Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Being Rescued

Chapter 160: Being Rescued

Two tall men come to her.

Song Yunxuan steps back.

She doesnt want to go back with Chu Mochen at all. If she does, he would not let her act according to her own will.

She looks at Chu Mochen, hoping to see something from his eyes.

But what she sees is his back.

She couldnt see anything. She couldnt see his face at all.

Song Yunxuan steps back and says firmly, I cant go back with you.

Chu Mochen hears her voice, slightly turns his back and says coldly: You should stop risking your life.

As long as he takes her back this time, he will not let her act recklessly again.

The fortune teller is right about Song Yunxuan. If he keeps indulging her, she will be very unlucky in the end.

See what she has done since she came to Harbor City. Everything she has done can put herself to death.

And she doesnt mean to stop.

He does not understand why she has such a profound obsession, or why she has to be above others.

Whats more, he doesnt understand the deep hatred between her and Shao Tianze. It is so deep that she can go so far as to revenge to this extent.

If Song Yunxuan can do what she wants, she may be dead.

He doesnt want her to die where he cant see in silence again like Gu Changge. He wants to keep looking at her.

It doesnt matter even if shes unhappy.

He will take every effort to ensure shes alive.

Song Yunxuan wants to escape, but this is a dead-end alley.

The strength of two adult men is much bigger than her. When her arms are caught, they seem to be shackled by a pair of iron tongs. She cant get rid of them at all.

She asks Chu Mochen angrily, What are you going to do after taking me back? Havent you said that you were going to let me go away?

Chu Mochen looks at her coldly with no intention to speak.

Song Yunxuan struggles: Let me go! Chu Mochen, why do you interfere in my affairs since we are not married? Let me go!

Chu Mochen doesnt care about her struggle at all.

The men grab her by the arm and pull her to the entrance of the alley.

Song Yunxuans so angry that her eyebrows close tightly.

Chu Mochens decision will never be changed easily. Since he has to get her back even if they break up completely this time, he will not let her go again.

Its possible to force her to get married right away.

If she gets married and becomes Chu Mochens wife, it will be more difficult to leave Chu Family than to go to heaven.

And it is impossible for Chu Mochen not to interfere with her.

Thinking about this, she becomes bold: Chu Mochen, I shall break up with you today!

Her voice is cold.

This shocks the men who are catching her arms for a moment. Chu Mochen slowly turns around, his pair of narrow eyes with coldness: Break up? How do you break up with me?

Just as she is about to open her lips, a sudden force comes to her arm.

Song Yunxuan is dragged by a teenager in light brown clothes before the two men have time to react.

This way.

The teenager takes her hand and pulls her into a small door on the wall in the alley.

The door was dug after the wall was built. Song Yunxuan is dragged into the door and sees nothing but darkness.

The teenager who leads her seems to be familiar with the road.

In the alley, the men are at a loss and just want to follow Song Yunxuans direction.

Chu Mochens voice comes: Dont chase.

Two bodyguards are stunned and turns to look at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochens face is cold, and they could not see how angry he is at the bottom of his heart.

But Miss Song…

I know where shes going.

Chu Mochens words make the bodyguards stunned.

He walks out of the alley ignoring the look of the bodyguards: I know that teenager.

Chu Mochens eyes are dark. When he leaves the alley, he looks back at it.

Although he only glances at the teenager for a moment, the teenagers appearance is easy to distinguish.

Thats a mixed-blood.

Whats more, hes not an ordinary one.

He doesnt know how Song Yunxuan knew the teenager.

Song Yunxuan is pulled forward by the teenager, and doesnt talk much all the way.

When she comes out of the room, she looks up at him and says, How did you show up all of a sudden?

Loki is still a little frightened: Does the man want to abduct you?

He seems to have considered the word abduct carefully before using it.

Song Yunxuan doesnt know how to explain it to him, but after listening to him, she couldnt help laughing and says, Obviously hes not abducting me.

Chu Mochen probably wants to protect her.

Its just that she cant accept his way of protection.

Loki looks at her, with two long, light brown eyebrows furrowed, and says worryingly: Do you want to call the police? I think they want to drag you away.

Song Yunxuan nods, Youre right. They really want to drag me away.

Loki gets nervous. Then how do you deal with them? Have your family members offended anyone? Or your enemies must kill you.

Song Yunxuan couldnt help laughing and shaking her head. She thinks that Lokis thinking pattern is simple and funny.

