Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Invite Shao Tianze

Chapter 236Invite Shao Tianze

No one knew if it was a coincidence. While having lunch at noon, they actually saw Song Yunxuan in the nearby Mardo Childrens Restaurant.

Song Yunxuan had just been discharged from hospital. She was a little stunned when seeing Miaomiao.

While Miaomiao was sharp-eyed, and she yelled and insisted on going downstairs to see Song Yunxuan.

After Shao Tianze put her down, Miaomiao ran towards Song Yunxuan joyfully.

Elder sister! Elder Sister Yunxuan!

The happy smile on her small face made her look like an angel.

Song Yunxuan squatted down. She held her in her arms and let her wrap her arms around her neck. Her heart couldnt help beating wildly.

Her daughter! This was her daughter.

She put her hands gently on Miaomiaos soft back.

Shao Tianze felt a little shocked and turned to ask Shao Xue, When did Miaomiao know Miss Song?

Shao Xue smiled. I invited Yunxuan over to celebrate Miaomiaos birthday last time as I dont have many friends.

She seems to like Miss Song very much.

Yeah. Shao Xue nodded.

Shao Tianze walked over to Song Yunxuan. Ive heard that Miss Song was hurt. Are you all right now?

Song Yunxuan picked up Miaomiao and raised the corners of her lips. Im all right now. I was just a little scared.

You are really lucky. After saying this, he reached out his hands on seeing Miaomiao wrap her arms around Song Yunxuans neck. Come on, Miaomiao. Let me hold you.

Miaomiao hesitated a little when holding Song Yunxuans neck.

Shao Xue scared her. Elder Sister Yunxuan has just been discharged from hospital. Do you want to exhaust her?

Only by then did Miaomiao blink her eyes and let go of her neck aggrievedly.

Shao Tianze took Miaomiao back as he wished.

He took her to the Childrens Restaurant to order some food.

Miaomiao took the menu that had been unfolded and pushed it to Song Yunxuan. Dad will treat you to what you like to eat, elder sister!

Song Yunxuan smiled gently. May I have the same dishes as Miaomiao?

Yeah, I will order the most delicious food for you, elder sister.

Then she ordered all the delicious dishes on the menu carefully.

After the waiter put those dishes on the table, Miaomiao found that they couldnt finish them all. Yet she still served the chicken popcorn to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan naturally put the chicken popcorn into her mouth intimately and watched her enjoy it, saying, Dont choke on it. Have some juice.

Miaomiao listened to her and had some juice.

While eating chips with tomato sauce, there was some tomato sauce at the corners of her mouth.

Shao Tianze raised his hand and wiped it off for her.

Miaomiao still focused on eating.

She handed over some delicious food to Song Yunxuan once in a while.

Song Yunxuan sighed with emotion from the bottom of her heart. Miaomiao is really cute.

Uh-huh. Shao Tianze looked at Miaomiao with pampering love towards his younger daughter in his eyes.

I have heard that Mr. Shao intended to send Miaomiao and Gu Yi to Itali to study.

Shao Tianze remained silent for a little while. The words were from Gu Changle. She was pregnant and felt uncomfortable when seeing these two kids of her elder sister, so she advised him to send Gu Yi and Miaomiao to Itali to study. He had already agreed.

Song Yunxuan felt a little worried. Wont Mr. Shao worry since they are too young to be sent to Itali?

Shao Tianze raised his hand and fondled Miaomiaos smooth hair. Ive already arranged someone to look after Miaomiao and Xiaoyi over there. They will live there for several years and can come back at any time when they want in the future.

Song Yunxuan nodded. That will be great.

Miaomiao was having some desserts. The cream stuck to her small face, making her look like a cute kitten.

Song Yunxuan teased her. Miaomiao is going to Itali. Remember to miss me. OK?

Miaomiao took a look at Song Yunxuan vacantly and then turned to look at Shao Tianze, feeling puzzled. Dad, is Itali far? Can I come back once a week?

Its a little far, but I will go there to see you.

How often?

I will go to visit Miaomiao once a month, okay?

To be honest, Song Yunxuan had to admit that Shao Tianze was really patient with Miaomiao, which was rare.

She remembered that Shao Tianze didnt like his own son and daughter very much when Gu Changge was alive.

He even wouldnt spend much time taking Miaomiao to play in the Amusement Park. At that time, Miaomiao was taken care of by a baby-sitter.

She had no idea what happened to Shao Tianze now. He was actually so patient with his younger daughter after Gu Changges death.

After hearing that her father could only see her once a month, tears rippled in Miaomiaos pair of big, cute, and clear eyes immediately. Dad, I dont want to go to Itali.

Listen to me, Miaomiao. Itali is also good.

But I dont want to be away from you, my elder sister, and aunt! Tears in her eyes trickled down from her soft cheeks. Her aggrieved and sad look made all the adults at the scene feel distressed for her.

Shao Tianze put her onto his legs and wiped her tears off with his fingers. Miaomiao, I will go to see you.

No! Mom doesnt want Miaomiao anymore! Dad doesnt want me, either!

Her tears trickled down from her cheeks. No one could stop her.

Shao Tianze was comforting her. She cried in Shao Tianzes arms. Her sobs made others feel distressed for her.

Song Yunxuan watched them indifferently, with some coldness in her heart.

Shao Tianze wouldnt take Gu Yi and Miaomiao to his heart for Gu Changle.

The reason why Gu Changle sent these two kids to Itali was that she wanted the relationship between the father and the son as well as the daughter to become thin as time went by and then wanted Shao Tianze to abandon these two kids completely.

