Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Play Hard

Chapter 180: Play Hard

St. Mary’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, Harbor City.

Chu Mochen frowns and looks at the examination results with no obvious expression on his face.

Song Yunxuan touches her belly saying in relief, “I told you it was just stomachache, you just didnt believe me.”

Although she says so, Song Yunxuans hand still pauses for a moment on her belly.

Her period is late.

But the examination only shows that her stomach is upset.

She really is skeptical about the results of the examination.

Chu Mochen accompanies her to leave the hospital.

When Song Yunxuan is out of the hospital door, she sees a woman in red dress entering the hospital.

The woman is tall and graceful, her hair is short and shiny, it can be seen from the side that one of her hands is wearing a black leather glove.

She pauses a little.

Chu Mochen looks over and only sees the profile of the woman.

“Someone you know?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head, “No.”

She doesnt know that woman, but she does look familiar.

Song Yunxuan leaves the hospital together with Chu Mochen, who drives car, and Song Yunxuan sits on the co-drivers seat, looking out of the window at the street view.

She thought theyd get back to Yuncheng in time for the New Year, but it looks like theyll have to spend New Years Eve in Harbor City now.

Speaking of the New Year’s Eve, she feels a little sad.

Looking at the faces of the children who come out with their parents on the street, she cant help thinking of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

She feels pain in the heart.

The first New Year’s Eve without their mother.

Would Miaomiao miss mom?

As her brother, how would Gu Yi comfort his little sister?

Miaomiao is a good kid, but without her mother, shell still cry since she misses mom too much.

She clenches her fists, staring out at the street.

“If only… I could be with them.”

If only, I could be with Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

They are her children, the ones she loves the most.

Her eyes are dark and her face is calm and serious.

Chu Mochen hears her sigh, and he looks at her while waiting for the lights.

Song Yunxuan doesnt notice that Chu Mochen is looking at her, still staring at the outside.

After the light changes, the scene out of the window retreats rapidly.

Song Yunxuan remains quiet and silent.

Chu Mochen takes her back to the hotel and sends her to rest.

The medicines are in a plastic bag, and Song Yunxuan needs to take the medicine after going back to her room.

But Chu Mochen puts her stomach medicine aside, “Do not take this medicine.”

“Ill vomit again if I dont take it.” Song Yunxuan takes the medicine back.

She pours some water and swallows the pill.

Chu Mochen pulls her into his arms and asks her softly, “Have you got your period?”

Song Yunxuan lies without even blinking an eye, “I have.”

Chu Mochen raises his eyebrows and asks in doubt, “Really?”

She insists as if she didnt tell a lie, “Really.”

“Dont you lie to me!”

Im not.”

Her hesitation is extremely short.

Chu Mochen kisses on her cheek, “In that case, this afternoon…”

His hand is groping up from her waist.

Song Yunxuan stops him, shes a little shy, “I am not comfortable, stop it.”

“So youll go back to Yuncheng with me for the New Year?”

Song Yunxuan thinks about it, and then removes her hand.

With the intimate relationship between Chu Mochen and her, its only natural for her to spend the New Year with his family.

But she cares about the situation of Harbor City too much. If anything unexpected happens during the holidays, her previous efforts will be in vain.

She doesnt want things to be out of her control.

That is a sign of failure.

Theres no failure in Gu Changges dictionary.

Even if Shao Tianze was the only failure in her life, she will not let it happen again.

Chu Mochen puts her on the white and soft bed, her beautiful black hair spreads, her skin is soft, and her black eyes are looking at him, charming and alluring.

Chu Mochens lips are approaching to her.

Her delicate lips are like cherry, the sensation of touch sets him on fire.

Chu Mochens hand slowly moves up from her lower waist, as dexterous as a snake, making her tremble.

He presses his lips against hers, as if to suck away all her sweetness.

He groans.

His hand is moving up to her neck.

He gently kisses her neck.

Song Yunxuan suddenly frowns.

Chu Mochen wants to continue.

Song Yunxuan suddenly moans in discomfort, then pushes him away and rushes into the bathroom.

Her vomiting noise is heard.

Chu Mochen sits on the bed, looking at the bathroom door.

The nausea is really coming in a bad time.

Lu Xia wears black goatskin gloves.

The accurate diagnosis of a patient is shown on the examination result sheet.

In the case column, it is clearly written six weeks of pregnancy.

