Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Pour Fuel On The Fire

Chapter 173: Pour Fuel on The Fire

A loud explosion sets the seaside road in flames.

Far away, the burning smell of the car bursts into the nose.

The long shadow of Xiao Luo is stretched out on the seaside road. He squints his cat-like eyes coldly, “My uncles henchmen just died like this. I may take the blame again.”

There is no one to answer him, only the wind whistles, mixed with the wet and salty sea smell, making the wind even cooler.

Heavy smoke rises at the scene of the car accident.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang’s phones ring at the same time.

But Miss Lu, who is stated to be unhealthy and weak, is playing golf under the sun.

Beside her is a tall man, with blonde hair, fair skin and nice bone structure, and his eyes like the blue ocean that can make people drown in there.

And such eyes are only fixating on Lu Xia.

Lu Xia swings the club, the golf ball is hit out, and she stops to rest.

The blonde hands over a white towel, “Miss Lu, heres your towel.”

“Okay.” Lu Xia takes the towel from the Caucasian assistant and wipes sweat.

The assistant hands a bottle of mineral water to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia opens the new bottle of water and takes a sip, then looks up at him, “George, how is it going?”

George gets close gently and whispers in her ear, “It’s all been taken care of, Miss Lu.”

He literally breathes on her earlobe, she looks at him coldly and frowns, “No one else here, you can speak up.”

“Yes, Miss Lu.”

George nods, smiling gently like a gentleman he is.

Lu Xia puts the towel and the mineral water back on George’s hands and looks at the ball she hit, “Go check if its in the hole.”

George nods and smiles, “With your skills, it certainly is.”

In spite of that, George still goes to check as Lu Xia has ordered.

Lu Xia looks at George’s broad back, and the look on her face slightly changes as if she was thinking of something.

The man, who has been with her for years, is a reliable assistant to her. He trusts her 100% and will do everything for her.

She wants the Xiao family to stand with the Lu family, and George has helped her tie the most crucial link during this great plan.

Now this small car accident will change the entire situation of Harbor City.

She looks forward to the next development, and also looks forward to the response of Song Yunxuan.

She’s going to pave the way for the Lu family.

Even if the Lu family has no young master, she will still protect the Lu family, definitely not let the Lu family fall.

She once promised the young master.

Huo Ting has never been happier.

As long as he can prove that someone is sowing a discord between the Xiao family and the Huo family, the two uncles of the Xiao family will work with the Huo family after getting rid of that bastard.

With the help of the two, he would be the master of the Huo family.

By that time, Zhang Yufang will be out of his way.

He smiles, with eyes looking cold and evil.

Driving past the biggest crossroad of the city, the huge screen of the Yinzuo Plaza is playing a car accident on the seaside road, the host’s voice is masked by noisy traffic, but the subtitles clearly explain the cause of the accident.

“Crashing the window and throwing a petrol bottle into the car?” Huo Ting sneers, “There has been no such accident in Harbor City for several years. This approach is so lame. Its something that the Huo family has abandoned for years.”

The moment the words are out of his mouth, Huo Ting suddenly gets stunned.

His eyes are wide open, and his voice gets nervous too, “Throwing petrol bottle… the Huo family… ”

The Huo family used to pull this trick all the time before it got its name known. When it was unable to get back the usury, the Huo family would give a hard time to the debtors, and many of them even got burned badly.

Even the means of throwing petrol bottle has once become a synonym for the Huo family.

This car accident was done by The Huos?

Huo Ting is even confused.

The green light is on, yet he doesnt move the car for his mind is occupied, the driver behind him honks crazily to urge him to go.

Huo Ting drives forward, but his heart is not in peace anymore because of the news he just saw.

He feels restless.

When he arrives at Hina hospital, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang are not there, Mr. Xiao is still in a coma and there is no sign of waking up.

He stands still in the hospital corridor, and a bodyguard of the Xiao brothers asks him, “Mr. Huo, the two masters may not be back for a while. Would you still like to wait?”

Huo Ting thinks that he has to explain to the Xiao brothers in person, so he nods when asked by the bodyguard, “I’ll wait.”

The bodyguard leaves since he insists.

He suddenly asks, “Did they go to the company? If they did, I can go and meet them there. ”

The bodyguard shakes his head, “My colleagues had a car accident. They went to the seaside road.”

