Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 201

Chapter 201 My Lover

Chapter 201 My Lover

The date printed on the invitation was on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month.

Song Yunxuan enjoyed a very peaceful life before the day came.

Chu Mochen accompanied her to the hospital to do a physical examination. After taking some medicine, her symptoms of vomiting had been nearly cured.

The jade rings of Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu were sent back by Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen brought Song Yunxuan to the shrine in Tokyo to ask for a draw before the feast day.

But they got the shortest straw.

Song Yunxuan just raised her eyebrows slightly and then threw the draw away.

Seeing that she threw the draw away, Chu Mochen frowned and walked over. “What happened?”

“The draw shows an unfortunate sign.”

“Is that a short draw?”

Song Yunxuan showed a smile. The fur collar made her chin more sharp. She had a small pink-and-white face. Her skin was smooth and pure, and her eyes were clear.

“The worst one.”

Chu Mochen looked very surly instantly. He reached out, trying to pull her to ask for another one.

But Song Yunxuan held his hand with her hands. She got his hand off hers. Then she clapped three times in front of the shrine and closed her eyes to make a vow quietly while dropping her eyes.

“One more time.”

Song Yunxuan did not care about it at all. “Such things are just to get an auspicious sign. We can believe it or not. There is no need to take it so seriously.”

“Just because we are here to get an auspicious sign, I want you to get a better draw.”

Chu Mochen fetched those sticks.

Song Yunxuan finished her vow and then looked up at him. “God is not the one who can bless me at all.”

Her eyes were clear and firm. It seemed that she had tasted experience to the utmost.

“So, who it that?” Chu Mochen asked her in a low voice.

She smiled brightly. “It may be me or you.”

She hid her fingers into her furry fur warm sleeves because of cold. And she watched him with a smile. “Do you agree with me?”

Chu Mochen felt something peculiar in his mind. He took her hands after reaching out and covered one of her hands with his palms. He tried to make her warm. “I will protect you as long as you want.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. The reflection in her eyes was all about him. “I would love to.”

Chu Mochen, if you could be nice to me, of course, I wanted your protection forever.

After I finished all those affairs, I would like to stay with you forever.

After I finished them.

After I revenged for Gu Changge.

I would do it as soon as possible.

She gently embraced him and buried her face on his chest. She was so meek like a kitten which suddenly became sensible in a moment.

Chu Mochen put his fingers on her back gently. He kissed her hair softly. “I will protect you. We will return to Yuncheng as soon as possible.”

After we solved the issue of Xiao Family, we would go back to Yuncheng.

Going back to Harbor City from Tokyo overnight, Song Yunxuan felt completely exhausted. She thought that she would have a sound sleep in her bed.

But she did not expect that she woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning.

The banquet was settled at dinner time.

After seeing that the electronic clock showed that it was only at 5 o’clock in the morning, Song Yunxuan got out of her bed with her pajamas on. She then opened her curtains and watched the view of the yard in the darkness.

The tree-shadows were hidden in the dark. It was pitch dark. There were no stars in the sky.

The light in the yard lightened the ground next to the fountain.

The fountain was still flowing.

Under the light, there were snowflakes swirling to fall down from the sky like feathers.

Song Yunxuan was apathetic and peaceful. She looked at the snow outside the window. Her thought floated away gradually.

The past memories in her mind came out little by little.

She recalled Gu Cheng again, her own father.

Gu Changge’s birth mother died early. Her only relative was her experienced and scheming father.

Though she was her father’s most loved kid, her father certainly wouldn’t let her grow up as a girl good for nothing.

She looked like Gu Cheng, but she inherited her mother’s gentleness and weakness.

She had been at the side of her father since she was four years old.

He was a tall and strong man who liked to wear a pair of black lambskin gloves in winter.

The gloves were soft and smooth.

Her small hands were held in such a hand. She walked out of the door of the huge courtyard of Gu Family to the gate of the main house in the winter.

That section of the road was long, and the snow was always flying in the air.

The footprints of her father and her small ones were left on the white snow, extending gradually.

Her father was willing to take her hands and walk with her, but he would never pick her up to finish the road.

This had been the case since she was a child. Even though she was so exhausted that her legs got bitter, and even though she wanted to fawn, a trace of coldness inside her father’s eyes stopped the words she wanted to say in her throat.

But she got the news from the old steward when she was fourteen years old that only the next head of the Gu Family could be held to walk from the gate of the huge mansion of Gu Family to the gate of the main house.

And other kids could only walk through a side door.

Though they were all Gu Cheng’s children.

She was the most different one.

Because she was different, she had to finish the road of Gu Family by herself.

She had to support the Gu Family.

Even though everyone who used to accompany her had gone, and even though she lost her father who used to lead her to walk forward hand in hand.

She was supposed to struggle until she led the next head of Gu Family to finish the long road.

When she thought of those things, she couldn’t help looking up. She sniffed.

Suddenly, a soft wool coat covered her shoulders behind her.

She was wrapped by warmth.

She took a sidelong glance.

A man embraced her from her back with pajamas. His hands fell on her waist. “Why don’t you get more sleep?”

“I can’t fall asleep.”

“Your sleep is not adequate, which will do harm to your health.”

She folded her hands over his hands. “I will recover slowly in the future. Today is an exception.”


Chu Mochen asked her keenly.

Song Yunxuan smiled. There was a bright and shining light in her eyes. The light was reflected in the transparent glass.


It was an exception, which she had expected for a long time.

