Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 233

Chapter 233 She Was A Lunatic

Chapter 233 She Was a Lunatic

The nurse couldn’t stop Chu Mochen.

When Chu Mochen appeared at the door of the ward, Xiao Luo’s eyes narrowed. His impression of Chu Mochen had been bad all the time.

Similarly, there was a flash of aversion in Chu Mochen’s eyes when he saw Xiao Luo.

Song Yunxuan sat calmly on the sickbed. Her eyes exactly met with Chu Mochen’s eyes.

“How are you?” He opened his thin lips and strode towards her.

“Not bad.” She smiled with the corners of her lips upward, and her eyes were bright.

Chu Mochen came over. His long handsome eyebrows were frowned. “What happened?”


Song Yunxuan heard a sneer before she could answer.

The sneer was mixed with obvious ridicule, and it was exactly from Xiao Luo.

Chu Mochen frowned and looked back at him.

Xiao Luo’s eyes fell on his face. “My sister almost died, but you weren’t here until now. And you even asked her what happened.”

Song Yunxuan blinked at him. “A Luo, stop talking.”

Song Yunxuan had never called him A Luo so kindly before. Most of the time, she called him Loki.

Xiao Luo was slightly shocked. Those people who called him A Luo were two uncles besides Grandpa. Did Song Yunxuan mean that she admitted their blood relationship since she called him like this?

He pursed his lips. “Sister, however, before you fell down from the building, the scandal between Chu Mochen and Huo Jiahui was spreading in a hubbub.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I know.”

“Then you still”

Song Yunxuan interrupted him. “A Luo, this is the matter between me and Mochen.”

Xiao Luo was a smart person, knowing that Song Yunxuan didn’t want him to intervene in this matter. Being a little angry in his mind, he was still obedient and stopped talking.

“A Luo, you are tired, too. You can go back to rest first. Let me say a few words to Mochen.”

Xiao Luo glanced severely at Chu Mochen before turning around and leaving.

Chu Mochen noticed the eyes of Xiao Luo on him before he left. He was extremely unhappy in his heart. “He seems to be very hostile to me.”

“Of course.” Song Yunxuan didn’t deny. Her face was a little pale, and her lips were wan. “After all, what happened between you and Huo Jiahui before is known by the whole Yuncheng. People in Harbor City have also heard about it.”

Chu Mochen stood by her sickbed. “Do you also believe this?”

“I dubitate.” She put her fingers on her sides, exuding a sense of alienation from him all over. “Even if you were putting on a play, you shouldn’t have accepted it when Huo Jiahui in tears rushed to your arms unless you still had old feelings for her.”

Chu Mochen raised his long eyebrows and frowned. “There is a reason for what happened that day.”

“I believe that you have a reason. But you don’t have to explain that to me because I won’t pursue it.”

She was tolerant to the extent that all men wish women were.

But Chu Mochen didn’t want to stop the topic like this. “What do you mean?”

She looked up at him, and her face was pale but serious. “I thought that you would give me an explanation at least as soon as I found it out. But what was the result? You didn’t say even a word to me. What am I to you? Am I the one in your heart?”

Chu Mochen looked at her coldly. “You are so smart that you must understand that it is just a play that Huo Jiahui deliberately made for you to see.”

“Even if she was putting on a play, you should have explained it to me.” Song Yunxuan was a little annoyed. “Because of the news that Huo Jiahui released before, the matter that she hijacked and wanted to kill me in the Air-view Garden makes people in Yuncheng all think that I deserve it now.”

“You deserve it?” Chu Mochen sat beside her sickbed, looking at her annoyed face. “How could you deserve it?”

“They think I broke you up.”

“You know you didn’t.”

“It’s just that I know it. No one else knows, except me.” Song Yunxuan held her forehead. “In fact, even I, myself, don’t know why you would take a fancy to me at first glance when you returned home after so many years of being single.”

Chu Mochen reached out his hand and gently pulled the hair off the side of her face. His eyes were gentle. “I thought you always understood it.”

“Because of Gu Changge?”

“You are so similar to her.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyelashes and looked into his eyes, almost to see through the emotions in the depth of his eyes.

He was really obsessed with Gu Changge, while Gu Changge had indeed disappeared in this world. She was very grateful to Chu Mochen for remembering her.

But she didn’t want Chu Mochen to remember Gu Changge all the time at all.

Moreover, he stopped her from doing all this because he still remembered Gu Changge.

“I told you to give up all this, but you would never listen to me.”

Song Yunxuan became wary. “So, you aren’t going to help me now?”

Chu Mochen did not come out to clarify when he was monstrously rumored with Huo Jiahui as if he had acquiesced that Song Yunxuan broke them up.

In the turbulent upper class of Yuncheng, the wind direction of every change would make or break a man.

Before that, Chu Mochen always took sides with her, protecting her and supporting her as a backing.

But now, when such a rumor spread out, he chose to keep out of the affair and look on coldly.

It seemed that she had been abandoned overnight.

The only thing she could consider was that Chu Mochen would not stand on her side anymore in the future.

Her heart was a little cold as if the cold wind was blowing into her chest.

She couldn’t speak for a moment.

But Chu Mochen smiled. “Even without me, you still have the Xiao Family, don’t you? Xiao Family will help you.”

Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slowly. The inconceivable look in her eyes flickered instantly.