Miaomiao was crying in Shao Tianzes arms. No matter how Shao Xue comforted her, she didnt stop.

Shao Tianze held the kid in his arms and raised. Sorry, Miss Song. My daughter is crying bitterly. I want to take her home first.

Song Yunxuan nodded. Then she raised and took out an invitation from her bag.

The invitation was suddenly taken out, and it made Shao Tianze a little stupefied. This is

This is the invitation to a dinner party held by Song Family. I hope that I can have the honor of your coming at that time, Chairman Shao.

Shao Tianze saw her alabaster fingers holding the invitation, and he did not reach out to take it straight away.

Song Yunxuan bent the corners of her lips gently and gracefully. I just walked by here. I was going to visit Shao Family in person and hand you the invitation, yet I didnt expect to meet you here. So, I took this opportunity to give it to you, Chairman Shao.

A light slowly flashed by Shao Tianzes eyes, and he reached out his hand to accept the invitation.

Song Yunxuan nodded. By then, Ill be waiting for your coming, Chairman Shao.

Shao Tianzes smile on the face contained some profound meanings.

While passing by Song Yunxuan, he could see the self-confidence and ambition in her eyes.

She actually delivered the invitation to him in person. So, what did she want Shao Tianze to witness that day?

She wanted to let him see her take over Song Family in person?

She seemed to take it too lightly.

If she wanted to take over Song Family, a simple handover of a nominal title was not enough at all. During the years when Song Yunqiang took charge of the Song enterprise, the top managers almost all thought that the person who would take over Song Family in the future was Song Yunqiang. As a result, they were all faithful and partial to Song Yunqiang.

Now, Song Yunxuan suddenly appeared to take over Song Family. How many people would acknowledge and obey her?

Even if this little girls shrewdness and resourcefulness were way beyond those of her peers, it would still be a daydream for her to shake the position of a man having a solid foundation.

However, now that she had invited him, then he might as well go to see the show grudgingly.

After Song Yunxuan returned to Yuncheng, Song Family inevitably suffered waves.

After she was discharged from hospital and returned home, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying both scrupled her a little, except Song Yunjia.

Song Yunying seemed to want to help neither of them on the surface now. Song Yunqiang had visited Song Yunying several times to discuss a way to deal with Song Yunxuan, but Song Yunying declined him by some excuses of the miscarriage prevention and doing check-ups since she was pregnant.

Song Yunqiang visited Song Yunjia, and she also did not support him to do anything else before handing over the power.

Song Yunqiang was helpless. He could only quietly wait for the day when the power of Song Family was handed over.

After the Spring Festival, the temperature began to rise gradually in Yuncheng. But one still needed to wear thick clothes when going out.

Half a month after the thing that Huo Jiahui fell from a building in the Air-view Garden, Song Yunxuan sent someone to drive her to the mental hospital in H City.

Huo Jiahui was just inside. Besides, she was treated well and stayed in a single ward.

After the identification result came out, many people wondered if Huo Jiahui was really mad.

Yet Song Yunxuan felt that even if she was not really mad, she was close to it.

A high-profile International Movie Queen suddenly turned to a patient in the mental hospital along with a crime of intentional homicide overnight. It was really a huge fall from the sky to the mud.

She walked to the door of the ward and saw that Huo Jiahui was cross-legged on the hospital bed and laughed foolishly with her uncombed hair.

The nurse beside her asked her, Miss Song, you really want to enter?

Song Yunxuan looked at Huo Jiahui inside the door, lowering her voice. Open the door, please.

There was only a driver following Song Yunxuan. Even Shao Xue did not follow her this time.

The nurse had no choice but to open the door.

When the door was opened with just a crack, Huo Jiahui turned to look at them coldly, which scared the little nurse so much that she was stunned.

But Song Yunxuan was not afraid of her and told the nurse beside her, Id like to have a private word with Miss Huo. Please get out and leave us alone, Miss Nurse.

The little nurse was very worried. Miss Song, if something happens, you only need to shout for help. The doctors office is very close.

Song Yunxuan nodded, and then the little nurse went out.

After Song Yunxuan saw the little nurse leave the door ajar, she said, Miss Huo, now you really look like a lunatic.

Im not so mad and vicious as you, Song Yunxuan!

Song Yunxuan was indifferent. You are just a little foolish.

Huo Jiahui wore a bitter smile. Yeah. I was actually so foolish to fight against a lunatic. No wonder I failed.

Miss Huo, you may have to stay here for half a year, or a whole year.

Huo Jiahui sat on the bed, and her uncombed hair covered her eyes. I dont understand it. Why did you, Song Yunxuan, relent and let me be free from prison by making me look like a lunatic?

Song Yunxuan was calm and even sympathized with her a little. You are no more than a pawn being used in the big game.

Do you want to know who instigated me to do this?

Not at all.

She walked to the window and slightly opened the curtain that had been drawn with just a crack, watching the scenery outside. The scenery here is really good. You may figure out lots of things after staying here for half a year.

I dont know what you want to do. But even Chu Mochen doesnt want to help you with the things that you want to do. You wont make it.

Huo Jiahuis words suddenly pricked her fingers to be stiff.

She pursed her lips, and her eyes were cold. Whether he helps me or not, I will achieve my goal.

What is your goal?

She turned around. I dont need to tell you.

You are a lunatic.

Song Yunxuan was slightly interested. Why did you say that I was a lunatic over and over again?

When you dragged me down from a great height in the Air-view Garden, I realized that you were a lunatic. I shouldnt have fought against a lunatic. I have been utterly discredited now.

Song Yunxuan smiled. Its not too late for you to know it now. So, your fate is better than theirs.

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