Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Slight Gambling Can Ease Your Mood

Chapter 192 Slight Gambling Can Ease Your Mood

Xiao Luo lay in the hospital room, and after a few days, no one came to see him except Xiao Dao and Will who had been with him all the time.

He had very few friends around him, and he used to have several friends, but they were scared away by his grandfather and uncles.

Song Yunxuan would call him every day.

She felt vaguely uneasy in her heart but couldn’t figure out what exactly disturbed her.

The wounds on his back and ribs were healed quickly, and they would not be so painful in about five days.

He spent the first day and the fifth day of the New Year in the hospital.

But Song Yunxuan had done a lot of things during these five days.

She didn’t go back to Yuncheng on the first day of the New Year, and she gave new year’s greetings to her family by phone. She had to do it on the surface.

Shao Xue called her on the first night of the New Year. Miaomiao and Gu Yi both gave new year’s greetings to her on the phone.

She felt that her heart, which was about to become as hard as a rock, eased a little. She looked up at the window, and her appearance was reflected in the glass.

She was no longer Gu Changge but still couldn’t forget Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had been dead for eight months.

After the New Year, Gu Changge would be thirty-three years old.

She slightly pursed her lips and didn’t say anything to Shao Xue over there. She just asked her to take care of her two children and the periodical office, and then she hung up the phone.

Chu Mochen also had close friends in Harbor City. On the night of the third day of the New Year, someone asked him to go out.

At that time, Chu Mochen had already planned to wear some warm clothes to hang out with Song Yunxuan. After receiving the call, he declined.

Unexpectedly, after returning from their shopping, five or six luxury cars were parked in front of the villa.

There were many globally limited sports cars. The most attractive one was a private custom-made Maybach, with elegant red car body and beautiful lines. Even if it was stopped among some other luxury cars, it could still be very conspicuous, which could be recognized at a glance.

She was curious about who was in the car.

Unexpectedly, the car door was opened, and Rong Liu wearing a burgundy Kolean small suit came out of the car.

Rong Liu saw Song Yunxuan and greeted her kindly after walking over. “Brother Chu, Yunxuan.”

There was nothing wrong with the appellation of Brother Chu. The problem was the two words of Yunxuan.

Everyone around heard this appellation, and they were all stunned.

Rong Liu was not sensitive, and he wasn’t aware of it. He just blamed Chu Mochen. “Brother Chu, you really put your love before your friendship. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t return to Yuncheng during the holiday. We asked you to go out for dinner, but you still refused.”

“Who proposed coming here?” Chu Mochen asked him.

The expression on Rong Liu’s face immediately froze in a funny way, and then he trimmed the sails and said, “We discussed it together.”

When he finished his words, he turned back to give a wink at his friends.

Those rich young masters who came down from their cars all nodded awkwardly.

Song Yunxuan saw their embarrassed expressions and then just knew that all the people might be forced to nod by Rong Liu.

Some close friends of Chu Mochen did not dare to do things that annoyed Chu Mochen even though their friendship spanned two or more generations.

Especially it was a thing that he gave you a clear warning not to come over, but you still ran over.

If they didn’t take on today’s responsibility together, then Rong Liu would certainly be in hot water for a while.

Rong Liu who was wise got everyone on his board with no good intentions, and people who came here were much more restrained.

Song Yunxuan felt that it didn’t matter. Chu Mochen’s friends came to visit him, and it was not bad for her to know them. Multiple friends, and multiple roads. It was also an undeniable truth.

“Now that they are here, invite them to come in.”

Song Yunxuan spoke in Chu Mochen’s ear, softly and tenderly, just like a virtuous young married woman.

Rong Liu next to her was the one who knew her true face. When he saw that she gave such a delicate and gentle response, he was also stunned.

When he was stunned, Chu Mochen silently accepted their visit tonight and turned to lead the way. “Please come in.”

In this way, those who came here together with Rong Liu went into the villa of Chu Mochen.

Men who got together on the holidays always felt that they should have a drink. The dinner held in Chu Mochen’s home was no exception.

After three rounds of drinking, these rich young masters who always went to some entertainment venues at ordinary times began to talk about some sensitive topics which were known in the upper circles.

Song Yunxuan didn’t speak but identified these people beside her one by one.

The youngest son of the Toy King in Harbor City, Luo Fanshu.

The only child of SUN Jewelry on Queen’s Road, Chong Yuan.

The second son of Famous Costumes, Zhong Jin.

And, the nephew of the governor in Harbor City, Sun Fei.

President of Harbor City Airlines, Li Yi.

Most of them were people she knew before. After dinner, she went to sit on the sofa in the living room to drink tea, leaving the men to eat and talk at the table.

In Chu Mochen’s home, those people seemed to have a clear mind to measure, and they didn’t dare to drink too much, so as not to say the wrong words after drinking.

When people in Harbor City got together, they would also start a little gambling, and the most common way at home was to play cards and Mahjong.

Song Yunxuan had very little interest in these two things, but only six people came over. If she and Chu Mochen joined, they could form two teams to play Mahjong. A few people over there were determined to play, and she was also pulled there by Rong Liu.

“Yunxuan, play together with us.”

Song Yunxuan looked at him.

Rong Liu was only seventeen years old, one year older than Xiao Luo, and he was also childish.

She thought about it but still refused. “I don’t know how to play it.”

