Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Worth The Wait

Chapter 167: Worth the Wait

Chu Mochen is slightly disappointed to hear Huo Ting’s reply.

Huo Ting is surprised to see an unemotional person like him getting disappointed, “What, do you want me to help Xiao Luo?”

Chu Mochen raises his head and looks at him quietly, “You want to help?”

Huo Ting shakes his head instantly and says, “Who would do such an unrewarding thing?”

Chu Mochen nods and smiles approvingly, “That is true.”

No one is able to help Loki defeat his two uncles. Not to mention both of his uncles are quite powerful.

Chu Mochen pays a quick visit to Mr. Xiao then leaves, and so does Huo Ting.

Chu Mochen returns to the ocean view hotel where Song Yunxuan stays.

Song Yunxuan is in the room as expected.

During dinner next evening, Song Yunxuan turns on the TV and tries several times to switch to Harbor City News, but Chu Mochen keeps changing the channels.

She looks up at Chu Mochen with obvious dissatisfaction.

Chu Mochen looks at her and asks coldly, “What?”

“What has happened to Harbor City recently?”

“If you don’t make trouble, everything is fine in the city.”

“Im flattered.”

She cant watch the news she wants, so she goes to the shower after dinner, then lies in bed to read.

The books in the room all belong to Chu Mochen. She goes through the books absent-mindedly, but she looks quite focused.

Chu Mochen can naturally be accustomed to sleep with her in the same bed. When its time for bed, hed turn off lights of the living room and bedroom and go to sleep.

Song Yunxuan still has the open book in her hands. She raises her eyebrow when the light of the bedroom is turned off.

Next is the sound of a man getting in bed and covering himself with quilt, and the rustling of his pajamas makes her frown. Her eyes become even cooler.

A hand reaches over and holds her wrist, “It’s time to sleep.”

“Im not sleepy.”

After that, she leans to turn on the lamp on the night stand.

The glaring light is on suddenly. Chu Mochen raises his hand to cover his eyes which have already adapted to the dark.

Song Yunxuan does not sleep, which makes Chu Mochen a little unhappy, “This book is very good?”

“Good enough to kill some time when Im bored.”

She is sitting on the bed in a white soft nightgown. Her black hair is down with a natural curve and her jade-like earlobe and neck are extremely attractive.

Looking at her profile and black hair, Chu Mochens thoughts slowly wander and his mind starts drifting away.

He failed to return when Gu Changge got married, but the wedding video and invitation with her picture on were mailed to his home in America.

Looking at her in a wedding dress, he had a mixed feeling that was hard to explain.

She was so beautiful.

But her smile was not infectious when you saw it the first time.

He thought she could be happy.

But he didnt know why she decided to marry the man next to her in the picture.


Or interest?

He didnt know at all.

To Gu Changge, the Gus always came first.

For Gu’s sake, even the boundary between love and interest could be blurred.

This is exactly the same as Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan has noticed that he is staring at her in thought. She looks away from the book, puts it down, turns around and asks, “Why are you looking at me?”

“You remind me of Gu Changge.”

Song Yunxuan nods, and is not jealous at all, “Its time to let her go. Shes dead. Dont always think of her. Let her get some peace.”

She gently closes the book in her hands, puts it back on the night stand, and then slips into the blanket.

Chu Mochen pulls her over from the other side of the bed, and gets up to help her turn off the lamp.

The room is in dark.

Chu Mochen’s breathing on her face.

Song Yunxuan is held by him, no struggle.

“I thought you would refuse to let me hold you.”

“It’s no use anyway, as long as you like.” Her judgment of the situation is surprisingly quick, and she wont refuse Chu Mochen unless shes in a bad mood.

Chu Mochen keeps his body up a little and light presses her against the bed, then starts loosening her pajamas.

She is surprisingly calm and obedient.

Chu Mochen, while taking off her pajamas, suddenly turns on the bedside lamp.

The room is suddenly lit up with warm light. Song Yunxuan is just looking at the ceiling with her eyes open.

As soon as the lamp is on, the expression on her face is exposed to Chu Mochens eyes.

She frowns in embarrassment, and reaches over to turn off the light, “Why did you turn on the light all of a sudden?”

He grasps her white wrist. Theres no smile that should be seen when cuddling on his face. He is staring at her with his determined eyes, “What does it matter to turn on the light?”

“I don’t like to turn the light on.”

