Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Little Childe Xiao Was Poor

Chapter 202 Little Childe Xiao Was Poor

The reporters all froze after Chu Mochen responded so candidly.

Song Yunxuan froze, too.

But Chu Mochen took this opportunity to take her to the main house of Xiao Family.

At this moment, a security guard of Xiao Family came to welcome them.

The reporters were blocked off soon, but some meddlesome and gossipy reporters shouted behind them, “In recent years, there have been very few rumors about Childe Chu. Is there any other reason or purpose since you suddenly admitted your relationship with Miss Song?”

Chu Mochen turned around. He squinted his eyes and wanted to find the reporter who clamored in the crowd and asked this question.

However, the reporter hid in the crowd quickly like a skilled recidivist.

Chu Mochen did not find the reporter immediately but looked away. He saw an exotic man who flashed by not far away.


He whispered the name.

Except Song Yunxuan who was so close to him that she heard the name, no one heard him say the name.

Chu Mochen wrapped Song Yunxuan’s waist with his big hand holding her. “Let’s go. We need to get in.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. And they followed the housemaid of Xiao Family, who was leading the way, to get in.

However, she secretly looked back when she was walking forward.

She did not know if it was such a coincidence that the one who was the next to get out of the car behind them was Lu Xia, the master of Lu Family.

Lu Xia faced the reporters with an unsmiling and cold face of frigid features. Her unsmiling expression instantly extinguished half of the enthusiasm of the gossipy reporters.

Only a few reporters dared to come up to ask about some topics which were not too sensitive.

Most of the reporters silently directed at George beside her, Lu Xia’s white assistant who had been together with her for many years.

Lu Xia had been a hot topic of the gossipy media in Harbor City in recent years. However, the single young lady of Lu Family lived a principled and rigorous life. There was no scandal at all, and even no man who wanted to join the upper circles to become famous by making use of her appearing around her.

Maybe, there had been a few ungrateful men intending to have a relationship with her. But those men disappeared so soon before the media could have the time to know it.

Lu Xia wore a red fishtail dress. Her red lips and a pair of black gloves were as magnificent as the demeanor and aura of a queen.

She walked across the red carpet leading to the door of Xiao Family’s house. The media even wanted to take a photo of her raised chin to use it as the headline news at once.

After entering the door of Xiao Family, her assistant, George, considerately put a black fur shawl on Lu Xia’s shoulders, which was placed on his arm.

Lu Xia glanced at him and slightly nodded to him, which made George smile charmingly and exotically.

And Chu Mochen just saw the charming and exotic smile.

Song Yunxuan stood beside Chu Mochen, and her eyes fell on the crowd in the distance.

She looked along the crowd and could see the way to the place where Xiao Jiancheng lived.

Later, Xiao Luo would be likely to come out from there.

Song Yunxuan thought so.

Cho Mochen took two glasses of champagne from the waiter’s tray and gave one to her after reaching out.

She took the champagne and said, “Thanks.”

“I want to have some words with Miss Lu. Would you like to come with me?”

Song Yunxuan looked along his eyes and saw that Lu Xia was talking with a few young ladies from noble families not far away.

She shook her head and smiled. “No need. I am not familiar with them.”

She was not interested in gossip among women. The competition of interest in the business world was much more important than gossip among those girls.

Since a long time ago, she had always searched for those people useful for her to communicate with at the banquet.

Those women around Lu Xia did not have an interest relationship with her.

As for Lu Xia, she might have no topic to talk with her.

Seeing that Cho Mochen headed towards Lu Xia, the assistant beside her, George, lightly said, “President Lu.”

Lu Xia turned aside to look at George. She looked along George’s sight and saw at once that Cho Mochen was coming to her.

The demure and mild smile on her face became a little serious.

“Excuse me.”

After talking with those well-dressed noble young ladies around her, Lu Xia headed towards Cho Muchen with a smile on her face.

The two people stopped two steps away from each other.

Lu Xia still held a cup of champagne, which she had taken a sip of, in her hand. She raised her glass to Cho Muchen and sipped a little. Then she said, “Childe Chu really arrived on time. I had thought that you would not come over today.”

“I did not want to come indeed.”

Seeing his honesty, Lu Xia pursed her lips and smiled. “It is not good to be so frank. Elder Xiao will be sad if he hears it.”

“Is it your idea to give the invitation to Yunxuan?”

Lu Xia covered her lips and smiled. “It seems to work.”

“She came here with me.”

Lu Xia nodded and looked behind Cho Mochen. She could not help sighing. “It is great to be a young girl. Especially, 18 and 19 are the best years of life when her energy, mind, and capacity of intriguing are in the peak moment of growth.”

Her words were very meaningful.

Chu Mochen was not happy in his mind. “Miss Lu dragged Yunxuan into this situation forcedly. Don’t you think you are pressing her?”

“Pressing?” Lu Xia blinked her eyes as if she did not understand it.

Chu Mochen said coldly, “Xiao Family is too complicated. It is not suitable for her to take apart in. You are making difficulties for her.”

Lu Xia did not care and said, “Childe Chu, Yuxuan is a smart girl. She will grow up after suffering some hardships.”

