Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Xiao Luo Got Injured

Chapter 187 Xiao Luo Got Injured

The Black Dragon Street had attained a little escape. And people in various trades were spreading and breeding in those dim corners in Harbor City.

But residents who lived in the Black Dragon Street of Harbor had a higher power structure above those rascals.

These people were more or less related to the merchandising conglomerates in Harbor City. And the second and third kids of the Xiao family might be old acquaintances with people in the Black Dragon Street.

It seemed that Xiao Luo didn’t know those people in Black Dragon Street. Since he didn’t know them, why did he go there?

She was confused, staring at somewhere and taking no actions. She’d got a cool and quiet face.

No matter what Xiao Luo did there, it was essential to ensure his security until the day the Xiao family hosted the dinner.

Only when that day came, the true confrontation would start, and maybe that would be the last confrontation between them.

So, before that Xiao Luo could not involve in any accident.

Putting down her mobile phone, she instantly reached for her cashmere coat.

It was very cold at night, even though this day was the New Year’s Eve.

She dressed thinly, but it was too late to wear thick clothes.

Xiao Luo was in the Black Dragon Street. Arriving one step late might cause unimaginable consequences.

She must get there as fast as possible.

She held mobile phones in her hand, with her eyes settled for a while. She went to the wardrobe to get a coat.

Chu Mochen was about to come out after washing his face when she left. It seemed that he washed his face with cold water. The drops still pasted on his frizzle on his forehead.

“Where would you go?”

“I have got some affairs to handle. I must show up there.

“Take you out.”

The three words he said were so simple.

Chu Mochen took out a coat from the wardrobe, but Song Yunxuan was in a daze because of his words.

She did not figure out why Chu Mochen wanted to pick her up without asking anything.

She stood still, waiting for him to put on his coat.

Putting on his coat, Chu Mochen walked to her.

Song Yunxuan gazed at him and had nothing to say. If he found out that the reason, she went to Black Dragon Street was to find Xiao Luo, would he get angry?

She considered a lot at that moment. It was difficult for her to handle such completed staff.

However, that was just a moment.

Her mind rotated quickly, flew into the lightening.

But her action was soft and sound. She raised her hand to make up Chu Mochen’s collar and said, “I will compensate you some other day.”

She stood on her tiptoe, rubbed his lip gently. Her fond tenderness made Chu Mochen become softhearted.

The outside was dark.

The fireworks finished, and everything turned to be silent.

Chu Mochen helped her to buckle up after he got in the car, “Where would you wanna go?”

“Black Dragon Street.”

Chu Mochen lifted his eyes. There was a little surprise in his obsidian eyes.

Son Yunxuan knew it was complex, she explained softly, A young girl just called me, saying that Xiao Luo met with a mishap at the street.”

Chu Mochen thought a little while, then backed his hand, held the steering wheel and engined the car.

The car started, dashed forward the highway steadily like a shuttle.

The road to go downhill was spiral, but it was quick to speed up to the high speed.

There was no one on the road, not to mention cars.

Song Yunxuan backed her sight from the outside of the window.

Since there was no one outside, it was clear Zhang Yufang was not here.

She might already run away or have been picked up by someone else.

She chuckled and her eye base got cold.

The affairs in the Huo family had temporarily come to an end, but there was a lot to prepare for the highlight in the Xiao family.

Besides, it was tough to do preparation. Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang always handed in these things, bothered her a lot.

Driving for around forty minutes, they arrived at the Black Dragon Street. This place was quite different from others. The fireworks which were not allowed to set in other places could shoot off willfully here.

Even if it was a deep night, there were youngsters walking under the display of fireworks. There were fireworks blooming in the sky sometimes.

It was gorgeous like it was rainbow raining

A woman dressing in a white fur and black miniskirt greasily clinging to a man whose arm has a tattoo left in the chilly night.

Chu Mochen used to think that Song Yunxuan might be scared of these people.

However, Song Yunxuan was in abnormality dispassion when she saw them as if she had already known a lot about them.

“Loki is not here. Where are they?”

She took out her mobile phone and dialed the call she received just now.

The call was quickly put through by the woman who might cry by saying any words. She seemed to see life-saving straws, saying in a rush, Have you got here? Where are you? Come here to save Loki!”

“Where are you?”

“In an alley back of the street, a woman took us in.”

The man just now sharply told the address to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan knew little about the backstreet of the Black Dragon Street. She swiveled her head saying to Chu Mochen, Let’s go to the backstreet.”

Chu Mochen got in the car with her.

Before hanging up, Song Yunxuan heard Loki saying in a deep and eager voice, Tell her I’m fine. Do not ask her to come here…I’m fine…”

Xiao Dao cried, You are not fine at all. You will die if you bleed constantly.”

“No matter who they are, we desperately need a person to send us to the hospital.”

