Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 171

Chapter 171 The Reliable Eldest Son

Chapter 171: The Reliable Eldest Son

When Song Yunxuan returns to the hotel, Chu Mochen has arrived.

She pauses a moment before steps into the door.

Chu Mochen looks at her with his rheumy eyes, “I didnt expect that youd come back safely.”

Song Yunxuan says quietly, “Just had something to do and I came back right away after I finished. Your bodyguards did not even find out that I left, did they?”

“What if someone found out?” Chu Mochen’s tone of voice is serious and cold.

Song Yunxuan sights and confuses, “Afraid Ill be killed?”

Chu Mochen looks at her with anger. She doesnt know how worried he is about her, worried aboutlosing her.

He feels a bit disappointed.

Noticing that hes angry, Song Yunxuan smiles slightly, “You know I’m not so easy to die, why do you get angry all of a sudden?”

“You…” His voice is lowered and he seems to be hesitating. “Who did you meet?”

Lu Xia said so much to him, just to tell him that Song Yunxuan is the daughter of Xiao family. The Xiaos wants this granddaughter back, asking him not to interfere.

Maybe he can’t anyway.

In this case, the person that Song Yunxuan met should be on the side of Lu Xia.

If she didnt go to see Lu Xia, then, she was most likely to be involved in the shock of Mr. Xiao.

But whatever it was, he felt uneasy from the bottom of his heart.

He stands still, his face is deadpan, his eyes fix on Song Yunxuan, as if he could see through her from her expressions and find out whats in her mind.

But Song Yunxuan’s eyes always seem to hide behind a veiling to prevent him from seeing her through.

When Song Yunxuan sees him staring at her, she understands and asks, “Are you afraid that I went to see somebody?”

Chu Mochen sits on the couch, he frowns and a shallow crease appears in between his eyebrows, “No.”

“Really?” Song Yunxuan walks over, with a pair of eyes that can see through all his thoughts, she squats down, looks at him quietly, “Who? Who makes you this upset if I see him? ”

“No one.” His voice is cold.

Hes sure that Song Yunxuan still doesnt know that she is a daughter of the Xiaos.

Otherwise, she shouldve gone to the Xiao family.

If she knew shes Xiao’s daughter, she would not have returned to him.

With the thought in mind, he makes a fist unconsciously.

Seeing he denied, Song Yunxuan is disappointed, “You must know something important. And its something you dont want me to know, Mochen, what is it? ”

She asks him gently as if she wanted him to open his heart.

But he removes her hand from his, “You think too much. Go to bed early.”

He turns around and leaves.

Song Yunxuan stands behind him, looking at his back, says calmly, “I don’t think I think too much.”

Chu Mochen doesnt turn around, he squints and says nothing.

He wont tell her the truth no matter what.

Should she be told that shes the daughter of the Xiaos, it shall not be him who tells her.

If Lu Xia wants to tell her, then let her do it.

He won’t let Song Yunxuan leave Yuncheng and leave him.

He finallyfinally has her.

Seeing him leaving, Song Yunxuan rises and stops him, “I hope you wont lie to me.”


“I hope you can stop trying to change me or hinder me.”

Chu Mochen seems to be suddenly stabbed by a sword and turns to look at her, “When did I ever hinder you?”

Song Yunxuan looks at him quietly and calmly, “Ask your bodyguards to leave, I am safe.”

Chu Mochen stares at her for a while then nods, “Yeah, you’re safe.”

As long as you are the daughter of Xiao family and protected by them, you’ll of course be safe.

The meeting with Chu Mochen is so unpleasant.

Chu Mochen removes the bodyguards the next morning.

Without the bodyguards, she would still stay in the room.

Everything that should be done has been taken care of, she has paved the path for Zhang Yufang, now she is just waiting to see what will happen to her.

For two days, no one contacted her, even Chu Mochen was too busy to pay attention to her.

She did flower arrangement and knitting to kill time.

Everything looks fine.

But a war between the Huo family and Xiao family is impending.

Huo Qixiong personally visits Xiao family, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang sit in the living room, the house is magnificently decorated like a palace.

The huge television wall is decorated with golden carvings.

Xiao Liang and Xiao Yu both are sitting on the sofa, one skinny and one sturdy.

Huo Qixiong sits on the opposite, looking at Xiao Liang, “I think my wife has a misunderstanding with you two about the matter of Mr. Xiao.”

Xiao Liang smiles, looking kind but his words are harsh, “Although my father wont live long, as his son, we feel happy about every extra hour he lives. Your woman went to remove the ventilator because she wanted to relieve him from the pain?”

Huo Qixiong looks bad, Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying were bumped by the two brothers in the ward, and Mr. Xiao’s ventilator was removed at that time, the old man was almost killed on the spot.

Now hearing his son asking the question, he feels so embarrassed.

But the evidence is conclusive, although knowing that Zhang Yufang could never do such a thing, he has no way to refute it.

Seeing Huo Qixiong remain silent, Xiao Yu says coldly, “If theres nothing else, please leave, this matter is not to be discussed.”

