Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 200

Chapter 200 An Invitation Of Xiao Family

Chapter 200 An Invitation of Xiao Family

Residents in the Harbor City lived a delicate and cultured life. The city was radiant with joy during the first lunar month.

Song Yunxuan did not get rid of her somnolence after she went back from the hospital.

Chu Mochen asked the private doctors in the Harbor City to check her condition. But the doctors only said that Song Yunxuan just had a deficiency of vital energy. So, she needed to catch up with nutrition.

So, after hearing the doctors’ suggestion, there were all kinds of blood tonic around Song Yunxuan at home in the next few days, as inundant as mountain torrents.

She had to drink a bowl of bird’s nest soup in the morning. Then she had to drink a bowl of black-bone chicken soup at noon and various blood-enriching soups in the evening.

Song Yunxuan had no appetite when eating such things.

She itched to vomit most of the bowl if she drank a bowl.

Chu Mochen had some old family friends to deal with. So, he had to return to Yunchen during the period of her illness.

Song Yunxuan heard about the news from Shao Xue that Yuncheng nowadays was peaceful.

After all, Shao Tianze turned Gu’s into Shao’s. So, it took him some time to handle the future troubles caused by the internal transfer of power.

He did not have much energy to deal with the people outside.

Wrapped in a blanket, she cozily enjoyed the view in the garden in the afternoon.

The sunshine was clear and clean. Through the picture window, the sunshine spread under her feet.

After watching the view for a while, she dizzily bent her eyes.

In a trance, she fell asleep.

The dream this time was abnormally peace.

Vaguely, the figure of Song Yunxuan’s mother came out in her dream.

That was an elegant and beautiful woman with a slender body. Her eyes were clear and kind. Her chin was pointed. Her eyes gazed in Postures. And her aura that came from inside made her so charming.

In the early years, Song Yunxuan’s mother, Fan Caidie, used to be well-acknowledged and prosper in the entertainment business for a long time.

In some martial-arts films, Fan Caidie would be given a semi-essential role by the inland companies which formed joint ventures with the producers in Harbor city at that time.

But Fan Caidie always had the ability to play the character much more vividly, which was semi-essential. That even made her more likely to exceed the main roles’ performances.

But reflecting on Song Yunxuan, the daughter of Fan Caidie, Gu Changge thought that she had not inherited the wonderful acting talent from her mother.

Otherwise, she should not have been dead before she entered the Song Family’s gate.

She thought it was not only a pity but also a stroke of luck.

If Song Yunxuan had not been dead, how could she, Gu Changge, have come alive?

She missed those guys.

She missed those people who used to live around her and who had a bond of blood with her.

Such as

Xiaoyi Miaomiao? Xiaoyi”

She said these words unconsciously.

There was fluid flowing out of the corners of her eyes along her face.

She was trapped in such deep missing and could not get rid of it.

But there was someone reaching out his hands softly to touch her face with his fingers and skin attached to her cheek and to gently wipe off her tears.

She initially took the feeling as a dream.

Until the temperature of the fingers became real gradually, she suddenly opened her eyes.


She was petrified.

Chu Mochen’s face appeared in front of her. A pair of eyes watched her with complicated feelings under his manful eyebrows.

She felt that her fingers stiffened a little. And the astonished expression on her face was still not restrained.

“You just” He said, staring at her. “Who were you calling?”

She was stunned. She bent her eyes slowly and frowned her eyebrows tightly and quietly. “I”

She felt that she could not even make a self-justification at all.

Gu Yi, Miaomiao.

They were her babies whom she gave birth to after being pregnant for ten months.

They had a bond of blood with her. Though she changed her body, the memory was still alive and unforgettable.

“Who were you calling?” Chu Mochen watched her.

She raised her eyes and looked at him. She said in a shallow and tight voice, “I have gone through a dream.”

“What dream?” He just came back from outside, with a simple white shirt and overalls on. The rolled-up sleeves and the loose collar made him extremely sexy.

She suddenly calmed down. Smiling shallowly, she answered him, “I dreamed that I had given birth to two babies for you. One was called Xiaoyi, and the other one was called Miaomiao.”

She answered so fluently. And it seemed to be true indeed.

But Chu Mochen was clearly full of doubts. His eyes were dark. He watched her with an instant pain inside his eyes.

Song Yunxuan asked him concernedly, “Did you just come back from outside? Are you tired? Do you need to have a rest?

She stood up from the cane chair. Chu Mochen’s hand suddenly held hers.

She stopped, turning to look at him.

He remained half-crouched by her cane chair, but at this moment, his fringe fell slightly and covered his eyes as dark and abstruse as a deep well. “What you just mentioned is the names which Changge gave to her son and daughter.”

Song Yunxuan stared at him.

She could feel that his fingers held hers more and more tightly.

More and more tightly.

Song Yunxuan said nothing in such weird silence.

But Chu Mochen asked her, “Do you think she is still alive?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyelids. “How could it be? Her funeral has been held already, hasn’t it? And her ashes have been dusted.”

Her words were true.

But the truth was always extraordinarily crushing and overwhelming.

As expected, Chu Mochen asked nothing after hearing that, and he maintained half kneeling for a long while without moving.

Song Yunxuan lifted him up and let him sit in the cane chair. She then asked a servant to bring a cane chair for her to sit next to him. She sat down beside him and enjoyed the sunbathe with him quietly.

In Gu Changge’s impression, the days that they could quietly spend on the sunbathe like this were very rare.

However, nowadays, she lived such a cozy life indeed.

She accompanied him silently all the time. She had thought that she would joy with him the whole afternoon.