So far, no one has communicated with her as simply as Loki. All of them are purposeful and their world is so complex.

Even if there is occasional simplicity, it is all the camouflage of paralyzing each other.

Gu Changle, Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

Even Chu Mochen, Su Youyu and Song Yunying.

These people are the product of this complex society. They can see everything thoroughly.

They are very clear about what to do and how to communicate with her so as to get satisfactory results.

What they care about are interests.

Loki, it seems, has not been exposed to such interest disputes.

She stands in the narrow corridor, looking out at the sky through the narrow old window.

There is white snow swirling down as light as lovely elves.

Loki, she says, bending her lips.

Huh? Loki is still thinking about what she can do to be safe.

Song Yunxuan beckons him to look out of the window: Look, its snowing.

Loki is slightly stunned. Song Yunxuan reaches out to open the window and puts out her white fingers.

There is a little light snowflake falling on her fingertip.

She takes back her fingers and puts them in front of Lokis eyes with a quiet light under her eyes: You mustnt have seen snowflake in Harbor City. Look, this is it.

Lokis eyes flash with beautiful colors, and his beautiful lips, as thin as cherry blossom, also raises a smile.

Song Yunxuan looks at him and sighs at the bottom of her heart–

The teenager is very good-looking.

In a few years, he is bound to become an excellent man who is hard to look away from.

However, it seems that he is not so simple.

Loki seems to feel her eyes, and looks up to meet her eyes. Why dont you come to my house tonight?

Song Yunxuan cant understand him because his thinking leaps too much.

Loki begins to explain: Since those people want to dray you away, they wont stop tracking you until they succeed. I think the place where you live must have been known by them. They will catch you when you go home. So, you cant go home.

Lokis worries are to the point.

Song Yunxuan doesnt deny it.

Chu Mochen will definitely take her back, if Chu Mochen has made such a decision.

Song Yunxuan puts a little sadness between her eyebrows and eyes.

Loki puts the fallen scarf on her shoulder: Although it would be strange, I still want to invite you to my house.

He sets his eyes on her, and his expression is sincere.

Song Yunxuans heart beats with a thump. Indeed, she is moved.

No, I have another place to go tonight.

She can also contact Huo Ting. Its not good to venture to live in a house she doesnt know, although it seems that Loki is not malicious at all.

But being cautious has become a habit.

Being declined, Loki is a little disappointed: Do you have any other friends in Harbor City?

There is one.

Loki urges her: Its going to be dark now. You should contact your friend immediately. If your friend is out of touch, you can come to my house, OK?

Seeing that he seems to want her to live in his house, Song Yunxuan couldnt help but have other guesses: Do you often take your friends to live in your house?

Loki shakes his head. No, no one dares…

The second half of the sentence has already reached the tip of his tongue, but he seems to realize that he has said something wrong, so he swallows it quickly. He just lowers his head to explain: My family lives in other places, so I often live alone in the apartment. If you dont mind, you can live in my house. I promise I wont mess around.

Song Yunxuan doesnt think he is the kind of teenager boy who could mess around, though he is a mixed-race teenager who grows fast.

Which school are you studying at?

Yinggao Private No.2 Middle School.

Song Yunxuan nods.

He adds, Im in class A, grade two.

Song Yunxuan has understood very well: It seems that you are a very good student.

Loki is praised but he doesnt feel very happy. He just whispers: Probably in the second half of the year, Im going back to California.

Is it because you want to study abroad?

He nods: In fact, I dont really want to study abroad.

Song Yunxuan advises him: If you dont like it, you can finish the course early and come back soon after you get your degree.

It is a six-year course.

If you work harder, you can shorten it by one year.

In fact, Gu Changge had also been sent to study abroad, but her whole time of studying abroad was less than two years. She had completed all courses in the shortest time, and she came back as soon as the degree examination was over.

At that time, Gu Cheng was a little bit pitiful that his daughter hadnt stayed in the United States for a longer time.

At that time, she felt puzzled about her fathers attitude and asked him, Dont you want me to come back soon, dad? Dont you miss me?

Gu Cheng smiled charmingly. His smile was enough to make the women who wanted to sleep with him crazy.

Of course, I miss you, but I hope you can have a better life as a girl, otherwise you will blame me for not reminding you to have fun in your spare time when youve grown up.

Its true that she couldnt have as much fun as she wants after she took over Gus companies.