Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 206

Chapter 206 The Final Match

Chapter 206 The Final Match

When Song Yunxuan walked down the red-carpeted stairs, there was just a beam of light hitting her.

The light stayed for a moment, and then it shone elsewhere.

There were dark cashmere rugs by the swimming pool, surrounded by the charming fragrance of fresh flowers delivered by air.

Just before the lights stopped, the young ladies and gentlemen of noble families at the scene of the dinner were still toasting each other and talking while laughing.

However, when the lights stopped on a podium which was set up not far from the swimming pool, accompanied by clapping, all the people present quickly became quiet.

It was the winter. However, the glass wall seemed to divide the world. It was the cold winter outside, while it was as warm as the spring inside.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were happy.

The guests present were also very cooperative and all made no secret of their smiles and happiness on their faces.

There were only a few people who were watching Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang quietly away from the crowd.

After leaving the old house, Lu Xia quietly listened to the sound coming from the microphone when holding a red wine glass in one hand.

She was bored, drinking the red wine in the goblet.

Not far from her sight were Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan sorted out the trailing of the little dress. Her eyes were bright without any haze.

Does this dress look good?

Chu Mochen took a glance and then nodded.

Song Yunxuan smiled. Its unexpected and really flattering that the evening gowns which Xiao Family has prepared for those guests are so luxurious and beautiful.

Hearing the words of being flattered, Chu Mochen looked away thoughtfully.

Then, he saw that Lu Xia, not far away from him, lifted the wine glass and made a toast to him after drinking the red wine.

Chu Mochens eyes became sharp and cold.

While Lu Xia gave a deeper smile.

Even the assistant, George, who was serving and waiting beside her, could feel her in a good mood.

As soon as she finished drinking a glass of red wine and was going to change for another glass, George exhorted in time. President Lu, please take care of yourself.

Lu Xiachong turned a deaf ear and still took the glass of red wine on the waiters tray. Her eyes were a little intoxicated.

Her voice was a bit lazy, but she was still shrewd. George, dont you think today is a special day worth celebrating?

She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at George.

Without waiting for Georges response, she raised her delicate neck herself and poured the red wine into her throat.

George sighed slightly and quietly. Knowing that he could not dissuade her, he stood firmly beside her to guard her.

Lu Xia was so drunk that her eyes became fascinated, but she was still very clear-headed.

She stared at the stage where the lights gathered and waited quietly for the best part of this evening to begin in the distance.

She had waited for many years.

Finally, she got it.

The day when two generations fought each other in Xiao Family!

The lights in the front gathering on the stage, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang stood in front of the guests invited tonight.

Xiao Yu was used to speaking less and doing more.

While Xiao Liang was good at saying some holiday words.

Xiao Liang could always be like a wolf in sheeps clothing and then make people take himself as a kind guy.

Xiao Luo came down from the second floor. Some guests saw him but regarded him as nothing.

After all, it looked like that it was the elder who wielded the power in Xiao Family on the surface now.

However, the real power-holders were those two brothers in Xiao Family.

Xiao Luo just existed in name only.

Xiao Yu, as the second uncle, always ignored Xiao Luo.

Xiao Liang, as the third uncle, was the one who only cared about Xiao Luo on the surface.

He could speak out those fine and polite words without thinking.

Today, welcome everyone to come and attend the dinner for my father.

Someone applauded below, followed by more peoples applauding around.

Xiao Liang was very pleased with the applause from the crowd below the platform. He raised his hands and tried to keep them down. He said humbly, Im here to express our appreciation to everyone who cares about my father so much that he could be discharged from the hospital so quickly. So, in the first month of the lunar year with happiness, my old brother and I wanted to invite you all to come together and celebrate it. We are glad that you are all here.

The crowd below the platform came to cater him.

Xiao Liang and Xiao Yu were both smiling. After looking at each other slightly, Xiao Yu cleared his throat and said again, Of course, in addition to inviting everyone to come together, we also have something to tell.

The crowd below the platform started talking to each other after hearing that.

In recent years, the hottest topic of Xiao Family was who would be the one that could hold the power of Xiao Family in the hands after the elder passed away in the future.

It was all known that the elder meant to leave 80% of his property to his eldest grandson, Xiao Luo.

However, the fact was not as good as the elder expected.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, who each accounted for 10% of the inheritance right of Xiao Familys property, were not willing to let their nephew inherit 80% of the property. For many years, they had never given up on the idea of letting the elder rewrite his will and plan the property.

Unfortunately, he still had some prestige like he was young. And he could still awe those two brothers with his prestige.

His two sons did not dare to take liberties visibly, but they firmly hid Xiao Luos identity and refused to let him be exposed to the mass media justifiably.

In the past few years, Harbor City had been full of rumors about Little Childe Xiao in Xiao Family, and this hearsay seemed to be not from nowhere.

Many media companies took Little Childe Xiaos identity as a pretext and then confirmed it with Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, the two elders.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang insisted that this was a rumor.

