Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 214

Chapter 214 The Assistant Of Her Mother

Chapter 214The Assistant of Her Mother

She knew that Lu Xia would not come to her for no reason.

In such a business circle, but for an adequate emotional base, one would undoubtedly measure others that he met in terms of profits.

She did not want to help Huo Ting. It was because if she got involved in these affairs, the process of her return to Yuncheng would be slowed down.

However, Lu Xia even tried to give her an excuse to make her assist the Huo family now.

So, what was the excuse?

The elongated Bentley of Lu Xia was driven to the Shenshui Street in Harbor City.

Indeed, it was too deep as its name for ordinary people to wade through.

Shenshui Street was located in a civilian residential area. And there were lots of illegal dangerous structures. The building was broken and intensive. The street was narrow and gloomy. Many gamblers hid here to avoid their creditors. And even someone took drugs here.

She wore a snow-white fur cape. Lu Xia glanced at her when she got off.

She left the cape in the car.

Lu Xia passed a black woolen coat to her. The style of that coat was not in fashion but very classic.

“This seems to be popular twenty years ago.”

She talked to Lu Xia as she walked.

Lu Xia stared straight at the front. She did not take a second look at the people passing by.

“You seem to know a lot about clothes.”

“Just a little.”

The mother of Gu Changge was well-matched with Gu Cheng, her father, as a daughter from a prominent family. She had seen her mother’s photos many times.

Her mother in one of those photos wore the same clothes as she wore at this moment. But they were just in different colors.

Lu Xia started to discuss the trend of fashion in recent years with her.

“In conclusion, it’s just that the designers slightly modified the classic clothing continually to make it a new one.”

“Improvements on the original basis happen in all industries. The pure innovation is not so easy to be accepted.”

Lu Xia showed her agreement. It was not a long road, but they did have a nice conversation.

After walking through three alleyways, a woman who guarded at the door appeared in front of Song Yunxuan.

There were tiny wrinkles at the corners of that woman’s eyes. Though her hair was withered, it was carefully combed and tied in the back of the head.

When she saw Song Yunxuan, she could not help being surprised.

Song Yunxuan felt strange subconsciously when she perceived the way she looked at her.

Sure enough, not waiting for Song Yunxuan to react, the woman covered her mouth with her eyes full of tears after raising her hand.

Lu Xia walked over. “Do you know her?”

The woman covered her mouth, choking with sobs and nodding affirmatively.

Song Yunxuan thought for a while. She seemed to remember where she had met her before.

“Did we meet each other before?”

The woman nodded and walked towards her as she spoke.

Song Yunxuan swiftly took a step back with no expression. “On the Black Dragon Street last time?”

The woman took her hand away from her mouth. Watching her face, the woman nodded. “Yes. That’s it”

When Song Yunxuan just knew Xiao Luo, she saved a woman on the Black Dragon Street. It was just a quick glance. She never thought that she would meet that woman again.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Fan Caidie’s” She blurted out. But after she said Fan Caidie, she looked down and shut up at once.

“My mother?”

Fan Caidie was the mother of Song Yunxuan. She was Gu Changge. So, it was reasonable that she knew little about Fan Caidie’s acquaintances before her death.

But as it stood now, this woman must have an important relationship with Fan Caidie.

“She used to be the assistant of your mother before her death.” Lu Xia stood behind that woman. “Her name is Zhao Yuqing.”

“Zhao Yuqing” Song Yunxuan repeated. She could not remember anything about this woman.

Fan Caidie used to work in the entertainment circle before her death. The one who was closely related to her should be some popular singers and actors at that time. Such an unimpressive assistant really could not catch the attention.

However, it was just such a woman.

Why did Lu Xia want her to come here to meet her?

Seeing that Zhao Yunxuan did nothing but cried, Lu Xia said coldly, “Let’s get to the point, Miss Zhao.”

Zhao Yuqing came to her several times. She seemed to try to catch Song Yunxuan’s hands. But Song Yunxuan subtly avoided such an action.

Though she was the assistant of Fan Caidie before her death, Fan Caidie had been dead for decades. She had never seen her before. Her sudden appearance was a little strange to her.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan did not show good feelings for her, Zhao Yuqing gave up the intention to get close to her. She just turned around and opened the door. “It’s a long story. Come in, Yunxuan. I will tell you all about it in detail.”

Song Yunxuan looked at Lu Xia.

Lu Xia followed Zhao Yuqing to walk towards the broken building. “It is about the affairs of your mother. If you want to know it, you can come in.”

After saying that, Lu Xia entered that door.

Seeing the door, Song Yunxuan’s eyes darkened.

She lifted her feet and followed up.

Strictly speaking, Fan Caidie had no relationship with her.

Because she was Gu Changge.

But her soul came into Song Yunxuan’s body. So, she became Song Yunxuan.

Now that she was Song Yunxuan, she was supposed to do what Song Yunxuan would do.

If she showed an indifferent and apathetic look to the affairs about her own mother, would that be too strange?

She entered the room. Zhao Yuqing’s room was clean. But the room was too small. Many laundries were hung in the room.

Zhao Yuqing moved the shelf which dried the clothing. She made them sit on the sofa. She then served two cups of tea, saying uneasily, “I thought that I would never see you again, Yunxuan.”

She clasped her hands together, holding tightly. The expression on her face seemed to be thrilled.