George is talking to the attending doctor, Lu Xia looks at the examination result and raises her eyebrows.

Cant believe that Chu Mochen has got such a good opportunity and reason to keep Song Yunxuan.

But what’s the point?

She folds the paper, places it in the shredder, and lets it go gently.

The paper enters the shredder and turns into tatters instantly.

George, hearing the work of the shredder, turns to look at her. Hes not surprised to see that the paper has been shredded.

The doctor walks up to talk to Lu Xia, “Miss Lu, the patient is six weeks pregnant.”

“I know.”

The doctor says with concern, “But the medicine that Miss Lu asked me to give to the patient…”

Lu Xiaotang glances at him and starts heading out, “Don’t worry, it’s just normal antiemetic. I just want her to stay in Harbor City, I wont hurt her baby.”

But for the time being, Chu Mochen cannot know that Song Yunxuan is pregnant with his child.

It would be much harder to take her away if Chu Mochen knew that she is pregnant.

She walks out of the doctor’s clinic and goes to the elevator.

George follows her, presses the button for her when she goes into the elevator.

The elevator door opens, and there is no one inside.

Lu Xia enters the elevator without hesitation.

Theres a slight change in George’s eyes before he steps in the elevator.

Its a small space in the elevator. The map of the entire building is on the elevator wall.

Lu Xia eyes forward.

George is looking at Lu Xia, “How long can the news of Song Yunxuan’s pregnancy be hidden?”

“Until Mr. Xiao wakes up.”

As long as Mr. Xiao wakes up, they can take Song Yunxuan away from Chu Mochen with a proper reason.

Even if Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang dont admit that Song Yunxuan is the daughter of the Xiao family, when Mr. Xiao wakes up and a paternity test is done, they can no longer deny it.

And Chu Mochen cannot prevent her from getting together with her grandpa.

As long as Song Yunxuan wants to go back to the Xiao family, she can easily do it.

In addition, Mr. Xiao needs such a granddaughter to be in charge.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, its getting cloudy.

The wind in Harbor City has also become moist and cold.

Huo Ting watches the weather forecast before he goes out, and the servant brings him a coat and says, “It says that there is snow tonight, stay warm, young master.”

Huo Ting nods and takes the coat before getting on the car.

The car is away from the Huo’s house, Huo Tings Bentley attracts a lot of attention.

As the car travels two kilometers away from the Huo’s mansion, a red Maserati drives by fast across the street.

Huo Tings face is gloomy.

Almost at the same time.

A loud bump noise is heard from behind.

Its seen from reflection of the rear mirror of the Bentley that the Red Maserati gets out of control and turns upside down after a sudden slip.

The scene of the accident is a mess.

Land Rover that collides with the red Maserati is quite solid though.

Even though Maserati is upside down, the Land Rover only turns to a different direction.

The Bentley slows down, Huo Ting orders, “Call an ambulance.”

The driver brakes and dials the phone right away.

The whistle of the ambulance siren soon is heard in this wealthy neighborhood, in the Maserati, two identical women are trapped.

The traffic police and the ambulance are rushing over.

The door cannot be opened because of deformation, and the glass of the windshield is broken but the two trapped women still cant be rescued.

Someone sees the face of one of the women and shouts out, “It’s Huo Jiahui! She is the movie star who just returned to the screen! ”

“Her face is so badly injured.”

The medical worker says in concern, “I’m afraid shell be disfigured.”

The police force and medical staff are busy with rescuing.

The woman in a coma and with a severe scratch on her face is sitting on the co-drivers seat.

But the woman on the driver’s seat is only caught in the leg, her forehead is injured, the blood blurs her face, her eyes are wide open, seeing the medical staff, she reaches out her arm and moans, struggling to say something.

“Call my dad…”

The door is opened and the police in charge of the rescue comforts her, “We have informed your family.”

“Tell my father…”

“Don’t worry, Miss Huo, your family is on the way.”

The woman starts losing her consciousness.

At this moment, a luxury Bentley is tearing along over.

The car stops, and a man in a suit comes out of the car with a great deal of anxiety, and strides toward her.

Huo Jiaying’s in shock.

The paramedics cant get her out of the car for a while, but the man comes and asks, “Are you okay? Xiaoying? ”

Huo Jiaying seems to have been stung by a scorpion, her heart sinks, “Huo Ting…”

The man nods, the cold cruelty can be seen in his seemingly concerned eyes.