“I don’t want her to suffer.” Chu Mochen believed that he could not reach an agreement with Lu Xia at all, and there was no need to talk anymore. He then drank up his champagne in the goblet. He put the goblet on a waiter’s plate and intended to leave.

Lu Xia uttered slowly, “If she had received your goodwill, she should not have shown up in Xiao Family.”

Chu Mochen’s back became stiff when he left.

Lu Xia sighed with some regret. “Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to be your canary even if you want to protect her.”

Xiao Luo was pushed out of the main house of his grandfather and accompanied by the butler of the elder.

The butler had carefully prepared his suit for the banquet.

A claret shirt and a dark suit fitted a boy of seventeen with a fair complexion and a lean body.

The clothes also made him who just recovered look better.

The butler personally pushed his wheelchair and said tenderly, “Little Childe Xiao, please behave well at the banquet tonight.”

Xiao Luo lowered his eyes to conceal the little beauty under his long eyelashes. “I know it, Uncle Xiang.”

After advising, the butler sent for a beautiful little maid with white skin to push the wheelchair. He ordered, “Take good care of Little Childe Xiao.”

The little maid obeyed and then obediently pushed the wheelchair of Xiao Luo along the way towards the villa before them reverently.

Although the wounds of Xiao Luo were healed a lot, he still could not stand up and walk.

Will and Xiao Dao had no relationship with a rich and famous family like Xiao Family, so they were not allowed to attend such a banquet of Xiao Family.

While coming out of the main house, his grandfather was just rubbing the old beeswax string in his hand. He ordered tiredly, “Keep composed after you get out later. I have been preferring you always.”

Xiao Luo nodded to agree.

The old man sighed. “I hope that the two bastards will behave well and do what elders should do. Otherwise”

Otherwise, Xiao Family would be turned upside down tonight.

Xiao Luo put his fingers on the armrest of the wheelchair. His eyes under his long eyelashes were as deep as a well.

They were approaching the villa where the banquet was ongoing ahead gradually, and they heard the noise of people talking.

His eardrums vibrated gently, and Xiao Luo heard at once that some people had subtly found him and whispered to each other with goblets covering his lips.

“See! That is the only child of Xiao Xuan.”

“He is handsome. However, he seems not to be a pure person of Harbor City. Look at the eyes and the eyebrows Tut-tut! This is the silhouette of Europeans.”

“You are right. Elder Xiao said that his mother was a noble young lady from Family Sophia in Itali.”

“He must have told a lie. I have heard that he is an illegitimate child born by a whore from the WS.”

“Well, the elder is so old that he thinks everyone can be misled easily.”

Although the murmur was deliberately subdued, it was still passed into Xiao Luo’s ears through the air little by little.

He heard every word clearly.

His eyes became gloomy, and his fingers were attached to the armrest of his wheelchair. He clenched them slowly.

Five fingers were clenched into a fist.

His mother was a whore from the WS

A whore

Everyone believed that his mother was a dirty woman and was even contemptuous of his existence.

Contempt, disdain, and insult.

These negative influences and injuries accompanied him throughout his life ubiquitously since he was a child.

What hurt him the most was his two uncles.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.

If the two uncles had not spread these rumors that were strictly forbidden by Xiao Jiancheng, people of Harbor City would not have known his origin and judged his dead mother harshly and irresponsibly.

His fingers were tightly clenched.

The little maid behind him keenly noticed his fingers and asked concernedly, “Are you uncomfortable, Little Childe Xiao?”

“I am fine.”

The little maid nodded and continued to push his wheelchair to walk forward.

They arrived there and met those well-dressed and roseate guests.

Those who had murmured and made carping comments on him with goblets covering their lips instantly changed their expressions quickly.

Everyone wore a kind and friendly smile on the face. They even had the face to compliment him. “You look so good, Little Childe Xiao. I haven’t seen you for a few years. You really look more and more like your father.”

Everyone knew that Xiao Xuan, Xiao Luo’s father, was a promising youth from a noble family in Harbor City 20 years ago.

Although there were many rumors about him, the young and handsome talent of outstanding ability was a golden eligible bachelor who people of Harbor City took delight in talking about for a long time.

Over the years, Xiao Xuan had remained in various rumors in the upper circles of Harbor City.

The noble young ladies of his age at that time had been married. However, those ladies still remembered Xiao Xuan deeply in the mind, who they had just loved in their youth.

Even if time flew and stars changed in positions, the elapsed time could not hide the amazing glory and elegance of the young master when he once appeared.

Xiao Luo looked exactly like Xiao Xuan. The handsome face did not have the edges of a mature man. The elegance and talent between his eyebrows just began to emerge.

Many noble young ladies who smiled like flowers came to Xiao Luo.

They asked about Xiao Luo’s situation half-sincerely and half-pretendedly.

Among a group of noble young ladies shining like diamonds, there was a young girl in a little black dress.

There was a sudden burst of viciousness at the corners of her eyes when she smiled brightly.

She pushed hard down Xiao Luo’s wheelchair with her fingers accompanied by scarlet nails.

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