Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Sham With Sincerity

Chapter 184 Sham with Sincerity

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to click the phone.

Chu Mochen looked away, with darkened eyes.

Noticing those, Song Yunxuan hesitated to press the call button.

However, despite her concern, she still moved on. It seemed she had never cared.

The call was answered. It was the boy with a familiar voice that Song Yunxuan had seen the other day.

“Is that Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan gently replied, “It is me.”

The voice coming over there was a little cautious, “Yunxuan, did you have fun on New Year’s Eve?”

The night just fell, and New Years Eve was just the beginning.

Everyone should be very happy on this national holiday celebration. There were relatives, friends beside them. They could spend together, watching TV programs, chatting and recalling the past. They could talk about the things they had experienced these years and the current situation they had heard their friends.

Many people, even if they were usually unhappy, would be happy when they were driven by the festive atmosphere on New Year’s Eve.

However, the teenager who spoke there did not bring her such a happy feeling.

She asked him tenderly, “Whats up?”

She hadnt met Xiao Luo for a few days. In this national holiday, Xiao Luo called her. He should not simply want to send her regard or ask her if she was happy.


“Would you like to come over and spend the holiday with me?”

The teenager who spoke over there stopped silently, and it became silent suddenly.

Song Yunxuans words were sincere from the heart, while Chu Mochen watched her slantingly.

In such a good atmosphere, no one would be willing to accept the fact that his woman received the call from another man.

Not to let others get in.

When he reached out his hand, Song Yunxuan turned around cleverly and escaped from taking away her mobile phone.

Xiao Luo over there did not say anything. She had her way and smiled. She said gently, “Come here. I am waiting for you in the villa area of Yangshan.”

With a sudden stretch, Song Yunxuan ended the call immediately before Chu Mochen took the phone away. Then she looked up at him and said, “You will agree to let Loki come over, right?”

“He is Xiao Luo.”

Chu Mochens eyes were fixed on her eyes.

He didnt think that Song Yunxuan would simply call this boy to celebrate New Year’s Eve without any purpose. “Don’t you call him because he is Xiao Luo?”

Xiao Luo was the young master of Xiao family. He would reverse the predicament and have an immeasurable future with ones support, although he seemed to be treated unfairly now.

Song Yunxuan had so delicate and deep minds that she must have thought of it.

She was connected with Xiao Luo now, with a certain purpose.

Song Yunxuan seemed to know what he was thinking, calmly bending her lips and admitting, “Yes, because he is Xiao Luo, I called him.

“If he finds that you make use of him, he will hate you.”

Song Yunxuan turned her head and looked through the window. Her eyes were deeper and deeper, “He has the right to hate me.”

However, no matter who hated anyone, it was inevitable that they would take advantage of others or be taken by others.

That was the rule in the world.

Everyone was filled with the minds of fraud. If I didn’t use Xiao Luo, there was someone else.

Since Xiao Luo must be used by someone, why not let me do it?

She just wanted to tell Xiao Luo that if he wanted to live in this world safely, he must step on others, or at least act more cruelly than those who wanted to harm him.

They would not let you go and hunt you down even if you made a concession or wanted to get away from them. Instead, they would destroy you.

Xiao Luo probably would understand her.

She coveted and covered her look.

Although the Yangshan Villa was called the Yangshan Villa District, the distance between each villa was very far. Even some villas occupied a small hill.

For example, the villas bought by Chu Mochen, included the three hills around them.

Upon entering the villa’s large ironing gate, the fountain still working at midnight came into sight.

The villa building was magnificent. There were lights shining out from the tall main building, reaching the fountain. The water sprayed from the fountain was just like the silver sand.

Next to the villa were two slightly shorter buildings, one of which was made entirely of tempered glass, like a greenhouse, but without flower.

She looked over and wanted to know what was there.

However, Chu Mochen opened the door and extended his hand to her.

Curling her lips and placing her hand on his hand, she steadily came down from the car.

It was night though, everything looked perfect and brilliant.

She didn’t feel shocked because the villas of Gu family in Paris were no worse than this.

What interested her was the reason why Chu Mochen had been living in the hotel instead of such a villa in Yangshan in Harbor City.

She had those doubts in mind, but she did not say anything to him.

Just walking along the door with Chu Mochen, she faintly said, “Loki does not know the way here. You should probably send someone to lead him.”

“I thought you would welcome him in person.”

Song Yunxuan slightly looked up at him, with her clear eyes, “you want me to do that?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes were slightly stunned.

He could be tolerant of women, but definitely not in this situation.

His lips became straight and his eyes sharp and dark.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I know you won’t let me go, so I suggest you send someone to pick him up.”

Chu Mochen stepped forward the door of the villa with no word. His long figure disappeared quickly.

Xiao Luo came over after half an hour. When he saw Song Yunxuan, there was a simple joy in his eyes.


