Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 216

Chapter 216 The Mother And Daughter Turned Against Each Other

Chapter 216 The Mother and Daughter Turned Against Each Other

The sight of Zhang Yufang was like a cold and sharp dagger containing her anger and disgust.

“Jiahui, what happened?”

Seeing her mother’s angry face, Huo Jiahui pursed her lips and gently said, “Mommy, my brother threatened me with your safety.”

At this time, if she wanted to maintain a good relationship with her mother, she must explain the nature of the matter clearly.

However, hearing Huo Jiahui’s words, Zhang Yufang became angrier and showed an ironic smile at this time. “Threaten you with the safety of your sister and me?”

Huo Jiahui understood the trace of sarcasm in her words. She looked at her mother and nearly wanted to cry. “Mommy, you don’t believe me?”

Almost without thinking, Zhang Yufang coldly uttered these words. “No, I don’t.”

With an icy face, she looked at her elder daughter. “You haven’t been so obedient as your sister since you were a child. I allowed you to go out to develop when you were only a teenager. However, now, after so many years of acting outside, you even aren’t willing to tell the truth to your mother and sister.”

Huo Jiahui disappointedly stared at her mother. “Mommy”

Mommy, why didn’t you believe me?

Everything I said was true.

“You said that Huo Ting threatened you. You are smart. Even if Huo Ting threatened you, why didn’t you think that he is nothing in the Huo family while Xiong is the master? How could he dare to harm your sister and me?”

Seeing her mother treat her biological sister badly when she was down, Huo Jiaying showed some sympathy for her and tugged Zhang Yufang’s sleeve. “Mommy, stop speaking My sister might have had troubles”

“Troubles?” Zhang Yufang sneered. She suddenly shook off Huo Jiaying, who was tugging her sleeve, and stood up from the couch. “I brought her up. She thinks that I don’t know her way of doing things because I don’t follow her anywhere and anytime! That she said she had troubles is just a perfunctory answer. She supported Huo Ting because she betrayed us.”

Huo Jiahui incredibly shook her head. “Mommy, how could you say so? You brought me up. I am your own daughter. I helped my brother to testify against the brothers of Xiao Family because I was afraid that you would be hurt.”

Zhang Yufang still knew nothing about what had happened at Xiao Family’s dinner party. When hearing that Huo Jiahui testified against Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang at this moment, she turned to ask Huo Jiaying, “Jiaying, what happened on earth?”

Raising her head, Huo Jiaying awkwardly looked at her sister and explained slowly, “Someone framed us for going to the hospital to kill Elder Xiao. My sister pretended to be me and admitted that we went to the hospital that day to kill Elder Xiao indeed. She claimed that Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang ordered us to do so.”

Every word Huo Jiaying said was transmitted into Zhang Yufang’s ears. Zhang Yufang’s face became darker and darker as her daughter spoke.

After standing stiffly for a few seconds, all of a sudden, she strode forward and gave her elder daughter a fierce slap in the face after raising her hand abruptly.

No one had beaten Huo Jiahui’s face since her birth.

However, her mother raised the hand and gave her a heavy slap today.

She was stunned. A wisp of long hair covered her cheek. However, the slap left red fingerprints on her face since it was too heavy and hard.

Huo Jiaying was frightened and looked at her sister, covering her mouth.

Huo Jiahui kept her face tilting after being slapped for a long while without moving.

Zhang Yufang was on the warpath. “You did that for your sister and me, didn’t you? It is so nice of you to say that. As far as I’m concerned, you did that simply for your reputation.”

Huo Jiaying was stunned and didn’t understand what her mother said.

Huo Jiahui slowly raised her hand to cover her badly beaten cheek which was so hurt. Touching the bruised skin with her fingers, she didn’t look up or speak.

“You have been living on your beautiful face in the entertainment industry. You don’t want others to know that you are disfigured, so you chose to help Huo Ting and took the opportunity to pretend that the disfigured person is your sister, not you.”

Huo Jiahui didn’t speak. However, Huo Jiaying was stunned and shocked by her mother’s statement.

“Am I right? Tell me!”

Zhang Yufang angrily stared at Huo Jiahui.

Huo Jiahui touched her cheek and said nothing for a long time.

But Zhang Yufang refused to stop speaking. “I have been so kind to you since you were a child. How could I bring up such a daughter like you?”

It was fine that Zhang Yufang didn’t mention it. Now Zhang Yufang’s words made her childhood memory surge in Huo Jiahui’s mind.

While these two sisters fell at the same time, their mother always chose to help the younger sister up and cared for her first.

While her things were taken away by her younger sister, she couldn’t be angry or compete with her younger sister.

She needed to be tolerant and generous.

She needed to be obedient and protect her younger sister.

Her younger sister was loved and cared for by the father and the mother. However, she couldn’t get any concern from her mother.

Why were they so partial to her younger sister?

She had accepted her mother’s preference to her younger sister. But what she had done was obviously for her mother’s sake. Why did her mother repeatedly say that everything she had done was for herself?

Zhang Yufang saw that she couldn’t say anything. Suddenly, she pointed at the door after raising her hand and scolded, “Get out! I never want to see you again!”

Huo Jiaying could not help shouting, “Mommy”

Zhang Yufang reprimanded her with a bad temper. “Shut up! Don’t intercede with me for her!”

Listening to what her mother said, Huo Jiahui’s eyes were sore for a while, but she was wooden and stiff.

Seeing her stand still without moving, Zhang Yufang was aggressive to drive her away.

“Won’t you leave? Nanny Lin, kick her out. You are no longer my daughter from today.”

