Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Take Out The Evidence

Chapter 208 Take Out the Evidence

As soon as this remark came out, the crowd froze in situ and stared at these two people on the stairs stiffly.

Xiao Luo was a little sad, and his eyes were full of disappointment for his second uncle. “Second Uncle, I’ve never thought about it. You are such an unscrupulous person.”

Xiao Yu froze, and he appeared to be a little embarrassed.

Then he shouted angrily, “What’s wrong with you today, Xiao Luo? Are you crazy? How dare you talk nonsense in front of everyone!”

Xiao Liang didn’t know what happened.

The elder was almost killed in the hospital, and everyone knew it was the Huo family’s mother and daughter who went to the hospital for unknown reasons to murder him.

Now, Xiao Luo unexpectedly said in front of the distinguished guests in the upper class in Harbor City that Xiao Yu instructed them to do so.

Such an accusation was thrown at Xiao Yu, and it was so difficult for him to prove his innocence.

Not to mention that the elder changed his will and gave him the whole Xiao Family.

There was a quiet scene at Xiao Family’s dinner.

Next to it was the sound of a fountain falling into the water.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Xiao Yu and Xiao Luo.

But no one noticed that at this time, Lu Xia smiled cunningly with the corners of her mouth upward.

Song Yunxuan noticed her and glanced at her slowly and severely.

The sight seemed to be a knife, to penetrate Lu Xia’s body and break open ruthlessly Lu Xia’s indifferent skin, who held herself aloof from the world.

Song Yunxuan moved her feet a bit, and she was about to walk towards Lu Xia soon.

Chu Mochen beside her suddenly grabbed her wrist. “Don’t move.”

Song Yunxuan frowned violently. “I have something to talk to Miss Lu.”

Suddenly, she put forth her strength into her wrist, and Chu Mochen’s big hand was thrown away in a moment.

Lu Xia, who saw the movement between them in the distance, raised her eyebrows slightly and looked back at Xiao Luo and Xiao Yu.

Xiao Luo looked calm as usual.

But his heart was tight, and each nerve was tight as if he was taking the risk of setting up a trap.

If they didn’t bite the hook, then he would lose everything.

Moreover, he would lose himself.

Song Yunxuan knew this.

Lu Xia knew.

Even Xiao Liang was surprisingly clear.

Xiao Yu was a grumpy, and he yelled at him, “I just ordered someone to”

“Second brother!” Xiao Liang immediately made a sound and interrupted Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu was interrupted. Suddenly, he seemed to come to his realization, and his face was tight. He stared at Xiao Luo and said angrily while gritting his teeth, “I just ordered someone to take good care of you at home. You hate me so much, to tell such a heinous lie?”

That was what he said, but he was a little perturbed in his mind.

As things stood today, their nephew was going to fight back against them.

It was just that he never thought that his nephew would make a fuss of the thing that the elder had been harmed by the Huo family’s mother and daughter.

Was it possible for this boy to collude with the Huo family? To use the Huo family to frame him?

He thought for a while and felt that Xiao Luo had colluded with the Huo family to frame him after thinking about their relationship. Otherwise, he could not rashly do such a thing!

He panicked, and his eyes fell unconsciously on Xiao Liang, his brother who had served him as a think tank for many years.

Xiao Liang shook his head gently at him and motioned him not to say anything now.

Xiao Yu, however, could not hold his bad temper.

Xiao Liang’s eyes swept over the guests at the scene. He took one step forward and whispered in Xiao Yu’s ear, “Brother, don’t get into a trap. This guy is perhaps cheating on you.”

As the old saying went, nothing was too deceitful in war.

If you couldn’t make a reasonable explanation to prove your innocence while being framed at this time, you would be tacitly regarded as an unfilial son who murdered his own father.

No matter how many scandals broke out in Harbor City because of struggling for the family property, murdering his own father was still a disgraceful thing.

Xiao Yu thought of this with a stern look, and he frowned tightly. “Xiao Luo, I take good care of you because you are my eldest brother’s biological son, who is dead. Today, you framed me for murdering my father in front of everyone. Do you know what you are doing?”

“I know, Second Uncle.”

Xiao Luo was calm.

What Xiao Yu wanted to say next was stuck in his throat, and he dared not to say.

If he kept talking, Xiao Luo would certainly show the evidence of his murdering the elder.

If Xiao Luo really took out it at once, two of them would be doomed eternally tonight.

Xiao Yu dared not to say but carefully considered how to get out of those difficulties at the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Liang, however, made a sound lukewarmly and patiently. “A Luo, since you are so determined tonight that Second Uncle murdered father and colluded with the Huo Family, then I will ask you for a proof. Do you have any proof?”

The expression on Xiao Luo’s face was stiffened a little.

All the people present looked at Xiao Luo.

But at this time, not far away, below the stairs.

Song Yunxuan just walked to the front of Lu Xia.

Lu Xia held a wine glass in her hand, and a gorgeous smile was hanging at the corners of her lips. She watched in silence what was happening in Xiao Family tonight as if watching a farce quietly.

The goblet in her hand moved slightly.

That clean goblet was just to touch the lips.

Song Yunxuan reached out and cleverly snatched the goblet from her hand.

Her movement was natural and fierce, which was swift and smooth.

It was a surprise to George who had been Lu Xia’s assistant for a long time.

