Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Take You To Meet Someone

Chapter 213 Take You to Meet Someone

All kinds of things spread like a storm in Harbor City.

Xiao Family was the most eye-catching one.

Elder Xiao seemed to know that the struggle of heirship in Xiao Family had come to the terminal. If he didn’t make it clear, it would bring them more trouble in the future.

On the third day after the evening banquet, Elder Xiao made a public announcement to the whole Harbor City that the two brothers, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, would be dispatched to Indonesy branch and South Atricia branch respectively.

When hearing South Atricia which was the uninhabited place, people in the business circles of Harbor City knew that Xiao Jiangcheng had given up on Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang completely.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang knew it for sure in their hearts. Thus, they made every attempt to make Xiao Jiancheng change his mind.

Yet there was irrefutable evidence in the rumors, which was that Xiao Jiancheng refused to meet and reluctantly banished his own sons in great pain.

However, the fact was

“Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang thought that their father was so heartless to make this decision, and they were unwilling to give such a big industry of Xiao Family to a little boy. Thus, they got a sudden idea of forcing their father.”

“And then?”

“Then” Chu Mochen picked up his coffee cup beside him and took a gentle sip. Then he laughed out loud. “Xiao Luo had already made an agreement with the shareholders of the Xiao enterprise. At the shareholders’ meeting, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang had almost been dragged out. What a shame!”

Chu Mochen sighed.

However, Song Yunxuan sneered ironically. She muttered, “Why would they give dying kicks? Instead of doing all those useless struggles, they’d better get their forces together and stage a comeback when the time is right.”

“If it were you, would you allow the threatening ones to bounce back?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan raised her head and curled her eyes. She answered him clearly, “Of course not.”

Indeed, she would never give the threatening ones the chance to bounce back. She would thoroughly destroy and exterminate them.

Under the afternoon sun, Song Yunxuan looked down quietly at the milk in the crystal cup.

There were no expressions on her almost transparent face illuminated by the sun.

But at the bottom of her eyes, there was a hidden murderous look that no one else could see.

The story of Xiao Family came to an end. However, the contract she signing with the Huo family was delayed.

Another three days later, the contract hadn’t been sent over yet.

In Yuncheng, her elder brother who had been indifferent to her life and death for a long time called her with abnormal concern suddenly.

On the phone, he asked her in a kind voice, “Yunxuan, regarding the contract in Harbor City, shall I get someone to hand it over to you?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t refuse him directly. She asked instead, “Brother, whom will you send to hand over?”

Song Yunqiang smiled over the telephone, and then he told her that name in a touching way. “After our father passed away, there are only three of us, brothers and sisters in Song Family. I’d like to send Yunjia there to help you.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help sneering silently.

“Yunxuan, what do you think of it?”

“Brother, no need. I have Childe Chu here to help me. We can complete it very soon.”

Song Yunqiang was reluctant, but under the pressure of Chu Mochen, he made a dry cough and hung up after several exhortations.

On the afternoon of that day, Song Yunxuan was informed that Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin went to the customs of Harbor City to pick someone up.

The one they picked up was tall and slim with long hair floating.

From the photo which she received, she could only see one back.

However, the figure was enough for Song Yunxuan to recognize who she was.

“My elder sister, Song Yunjia has come over.”

She met Huo Ting alone behind Chu Mochen’s back.

Huo Ting was quite embattled. “My father has been talking about Zhang Yufang recently. Zhang Yufang will come back to Huo family again soon.”

“Really?” Song Yunxuan looked at him.

There was some distrust in her eyes.

Huo Ting perceived the distrust in her eyes, and he confessed, “My father knows I’m cooperating with you. He still wants to do the final struggle and force me to compromise on Zhang Yufang’s return. Otherwise, he will not sign the contract with you.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and smiled. “Uncle Huo got a good idea. But don’t you think it’s fishy that Uncle Huo changed his mind too fast?”

Huo Ting was dazed for a little while, and something suddenly flashed into his mind. He got it quickly. “You mean that someone incited him?”

“I think that my sister might have visited Uncle Huo.”

Hearing her words, Huo Ting was shocked for sure. Then he looked extremely terrible as if something came into his mind suddenly.

Song Yunxuan was almost sure that Song Yunjia did visit Huo Qixiong.

“I know exactly how my sister acts. She is smart, and she analyzes the situation pretty well. What’s more, she likes persuading people.”

“What do you mean?”

Song Yunxuan moved away from her seat and put on her fur shawl hung on the back of the chair. She said calmly, “We must let them drop the idea forever.”

Huo Ting’s eyes flickered on hearing her words.

On her way home, Song Yunxuan passed by that mall again. Looking at the mall, she suddenly smiled gently.

She said to the driver in the front of the car. “Stop here, please.”

The driver pulled over and let her get off.

She got off at the entrance to the mall and went upstairs to the children’s clothing counter.

That pretty pink princess dress was quietly hung in the closet.

The shop assistant walked to her and asked politely, “Are you looking for clothes for your little sister?”

“No, it’s for my”

The word, “daughter”, had been stuck in her throat for a long time, and she did not say it.

Finally, she could only complete her sentence with a lie. “It’s for my friend’s daughter.”

“How do you like this little pink dress?” The shop assistant reached out her hand and led her to see the pink organza princess dress. “This dress is suitable for girls of four to seven years old. The cloth used to make the dress is imported from Parise, Frence.”