“She will be involved.”

“But except her, will anyone else come here to save you?”

The whispers passed over, mixed with the sizzling sound in line.

Song Yunxuan was tranquil and cold.

Chu Mochen started the car. Song Yunxuan’s fingers were tapping on the phone screen. Her fingers were lightsome like elves.

Chu Mochen didn’t hear clearly about the call content, but he said, The backstreet is a dark place. I will order someone else to pick them up.”

“I think the police in harbor will help.”

Her voice was emotionless.

Chu Mochen dazed, tilting his head and frowning at her, If Xiao Luo was in danger, the police have been dragged already.”

It must be Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, the two uncles of Xiao Luo, who wanted to frame him.

They wanted to loot the property of the master of the Xiao family, so they put their hands to their nephew. They must have be fully prepared before they took an action, and they could promise to leave no vestige after they succeed.

Otherwise, the reputation that uncles murdered their nephew would get Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang lots of troubles.

At least, the Lu family counted in.

Nowadays, the Huo family was not in good relationship with the Xiao family. The Huo family would undoubtedly stab them if there were flaws.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were not simpletons. If they dared to take action in such a condition, they must make the kill move.

The phone of police office was put through, and Song Yunxuan said, There was a person stabbed me around the Black Dragon Street, and they robbed my handbag. Please come here and save me!”

Her voice sounded anxious like she was in despair. The policeman who received that emergency call could never guess that she was sitting in the front passenger seat of a luxury car to make the call.

They said they would come soon, and they hung up in a rush.

The police speed of the policemen in Harbor City could be ranked on the world list, Song Yunxuan timed, They would arrive in 3 minutes.”

Chu Mochen said nothing, but his eyes stared at Song Yunxuan’s face.

Song Yunxuan was smart. She knew that it was more efficient to call the police, and also calling the police would cause a more serious crisis.

If people in Xiao family had dragged the police, they would have no police to the back street, but the place Song Yunxuan said was the Green Dragon Lake, so that the police undoubtedly would come.

The hoot of patrol wagons passed over from the green dragon lake, which was not far away from the back street. Even if the people in Xiao family heard the hoot, they would know that the police were coming, and they had to disperse.

And Song Yunxuan could find Loki in this period and save him.

She made a thorough plan in her mind.

The hoot passed over three minutes later, and strong men with dirty words left in a rush from the backstreet.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Song Yunxuan looked at the view outside the window.

After they almost left, Chu Mochen drove his car to the backstreet.

It was silent in backstreet. Song Yunxuan called them to ask one of them to come out from the place where they were hiding.

A few dozen seconds later, a door in the neighbor in front of them opened, and a girl with a red down jacket came out. There was a diamond hairpin on her curly hair. Seeing his car, she waved her hands carefully.

“Right there.”

Chu Mochen moved his car towards her. The girl named Xiao Dao saw Song Yunxuan’s face through the falling window glasses. She turned around and told the people inside the door, Will! Come out! Miss Song came here to save us.”

The unimpressive door slot opened widely. And a voice that sounded heavily and rapidly passed over.

Song Yunxuan knew there must something went wrong just because of the sound she heard. She stepped forward, seeing the people inside the door came out. She stopped moving forward.

Xiao Luo was in a terrible situation. His hair was defiled with blood, and his right eye brimmed over with blood as well. He even had no strength to stand erectly.

Song Yunxuan drew a sharp intake of breath, the blue veins standing out preternaturally because she held her hands so tightly.

“Send him to the hospital, he bled a lot. Quickly to the hospital!”

The girl named Xiao Dao was crying all the time, which made her eyes red and swollen.

Song Yunxuan calmed herself down. She pressed down her fierce, took several steps to support Xiao Luo, together with the boy called Will to send Xiao to Chu Mochen’s car.

The car ran. Xiao Luo was almost out of breath. Suddenly he burst into coughing.

Song Yunxuan held on to him. Suddenly, Xiao Luo coughed up blood.

Will was a tall European boy with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

He had got injured on his shoulders. It seemed like the wound was cut open by cold irons. The wound was big, and Xiao Dao wanted to turn around to bind it up.

However, Will neatly rented his clothes and bond it on the wound.

The blood-soaked the strip of cloth, one layer after another, making it terrifying.

Song Yunxuan watched Xiao Luo. It was obvious that Xiao Luo’s condition was serious.

She would like to ask about the details after a while. The most urgent affairs were to send Xiao Luo to the hospital.

Chu Mochen drove his car to Mary Hospital.

Will recognized that the car was driven to Mary Hospital. He spoke suddenly, We couldn’t go to Mary to dress Xiao Luo’s wound!”

Song Yunxuan was dazed, Why not?”

There was no difference to healing it in any hospital, and Mary hospital was no less than Chyna hospital.

So why could they not go there?