Huo Tings face gets stiff, “The seaside… road… ”

So, the people in the car accident on the seaside road are related to the Xiao family?

His heart sinks and he starts heading out.

The bodyguard behind him is slightly stunned, “Mr. Huo, you wont wait anymore?”

“I’ll go find them.”

He has to find them. If he doesnt find Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, the Xiao family will doubt that Huo family is behind the car accident.

With his eyebrows knitted, Huo Ting thinks that the Huo family has no reason to harm the bodyguards of the Xiao family.

Even if the two brothers think its the Huo family who did it, he may let them think about why the Huo family would do it.

The Huo family will not harm the Xiao familys bodyguards for no reason, unless someone wants to use it to aggravate the conflict between the Xiao family and the Huo family, and make the two families become enemies eventually.

“Maybe,” he smiles, “this incident will help our family to be above suspicion.”

Whoever caused the car accident will be the mastermind of the whole thing.

Zhang Yufang has been detained for three days.

Huo Jiaying feels so miserable, she holds Zhang Yufangs hands and asks in crying, “Why hasnt Dad come to bail us out?”

“Maybe the Xiao family doesnt allow your father to bail us out.” Zhang Yufang has strong hatred in her eyes.

Zhang Yufang has lived in Harbor City for many years, and she has never been in detention, let alone being detained for no reason.

She thought she had got something on Huo Ting, but she didnt expect to go for wool and come home shorn, and ends up involving in such a mess.

And unfortunately, this mess is related to the Xiao family.

If the Huo family is determined to bail them out, it will be most likely that the Huo family has offended the Xiao family openly.

But if the Huo family ignores her and her daughter, they will have to bear the bad reputation of abandoning wife and daughter.

“Who puts us in this situation?”

Zhang Yufang grits her teeth, wishing to kill the one who set the trap.

The door is lightly knocked.

Huo Jiaying looks up with her hands still holding her moms.

A policewoman comes in and calls, “Zhang Yufang, youve got a visitor.”

Zhang Yufang gets excited, holding Huo Jiaying’s hands, “It must be your father to come to see us. He wont ignore us.”

Zhang Yufang calms herself before going out with the police.

But when the door of the visiting room opens, Zhang Yufangs pitiful look suddenly changes, “Who are you?”

The teenager wears a baseball cap. He takes it off and raises his innocent and handsome face so that Zhang Yufang can recognize him, “Aunt Huo, don’t you recognize me? I’m Xiao Luo. ”

With her eyebrows twisted, Zhang Yufang obviously does not understand what Xiao Luo is doing here.

She of course has seen Xiao Luo before, but she never paid much attention to this orphan.

It is impossible for him to fight against his two uncles anyway. She thought it was unnecessary to get to know such a loser.

Since she cant benefit from him, she will naturally not care to remember him.

Xiao Luo sees her contempt and confusion, puts the baseball cap on the table, puts his hands together, stops smiling, and says seriously, “It was not my intention to come here to see you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yufang asks, “Your uncles asked you to come?”

Xiao Luo shakes his head, “No.”

“Then who?”

Xiao Luo raises his eyes, no longer smiling, but with a strange look, “It is my grandfather.”

“Isn’t your grandfather in a coma at Hina Hospital?”

Since Mr. Xiao is unconscious, how can he send his grandson to see her?

The boy is obviously lying.

Zhang Yufang has no interest in talking to Xiao Luo.

But Xiao Luo smiles and opens his mouth in a candid voice, “Auntie Huo, I know that you did not mean to harm my grandfather, and that’s why I come here to help you.”

Zhang Yufang is ready to leave, hearing this, she stops and turns around.

If Xiao Luo really knows who set her up, she will be able to leave here.

And it will avoid the conflict between the Huo family and the Xiao family.

Xiao Luo, seeing her hesitating, smiles and asks her, “Dont you want to sit down and talk to me? Grandpa wants me to be protected. I’m here to see you. I think it’s necessary. ”

Zhang Yufang looks at him for a moment and seems to be examining whether what he said is true or not.

“Auntie Huo, Xiao Luo continues, I came here dodging the bodyguards of my two uncles. I cant tell you who set you up if you dont come over.”

Zhang Yufang has many suspects in her mind, but shes not sure who it really is.

Xiao Luo seems to know that she has too many enemies to lock up one, he sits down quietly and waits for her, “Auntie Huo, don’t worry too much, I’m your friend and we share the same enemy.”