Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Severely Punish The Murderer

Chapter 234 Severely Punish the Murderer

Song Yunxuans falling off a building had provoked a lot of discussions among people in Yuncheng.

The director of Yuncheng Police Station did not have a close relationship with Shao Tianze.

However, Shao Tianze turned around to host a banquet the next day after Song Yunxuan fell off a building. He invited the director of Yuncheng Police Station, Ouyang Rui.

The place where the banquet was held was Carefree Seaview Restaurant, which had a good reputation of the Aqua Palace.

Ouyang Rui was a person who had seen various aspects of society. He was already 50 years old, but he didnt have close contacts with people in the business world. He had always had an unbiased nickname in Yuncheng.

When Shao Tianze hosted a banquet and sent a message to Ouyang Rui, he was questioned by Gu Changle.

Consequently, before going to the banquet, Gu Changle took his arm and recalled the past in a coy manner after dressing up. Ouyang Rui looks very old, but he is still very old-fashioned. He doesnt listen to anyone.

Doesnt he listen to anyone? Shao Tianze watched Gu Changle with great interest.

Gu Changle then nodded and recalled, I remember that Gu Changge also had some acquaintance with Ouyang Rui before. But since Gu Changge died, he has not taken care of the Shao enterprise at all.

The Shao enterprise hasnt had anything wrong. Shao Tianze took the tie from the servant.

Gu Changle picked it up complaisantly and helped him with his tie. Her fingers were slim, and her movements were very gentle. Without the former purity between her eyebrows, she became much more beautiful and stunning.

Compared with Gu Changge, Gu Changle was much more beautiful.

Any man who saw her would fall in love with her.

Shao Tianze was in a good mood. After she tied the necktie for him, he took her to Carefree Seaview Restaurant together to attend the banquet.

After these two people arrived there, they ordered a few signature dishes and asked the people of Carefree Seaview Restaurant to prepare. The dishes would be served as soon as the person who they were waiting for arrived here.

However, Ouyang Rui still did not come over after more than ten minutes at the appointed time.

Gu Changle sat in her seat with some impatience because of her waiting. Tianze, I dont think Ouyang Rui is so well-advised and clever. He can get so many conveniences if he has a good relationship with the Shao enterprise. But now he puts on airs and is not willing to come even though you invited him to dinner.

Shao Tianze looked at the time on the watch and pacified her. Dont be too anxious. We have just waited for ten minutes or more.

Gu Changle frowned. I remember that he was not late when Gu Changge hosted a banquet for him in those days.

He didnt arrive early, did he?

Shao Tianze asked.

She was a little upset. Just on time! Neither earlier nor later.

Shao Tianze didnt speak, but he smiled with the corners of his lips upward.

Ouyang Rui had a decent sense of doing things. He was really savvy when he arrived on time in those days.

It was neither early to appear to curry favor with the Gu Family, nor late to appear to despise the Gu Family.

He didnt come early or late. So, it was clear that he and Gu Changge did have a friendship.

But now, Ouyang Rui obviously did not take Shao Tianze seriously at all.

Time passed by minute by minute.

More than ten minutes

More than twenty minutes

Half an hour

Gu Changle finally couldnt help getting up. She went to the bathroom. Ill fix my makeup.

Shao Tianze nodded and allowed her to do so.

As soon as Gu Changle left, a middle-aged man dressed in ordinary clothes stood at the door.

The middle-aged man looked tall, but he was old enough to have wrinkles on his face inevitably.

His eyes were deep and sharp. The expression on his face was indeed somewhat rigid.

Shao Tianze saw him standing at the door. He then stood up from his seat. Director Ouyang.

Ouyang Rui was also very polite. Im so sorry that Im late.

Shao Tianze was extremely good at interpersonal communication. He reached out and shook hands with Ouyang Rui. He wore a smile on his face. As long as Director Ouyang can come over, its never too long to wait for you.

Ouyang Rui had aged smile lines on his face. After sitting down, he got straight to the point. I am wondering why Mr. Shao held a banquet and invited me.

With a smile on his face, Shao Tianze handed the menu to Ouyang Rui and asked him to order.

Ouyang Rui didnt order but asked him directly, Mr. Shao is also very busy. Since you invited me to come here in the midst of pressing affairs, there must be something important. So, lets talk straight.

Shao Tianze had naturally heard about Ouyang Ruis temperament. Since Ouyang Rui himself did not want to have this meal with him, he would no longer insist.

Actually, Director Ouyang might have already known about someones falling from a building in the Air-view Garden.

Ouyang Rui just thought of someones falling from a building in the Air-view Garden before he came here. The Air-view Garden was an industry belonging to Gus.

Now Gu Changge was dead, so Shao Tianze seemed to have naturally taken over Gu Changges industry. Then it was changed from Gu Changges Gus to the Shao enterprise.

Outsiders all thought it was well-deserved, while some people fundamentally understood that this was actually that Shao Tianze seized Gu Changges industry for himself.

Ouyang Rui knew it in his mind. He then nodded. I already know about someones falling from a building in the Air-view Garden. The people who fell from a building are Song Yunxuan of the Song Family, and Huo Jiahui of the Huo family in Harbor City.

Shao Tianze smiled. I know all this.

Mr. Shao doesnt have to worry. Its just that these two ladies happened to fall from a building in the Air-view Garden. We are still investigating what happened. But as far as the current investigation is concerned, it has nothing to do with the Shao enterprise.