Today, the banquet was bound to be extraordinarily wonderful.

The banquet hosted by Xiao Family invited some rich and famous families in the business circle and major politicians of Harbor City.

Xiao Family had a high reputation so that the invitees all came to Xiao Family in advance.

The house of Xiao Family was built on the best piece of land in Harbor City. The land was precious and valuable.

Nowadays, the architectural style of the main house was not as antique as it was ten years ago. After the death of Xiao Xuan, who was the most loved kid of Elder Xiao, the elder moved into the building deep in the main house to live.

The big house of Xiao Family was handed to the two brothers, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, to rebuild.

As the two brothers held the power of Xiao Family, they thought that the whole Xiao Family belonged to them. So, when they rebuilt the house, they simply chose the European style which they both liked.

Though the elder was a little dissatisfied, he did not dig into it.

The main house of Xiao Family showed a combination of Eastern and Western architectural styles.

The elder of Xiao Family lived deep in the main house to cultivate, while Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang lived in the front villa.

The banquet of Xiao Family was hosted by Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang this time, so the venue was settled in the European style villa of Xiao Family.

Song Yunxuan chose a backless fishtail evening dress before setting off. Putting on the ice blue diamond-encrusted evening dress, she looked like a mermaid which came into the mortal world accidentally.

Her dark hair was made to be demure and delicate by a hairstylist. Her exposed forehead was clean and beautiful.

The features on her small face were noticeably mature and pretty.

The diamond necklace was worn around her white neck.

Chu Mochen put the ring of true love on the fourth finger of her right hand personally.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Song Yunxuan was slightly distracted.

Standing next to each other, they were such a pairing couple.

She smiled. “Let’s go.”

Though Chu Mochen hesitated, he did not prevent her from heading to Xiao Family.

When seeing the invitation at that moment, she was indeed a little jaunty and excited in her mind.

The calligraphy of Xiao Jiancheng was vigorous and forceful with a thick ink style.

Though the old man was 87 years old, the mightiness running in his blood had been accumulated for many years.

It was said that we could understand a person by seeing his handwriting.

Looking at the calligraphy of Xiao Jiancheng, Song Yunxuan seemed to vaguely guess his characteristics. But that was just a rough guess.

The mobile phone vibrated twice on the road to Xiao Family.

Song Yunxuan just looked down at the phone and then took her eyes off it.

Seeing that she looked at her phone frequently, Chu Mochen was a little suspicious. “Who is calling you?”

“Just an alarm. I’m afraid to miss the feast, so I set two alarm clocks for different times.”

Hearing her response, Chu Mochen didn’t ask her anymore.

When they arrived at the house of Xiao Family, Chu Mochen just got out of the car first.

The door of the car was opened, and he reached out his hand.

She put her hand on his outstretched fingers. Feeling that his fingers were clenched tightly and he put forth his strength, she got out of the car. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

The media in Harbor City heard that the feast was hosted by Xiao Family. They all stationed in front of the gate of the house of Xiao Family.

Every invitee was swallowed up and photographed by a sea of media workers as soon as he or she got out of the car. They were even invited to receive an interview.

When Song Yunxuan got out of the car, all the magnesium lights flashed, which made her eyes painful.

The bodyguards of Chu Mochen moved quickly forward to block the glare flashing as the media workers pressed the shutters of cameras.

Chu Mochen cuddled Song Yunxuan in his arms. Song Yunxuan was protected by him as a timid and lovable little woman and walked inside obediently.

The journalists held the microphones to interview Chu Mochen. “We have heard that Xiao Family is at odds with Huo Family. Xiao Family invited all the celebrities from all walks of life to come to the dinner party this time. Mr. Chu, you come from an aristocratic family in Yuncheng. You are here to keep an appointment. Does it show that you want to rebuild a relationship with Xiao Family?”

Shielding Song Yunxuan to walk forward, Chu Mochen did not say a word.

The scene was a little chaotic. All the journalists around them held their microphones to jostle towards them.

It was very hard for Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan to step forward under the protection of bodyguards who he brought here.

Just at that moment, a journalist jumped on them. He aimed the microphone at Song Yunxuan who stayed in Chu Mochen’s arms without saying a word. “I have heard that Miss Song is the youngest daughter in Song Family. Miss Song, did you know Mr. Chu after Huo Jiahui, the Oldest Missy of Huo family?”

Song Yunxuan turned her head in Chu Mochen’s arms and looked at the microphone in front of her. She said nothing with indifferent eyes.

The bodyguards pushed the journalist away when seeing this. An assistant followed up and replied to him for Song Yunxuan, “This is Miss Song’s own private business. No comment.”

But the journalists seemed to have found a breakthrough. They all aimed the microphones in their hands at Song Yunxuan. “Are you a third party, who intervened in the relationship between Childe Chu and Miss Huo, Miss Song?”

“How did you intervene in the relationship between them?”

“Did Childe Chu cease to be faithful first? Or did you use some tactics to force Childe Chu?”

Song Yunxuan had no idea why the media was omnipresent to obsess over her relationship. But since the question had been raised, keeping silent would make her look too flabby and so easy to bully.

She kept a distance away from Chu slightly. She faced those persistent journalists. “Actually”

“Actually, I have never been in a relationship with Miss Huo Jiahui. Yunxuan is my lover. I love her.”

The journalists were all shocked by his words.

Song Yunxuan was also surprised spontaneously.

But would it be not appropriate for him to admit his love to her so frankly at this moment?

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