“I’ll take it.” Looking at the dress, her eyes were filled with some repressive tenderness. “Please send it to my friend at this address I give you.”

The shop assistant had never encountered such a request, and she was slightly stunned before replying, “OK.”

It was 3:00 p.m. when she walked out of the mall.

She walked on a path for a while, and then she waved for a cab.

Out of her expectation

There was a lengthened Bentley coming to her when she was waving her hand.

She stood still to figure out who was driving it inside.

However, the driver didn’t lower the glass. The driver just got off and invited her respectfully. “Miss Song, President Lu would like to give you a ride.”

“President Lu?”

In the whole Harbor City, when speaking of President Lu, everyone might think of Lu Xia.

A successful woman.

She supported the whole Lu Family when she was young and took an unassailable root in Harbor City.

She appreciated Lu Xia very much a long time ago, but she didn’t have the chance to cooperate with her.

Today she could talk to her.

In this world, no matter who he was, she would be willing to talk to him as long as he was useful or they both could gain mutual benefits.

She bent over and got into the luxury Bentley.

Sure enough, on the leather seat sat Lu Xia.

There was a mini wine cabinet nearby, and the nostalgic music was playing in the car.

In the front were her driver and her white assistant, George.

She was the only one at the back, holding a glass of brandy to taste carefully.

After the car door was shut, Lu Xia smiled with the corners of her mouth upward. “I thought I would never have a chance to chat with you.”

“I’ll stay in Harbor City for a while.”

“Because of the things happening in the Huo family?”

Lu Xia approached the topic naturally.

Song Yunxuan didn’t mean to hold back. “Yes.”

Lu Xia signed. She rubbed between her eyebrows as if she had a headache. “Huo family is too complicated. It’s hard to say whether Zhang Yufang or Huo Ting will take charge in the end.”

“I think that it may be Huo Ting.”

Song Yunxuan smiled.

Lu Xia stopped her action of rubbing between her eyebrows and looked up at Song Yunxuan.

She actually saw an affirmative look from the bottom of Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

“Everything is changing fast in Harbor City. A trifle can subvert a whole family.”

She said with a great deal of implications.

She seized the opportunity to go deep into the topic. “Are you talking about your own family?”

Lu Xia’s face turned cold.

The white assistant in the front got tense and cold as well.

If her guess was correct, this was the forbidden topic for Lu Xia.

However, she was Gu Changge.

The more forbidden it was, the more valuable information could be dug out.

“I thought before that Miss Lu was sincere to help Xiao Luo. However, according to what happened at the banquet of Xiao Family later, I think you are actually expecting people of Xiao Family to fight against each other, right?”

Lu Xia’s purpose was exposed in such a straightforward and harsh way.

Lu Xia could not help being startled, and her scarlet lips were pursed into a cold line.

“Why should you do that?”

Lu Xia took a sip of brandy, and then she put down the wine glass. She took another clean glass and then poured a glass of wine. Then she handed it over to the front of Song Yunxuan. “Have a drink with me.”

Looking at the glass which was handed to her with brandy, Song Yunxuan just puckered her lips and took it without any hesitation.

Lu Xia was a little surprised at her flatness.

Seeing her drink it after taking the glass and raising her head, she smiled with some appreciation. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a girl like you. Aren’t you afraid that I might have put something into your wine?

“I don’t think it’s necessary for you to do that.”

Lu Xia’s eyes lit up with joy. “Sure.”

Song Yunxuan kept silent. And Lu Xia shifted her eyes somewhere else.

She had a look of remembrance in her eyes. “It is said that our Childe is killed by Xiao Xuan’s framing up.”

“Is there any evidence?”

“Is that necessary? When Lu Family was in turmoil, the first one attempting to carve up Lu Family was Xiao Family.”

“So, you are going to destroy Xiao Family for this?”

Lu Xia didn’t deny it. “But if Xiao Luo wins, I can align with Xiao Family. This is a good way for both of us.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t reply.

A smile appeared in Lu Xia’s eyes again. “Xiao Luo is not a fool. With some improvements, he will be a great talent. He is only 17 years old now, and he will be immeasurable after he grows up. Elder Xiao might have realized this, and that’s why he went for the gloves to banish his two sons and showed his partiality for his grandson.”

“Do you still want to destroy Xiao Family?”

“Perhaps I can’t.”

“Xiao Luo has been tricked by you once. He will not align with you in the future.”

However, Lu Xia smiled. “Whether he has been tricked by me or not, Xiao Luo has won the battle. And my contribution to this is crucial.”

Song Yunxuan looked at her coldly. “It is the Huo family that helped Xiao Luo, not you.”

Lu Xia looked sideways and said in a careless way, “The Huo family helped him under your order, right?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything.

Lu Xia leaned to her slowly, staring at her. “Xiao Luo will not fight against Lu Family. The reason is that if I had not found me, how could he have survived in this battle?”

Song Yunxuan looked at her in silence.

Lu Xia had the precise foresight. She made an appropriate decision.

This could not be denied.

Seeing that she was in silence, Lu Xia said suddenly, “You must be struggling for a proper reason to help Huo Ting gain his rights in the Huo family. I’d like to take you to meet someone. The one who will give you enough reasons to meddle in the family affairs of the Huo family and help Huo Ting.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan was suddenly shocked in her mind.