Director Ouyang, you know that I invited you to come here not just to prove that this matter has nothing to do with the Shao enterprise.

So, what is it for, Mr. Shao? Ouyang Rui suddenly wondered what the man in front of him was thinking.

Shao Tianze appeared to be kind and slowly said, I heard that it was because of Miss Huo Jiahui who threatened Miss Song with a knife that Miss Song fell from the building.

Ouyang Rui sighed, which could be taken as a tacit approval.

At this time, Shao Tianze just said, Miss Song is so young that she is definitely not able to offend anyone. But she was almost killed by someone. Director Ouyang, you must punish the murderer severely.

After hearing this, Ouyang Rui had a subtle change in his eyes. It would be impossible to see a slight change in his eyes if people did not stare at his eyes intentionally.

Ouyang Rui nodded. He replied to him as if he deserved to do so, If it is for this matter, Mr. Shao should not have feasted me. I will definitely deal with it according to the facts.

Shao Tianze couldnt help laughing when he heard the word said by Ouyang Rui, facts.

He wanted facts indeed. However, these facts were left to Ouyang Rui to judge.

Ouyang Rui did not stay long. After figuring out that Shao Tianze feasted him just for this matter, he quickly made an excuse to leave.

They talked for less than ten minutes. Ouyang Rui had already left the private room when Gu Changle came out of the bathroom.

Gu Changle did not know that Ouyang Rui had been here. Thinking that Shao Tianze had been waiting here for so long, she was indignant for him. Ouyang Rui is really too ignorant. You banqueted him in person, but he has kept you waiting for so long. I dont think you should wait for him anymore. He will never come over.

Shao Tianze had a wine glass in his hand. The dishes were all served on the table. No one touched the chopsticks or ate something.

Gu Changle glanced at the dishes on the table and said in a coy voice, Tianze, lets go back. Ouyang Rui will not come over.

Shao Tianze glanced at her, and his eyes were not as pampering as they used to be when he looked at her.

Gu Changle found it keenly. She seemed to realize something. She looked at the place where Shao Tianze was.

Not far from the wine glass he used, there was also a glass of wine, and it was a glass of wine that had not been touched yet.

Gu Changle asked Shao Tianze with some suspicion, Has Ouyang Rui been here already?

Shao Tianze laughed. Changle, you are really so smart.

Gu Changle was praised for being smart at this time. She could not figure out whether Shao Tianze really thought she was smart, or he was just satirizing her at all.

Gu Changles fingers were clenched more tightly. There was a trace of annoyance flashing in her soft eyes.

Recently, Shao Tianze was not so good to her as before because of Song Yunjia, a foxy bitch who ran to Gu Family frequently.

That woman was so damn.

Song Yunxuan was treated in the hospital. Many people came to visit her after hearing that she was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

There were some people snooping the facts, some people gloating, and others expressly coming to watch what was going on.

Of course, there were some people who were really worried about her and came to visit her.

Song Yunxuan had been shutting herself up in the ward and refusing to see any visitor, without any movements for three days in a row.

Except for doctors and nurses who often went in and out of this ward because they would not reveal the state of her illness to the outside world, no one could come in without Song Yunxuans permission.

Shao Xue and Xiao Hong had come over once. It was the next day after she fell from the building. Song Yunxuan didnt see them.

Xiao Hong was busy with the work of the magazine. She had come here to visit twice in a row but was refused. After that, only Shao Xue came to see her at dinner time and again.

On the third day, very few people waited at the door and wanted to visit Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan asked the nurse to call Shao Xue to come in.

As soon as Shao Xue entered the door, she hurried over to her. Yunxuan, are you hurt badly?

Song Yunxuan did not have any skin injury. However, there was a sense of horror that the heart almost jumped out of her chest during those several seconds when she fell from a great height.

She had a fear of heights originally. This time, it was a desperate struggle.

Fortunately, Xiao Luo was clever. He immediately called the police to raise the safety cushion from below after hearing that something went wrong in the Air-view Garden.

Otherwise, she really would have died in the Air-view Garden.

It was inevitable that she would have some lingering fears about it. Shao Xue was relieved after seeing that she was not injured. Its lucky that you didnt get injured. But you must be very scared, right?

This is also inevitable. After all, it is two hundred meters high.

She smiled bitterly.

Shao Xue held her hand, feeling distressed and angry at the same time. Huo Jiahui is really deliberate enough to chase you to Yuncheng from Harbor City, such a far place.

Its not too far. It takes less than an hour to fly between Harbor City and Yuncheng.

Shao Xue gritted her teeth. You are almost dead this time. Huo Jiahui is crazy!

Shes not crazy.

Then, whats wrong with her?

Song Yunxuan looked at the sky outside and said indifferently, She is stupid.

That was right. She was so silly to risk her own life indeed when she was being the cannon fodder for others. Otherwise how could she have done such a thing?

Now, she fell from the Air-view Garden at a height of 200 meters with Song Yunxuan. She had probably known Song Yunxuans temperament already.

And she should get out of this mess in time if she was smart enough.

As for how to get out, Huo Jiahui had to beat her brains.

Shao Xue held her hand and thought of Huo Jiahui again. She could not help being indignant. This time, we must punish Huo Jiahui severely.

However, Song Yunxuan shook her head. I dont want her to be doomed eternally because of this incident.

Shao Xue was puzzled. Dont you hold her accountable?

She shook her head. Not only will I not hold her accountable, but I will also help her get out of jail, if she is smart enough.

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