Song Yunxuan just looked at Lu Xia without saying a word.

Such a rich girl like Lu Xia certainly would not be short of such a cup of tea. Facing these two teacups served by Zhao Yuqing, she just coolly threw her eyes on them. And then she took back her eyes.

“Miss Zhao, are those things which you are ready to tell Yunxuan all true?

Zhao Yunxuan was tearful. Being asked in such a way, she held Song Yunxuan’s hands at once as if she could no longer restrain herself. “What I want to say is as sure as fate. Yunxuan, you are supposed to revenge for your mother.”

“Revenge?” Her pretty eyebrows puckered suddenly.

Zhao Yuqing nodded vigorously. “Others might have forgotten those things which happened eighteen years ago. But I still remember. It is Zhang Yufang who murdered Caidie.”

She said in an excited tone, “But for Zhang Yufang, Caidie would not have had to leave the Harbor City at all. And certainly, she would not have died without rhyme or reason in Yuncheng.”

Song Yunxuan just heard that her mother died of her illness from the nanny who had looked after her since she was a child.

But the nanny said nothing about the specific reason for her mother’s death.

“How did my mother die?”

Zhao Yuqing could not help bursting into crying. “It is Zhang Yufang. Zhang Yufang set a trap to make your mother be utterly discredited. Your mother was expelled from Harbor City.”

The hands were held too tightly by her. Song Yunxuan felt pain for that. She couldn’t help but comfort her. “Aunt Zhao, speak slowly.”

Her words, “Aunt Zhao”, surprised Zhao Yuqing for a while. After that, she seemed to receive her approval. She calmed down gradually.

Song Yunxuan never cared about what her natural mother had done before her death.

And her enmity.

Because she knew that she was actually Gu Changge.

But now, when she heard that Zhao Yuqing told her those things which happened in those days, some of the angry inside her body burst out uncontrollably.

“Your mother enjoyed her popularity when she debuted eighteen years ago. And Huo Qixiong was a little interested in your mother just in time.”

Song Yunxuan even did not have to figure out what Huo Qixiong’s interest meant. These words were easy to understand.

The entertainment circle was such a mixed bag. If you wanted to be well-known, you should find a reliable and powerful backer.

Huo Qixiong should be a nice backer eighteen years ago. And the interest must be that he wanted to make Fan Caidie his valentine.

“But your mother did not want to date with him. She refused him lots of times, and then”

When she said the word, “then”, Zhao Yuqing’s expression on the face was unmentionably complicated.

“Then what?”

Lu Xia went on saying for Zhao Yuqing, “Huo family was powerful in all walks of life. If he could not be approved openly, he could only secretly make it. The mother and aunt of Fan Caidie liked to gamble. So Huo Qixiong led them into the casino. He made them win a few times at first. And then your grandmother lost so many times. She even took your mother as a chip and lost her in the end.

Lu Xia said with some sympathy for Fan Caidie in those days, “Your mother was filial. So, she compromised because of the lives of her mother and aunt.”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Zhao Yuqing. “Is that true?”

Zhao Yuqing nodded. “Though your mother was unwilling to promise, after her refusing, all the directors disinclined to cooperate with her. Clearly, your mother was banned.”

“Your mother had no job. So, she could not pay off the debts of her mother and aunt. The casino leaned on her hard. They often came to intimidate your grandmother. So, your mother compromised.”

Song Yunxuan’s face turned deathly pale.

It was not a novelty that the rich boys fell in love with some starlets in the entertainment circle.

But it was the first time that someone had used such a way to pursue a girl.

The expression on Lu Xia’s face was slightly sarcastic and disdainful.

Zhao Yuqing said slowly, “Actually, your mother could marry to Huo Qixiong justifiably and properly at that time. Because Huo Qixiong was very nice to your mother at that time. And he promised several times that he would marry her.”

Song Yunxuan said nothing. Fan Caidie could not make a living in Harbor City at last, and she even almost died there as far as she knew.

“But Zhang Yufang got in the way when your mother was pregnant. So, your mother had a miscarriage. And she even framed your mother for cuckolding Huo Qixiong. What Zhang Yufang did made Huo Qixiong feel disgusted with your mother. And he even wanted to kill your mother.”

After hearing this, Lu Xia just smiled and looked at Song Yunxuan. “I think you should be glad that your mother did not have a child with Huo Qixiong.”

Song Yunxuan looked down. She looked quiet. “If Zhang Yufang had not made the mischief between them, Fan Caidie might be the hostess of the Huo family now, right?”

Zhao Yuqing nodded instantly. “That’s true.”

“I got it.”

She stood up in the room. After saying this sentence, she stepped outside directly.

Zhao Yuqing still tried to reach out to pull her.

But Lu Xia took out a large innominate cheque from her handbag and put it in front of her. “Thank you for telling us what you know.”

Seeing the number on the cheque, Zhao Yuqing was surprised immediately. Then she reached out to receive it.

Lu Xia loosened her hand. Seeing her act of taking the cheque, Lu Xia smiled with the corners of her mouth upward and turned around to go out.

Song Yunxuan walked out all the way. When she came to the side of the Bentley, she was just stopped by Lu Xia.

“What plan have you made?”

Song Yunxuan did not answer her. She just opened the car door and bent over to sit in. “Please send me to meet Huo Ting.”