Chu Mochen’s words showing his attitude sobered her up suddenly as if she had been doused with cold water out of thin air. Her fingers were clenched slowly, and her mind was sober abruptly. “Since you are not going to help me, you will also stop the Xiao Family from helping me, right?”

“I’m doing this for you.”

“Ho” She sneered. “You stand on my opposite side and then tell me that it’s all for me?”

Chu Mochen’s fingers slowly touched her cheek, from the face to the chin. “Do you know that? I have always believed what Mr. Mogu said.”

He believed what Mr. Mogu said.

Song Yunxuan continued to climb up step by step. She would surely die once she got success in her revenge.

He didn’t want her to leave him at all.

But Song Yunxuan gently spat out the word, “Stupid!”

Yes, she just thought that it was stupid.

Chu Mochen objected to it. “In your opinion, this may indeed be very stupid. However, in my opinion, I’d rather believe it to be true than not.”

Song Yunxuan could feel the thin temperature transmitted by his fingertips when his fingers touched her cheek.

The cold air after the New Year could not penetrate through the glass window into the ward.

But she couldn’t accept the temperature passed to her by those fingertips.

Raising her hand and pulling Chu Mochen’s fingers away, she slid herself into the quilt. “I’m a little tired. I want to take a rest, and you can go back first.”

Chu Mochen raised his hand and pulled the quilt for her. Seeing that she lay down, his voice was calm with no temper. “I can stay with you a little longer.”

“Then whatever you want.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t talk to him much. She turned her back to him, closing her eyes.

After a little while, her even breath came over shallowly as if she really fell asleep.

Chu Mochen just stayed with her, not going anywhere.

Huo Ting entered Huo Jiahui’s ward after making a record with the police in Yuncheng.

He did not see Song Yunxuan’s appearance. However, judging from Xiao Luo’s performance, Song Yunxuan should not be seriously frightened even after falling from a building.

Huo Jiahui’s current situation was obviously much worse.

As soon as Huo Ting entered the ward, he saw Huo Jiahui’s pale face, sitting on the hospital bed with her hair disheveled. Her arms were around her knees.

“Jiahui.” Huo Ting called her and wanted to ask her why she had to take the risk of doing this kind of thing to Song Yunxuan.

Huo Jiahui was called by her name. Suddenly, she turned back fiercely, and her eyes were frightened.

Huo Ting felt something wrong when he saw her eyes.

As expected, Huo Jiahui began to tremble all over in the next second as if she remembered something terrible.

Watching Huo Jiahui’s body tremble like a leaf falling in the wind, Huo Ting took two quick steps. He stood in front of her sickbed and asked her, “What happened to you?”

“She’s crazy!”

Huo Ting knew at once who Huo Jiahui was talking about.

He frowned and scolded in a low voice, “She’s not crazy, but you’re crazy.”

Huo Ting wanted to delve into this matter, but Huo Jiahui didn’t wait for him to speak. Huo Jiahui just grabbed Huo Ting’s clothes with sharp fingers at once. She knelt on the hospital bed and stared at him in horror while widening her eyes. “How come she is not crazy? Two hundred meters high! She actually dragged me to jump down! I almost fell to death!”

Huo Ting looked at her coldly. “When you put the knife on her neck, had you ever considered whether Song Yunxuan would be afraid?”

“I was only trying to frighten her!” Huo Jiahui shouted.

Huo Ting looked down at her fingers clutching his clothes, and he was a little annoyed. “You were only trying to frighten her? You just wanted to force her to fall down from the window, didn’t you?”

Anyone who was a little brainy could easily understand what kind of trick Huo Jiahui was playing after hearing the descriptions of those people present at that time.

Holding a knife to hijack was not the purpose, and she just wanted Song Yunxuan to lose her footing and fall by herself.

As long as she didn’t push her down, and as long as she didn’t cut off her neck

Then Song Family would not press her hard even when she was unfortunately imprisoned after Song Yunxuan’s death.

Huo Jiahui made a good calculation.

Huo Ting could certainly understand her thoughts at that time.

But now things had come to this point, so Huo Jiahui might be sentenced to prison for this matter.

How could she, a dignified international movie star, be destroyed in such a place?

In any case, she didn’t want to go to prison to serve her sentence.

She pulled tightly Huo Ting’s clothes. She actually asked Huo Ting for help at this time. “Although we are not born of the same mother, you are my half-brother, after all. You won’t watch me go to jail to serve a sentence, will you?”

“What else do you want if you don’t go to jail to serve a sentence?” Huo Ting pulled away her fingers holding his clothes. He was a little sick of her whimsicality. “So many people have seen that you wanted to kill Song Yunxuan. Things have come to this point, and do you still want to play dumb perfunctorily and be an irrelevant person?”

“She ruined my life first!” Huo Jiahui was in a panic and said outspokenly, “Anyway, she isn’t dead. I can’t go to jail because of her. I have worked hard for so many years. How can it be gone all at once? I am unwilling. I cannot be reconciled!”

Huo Ting saw her madly talking to herself on the sickbed. There was deep boredom in his eyes. “You still want to get out of jail after doing such a mindless thing, unless Song Yunxuan doesn’t call to account but help you lie.”

Huo Jiahui was stunned as if she suddenly found the life-saving straw. Then she strangely became quiet.

Indeed, there was another way to get out of jail.