Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Splendid Fireworks

Chapter 182 Splendid Fireworks

Song Yunxuan was shocked by the big characters on the invitation.

However, after a while, she raised her lips, “It seems that they just invited you only.”

Chu Mochen did not mind at all, “It’s okay to carry a family member.”

Song Yunxuan closed the invitation and looked at the cover, “The taste of Xiao Family is high-end. Even the people who designed invitations are big names.”

“They have the entertainment company and the jewelry design branch. Its not unusual to design excellent invitations.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and looked at the invitation. She recalled the content on the letter, “Their grandfather is still unconscious in the hospital. Is it a good time for Xiao Family to hold such an obtrusive party?”

The content on the invitation truly surprised Song Yunxuan.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang of Xiao Family claimed that the purpose of the dinner to be held one week later was to introduce the young master to friends and relatives. They had invited many tycoons in Habor City.

But she thought that was just a cover or a trap.

She didn’t think that the two uncles who had been competing against Xiao Luo would be warm-hearted to introduce their nephew to the public so that everyone could know that Xiao Luo would be the future master of Xiao Family.

She knew very well in her heart that the dinner of Xiao Family was tricky.

However, she did not expect that Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang could hardly retain their composure and hold such a tricky dinner.

She placed the invitation aside, turned to look at Chu Mochen, and gave him an elegant and cheerful smile, “Thanks for taking me to see the big world of Xiao Family.”

Chu Mochen squinted at her, with his eyes deep as the sea, “You will go by yourself if I don’t take you.”

Song Yunxuan laughed and thought that this man knew her very well.

Indeed, even if Chu Mochen would not take her, she would have a way to go.

However, she was happier when she got the invitation from Chu Mochen.

While driving, Chu Mochen accidentally glanced at Song Yunxuan and found that she was staring at his face. Suddenly the eyes tightened slightly, “What?”


“But why you stared at me?”

“I heard that the fireworks at this festival evening would rise in your direction.”

Chu Mo’s eyebrows calmed, “That can only be seen at night, and it is still daytime.”

He was surprised that she remembered the direction where the fireworks rose, and it seemed that she especially liked fireworks.

He thought it was perfunctory that people like her said they loved fireworks, but she was genuinely interested.

After driving back to the hotel, Chu Mochen just packed up his luggage and went to the bedroom to wake up Song Yunxuan.

After eating lunch, Song Yunxuan was tired and sleepy and lay down to rest. Wrapped in the quilt, she was awakened from the deep sleep when Chu Mochen pushed her shoulders.

She opened her eyes in confusion and saw Chu Mochen sitting on the edge of the bed with a suitcase at his feet. He looked at her with eyebrows twisted, “Really to return to Yuncheng?”

The night before, he said that he would go back to Yuncheng this Spring Festival.

She had thought that he just talked about and did not expect that he packed his luggage as if he had been going to leave for Yuncheng overnight.

She slept a little tired, propped up, and looked at him tiredly, “If you go back now, it is already in the early morning when you arrive in Yuncheng.”

Moreover, when she was just woken up, she was still very uncomfortable. She didn’t know why the physical condition these days became very bad.

Seeing that she was uncomfortable, Chu Mochen reached out and took her in his arms and smoothed her hair, “You don’t want to go back to Yuncheng?”

“I feel exhausted.” She did not have a home in Yuncheng.

Such a festival, when warmth could only be felt from the reunion of the family, made her feel at a loss.

Where was she going to return?

Could she go back to Song Family to fight with these greedy and hypocritical people?

Or could she return to Gu Family to look at her son and daughter anyway?

There seemed to be two homes in her heart, but now both two homes were not her home.

She was Song Yunxuan, who could not return to Gu Family.

The Song family, however, she seemed not to need to go back at this time.

She leaned in the arms of Chu Mochen, gently reached out, hugged his waist, put her face on his chest, and sullenly said, “You woke me up when I was sleeping, which made me feel tired.

“Then we will not return to Yuncheng.”

Chu Mochen held Song Yunxuan’s hands.

She was in a daze and looked up at Chu Mochen’s face, “Is there a rule in Chu Family?”

Chu Family, the big family of hundreds of years, indeed had rules.

Chu Mochen laid his lips on her soft and smooth hair, and his warm voice asked her something meaningless, “What rules?”

Song Yunxuan leaned in his arms with eyes closed, “Is it not a rule that you should reunite with your parents every Spring Festival?”

After that, she also teased him, “Maybe they will invite friends to eat together and bring beautiful girls to let you see more.”

Marriage in the upper circle was full of interest. The elders always had a chance to arrange a blind date.

Not only Chu Mochen had met with rich young ladies who wanted to marry him.

But also Gu Changge had met many young and rich gentlemen who wanted to marry her at the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Unfortunately, those gentlemen who wanted to marry her lost the courage to contact her later after a seemingly smooth opening.

In the past, Chu Mochen had also invited her to have dinner together as her fiance since their childhood.