As soon as Zhang Yufang finished her words, Huo Jiahui suddenly raised her head and glared at her mother with her crying red eyes. “Have you ever regarded me as your daughter for just one day?”

Her voice was low but powerful.

It was like a hammer of thousands of tons pounding Zhang Yufang, and she could not help being stunned.

The whole living room suddenly fell silent.

Huo Jiahui looked at her mother in disappointment. “I am your daughter, but you have always ignored me. The one you can see in your eyes is always Jiaying. Have you ever cared about me or missed me for one day? I am worried about you, but you don’t believe it at all. The reason why you think so is that you know that your concern for me is not worth my concern for you, right?”

Huo Jiahui’s tone was not intense, but every word contained a force that made people unable to breathe.

Zhang Yufang was shocked by Huo Jiahui’s words at once.

Huo Jiahui stood up slowly and took away her hand covering her cheek. Then she took a breath and calmed herself down. “You don’t have to drive me away. From now on, I will never come back to see you. Since you don’t want me to be your daughter, I don’t want you to be my mother anymore.”

Finishing her words, she turned away and left.

Huo Jiahui’s pace gradually walked towards the door.

Looking at the back of Huo Jiahui, who was leaving, Zhang Yufang suddenly felt a cramp in her heart.

She raised her hand and grabbed her clothes on her chest, breathing harder and harder while her daughter in front of her walked farther and farther.

Her daughter’s figure became increasingly blurred.

Her heart was so painful that she couldn’t stand up anymore. She reached out and wanted to hold something nearby.

But before she could hold something, she collapsed to the ground at once.

Huo Jiaying couldn’t help screaming, “Mommy!”

The scream made Huo Jiahui stop her steps at the door suddenly.

The news of Zhang Yufang ‘s fainting in the Yangshan Villa was quickly transmitted into Huo Ting’s ears by phone.

Huo Ting turned to look at Song Yunxuan after receiving the call. “Sure enough, Jiahui angered Zhang Yufang to faint.”

“It must be very fierce that many years of grievances break out in one breath.”

Song Yunxuan ordered the driver to drive.

The driver asked, “Childe and Miss Song, where are we going?”

Before Huo Ting could answer, Song Yunxuan said, “Marie Hospital.”

Huo Ting’s sight on Song Yunxuan slightly changed and he said, “You”

Song Yunxuan turned her head and smiled. “How can you remove out the source of the trouble without this opportunity?”

“However, my father will receive the news soon.”

If Huo Qixiong knew the news that Zhang Yufang was in the hospital, he would surely rush over as soon as possible.

Resting her fingers on her handbag, Song Yunxuan said with a pair of calm eyes as if she was having a normal chat, “It is the only chance. If you can’t take it, you may capsize in the future.”

The expression between the eyebrows of Huo Ting darkened a little.

“I don’t mind making it clear. The criminal penalty of implicating the nine generations of a family in ancient times is to prevent those criminals from staging a comeback. If you let Zhang Yufang give birth to her child now, your little brother will become your future threat. As long as there is another male in the Huo family, your fight against them will never stop. If you accidentally take one wrong step in the future, it may be all over.”

The inheritance way of the Huo family was not in accordance with the order of age. The internal strife in Xiao Family showed that the most powerful one would be the heir no matter where.

Zhang Yufang would compete with Huo Ting as long as she was alive.

He had to cut the ground from under her feet and completely wipe out her thoughts. Then she would have no chips.

Huo Ting fell in silence. The driver slowed down on the road, not knowing where to go.

Song Yunxuan decided for Huo Ting. “Please go to the Marie Hospital.”

Huo Ting frowned and looked at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan made eye contact with him.

He didn’t order the drive to change the direction.

They went to the Marie Hospital together.

Few people were in the hallway of the hospital.

The nurses in the first-class hospital all smiled kindly and warmly, making people very comfortable.

Song Yunxuan followed Huo Ting to walk towards the operation room where Zhang Yufang was.

Just after getting out of the elevator, they heard a girl’s angry scream in the hallway. “Induced labor? Are you crazy? Mommy must not receive this operation.”

“Her life will be in danger if not receiving the operation. Do you agree?”

“Then I have to wait for Daddy to come over. I will never sign until Daddy comes over.”

Huo Jiaying’s wayward and stubborn voice came from a distance.

Song Yunxuan stopped and did not walk forward, along with Huo Ting.

Huo Jiahui said without any emotion, “Please give me the surgical agreement. I will sign it.”

While the doctor was about to hand over the surgical agreement, Huo Jiaying wanted to snatch it.

But Huo Jiahui reached out and grabbed Huo Jiaying’s wrist. “What do you want to do?”

“You can’t sign it!”

“If we don’t sign it, Mommy will be life-threatening. After all, she is above the age suitable for reproduction.”

Huo Jiaying glared at her sister. “You know why Mommy takes such a big risk to get pregnant. If the baby is lost because of induced labor, Mommy may never be able to conceive a child again.”

Huo Jiahui let go of Huo Jiaying’s hand and took the surgical agreement handed over by the doctor. “It is much better than death.”

Huo Jiahui was about to sign it. Huo Jiaying still didn’t agree and wanted to grab the agreement from her sister.

However, Huo Jiahui signed it smoothly and quickly. When Huo Jiaying was about to grab the agreement, Huo Jiahui had already signed it.

The nurse who went in for the operation accidentally bumped against Huo Jiaying.

The doctor took the agreement at the right time.

Song Yunxuan took one step silently, watching the doctor who was about to do the operation enter the operating room. A trace of coldness flashed through her eyes glitteringly.

All the stumbling stones would be removed.

Those who hindered her would never turn over.

Zhang Yufang was no exception.

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