.

Zhao Yangs old face is gloomy and fierce, Although Mrs. Huo is a woman, and she came from the show business and married Huo, she has started to control the Huo familys trade step by step for so many years. Now the cargo ship she is in charge of has been seized by the anti-smuggling group. It is obvious that someone deliberately put her in trouble.

But its their family business. The one who did it is probably her eldest son. Its not our business.

Zhao Yang stares at him coldly, I think you are old and confused. Huo Ting hasnt been able to overthrow his stepmother for so many years, and hasnt been able to get goods on his stepmother. How could he make it at this time?

What if its just his stepmothers careless fault?

Zhang Yang cant stand Zhou Jians muddleheaded look, Keep pretending. Pretend that you dont know someone helped Huo Ting!

Zhou Jian smiles slyly, Then who do you think that someone is?