Huo Qixiong frowns, “My wife is not well, I wonder if I youll allow me to bail her out before we find out the truth.”

“Bail her out?” Xiao Liang looks at him, amused, “Mr. Huo, if your father was put in coma by somebody, would you have the killer bail out?”

Huo Qixiong’s eyes droop, filled with ferociousness.

Of course, he wouldnt get the murderer bailed out, instead, he would make sure hes punished.

Xiao Liang seems to see through Huo Qixiong’s mind, takes his smile back and says seriously, “Dont waste your time anymore, we respect you as a senior, so the best we can do is to keep this thing from published before the truth is found out.”

Huo Qixiong’s face turns deadly pale.

Xiao brothers dont want to talk anymore, they send Huo Qixiong out.

Huo Qixiong did not get Xiao brother’s permission, naturally cannot bail Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying out.

Huo Qixiong returns to the car and rubs his temple. The driver in front sees Huo Qixiong rubbing his temple in a tired and painful manner, asks with concern, Master, are you alright?

“Nothing, go back.”

The driver starts the car and adds, “If you dont feel well, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Huo Qixiong rubs the temple, the says, “Go back, I want to see Huo Ting.”

He has only three children, Huo Ting, Huo Jiaying and Huo Jiahui.

Now that his wife and the youngest daughter are in trouble, he does not know how to deal with it, so he wants to discuss with Huo Ting.

It is impossible to discuss this matter with others, and the relationship between the Hou family and the Xiao family is not close, if a conflict happens, itd make the both sides lose, and even turn into a long-term business battle, and eventually make the both families broke.

When he gets back, Huo Ting is waiting for him in the living room. Seeing his father rubbing the temple, he is concerned, “Dad, you’re not feeling well?”

“A little headache.”

“I’ll get you a doctor.” Huo Ting helps him sit down and is going to call a doctor.

Huo Qixiong stops him, “Lets call the doctor later, what do you think we should do about your mom and Jiaying?”

Huo Ting’s face changes slightly.

His father rarely discussed things with him, Zhang Yufang was with him all the time, and she used to be the first one to know everything.

Now, Huo Qixiong thinks of him when Zhang Yufang is not around.

Huo Ting also feels strange about Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying going to the hospital to remove Mr. Xiaos ventilator, but, no matter how strange it is, it is enough to bring Zhang Yufang down forever.

Even if Huo Qixiong can get her out of this thing safely, Zhang Yufang is not likely to have any influence in the upper-class social circle.

And even if shes released, for the sake of the relationship between the two families, Huo Qigang will certainly not let Zhang Yufang hold any position in the Huos Group again.

Huo Ting thinks for a while, then asks Huo Qixiong, “Dad, Xiao family still does not allow us to bail mom and Jiaying out?”

Huo Qixiong nods, “The Xiao brothers will not let us bail them out whatsoever, I really do not know what their problem is and why they are so sure that we did this.”

Huo Ting comforts him, “Dad, just wait for Mr. Xiao to wake up from the coma, then well find out the truth.”

“The old man is in deep coma, and no one knows if he can wake up. We cant afford to wait until he wakes up.”

Huo Ting knows that Mr. Xiao is in a deep coma this time.

“Dad, before he wakes up, the Xiaos doesnt have evidence to prove it, so they wont dare do anything to hurt mom and Xiao Ying.”

Huo Qixiong is getting annoyed, “Although that is said, the Xiaos wont wait for the old man to wake up before urging the police to solve the case, the police have gotten the surveillance video of that time, it shows that your mother and Xiao Ying hurried to the ninth floor of the hospital.”

“Dad, have you asked mom about this?”

Huo Qixiong looks up at him, “It has been two days since the accident, since its a serious case, the police didnt even let me see them, how would I know what happened exactly?”

Huo Ting slightly frowns, but theres smile appearing on his face.

The Police dont allow any visitors to the suspects?

Apparently, someone is interfering.

But who is it?

The Xiao family?

No, no, it would be unnecessary. They wouldnt have to do it in secret if they wanted.

So, if its not the Xiaos, then the Chus?

It is impossible. There are Xiao, Lu and Huo in Gangcheng City, no outsiders can interfere the polices work.

If it isnt Xiao and Chu, who would it be?

He frowns, but Huo Qixiong holds his hand, and says solemnly, “In any case, we can’t conflict with the Xiaos, which is not good for anyone.”

Huo Ting nods, “Although I don’t know why Mom and Xiao Ying went to the hospital, they were absolutely not the ones who harmed Mr. Xiao, there must be someone who wants to provoke the relationship between Xiao and Huo.”

“So, Ting, what are you going to do?” Huo Qixiong looks at his eldest son, with hope in his eyes.

Huo Ting smiles warmly and caringly, “Dad, as long as we can prove to the Xiao brothers that someone is undermining the relationship of Xiao and Huo, the brothers would let us go and even work with us.”

Hearing this, Huo Qixiong suddenly feels at ease, “You are right, Ting, you are so reliable after all.”