After receiving luxury gifts, Gu Changge would sit next to Chu Mochen and eat food silently. She built an intangible thick wall between Chu Mochen and those rich and young ladies eager to marry him.

She made them feel that they could not touch Chu Mochen even if they reached out their hands.

Recalling of childhood, Chu Mochen also felt a bit annoyed, “I remember when I was seven years old, I saw Uncle Xu’s eldest daughter at dinner.”

Song Yunxuan did not speak, but she heard a little bit about this Uncle Xu’s eldest daughter.

She lived next door to Chu Family when she was a child. The relationship between her elders and those of Chu Family was also very close, and Chu Mochen’s mother seemed to like this Miss Xu.

Unfortunately, Chu Mochens father intended to let Chu Mochen marry Gu Changge. Such being the case, Miss Xu went abroad to pursue higher piano playing skills.

Song Yunxuan leaned against the chest of Chu Mochen and felt that the fate was unexpectable.

There were so many excellent women around Chu Mochen who rushed to fall in love with and marry him.

However, he was still living a bachelor’s life.

This man had been unable to forget Gu Changge for so many years.

Otherwise, why had he been alone and lonely till then?

She obediently leaned in his arms. Her eyes were quiet and gentle as if there had been still water and a little bit of light flowing in her eyes.

Embracing her, Chu Mochen squinted at the luggage on the floor, “You have recently been weak, and it is not appropriate to rush back to Yuncheng overnight. However, its not suitable to live in Haijing Hotel on New Year Eve.”

Well, it might not be inappropriate, but it was unromantic.

She lifted her eyelashes and pulled a gentle smile at her lips, “Where are you going to take me?”

His lips approached her ears and gently uttered, “Yangshan.”

In Yangshan, Habor City, there were several villas, which were mostly real estates owned by rich people.

Although Yangshan was remote, its environment was surprisingly good. It was surrounded by fresh green plants, hot springs on the mountains, and the paths leading to Yangshan Villa were like snakes, with a feeling of entering the jungle wonderland.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen drove to Yangshan. Song Yunxuan was lazy all the way.

Beside her, Chu Mochen’s big hands wrapped around her slender waist, letting her head rest in his arms.

Chu Mochen was not exhausted at all, and the jade-like pupils were sober all the way.

It was already late when they arrived at Yangshan.

The afterglow of the setting sun was submerged by the darkness. Yangshan was shrouded in a faint afterglow. Several attics of unique and exquisite villas on the hillside appeared.

At first glance, it was like seeing the palace hidden in the jungle.

The car turned, and suddenly, a bright light flashed over the mountains, like a shining star that suddenly rose.

Disturbed by the sound of the bright light, Song Yunxuan twisted her eyebrows and opened her eyes to look out the window.

The car was still driving. In the sky above Yangshan, fireworks bright as shining stars rushed into the night sky.

After rushing into the night sky, the bright fireworks exploded as magnificently as they could.

The sky was like a black curtain, and the curtain was full of splendid fireworks.

The entire Yangshan seemed to be illuminated by the gorgeous fireworks. The colorful light fell like meteors from the sky, and then gradually disappeared.

Song Yunxuan looked at the window with her eyes wide open. The entire car was flickering with the fireworks.

Song Yunxuan’s face was also shrouded in this layer of light.

Her eyes sparkled, looking at the beautiful sky and the booming fireworks. Her stunning appearance showed childish curiosity.

Chu Mochen saw that she was staring at the fireworks in the sky and could not return to normal for a while.

“Do you like it?”

Song Yunxuan was enthralled.

Behind her, Chu Mochen clasped her waist and placed his broad and warm chest on her back.

The colorful fireworks in the sky reflected in her eyes. Song Yunxuan raised her lips slightly and replied from the bottom of her hear, “I like it.”

Her voice was quietly conveyed to his ears.

Chu Mochen couldn’t help but kissed her earlobe.

Song Yunxuan’s hands also gently covered his big hands on her waist.

Her tender fingers were interlocked with the big palm of Chu Mochen. His warmth upstreamed from her fingers, against the blood, gradually pouring into her cold heart.

Her heart steadily beat.

Song Yunxuan looked at the sky, watched the splendid fireworks gradually calm down, and intended to turn back to talk to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen reminded her with a strong and enchanting voice, “Not end yet.”

Were there more fireworks?

Song Yunxuan wondered.

It was just at this time that a long whistle with a tail in the sky entered her ears.

She followed the sound and saw a cluster of bright fireworks with tails rushing into the sky.

This cluster of fireworks rose to the highest level as if to rush into heaven beyond the sky, reaching the highest point, so that everyone looked up at it.

After the flame reached high, it suddenly exploded like the pear flowers countless stars scattered in the sky, forming into a row of words.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes slowly bent, and she raised a smile.

However, the smile that reflected the fireworks disappeared swiftly before full blooming.

The warmth in her eyes also cooled in an instant.