But she never expected that only more than ten minutes later, a servant came from the living room and said softly, “Sir, madame, there is a guest coming over.”

Song Yunxuan turned around and looked at the servant. She wanted to ask who the comer was.

But Chu Mochen stood up from the cane chair. “You can go back to the bedroom to have a rest. I will go to see it.”

Song Yunxuan stood up and wanted to follow him.

But Chu Mochen turned sideways slightly and urged the servant. “Send her to have a rest.”

The servant nodded reverently. “Yes, sir.”

Song Yunxuan was a little helpless, knowing in her mind that Chu Mochen not just wanted her to pay attention to her health.

The guest might be hard to deal with.

Thinking of that, she turned around and walked towards the living room.

The servant followed up nervously. “Miss Song, Mr. Chu asked me to send you upstairs to have a rest.”

“Let’s go this way. Aren’t the stairs this way?” She looked at the servant sideways.

The servant observed that there was a deep light sinking into the water in her eyes. The servant finally shut up from stopping her.

Lu Xia was sitting on an imported leather sofa in the living room. She turned to look at the style of the villa and then smiled. “The style is a little different from that of Harbor City.”

Chu Mochen opposite her did not reply. He just lifted the lid of the tea-cup to stir the tea leaves. He sipped his tea slightly, asking her casually, “Why did Miss Lu suddenly come to visit our house?”

Lu Xia smiled, seeming to be very joyful.

With her hand covered with black lace gloves, she took out an invitation from her handbag with her fingers. “Where is Yunxuan? I am here for her.”

Seeing the thing held in her hand, Chu Mochen’s eyes darkened. “Yunxuan is not well, and she is having a rest now.”

Lu Xia never came to his house for no reason. And Lu Xia was unfamiliar to him.

They even had the benefit entanglement.

She came here today, probably bringing a piece of bad news.

But the invitation

Lu Xia seemed to know what he was thinking. She waved her hands. “Childe Chu is right, and this is an invitation from the Xiao Family.”

She looked at the way to the second floor, with her eyes bending slightly. She elegantly put the invitation on the table next to her. “Since she is uncomfortable, I will not bother her. I put the invitation here. Please pass it to Yunxuan for me.”

After saying that, Lu Xuan stood up and was about to leave.

But Chu Mochen sneered suddenly and said, “Why does the dinner party in Xiao Family only invite Yunxuan?”

Lu Xia stopped her steps to leave. The curve of the corners of her lips increased, making her a little enchanting and demure gorgeously.

She turned around slightly and watched into Chu Mochen’s dark and sharp eyes. “Childe Chu, we all understand the relationship between the Xiao Family and Yunxuan. Why should you cheat yourself?”

The supraorbital ridges of Chu Mochen became sharp.

Lu Xia slowly restrained her smile on the face and shook her head lightly with regret. She said with emotion, “Though you are affectionate, you cannot stop the change of the situation. You can only hold what belongs to you, but you have to let it go if you don’t possess it. After all, you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.”

The words she said seemed to make some sarcastic comments.

Lu Xia did not wait for Chu Mochen to say another word.

She went out without hesitation, driving her car to leave with her white assistant.

Chu Mochen’s eyes stared at the door.

His fingers were held into fists, and his face was livid.

After a long while, he turned his eyes on the invitation which was put on the table by Lu Xia.

He took a step to the table. And his back was straight and lonely.

He used his slender fingers to pick up the beautiful gold stamping invitation. He had the impulsion to tear it up in his mind.

It was so hard for him to have a relationship with Yunxuan.

Why would he have to send Yunxuan back to Xiao Family?

Did it have something to do with him even if the Xiao Family was in trouble?

Was that just because Yunxuan was the eldest granddaughter of Xiao Family?

If Yunxuan was the eldest granddaughter of Xiao Family, how could she return after she was taken back to Xiao Family?

Forcing at the fingers, he lightly pinched the invitation. A tear mark was going to appear on the invitation.

But at that moment, a peaceful voice came from his back suddenly. “What are you doing?”

The motion to tear the invitation stopped, and he pursed his thin lips coldly.

The sound of footsteps came from behind him nearer and nearer. “Who was the comer just now?”

Song Yunxuan walked towards him. She saw the invitation held in his hands, and there was a momentary and subtle change in the expression on her face.

She was sure that this was the invitation from the Xiao Family.

The dinner party of Xiao Family.

But who sent it here? Who was invited? And who made the invitation?

These all had important meanings.

Song Yunxuan stepped to the side of him. She raised her head to look at his expression on his face. “Are you unhappy?”

Chu Mochen said nothing.

Song Yunxuan’s white fingers were stretched out, and she took the gold stamping invitation away from his hand. “Let me see.”

Chu Mochen did not loosen his grip but watched her unhappily. “Didn’t you go to sleep?”

“Come downstairs to drink some water.”

“You are lying.” He exposed her without hesitation.

Song Yunxuan did not seriously continue to pretend but nodded liberally. “I am lying indeed.”

Chu Mochen held his wrist. “Why did you come down?”

Song Yunxuan got the invitation as she wished. She watched him with her clear eyes. “Don’t you think that this dinner party will probably be enjoyable?”

When she said these words, her eyes curved slightly, with some girlish naughtiness.

But, deep in her eyes, there was a little bit of coldness and gloominess.

Though the little bit of coldness and gloominess was almost covered by her naughtiness completely, Chu Mochen could still discover it subtly.

Song Yunxuan ignored his cold and gloomy face. She opened the invitation slowly. When she saw the signature at the inviter column, she smiled.