Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 204

Chapter 204 I Will Help You

Chapter 204 I Will Help You

Xiao Luo’s body was covered with a large towel, and the injured ribs had not fully recovered.

When he stood up, his chest was tingling vaguely.

He was pale, with drops of water dripping down from his dark linen hair, covering his eyes.

But Xiao Yu kept on scolding him harshly, “As soon as you came out of the hospital, you made yourself look like this! Why did you fall into the pool for no reason?”

He had a harsh voice as if reprimanding a child for deliberate disturbances.

The surrounding guests were silent.

Only the little maid beside Xiao Luo refuted and whispered in fear, “It’s not that Little Childe Xiao is willing to fall into the water It is someone here who pushed his wheelchair”

The little maid’s voice was so low as a mosquito.

Several guests around heard it, but they did not help the little maid prove it.

On the contrary, Xiao Liang over there persuaded Xiao Yu in a tone of an elder as a peacemaker. “Second brother, you should calm down. Xiao Luo is young and ignorant. Don’t blame him.”

After speaking, he also instructed the two maids behind him, “Go and help Little Childe Xiao go upstairs to change into a suit of dry clothes.”

The anger on Xiao Yu’s face still didn’t mean to stop, and he stared at Xiao Luo. It seemed that he regretted that Xiao Luo did not live up to his expectations. “This child hasn’t been raised by his father since he was a kid, and I taught him because I’m his uncle, but he hated me and even spread some rumors outside, damaging the reputation of Xiao Family for no reason.”

Xiao Liang sighed and still persuaded Xiao Yu. “Second brother, don’t care about this child. Our older brother died early, and it’s not his fault since the elder loves him too much.”

“There are so many children spoiled by their elders in Harbor City. Why don’t I see one who is as disobedient as he is?” Xiao Yu said more and more emotionally, and he began to complain to the guests around him. “Since this child was brought back to Xiao Family, I have taken good care of him with his third uncle. However, I don’t know where he met and knew some unscrupulous people. When it comes to festivals or the New Year, he doesn’t eat a reunion dinner with his family. Instead, he goes out and fools around with those bad friends. When he suffers a loss or gets injured, he even puts the blame on us.”

The more Xiao Yu said, the angrier he was. His chest was heaving so fiercely as if he had suffered a lot of injustices.

The surrounding guests all knew roughly about the things that could not be said in the high circle.

Now, the truly powerful people in Xiao Family were not Little Childe Xiao in front of them, but Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang before them.

Even if Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang really spent money arranging the murderer to kill the young master, the guests who were thinking about gains and losses would stand on the side of Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, willingly listening to their nonsense.

In this business industry, and in this huge network of interpersonal connections, whoever was useful, of course, they would stand on the side of him.

For those who were useless, they were even too lazy to glance at them, not to mention defending them.

The guests all came forward to persuade Xiao Yu

“Mr. Xiao, there are so many ignorant children now. If you strictly discipline such a child as young as Little Childe Xiao in the future, everything will be fine.”

“Yes, Mr. Xiao! For the benefit of Little Childe Xiao, you’d better send him to study abroad.”

“Yeah! Staying in Harbor City, Little Childe Xiao may be bored, and that is why he just made so many things happen.”

“Now the child is just awkward. If he wants to go abroad, he won’t tell you directly, and he will just do something trivial to get parents’ attention.”

“Yeah, this is the case.”

The guests came with smiling faces to persuade Xiao Yu to calm down.

Xiao Liang also took the opportunity and began to talk with those guests about things like a partnership between the two families or something else.

Xiao Luo was facing away from them, and his back was stiff.

He just watched those guests approach his two uncles without distinguishing right from wrong but trimming the sails.

The little maid was also very distressed for her young master and whispered to persuade him, “Little Childe Xiao, let’s go upstairs to change your clothes. Are you cold?”

Xiao Luo’s head was lowered a little more. He raised his feet and went forward with the little maid.

He was cold, and he was indeed very cold.

This world was really too cruel.

Obviously, they had a blood relationship with these two uncles, but why did his two uncles want to kill him?

When those wounds were put on his body, wasn’t that scar with the power to kill him?

Obviously, all the people in Harbor City knew clearly in the mind that his two uncles were about to kill him.

But these people just stood beside his two uncles with a smile, saying that he would achieve nothing but was a scourge.

This world was really chilling.

He slowly went upstairs, and his back was solitary and lonely.

His thin and skinny body seemed to be turning into a shadow which would diffuse in the darkness.

The meaning of desolation was continuously revealed.

Lu Xia, who had been looking at him for a long time behind him, pinched the goblet with her fingers, and the red wine in the goblet was as confusing and charming as blood.

There was no change in her face.

Chu Mochen next to her saw that she tightly pinched the goblet with her fingers.

Then, she raised her head and drank up the red wine in the goblet.

“Even if everyone stands by Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, Miss Lu still thinks that Little Childe Xiao can come back?”

He asked.

Lu Xia’s gaze swept coldly and sharply over Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, who were surrounded by guests and laughing while talking over there. She put the goblet on the waiter’s tray, and her voice was intriguingly cold. “When the trees fall, the monkeys scatter.”

Song Yunxuan’s ice blue evening dress was soaked and torn a bit

After changing her evening dress, the housekeeper of Xiao Family, who took her gown and was ready to send her gown to the dry cleaning, pretended to be distressed.