Chu Mochen holds her wrists and puts them over her head. He is rough but also gentle in case hurting her.

“Be good. I just want to see your face.”

“Turn off the light.”

“Let me look at your face,” Chu Mochen uses one hand to press her wrist, and the other to stroke all over her body.

She tries to resist his skillful touch, turns her head away and frowns. Shes so shy that she wants to hide her face.

“It was a waste of time that I didnt get to see closely how sexy your face was before.”

Song Yunxuan is looking at him in anger. Shes offended by his subtle yet mean words. Chu Mochen, however, smiles when he looks at her angry face.

That smile is very gentle; it doesn’t look like it’s malicious at all.

He has only her in his eyes.

Hair spreads, a pair of irritated yet surprised eyes in her delicate and stunning face.

She sees herself in his eyes. Thats Song Yunxuan.

Chu Mochen presses his lips on hers, and the heat instantly rises from her body.

She can see his expression clearly under the light, and the sweats on his forehead are so clear as if they were to be engraved in her heart.

She closes her eyes and is bewitched by him, “Come on, open your eyes and look at me.”

She clenches her teeth and makes no sound without opening her eyes.

He is so helpless that he hugs her and turns around.

The positions of the two changes abruptly.

She opens her eyes in surprise and anger, and her cheeks have turned red.

“And now youll have to look at me!”

She presses her fingers against his chest, biting her lower lip, and her eyes are little watery because of this sudden change.

Before, no man could have bullied her like this.

Especially in bed.

Even though Shao Tainze was her husband, he has always followed the rules and never surprised her.

Chu Mochen is a real jerk!

She bends her fingers and bites her lower lip.

“Why do you bite your lips, don’t you hurt?”

“You son of a bitch… Ah… “Her body trembles, and she cant help bending down, biting on his shoulder.

The night is dark.

Although Chu Mochen is satisfied, it is not all cost-free.

His shoulder is bitten hard by Song Yunxuan. A small circle of teeth printing can be seen. It even bleeds a little under the skin.

The next morning, Song Yunxuan is still in deep sleep out of pure fatigue.

Chu Mochen was going to send her back to Yuncheng the same day, but he pushed her too much last night and he cant send her to the airport now.

He takes a bath after getting up, and goes back to bed and kisses her, then gets dressed and leaves the hotel.

The assistant asks, “Childe Chu, is today arranged according to the schedule?”

“No, I’d like to visit the Lu family. Get a car for me.”

The assistant prepares a car for him immediately.

The car drives away from the road outside the hotel.

Song Yunxuan stands in front of the window in Chu Mochen’s large shirt, her white, long thighs are exposed, graceful calf lines charming and seductive.

She watches the car downstairs driving farther and farther away. Her tiring look has been replaced by a hidden sternness and calmness.

The bodyguards who are in charge of watching her shift in advance.

Song Yunxuan sneaks out of the room, goes into the elevator and disappears before the bodyguards are back.

The newspapers on the street are filled with news about Mr. Xiao being critically ill and in hospital. She reads the description of his admission to hospital, and takes a look at the photo of Xiao Luo below the news, then throws the paper in a garbage can silently.

The Huo family has just entered a mess, and the Xiao family internal strife is already about to come to a conclusion. The two uncles of Xiao Luo indeed make their extra living years worthy.

But if the two sons of the Xiao family became heirs instead of Xiao Luo, wouldn’t the Huo family thats behind Xiao Luos two uncles have an alliance with the Xiao family?

By then, if the two families agree to work together, itll be more difficult for her to get benefit.

And if Xiao Luos two uncles are inclined to that stepmother of the Huo family, Huo Ting will be in trouble.

Her visit to Harbor City cant be end without making any connection.

Besides, if Zhang Yufang completely removed Huo Ting from the Huo family, the whole Huo family would belong to Zhang Yufang.

At that time, itll be much easier for Zhang Yufang to get rid of her in Harbor City.

“I don’t want to die in Harbor City.” She pulls the red scarf around her neck up and covers half of her face.

A bus that heads to Hina Hospital just gets in.

Song Yunxuan gets on the bus, pays, and then disappears on the bus that is not so crowded.

After the bus drives away, a man raises his head and places his sight on the bus.

He takes his cell phone out and speaks to the other side, “As you guessed, the lady got on the bus to Hina Hospital.”

“I almost cant wait to see her.” On the other side, a woman’s voice comes through. Shes smiling, yet as calm as a man.

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