Rong Liu immediately smiled and looked at Chu Mochen who had already got up and then went to the table. “Don’t be afraid, Yunxuan. If you win, the money belongs to you. If not, Brother Chu will pay for you.”

Li Yi and Luo Fanshu who came here together with him also echoed, “We will give some precedence to you out of thoughtfulness, little sister-in-law.”

Most of these people who called her little sister-in-law knew that she was only 19 years old after the New Year, but they were not afraid of annoying Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen was much older than her.

When she saw that those people still insisted, she agreed. “I will play only one game, but you should give some precedence to me.”

Most of those people were very happy to invite Song Yunxuan to join them.

Originally, they intended to form two teams. Chu Mochen saw that Song Yunxuan was willing to join the game to play together and then no longer followed to join. He just kneaded his forehead and declined. “My head is a little painful. Let me watch Yunxuan play it first.”

Li Yi and Luo Fanshu both protested. “You can’t do that. Childe Chu, if you look at our little sister-in-law, you will definitely help her, which is unfair to us.”

“You really have a lot of crap to talk. Brother Chu gives Yunxuan a trick, and there are three people who can give you a trick. Come on! Cut the cackle.”

Although Rong Liu was very young, it seemed that he often played with them and controlled the situation to start the game.

Before the start of the game, someone suggested: “What are you mortgaged?”

Song Yunxuan sat in a chair. With Chu Mochen’s observation behind her, she was a little nervous. “You look at me like this, and I may not play well.”

“If you lose, I will pay for you. Just do it as you want.”

“If you lose money, it seems to be a little threadbare.” Song Yunxuan raised her eyes and looked at those three people who were seated opposite her.

Those three people were not her favorite opponents. She said on second thought, “Well, how about this? If I win, you should change your people until you can win.”

Sitting opposite her, Chong Yuan, Zhong Jin, and Rong Liu were all stunned.

Rong Liu first laughed. “Yunxuan, don’t talk too big. If we keep winning, what should you do? There are three of us, but you are alone.”

“It is also possible for me to win.”

Rong Liu thought about it and then said, “Then just follow Yunxuan’s words, but the bet”

“Do not bet with money. No one is short of money. How about betting with the heirlooms in your hands for this round?”

Both Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin looked thoughtfully at the jade rings on their fingers after lowering their eyes.

Although Chong Family and Zhong Family were not as strong and mighty as Xiao Family, Lu Family, and Huo Family, they were also the upper-level rich families in the Harbor City. Those century-old and famous families always had treasures which were passed down generation by generation.

The heirlooms in their hands were a symbol of the whole family.

Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin hesitated for a moment, and then they both said, “If we bet with these things, we will be killed by the elders.”

“How about pledging them to me for ten days? If you lose, you should pledge them to me for ten days. After ten days, you can come back with some money to redeem them.”

Those rich young masters were not short of money most. Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin immediately agreed unreservedly.

Moreover, they absolutely didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan could win.

Those rich young girls from some rich and famous families in the upper class of Harbor City would not go to play the games that these ordinary rich ladies would play.

Most of the girls and debutantes were busy dressing up and dating.

But Song Yunxuan was not.

Gu Changge was not, either.

Song Yunxuan could touch and tell her Mahjong tiles almost with her eyes closed. The reason why she pretended to be watching attentively every time was just to let people know that she might be a rookie.

Every time she touched a Mahjong tile, Song Yunxuan could feel the carved lines on the Mahjong tile with exquisite pulps of her fingers.

Sitting on the opposite side, Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin were the masters in playing Mahjong, but Chu Mochen behind Song Yunxuan did not say a word all the way, just seeing her action of touching the Mahjong tiles.

His eyes were quiet and as deep as the sea.

At the bottom of the eyes, there was a little light, quiet and tranquil.

Song Yunxuan would put the Mahjong tile in the same place after each of the Mahjong tiles was brought over by her, and the other three people couldn’t guess what she got on earth.


“A drawing hand”


The voices of these four people while playing Mahjong came over in an orderly manner.

The luck of Chong Yuan seemed to be particularly good. He could “eat” all the cards which they gave out, and he had a drawing hand quickly.

Chu Mochen was beside her. Song Yunxuan sighed. “All of you bully me, and it seems that it is not too graceful.”

Rong Liu over there immediately smiled. “In fact, if you are with Brother Chu, three of us even don’t have the way to strike back, not to mention getting an overwhelming victory.”

Song Yunxuan turned her head helplessly and looked at Chu Mochen. She said, “Don’t you give me a trick?”

Chu Mochen’s pupils were very dark. After hearing her say so, he stretched out his slender fingers and gently sorted out the Mahjong tiles for her. He opened his thin lips and said, “A drawing hand!”

Since she had a drawing hand, it would take too long for her to win.

Unfortunately, Chong Yuan over there said suddenly, “I will win soon.”

He was still holding one card in his hand, and he was also feeling the carved lines on the card.

The moment he touched the card, he felt that he would win certainly, so he pushed his Mahjong tiles down completely.

He threw Line Three which was missing on the table.

Song Yunxuan carefully counted for him before raising her eyes. “This is Line Five.”

Chong Yuan, “”

Rong Liu, “”

When Zhong Jin over there saw that the situation was not good, he glanced at Chong Yuan obliquely. “Hurry up to put away your Mahjong tiles, and I’ll give out Fifty Thousand.”

Song Yunxuan curved her lips and smiled. She pushed down her Mahjong tiles and then said, “I win.”