They also claimed that any media company which talked about Xiao Luos identity randomly would be sued for libel.

As a matter of course, the media in Harbor City would no longer dare to offend the two brothers of the Xiao Family.

Over time, even though all the people in Harbor City knew that Xiao Xuans son had been taken back by Elder Xiao, no one dared to openly assert that Little Childe Xiao was Xiao Luo.

The elder also turned a blind eye to it and never gave Xiao Luo a title.

Later, many clever people would understand the reason why the elder turned a blind eye after thinking about it carefully.

Elder Xiao had been elderly and gradually faded into the background. Now Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were in power and in charge of Xiao Family.

If the elder supported Xiao Luo strongly, this immature child would probably get an identity but lose his life early.

The elders ambiguous attitude just saved the childs life faultlessly.

Today, the child had grown up.

He was already 17 years old.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang also found that the elder was in poor health, so they naturally wanted to have a final fight with this nephew.

Outsiders thought that it would take 1 year to know who the winner would be in Xiao Family at last, while Song Yunxuan knew it.

This was not a matter within a year, but a matter within a day.

Song Yunxuan looked at Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, squinting her eyes slowly.

The next moment, Xiao Liang seemed to get the permission from his brother. He held the microphone with his hand and said solemnly, In fact, you all must have already heard of the hearsay more or less, which Im going to say.

As soon as the crowd below the platform heard that it was the hearsay, they became quiet.

However, Xiao Yu continued to speak priggishly, In recent years, the media has repeatedly reported that the son of my elder brother, Xiao Xuan, has been found and lives in Xiao Family. Everyone who is familiar with Xiao Family must have already known that theres a noble little master in my family.

Speaking of this, he intentionally set his eyes on Xiao Luo in the distance.

Xiao Luo looked a little sickly and weak. He didnt show any expression, even when he saw Xiao Yu, the third uncle of Xiao Luo, looking at him.

Xiao Liang was quite satisfied with his sickly and stiff expression.

People may be wondering why Xiao Family hasnt seriously explained to the media or clarified the identity of this child all the time. In fact, we just want to protect this child. After all, he is young. We hope that his life experience will not be exposed, and he will not be hurt or pressured by public opinion.

The guests nodded with agreement.

Xiao Yus eyes fell on Xiao Luos body. He found that Xiao Luos indifferent eyes did not fall on him but kept faintly watching the glass of boiling water which was handed to him by the little maid.

It seemed that there was something strangely thought-provoking in that glass of boiling water.

Xiao Yus words had been accepted by everyone. Even some people were still saying something against their conscience. For example, they said that Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were his elders with good intentions.

When Song Yunxuan heard these people sail with the wind, she couldnt help chuckling.

Her voice was very low but was still perceived by Chu Mochen, who paid close attention to her at the side.

Why are you laughing?

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to touch the corner of her eye and asked him, Dont you think that people here are too hypocritical?

Chu Mochens gaze was placed on Lu Xia in the distance, and he pointedly responded, There are always a few clear minds.

Song Yunxuan nodded. Exactly.

Throughout the whole scene of the banquet, besides her and Chu Mochen, who seemed to be out of the affair, only Lu Xia was soberly watching all this.

However, Lu Xia couldnt help chuckling after Xia Liang said that he wanted to protect this child.

Anyone who was not mentally ill and did not want to play up to Xiao Family would look on indifferently after hearing those words.

After Xiao Yu thoughtfully built an image of loving and caring for his junior as an elder, he seemed to have suddenly thought of the business and asked the lighting engineer to hit a beam of white light like the bright moon to the place where Xiao Luo was standing. He urged and said, Come on, A Luo. Say hello to everyone.

Xiao Luo stood still in situ without moving.

Those people hypocritically smiled without sincerity.

Xiao Yu couldnt help urging him again. As Little Childe Xiao of Xia Family, come over and say hi to everyone.

Xiao Luo still stood still in situ, just like a statue. He just pursed his lips and stared at his two uncles expressionlessly.

Xiao Yu saw him stand still. He said to everyone apologetically, This child hasnt seen such a solemn scene. Im afraid that hes scared. Ill have a word with him.

These words seemed to be partial to Xiao Luo, but anyone with a clear head could hear that this was a derogation to Xiao Luo.

Born in a wealthy and famous family, he had not seen such a solemn scene, which meant that he was not qualified to do so.

Any family would not allow an ignoble heir to inherit the grand family.

Today, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang didnt mean to officially introduce him to everyone at all but specifically meant to make a fool of him.

Xiao Luo stood still in situ, while Xiao Liang was irritable.

He got the point immediately and started making a fuss.

A Luo, why do you stand still there? Come here and say hello to everyone! Xiao Liang wore a long face, looking like an elder.

After hearing those words, Xiao Luo who was vacant smiled slowly. The irony in his eyes made all the people present a little dazed.

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