“It’s such a good evening dress, but it has been torn.”

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly and shook her long hair that had been dried with a towel. A smile appeared faintly. “The thing happened so suddenly, and the fishtail skirt was not suitable for swimming. I scratched it with a brooch and broke it.”

The housekeeper looked a little embarrassed. “Miss Song’s reaction was really quick.”

Song Yunxuan sneered in her heart, but her words were still harsh. “Little Childe Xiao is hurt. If I had taken actions later, I’m afraid that he would have been in danger of life.”

The housekeeper also expressed a fearful expression. “Xiao Family also has people who can swim, but Little Childe Xiao was too careless. Fortunately, Miss Song rescued Little Childe Xiao. On behalf of Xiao Family, I would like to thank Miss Song for saving Little Childe Xiao’s life.”

“That’s not necessary. It’s just a lift of the finger. Don’t be too polite.”

The housekeeper heard Song Yunxuan say so, and then she did not say anything else. She took out the torn evening dress for dry cleaning for Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan opened the gift box holding the spare evening dress and found it was a small silver-gray dress inside.

The little dress was made of fine materials, and the design style was elegant.

The sleeveless backless dress could reveal the good skin and body, and the diamond-encrusted round neck around the neck was not too exposed. The cloth made of organza fabric had a small diamond woven on the chest. The lights spread out, and the diamond shone brilliantly.

Below the slim waist was an irregular multi-layered skirt with a trailing tail. The skirt and the trailing tail were designed to be light and luxurious, revealing a sense of grace and silent elegance.

Crystal heels in the same color and those broken diamond hairpins that could curl up the long hair elegantly were also very valuable.

When she was properly dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt that this evening dress was chosen by someone for her after taking great pains.

However, obviously, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang would not do such boring things.

So, who prepared this evening dress?

She pushed open the door of the VIP room and happened to see the little maid beside Xiao Luo walking back and forth in the corridor not far away.

Song Yunxuan opened the door and shocked the little maid.

The little maid turned her head and saw her at once.

“Miss Song!”

The little maid’s eyes lightened, and she came over quickly as if she had seen a life-saving straw.

“It’s great that you can be here, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan was a little confused. “Is there anything?”

“Little Childe Xiao” The little maid raised her hand and pointed at the door of the room where she had just walked back and forth. “Little Childe Xiao didn’t listen to my advice and will not go down anyway.”

“He’s in that room?”

“Yeah.” The little maid still wanted to speak.

Song Yunxuan was already walking over with the sound of high heels stepping on the floor. “I’ll go to see.”

The little maid followed closely Song Yunxuan behind.

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the door, she had thought that it would be a tightly locked door, but when she raised her hand and pushed it, she found that the door was actually ajar.

The door was pushed open, and there was a gap.

Inside, there was a young man sitting on a sofa with his back to the door, and his back slightly bent. His body was covered with a large towel, and he seemed to be holding something in his hand.

As soon as Song Yunxuan pushed the door open, he heard the sound and drove her out in a bad tone. “Go out!”

“Little Childe Xiao, I” The little maid wanted to speak.

Xiao Luo suddenly shouted, “Get out!”

All of a sudden, he became irritable.

The little maid was scolded so badly that she closed her mouth immediately, and her eyes were covered with tears out of grievances.

Song Yunxuan gave the little maid a look sideways. “You go down first.”

The little maid then nodded and left, and Song Yunxuan entered the room, closing the door with a click incidentally.

Xiao Luo’s eyes became red, and he suddenly looked over. It seemed that he would scold her to drive her out.

But the moment he saw Song Yunxuan, he suppressed all his words in his throat.

“Yunxuan, you Why are you here”

He was at a loss.

Song Yunxuan keenly saw that he had a photo in his hand.

Xiao Luo noticed that Song Yunxuan’s gaze fell on the photo in his hand, and he immediately hid the photo to his side.

Song Yunxuan tilted her head slightly. “Whose photo are you holding?”


He didn’t want Song Yunxuan to see the photo in his hand.

But Song Yunxuan walked over. Her voice was much softer, and she stretched out her hand. “Show me.”

Xiao Luo still hid the photo and did not mean to show it to her.

However, Song Yunxuan was so stubborn. He didn’t show her the photo, so she just refused to take back her fingers.

They were at a stalemate for more than ten seconds.

Xiao Luo finally handed the photo in his hand over to her under Song Yunxuan’s gaze.

Song Yunxuan took the photo. When she saw the exotic woman in the photo, she instantly knew who the woman was.

“Your mother?”

Xiao Luo nodded, and his loneliness looked a little deeper than usual.

A child without the support of his parents had been ostracized in Xiao Family all the time. Even with Xiao Jiancheng’s protection, he could not be protected in all aspects.

He missed his mother just because his life was too hard.

Song Yunxuan’s heart became soft little by little.

“Although I don’t know what kind of person your mother is, I think that your mother must want you to have a good life in Xiao Family, right?”

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, keeping his head down. No one could see clearly his eyes covered by his hair.

Song Yunxuan returned the photo to him. She said in a firm voice that couldn’t be ignored, “You will have a great life in Xiao Family!”

Because, I would help you, Xiao Luo.