He walked straightly to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan stood up from the sofa but did not go over.

Chu Mochen beside her was drinking some coffee. He slightly raised his eyes, and saw Xiao Luo enter the door. His gaze met Xiao Luos for a split second.

Xiao Luos steps obviously slowed down. He immediately became lost and cautious when he saw that Chu Mochen was there.

“I dont know Mr. Chu is also here.”

“From the relationship, you should call me uncle.”


Xiao Luo winced, but with sneers in his heart.

Wasnt it ridiculous that he liked Yunxuan when he was old enough to be her uncle?

Yunxuan was only 18 years old.

But he wanted Yunxuan to be with him.

Whats fun to be with this man for Yunxuan?

Song Yunxuan saw him standing, she smiled gently and calmly, “Help yourself to be seated. They are still preparing for New Year’s Eve. Im going to make tea for you.”

Xiao Luo felt flattered and said immediately, “Thanks very much, but Im ok.”

Chu Mochen faintly glanced at him and then he looked at the Song Yunxuan who wanted the servant to go for the tea, “Dont you want to eat the Fo Tiao Qiang (Steamed Abalone with Sharks Fin and Fish Maw)? It is almost ready. You can go and see.”

Song Yunxuan was not very interested in the Fo Tiao Qiang, but Chu Mochen was deliberately saying this. She knew that Chu Mochen wanted to distract her.

She did not want to leave. Chu Mochen saw her minds, and immediately stood up, “Then I will go with you to see. Tangxin, go to see if the tea is ready.”

The maid in the Harbor City next to Chu Mochen was lovely and beautiful with her long coral hair put into a ball. Hearing the instructions of Chu Mochen, she immediately went for the tea.

Xiao Luo was suddenly left alone in the living room.

Song Yunxuan looked coldly at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen did not look at her at all, but to grab her hand and go to the kitchen.

Song Yunxuan looked back at Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo stared at her and saw her face with no anger or dissatisfaction. Then, along Song Yunxuans arms, his eyes fell on her hand in the Chu Mochens.

There was a dim light flashing through in the eyes of Xiao Luo. His eyes were blocked by his hair, through which we could see nothing.

However, it could hardly be seen.

Xiao Luo was bending his fingers, and his palm was hurt by the nails.

Song Yunxuan went to the kitchen with Chu Mochen. Two Feilipino maids who were cooking saw Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan came in together. First, they sneaked and then nodded and went out.

Song Yunxuan turned and looked at Chu Mochen, “is it ok if you treat Loki like this?”

“I feel very uncomfortable when you are so good to him.”

“What? Don’t you know that I am using him?”

She leaned back against the cupboard. Now she was surrounded by Chu Mochen. Closer and closer, on her ear, the voice was heavy, “You can only be good for me.”

“I am using him.”

“You are also using me.”

Song Yunxuan straightened up her lips.

She couldnt deny that she was indeed using Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen was like a towering ancient tree, with a twisted knot, to be a single forest.

And she was just a vine.

A vine that must be wrapped around Chu Mochen could squat up and eventually broke through the vines of the sky.

Although she was a vine, she must be a giant vine, which was able to produce the most beautiful flowers, and could hang all who want to pull her down from the sky.

Song Yunxuans eyes quietly looked at him, Whether its being used, you have to compete for a high or low level?

“Humans strive for vindication, while Buddha strives for a pillar of incense.”

“I have promised to go back to Yuncheng with you.”

“So, no matter what happens, you have to go back to Yuncheng with me.”

Song Yunxuans eyes changed slightly, and she looked at Chu Mochen by side.

Chu Mochen raises his hand and gently presses her back of the head to prevent her from seeing his face, “You promise me.”

“I promise you.”

“Dont you need some time to think about it?”

Song Yunxuan stretched out her hands and hugged Chu Mochens waist, putting her face on Chus arm. The voice was soft but convincing, “The answer that is said without thinking is the sincerest answer. If I have to think it over, maybe I just trick on you.”

Chu Mochens eyebrows squinted, and then he held her in his arms.

Chu Mochen inserted his finger into Song Yunxuans smooth hair which touched like silk. There were some special feelings rising from his heart.

Song Yunxuan was held by him and she was not struggling.

Chu Mochen had known her, a little bit. Maybe it would not be a long time before he knew her completely.

Took advantage of someone else?

She would definitely do it.

However, she often made use of others and would gradually pay her heart. She was not a person who would use others ruthlessly.

The relationship between them was the best proof.

It was hard to be sure that she would not have feeling for Xiao Luo.

She hugged his wide back, with fingers slightly curved, wrinkling his clothes.

There was a quiet seam in the kitchen door.

With the lines of sight falling on those slightly bent fingers, Xiao Luo’s eyes became extremely cold.