George was worried about Lu Xia, and he pushed Song Yunxuan who was about to approach Lu Xia soon away.

But Lu Xia raised her hand to stop George. “George, you didn’t see Miss Song want to say something to me?”

Of course, he saw that Song Yunxuan wanted to talk with her.

Not only did George see it, but even Chu Mochen had seen it early.

Moreover, Chu Mochen also knew that what Song Yunxuan said to Lu Xia should not be an ordinary family talk.

“Miss Lu, what do you mean?”

She stared at Lu Xia and obviously felt very dissatisfied with her.

Lu Xia was in her thirties, and she was brainy and resourceful.

She could immediately understand what Song Yunxuan said and what it meant.

However, she chose to pretend to be confused.

“Miss Song, I don’t understand your words.”

She pretended to be confused. Song Yunxuan took a breath slightly and said in a sulky voice with darkened eyes, “Miss Lu, you don’t really want to help Xiao Luo at all.”

A brief smile appeared on Lu Xia’s face. “He can live to this day because of me. But for me, he would have died eight or ten times already.”

“Are you trapping him?”

Lu Xia’s eyebrows and eyes immediately became fierce as if the most untouchable place at the bottom of her heart was poked.

The expression on her face was momentarily fiendish.

However, it was only a moment.


“You made him turn against Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang tonight. Then, what about the capital you gave him?”

Gu Changge knew from an early age that everything needed capital.

If you didn’t have any capital, you would be interrupted after taking a step.

And tonight, Xiao Luo rashly accused two of his uncles, and if there was no evidence of it, he would be doomed eternally.

Lu Xia only told Xiao Luo that all was fair in war, but she didn’t tell him that in all matters, one should act according to his abilities and should not act rashly.

Song Yunxuan stared at Lu Xia firmly. “You lied to him, right?”

Lu Xia did not have a wine glass, but she was not idle.

After Song Yunxuan asked her this question, Lu Xia took out the cigarette and lighter from the shell handbag, and she lit a cigarette and put it between her lips.

She took a sip of the lighted cigarette and then looked at Song Yunxuan lightly. “Why do you think that I lied to him?”

“Xiao Luo has never been a rash person. He wouldn’t have gone to take the risk if he didn’t have fifty percent of grasp. If you hadn’t told him that you had enough confidence to defeat Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, he wouldn’t have done it tonight.”

Xiao Luo was not a fool.

If Lu Xia had not told him the odds of success, he wouldn’t have done it.

And he would have never thought that Lu Xia herself had not prepared a route of retreat for him, but she just cheated him into this road, and then she would let him do it himself.

Lu Xia could feel the anger and hostility of Song Yunxuan.

Her eyes fell on her. She took a few puffs of the cigarette and did not look away. She just said coldly, “You said that if he didn’t have fifty percent of grasp, he wouldn’t have gone to take the risk, but how do you know he isn’t betting with fifty percent of grasp?”

Song Yunxuan was stunned by these words from Lu Xia.

Lu Xia continued to smoke. “I originally thought that if he had fifty percent of grasp, you would help him. Why didn’t you prepare a route of retreat for him?

Song Yunxuan’s pupils suddenly became sharp, and the whole person became much colder.

After seeing her expression, Lu Xia smiled while curling her lips and then turned away.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes had been fixed on Lu Xia’s body all the time.

Lu Xia was actually very thin. All kinds of clothes would suit her, and she also looked very beautiful.

However, after that layer of gentle and indifferent performance was inadvertently revealed, you would find that she was actually extremely cold and fierce.

Perhaps this was the case in the business community.

The law of the jungle! This world belonged to the one who was more ruthless.

She suddenly called to her, “What’s your purpose?”

Lu Xia turned her back to her when she heard this question. She subconsciously stalled and stopped in situ.

She didn’t answer for a long while.

Song Yunxuan thought that Lu Xia might not answer.

Just at this time, she said suddenly, “I have waited for this day for a long time.”

This answer was somewhat irrelevant.

But it made Song Yunxuan become stunned momentarily.

She had waited for this day for a long time

There were usually only two explanations for a person to wait for a long time.

One was too much love, and the other one was too much hate.

Lu Xia waited for this day probably because she had too much hate?

She was a little moony but watched Lu Xia as her back went further and further.

Until she walked out of the door.

On the stairs of the second floor, Xiao Luo’s face and eyes began to shake and collapse little by little.

The reluctant calmness on his face was about to be torn apart little by little.

As the silence grew longer and longer, all the guests under the stairs began to talk and whisper to each other.

“Xiao Xuan’s son is really incapable. He can tell any lie.”

“A verbal statement without any proof! He really thinks that it’s easy to blame others!”

“Elder Xiao really pampers him, and he could allow him to talk nonsense to such an extent.”

“Children who do not have their own parents are really uneducated, and the brothers of Xiao Family are also suffering the consequence of breeding evil.”

The voices of these people were getting louder and louder, and they gradually drowned all of Xiao Luo’s hearing.

Xiao Luo suddenly felt a dull pain in his ribs and turned to look for Lu Xia at the scene.

But he found that Lu Xia had already gone.

His face suddenly turned pale.

Just at this moment, there was a clear voice which suddenly penetrated the crowd’s discussion. “I can prove that the brothers of the Xiao Family murdered their father!”